Singapore's Chinese majority can become a minority overnight

 The developments in the last 2 decades have painted Singapore into a corner and threatening the social fabric of the island that was carefully nurtured and built over the years by the founding fathers and pioneering generations. Singapore is now in a very precarious state of being overrun by the foreigners at the expense of all Singaporeans. The foreigners are not like us or one of us and their loyalties and affection would be to themselves and the countries they came from. It would take years, at least a generation, for these new citizens to become one of us.  Now everything has to start all over with a more demanding and arrogant mixed of people that think we owed them a living, unlike the early migrants that were here and would take anything on the table or even on the floor.

The most disturbing and upsetting change would be the reduction of the Chinese majority. The Chinese majority could become a minority overnight. Knowing the stupidity of the unthinking, naive and ignorant Singaporeans that think the world is so innocent and so beautiful, that everyone is as innocent and childish as them, they do not stand a chance against the street smart foreigners and those that harboured a sinister agenda against them.

The reckless importation of foreigners and the silly thinking that they are all so nice, so loving, would not break our laws, would always be obedient, is the hallmark of stupidity has no cure Singaporeans. They could only see the good side, hear the good stuff and hide their heads under the sand when adverse consequences are concerned. They do not want to know, do not want to talk about it or face it and hope that it would not happen.

For instance, a new party or PM is installed as the new power broker of Singapore. Can anyone stop the PM or new party from granting citizenship to all the PRs and workers in the island? Malaysia did that under Mahathir to change the racial composition of Malaysia to make the Malay stock an absolute majority. A new political party or PM could do likewise in Singapore.

Among the citizens, likely as much as 1/3 is already new citizens. If the whole population is counted, the foreigners are more than 50%, and if granted citizenship by a new party or PM, the Chinese majority would become an instant minority. The Malays would become an even smaller minority. And woes behold to the new Chinese minority and reduced Malay minority. Whatever privileges or advantages would be gone with the wind.

Beware, you have been warned of this dreadful scenario. Go on dreaming like no tomorrow. All the blessings could be over with an innocent and naive population allowing it to happen without thinking.

By the looks of things, the possibility of this happening is very, very high...imminent. While the stupid Singaporeans are oblivious of the danger, the schemers, the purposeful are conscientiously plotting and planning to pull the rug under their feet. It would be so easy like the Trojan Horse takeover, the citizens drunk and asleep or like walking zombies, allowing the invaders to walk all over them with no resistance. Is this what the Singaporeans want?

This is looking like the calm before the storm...and the imbeciles busy or looking very busy with petty stuff and not watching their backs.


Anonymous said...

The number of India nationals in Singapore is already more than the number of Indian Singaporeans.

"I have been saddened to see some South Asian migrants bring their feudal class-ridden attitudes to egalitarian Singapore." - Kishore Mahbubani, ST July 3 2021

Anonymous said...

Our lower caste Indians, mostly Tamils, would have a hard time facing the discrimination and arrogance of the higher caste North Indians. When the higher caste Indians despise the lower caste Indians, can it be called racism?

Anonymous said...

The 350,000 Indians in Singapore did not include the foreign Indian workers, I think. That means another 600,000, including Bangladeshis, in the dormitories.

Add this it would mean more than a million Indians in the island.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Population of Overseas Indians - Why does the India government add Singapore Indian citizens to Indian nationals in Singapore for an Indians Overseas Population figure? Is the India government exerting influence operations in Singapore?

From the Indian Government data:

Singapore Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) 350000

Singapore Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) 300000

Overseas Indians in Singapore 650000

If we add 600,000 of the foreign workers in the dorms, would it mean that the number should be 1,250,000? What is the population of Malays? 15% of 3.5m is 525,000.

Queen of Hearts said...

The sinister plan to take over control of Singapore was set in motion even before 2005, the signing of CECA.

Rightly, the CECA Debate should have been tabled in Parliament before it was signed, together with a referendum thereafter. Not 16 years later. After so much damages have been done.

There must be a Mastermind in this whole thing.

In order for the majority Chinese not to lose their political power, this Mastermind must be exposed and stripped of all powers as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

In the trains, often the persons in front, back, right and left are Indians.

Does this explain what is going on?

Anonymous said...

The politicians must be told that they are voted in for 5 years. They are temporary leaders, to be changed every 5 years. They do not own Singapore. They have no right to change the racial composition of Singapore without the consent of the citizens.

Opposition parties should challenge this reckless and irresponsible changing of the racial balance.

Anonymous said...

India Gov data available at https://mea.gov.in/images/attach/NRIs-and-PIOs_1.pdf

Anonymous said...

SIndiapura is rising. Majulah SIndiapura Majulah SindiaForeans!

Anonymous said...

Singapore . . . Cecapore

Anonymous said...

Cecaporeans TOTAL DEFENSE !

Anonymous said...

It's already 2.5 million. This figure was given ny Tharman 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The imbeciles would say what's wrong, this is good for the economy.

Wait till they lose political power, then they would ask, what's wrong ah? Why lidat?

By then it would be too late, or already too late.

Matilah Singapura. It is too far gone and no way of saving Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, this yr ndp slogan Together Our Sickapore Spirit. Huh? Wat spirit? CECa or Coca spirit or collect more monies spirit? Huat ah Heng ah Ong ah spirit? Or FT a spirit?

Anonymous said...

Do the imbeciles think they are there because of their ability to be ministers and even PM?

When the balance is changed, they might even have problems finding a job in the civil service or private sector. They would be disqualified for having no relevant experience even to be a PMET.

Get that?

KT2 said...

I tend to agree the current Chinese majority is slowly and gradually becoming a minority race in time to come. In the past, the Chinese liked to have big families of between 4 and 8 children per family. Whilst the husbands were working, the wives (unemployed) stayed homes to look after the children. But in late 1970s and early 1980s due to overpopulation, the G started a campaign Stop At Two, Boy or Girl One is enough, etc to discourage big families. They even imposed many disincentives for those continuing to have big families. Gradually, the population started to fall until to date. Nowadays, many Chinese wishes to remain single to concentrate on their careers. Those married decides to have 1 or 2 kids, and some even prefer not to have kids due to financial difficulties, esp the low income families. Unlike the Chinese, other minority races tend to continue having many children in their families, resulting in many problems within their communities. This my own personal assessment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Reproduction takes one year to produce one baby.

Allowing easy migration, you can have 100,000 new migrants into the country in a year.

No comparison.

Anonymous said...

While they are busy defending this CECA, they are oblivious that this CECA will destroy their privilege to be put into power by the PAP.

CECA is a self destruct mechanism for the wannabes that think politics is so simple and the party would be there to put them into position of power.

When the party is controlled by others, others would put themselves into power instead of them.

Anonymous said...

Those who speak to support CECA are traitors to Singaporeans. They must not be re-elected in the next GE. Period.

Anonymous said...

Any Minister, MP or Chief of MAS or any Statutory Board, or Chief of Banking, or Academics, who speak in favour of importing more foreigners into Singapore must be seen as traitors to the cause of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Wah! After reading the above comments, Sg is very very very very xiong! What should we do now???

Anonymous said...

India is trying to get stupid countries to solve its unemployment problem by exporting its unemployed workers.

Which country is the biggest sucker to solve India's unemployment problem?

The country run by super talented millionaire talents.

Anonymous said...

PAP will be thrown out by one Indian in not too distant future.

This one Indian is incharge of immigrants and can easily convert many more India Indians to new citizens.

This one Indian can use the law to threaten everyone, including the PM and his family.

This one Indian has the power to appoint judges and chief justice.

This one Indian can also arrest the whole Cabinet including the PM.

This one Indian is extremely powerful.

SSO said...

In the past, people who joined the PAP really care for the country. Today, people who join the PAP really want to become Multi-Millionaire in triple quick time.

Anonymous said...

Whether is there a God?
Nowadays the National Day song sounds like Cecapore , look at this:
We have a vision for 2molo
Jus believe just belief
We hv a goal for Cecapore
We can achieve we can achieve
U and me will do our part stand together Heart to heart
We re going to show the world wat Cecapore can be
We can achieve we can achieve
There is something wrong down the road that we can strive for
We re told tat many more PMET go jobless for many months
There is a spirit in the air, it's a feeling we all share
Oppositions gonna build a better life for u and me
We can achieve we can achieve
Don't count on me Cecapore
Dont count on me Cecapore to give my best and more...

SSO said...

The country is run like a Multi-National Corruption, oops I mean Corporation.

The Corporation is run by greedy people whose only common objective is to get rich quick by exploiting the citizens to the fullest.

After the citizens have been exploited until dry, the Corporation imports foreigners to replace the citizens, displace the citizens, sideline the citizens and punish the citizens, and keep deceiving them that foreigners are good for them, are here to create jobs for them, are here to increase investments, are here to increase the GDP, etc.

There is a little bit of truth but not the total truth, not the whole truth.

In fact, as far as the masses are concerned, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

Anonymous said...

With trepidation we read about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions to reopen the economy despite 26 new coronavirus cases today, of which 18 are imported. Disaster looms as suka suka they decide when they want to follow WHO advice, when they don't want to follow WHO advice.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion... It's too late Indians Will be the majority race in not too distance future... My nieces are PAP and I'm die hard anti PAP... Kindest Regards JC

Anonymous said...

RB -- you didn't consider total time for a kid to be productive.

You said: "Reproduction takes one year to produce one baby."

Need to add another 24 years for a male kid to be productive. For female kid, another 22 years.

Of course more productive for instant foreign workers, from toilet cleaners to CEOs.

Anonymous said...

Most S'poreans are too happy to care.

The latest median salary is $4,500 per month.

And the latest median household income is $7,700 per month.

Nearly 400,000 S'poreans have equal to or greater than $500,000 in their CPF.

And more S'poreans have more than $500K stashed overseas for rapid overseas deployment in case Singapore starts sinking.

I'm one of them (and I have much more than the above numbers).

I'm a selfish bastard. At the end of the day, if I can't improve the country or my surroundings, at least I make sure there's escape hatch for me & my family.

Anonymous said...

the day when the city-state has a majority hindu ethnic indian population; usa, india, japan, canada, uk, australia will be celebrating.

Anonymous said...

It's not too yet if PSP or SDP replaces PAP. But it's game over if WP takes over from PAP or if PAP continues for another five years.

Yes, Singaporeans have only FIVE more years to go before the Indian Party takes full control on behalf of India.

Anonymous said...

There is a logic to have instant citizens that can be productive instantly. No need growing up and education cost. Super efficient.

Parents who dread to bring up children can also have instant grow up children. 600,000 in the dorms and can still pick and choose from India and China or all over the world.

Not a bad idea, I think. The imbeciles will definitely approve this kind of thinking. They are practising it to the heel.

Can have instant fathers and mothers also.

Anonymous said...

May be, by then many Singaporeans would have died of COVID-19 infections or vaccines side effects, paving the way for a good excuse to import more Indians for conversion to Singapore citizens, in line with the sinister plot to capture Singapore without using military force.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can look forward to be as powerful as India, as rich as India, as talented as Indians, as organised, clean and efficient as India.

It is a future worth looking forward to. The Imbeciles love it and are preparing Singaporeans for that day to come.

Anonymous said...


HO Ching

Happy to read the good news from Bharat Biotech of India, on the results of their phase 3 trials of Covaxin.

This Covaxin fron Bharat is an inactivated live virus like the SinoPharm and Sinovac vaccines.

Trial covered nearly 26,000 folks from 18 to 98 years old, with over 10% above 60 years old.

Over 27% had at least one co-existing condition.

First piece of good news:

Overall, 79% effective in protecting against symptomatic infection.

Also protective against other forms of infection:
Over 60% against asymptomatic
Over 90% against severe infection
Combining symptomatic and asymptomatic, it is nearly 70% effective.

All good news.

More good news on effectiveness:
About 68% protection for folks above 60 years old.

We know old folks tend not to have strong immune response.

So 2/3 protection is pretty decent, and could be a sign that we should consider a 3rd booster for old folks.

One good thing for Bharat trials, though bad for the population, was the large outbreak.

Firstly, they got data quite quickly, though it takes time to wait for end of P3 to to “unblind” the cases for analysis and study.

Second, and more importantly, their P3 trials from mid Nov last year till early January this year, saw them testing in an outbreak that had all sorts of variants, including the Delta variant.

For studying variants, it takes time to collect and analyse blood etc.

Against all identified variants:
70% effective overall
Against Delta:
65% effective
Against Kappa (the other common variant driving the initial outbreak in India):
90% effective
Against all other variants:
73% effective

So we have some data on effectiveness against esp the Delta variant.

In a way, this should not be a surprise.

The inactivated virus is based on the later variants that are becoming dominant.

Anonymous said...


@ 1129 pm is pure Propaganda fron you know who.

@1255 am is Propaganda from Indian national and smearing of your website.

Both need to be deleted and blocked.

For your consideration please. Thank you.