Quad - Gang of 4 fictional characters

 The Quad was the antagonistic scheme of the evil Americans to confront and challenge China's rise as the top superpower. The Americans have all the reasons to want to stop China from becoming richer and more powerful than them and to topple the Americans as the number one economy. Instead of facing the Chinese challenge head on by putting all their resources to boost up their economy, the Americans seek the way of the gangsters to want to block China by all kinds of aggression and wars.  This is in the blood of the Americans, wars and killings, to be rich and powerful by going to wars to kill their enemies, to steal their land and their resources and enslave the people. The continent of North America and its natives, South America and the Arab countries in the Middle East are all victims of American aggression.

Very few countries would want to go to war with China except for a few like Japan, India and Australia, that have an axe to grind for one reason or another.  In the military sense, only the Americans could present a real challenge to China. The rest are at best playing the role of jokers, jesters or spoilers.

In the case of Australia, a country with only 22m population, and a little military force that at best be enough to defend a city like Canberra and nothing else, definitely not enough to defend the piece of continent they stole from the aborigines, its role in the Quad is like a court jester. Everyday this jester would be pounding its chest and telling the top dog that it is going to send its soldiers to fight China, to go to war with China. What a joke. If Indonesia decides to take over this little clownish country, it would be over in a week before they could cry to the Americans for help.

India is big in population but otherwise just a spoiler. A poor third world country with pretension of being a super power but not even able to provide a decent life for its people, and a dilapidated armed forces that depend on buying weapons from other countries to give it some image of a modern army, can never be a threat to China. Without a strong military manufacturing base, its war machine could not last a week in a major war with China when it would be crying out loud for supplies of bullets and spare parts.

India would and could win all wars if wars is fought with the mouth and words. When real bullets and fighting soldiers are the key factors, India is best be forgotten. Its role in the Quad is best as a spoiler, a trumpet to make a lot of noises.

Japan has a significant military, the biggest and most powerful in Asia after China. But one for one, it is dwarfed by the might and heft of the PLA. Today Japan is no contest against China.  There would be no Japan to talk about should war breaks out with China. Japan would be history, a barren grave yard for centuries to come. Japan has three arch enemies in China, Russia and the Koreas, all waiting for a chance to turn it into smokes.

Japan knows its precarious situation after being the invader and butcher of China, Russia and the Koreas in WW2. It has a blood debt to pay and can only hope that this day would not come or can be kicked further down the road. Its only hope is for the Americans to be on its back and keep its enemies at bay. It needs the Quad to keep the balance and China in check. Unfortunately the value of Quad and the American protection is weakening with each passing day.

The day of reckoning must come and will come for Japan to face its crimes against China, Russia and the Koreas. This is the pathetic future waiting for Japan. And the Quad is as good as it could be as a fictional gang that would prove useless when that day comes. The Americans would not and would never fight a war with China. In conventional war, the Americans would be blown to pieces by the PLA. The PLA had done it in Korea, and to some extent in Vietnam. A nuclear war has no winners. The Americans are hoping to use the Quad as a straw man to frighten China with a joker, jester and a spoiler in tow. The latter three would be turned into mince meat by China if a war really comes. Straw man can only be straw man and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

You see, these countries fall into the evil USA trap of divide and rule. The USA knows very well the animosity of Japan and India against China and is capitalising on the issue. Australia had no such baggage against China, with decades of amicable trade and investments, but was being dragged along by the USA to antagonise and confront China. After all, being the self appointed White Sheriff in this region they have to follow the evil regime.

Japan is still thinking of reviving their WW2 dream of controlling the 'Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere' of Influence', now under the USA umbrella of military protection. On their own they are discreetly militarising, bit by bit. Being overtaken by China so comprehensively in economic terms is also a hard pill to swallow and it is difficult to hide their samurai pride.

India is posturing to be a future big power, but do not have the economic capacity to carry their lofty dreams through. They know they have to bypass China in order to fulfil their fanciful thought of super power status. At the rate of economic growth between India and China, it will never be in a position to challenge China. Hence they are supporting the USA, in trade, propaganda, skirmishes, anything hoping to sabotage and pull China down so that they can rise. This country is also looking at the world with evil minds.

The QUAD is not a gang of fictional characters. They are the quartet under Satan's control, with real and evil agendas.

Anonymous said...

India is posturing to be a future big power not by economic or military means which it is both lacking in, but by migrating its nationals to other unsuspecting countries, keeping a data base of Indian-origin citizens and non-resident Indians in every other country to usurp political power in those countries that they have gained sufficient numbers in positions of authoritative control.

Anonymous said...

The easiest target to take over is Singapore. And with the help of silly Singaporeans, the job is so much easier, like being served on a silver platter by the willing Singaporean traitors.

Anonymous said...

Did they send their world beating talents to China? Must have, otherwise China would still be a backward country with polluted rivers, third world infrastructures and abject poverty.

But funny, with all the fake talents helping and living in China, how come there are no floating corpse in Chinese rivers, no Varanasi or Kumbh Mela festivals, no dead bodies buried along the river banks - millions of them but denied? Think about it!

They claimed they have data base of their talents in 'every other country', ready to usurp power and that must also include China. Spare me the agony!

Anonymous said...

They think it is so easy to con Chinaman?

The only Chinaman they can con are the bananas in Singapore who look to them as gods, saviours to bring Singapore out from third world to first world, to provide jobs for no talent Sinkies...because the Singapore bananas no longer know how to run their country, no talents. What knowledge do people trained in soldiering have to run a country and its economy?

The Indians are in Singapore to raise the technical knowledge and expertise of Singapore in IT, to provide the banking and financial talents, to provide the professors to teach Singaporeans in the universities, to teach Singapore how to control floods, how to run the trains, how to raise medical standards and facilities, how to run the stock market etc etc.

Anonymous said...

They can con the Americans and Europeans to take over and run their Fortune 500 companies.

Anonymous said...

The USA conned the world with monopoly money with unlimited printing. Smart countries turned the tables on the USA by using the fiat money they earned from the USA to buy up gold, land, properties, companies, ports, infrastructures, raw materials both in the USA and all around the world etc. The USA has to honour it, otherwise the US$ Hegemony falls on it's face and will collapse.

Even though the US$ is not backed by anything including gold, it is still as valuable and in demand, and is as good as gold in the hands of those able to think outside the box.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon

But the Americunts and Eliot oops Idiots Euro Companies cannot beat China's Fortune 1000 Companies.

Anonymous said...

The top 5 banks in the world in terms of valuation are Chinese banks. And there are more Chinese companies in the Fortune 500 than Americans and Europeans combined.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo

Because they cannot beat China's Fortune 1000 Companies, they have to think of ways, crooked ways no doubt, to stop China companies from doing business by putting obstacles or crippling them in the USA.

Everything the USA is doing, trade wars, sanctions, sabotage, spreading spurious claims of national security issues, are all targeted to stop China from rising further and faster. And even using coercion against allies to threaten them if they do not tow the line and follow them in demonising China.

Anonymous said...

Canada’s MacNeil sparks soul-searching over China’s one-child policy

“Imagine had she not been brought up from the orphanage, or had she not been deserted by her biological parents, what would she be now?” wrote one comment on the country’s microblogging site Weibo. “The adoption changed her life orbit completely as she was given such quality care and training.”

Anonymous said...

Whatever the Chinese done would be wrong to the anti Chinese. For this one case they sang one tune. They forgot that if the Chinese were to produce without control, like India, China's population could be 2b and all living under poverty, worse than India.

Then they would sing different tune, China is irresponsible by not controlling its population and created poverty for its people. China cannot manage its economy, blah, blah, blah.

Every policy has a price to pay.

The West would love to see China like India, a totally dysfunctional country practising lawless democracy and forever living in poverty and the West would ride in on their golden chariots to offer aids and be revered as gods, kind, generous, compassionate, caring....

If India were able to turn its country around like China, they would clamp down India like what they are doing to China.

Anonymous said...

Former Chinese-Canadian athlete Nina Schultz, also known as Zheng ... Canadian citizenship and represent China at the Tokyo Olympics in heptathlon. She gave up her Canadian citizenship to be a Chinese citizen. Her father is a white Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo,
China banks safe or not? How much percentage should I put there. I don't want to rely only on one bank. Thanks.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon.12.54

Sinkieland wants to have 6.5 to 10M!

Grab drivers, delivery personnel and hawkers can absorb 10Millions?