Annually 4th July is observed by Native Americans as Native American Day of Mourning.


4th July, a black day for Native Americans is observed by the Native Americans as Native American Day of mourning.

It cannot be denied that the birth of the rogue state the United States has not only brought curse to the American native Indians but also subsequently to the rest of the world. This terrible white American curse is still going on non-stop all over the world. But some day this curse has to be stopped and destroyed by the combine power of Russsia and China together with most non-white countries like Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

   Every year on this day the 4th of July, native Americans will observe the day as a Native Day of mourning when white men from England and Europe invaded their lands and wantonly killed and genocided their people. Within a period of over four hundred years white Christian European invaders had killed and genocided over one hundred million north American natives.

When the first immigrants from England arrived in 1620 in Massachusetts they were only able to survive the harsh first winter on the alien continent due to the kind and selfless assistance of the native American Indians. Then in subsequent years as more and more white immigrants came from England and Europe they began to treat the native Americans with contempt calling them wild savages undeserving of the rich resourceful land which they claimed that their Christian God had reserved for the white people. Before long white invaders adopted a systemic policy of terminating the natives through genocide. The defenseless natives  were killed and destroyed through military might and by the use of germ warfare when the natives were purposely infected with small pox, chicken pox, measles, typhus, TB and cholera.   This is how white men repay for the kind  generosity and the selfless self sacrificing natives.

In 1776 when the thirteen colonies revolted against their forbears England they got their independence on 4th of July and named their new nation as the United States of America. But the American Revolution meant nothing to the native Americans who were totally ignored and treated as non-existent sub-humans. In fact their fate and lives got even worse after the Revolution.

Under the British imperial rule at least the imperial British allow a hundred or so native tribes to have some form of self government. But now with British out of the way the savage white Americans of the United States began the inexorable process of pushing the native Indians out of their lands killing and genociding them with wanton brutality. This was the beginning of their own imperialism against the natives in all America.

Then under the doctrine of the 'Manifest Destiny of America' and with their  militant Christian doctrinal hymn 'Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War' as inspiration the white Americans continued their march of aggression and expansion. This new aggression and expansion resulted in the conquest of over one million six hundred and sixty-five thousand square miles of Mexican lands. The operation of the 'Manifest Destiny of American' continued across the seas of the Pacific Ocean to a violent conquest of Hawaii. More than three hundred thousand native Hawaiians were slaughtered in their resistance to American aggression.

American quest for territorial expansion and world domination and hegemony continue to this day all over the world in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia and in Central and South America. This American curse has brought much untold suffering, death and destruction to people everywhere and need to be stopped.

The Anglo-Saxon white American invaders' atrocities and brutal systemic ill-treatment and torture of native Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans cannot be allowed to continue forever. The free world countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America must unite in solidarity to take down the inhuman white supremacist criminal invaders. The United Nations Organisation must take the lead to legally liberate the native Americans, the African Americans and the Latinos from white bondage and slavery. 

The free world countries must help to create, support and fund native American, African American and Mexican American resistant fighters to organize their political parties to struggle and fight against the injustice of the Anglo-Saxon white American invaders. Guns and other vital weapons must be provided to the resistant fighters to fight guerilla wars against the whites both in the towns and cities as well as in the rural countryside. The struggle must continue nonstop until the Native Americans, the African Americans and the Latinos have their own separate independent states.

Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuella must play a vital part in providing funds , arms and weapons and other essential materials to the resistant fighters until the objective of their independent states is achieved. The struggle will be long and arduous but it is necessary and worth it.

May be the curse of Karma in the form of Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now working in mysterious ways to destroy the evil empire of the United States. The United States is gambling too much on its fate to take on China, Russia, DPRK and Iran simultaneously. In doing so, it is definitely sounding the death knell of the Evil Empire and the end of its curse.


Sunday, 4th July,2021.


SSO said...

Appropriately, USA should be Unlawful States of America, not United States of America. It has never been united, but held together by force and illegal activities and crimes against humanity all the way, before and after independence from the Evil British Empire was declared.

Even today, it is blatantly committing crimes against humanity and refusing to abide by International laws.

Anonymous said...

And yet today they branded Islam as a religion of evil, having forgotten that the White religion is even worse. Using religion as a means to get rid of innocent Natives in every continent in order to take their land is a really White barbaric trait. And every White Empire throughout history followed the same modus operandi, all with blood on their hands.

But they failed to use that same tactic to fool the Chinese and Indians, who were far more civilise then, and with thousands of years of heritage behind them, could see the fakery of the White religion, and were not that easy to convert, unlike the innocent Natives of the continents, who lost their land in exchange for the Bible.

The Whites tried all ways and means to colonise China having failed using religion, with gunboat diplomacy, drugging, dividing up China, fabricating lies and now trying to put China down because it is growing bigger and stronger than them. The USA succeeded in sabotaging Japan, who, at one stage was on the path of overtaking them. Now they think they can do the same to China.

Despite all the lies the the USA fabricated in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, all proven beyond any reasonable doubt, many poodles still choose to believe them. They are content to remain blind, dumb and stupid. That stupidity without cure is still so deeply entrenched says a lot about the success of the propaganda that the USA has fed the world over the decades.

Anonymous said...

How much truth can we see among even so called USA allies, who were all forced to follow the USA in their war mongering activities. The fake allegiance to the USA is all strung together using the coercive mantra of 'you are either with us or against us'. It is a mandatory allegiance, not a voluntary one.

Human rights and Freedom of Choice does not hold true. It is all hogwash.

Anonymous said...

When I was young right thru to primary school days, I used to love watching cowboy movies especially those with battles between the cowboys and Indians. The cowboys were always the good guys and the Indians, vicious yelling savages and barbarians. And I would relish getting good feeling when the cowboys shot and killed them all at the end of every such movie.

As I grew, read and learned more, I realised these movies are in many ways propaganda that brainwashed the audience to their narrative. The Indians , first nations or native Americans were actually the victims, fighting only when their land were taken by the white immigrants. Many were extermininated in Canada and US, there were factual and real genocides.

Only the naive and gullible would still buy into those movies. And there are plenty of these idiots round even in the present day. Did US or Canada change the propaganda of brainwashing their own citizens? No, instead they are replacing their native Americans and Canadian first nations as horrible enemies, with China and Russia. The US administration, DC political elite , MSM and citizenry are in a vicious spiral. The politicians and MSM lie and spread hate about these countries brainwashing the electorate who in turn voted in more China and Russian hawks to their state legislatures. If the world is becoming more dangerous and susceptible to another world war, those in Americas would be largely responsible.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy movies aside, those war movies are also propaganda, with the Whites always on the winning side. Hollywood played a very big part in those propaganda.

Those movies about WW2, the Normandy Landing were made to show only one side of the story, ignoring the massive contributions of Russia in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Had Germany not suffered a crushing blow in trying to take out Russia, the Germans would not be so easily be defeated by the USA and it's allies. In fact is that the USA and allies were just waiting by the sidelines to let Germany and Russia destroy each other. But when Russia held the upper hand with certain victory, the USA and allies seized the opportunity to take credit for defeating Germany.

The invincibility bubble was busted during the Korean and Vietnam War. It was a wake up call to realise that the USA had to flee Vietnam with tails between their legs.

Virgo49 said...

Americunts made movies where got love stories?

All wars wars and their what's special forces. Their Military Advanced Weaponry etc

Rambo, Transformers, Fast and Furious. All their violence and action killing movies.

But won't dare to show their Military Parades. Like shits!

Just marched anyhow. So far even Russian Military Parades also like shits. No Western Parades can beat China.

Now Hong Kong Police Forces still carrying SLRs and AR15s?

But now have to alternate PRC /Russians Goose March.