Maximum Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine Is Six Months


Yesterday, 8 July, Pfizer finally admitted that its vaccine "is seeing waning immunity from its coronavirus."

This creates the giant money-making Pharmaceutical company an opportunity to make more money.

It is now pressuring the US FDA to approve a third booster shot for its experimental vaccine. It says, it "is picking up its efforts to develop a booster dose that will protect people from variants."

Data released by the Israel Ministry of Health clearly indicated that the Pfizer vaccine's efficacy in preventing both infection and the symptomatic disease has declined six months post-vaccination.

Although its efficacy in preventing serious illnesses remains high, it may also be a coincidence with other contributing factors.

At the same time, many people are worried about Pfizer vaccine's long-term effects on the human body, something that Pfizer has been keeping very silent about.

After the second booster shot, now Pfizer is proposing for a third shot. How many more booster shots is Pfizer contemplating to help them increase their wealth?

SSO - 9 July 2021.

 PS. Redbean's comment below.

This is looking like a big scam. First telling the suckers that it is very effective, 95%. Then when the suckers are hooked, like drug addicts, get another country like Israel to say its effectiveness only last for six months and you need to be jabbed every six months. Going forward, the suckers may need to be jabbed every 3 months or every month, like a drug addict.

What do you think?


Queen of Hearts said...

Many leaders who relied on and listened solely to their hand-picked experts, without using their own common sense and analytical ability, are now looking like idiots of the highest order.

Singapore is no exception!

Anonymous said...

U mean Lee listening to Ong ?

Anonymous said...

Stupid or what? QoH said "leaders" not "leader". You can't even read properly?

Anonymous said...

Yes, now got many red faces all over the world. Don't know where to hide their faces.

Wonder what excuses they gonna say?

Anonymous said...

Pfizer vaccine efficacy 90-95%? Too good to be true. If anything is too good to be true, it is probably not true.

That figure was manufactured in the factory together with the vaccines.

Their scientists are actually crooks in disguise as decent people. Their chief scientist, that bitchy woman, actually stole the patent of the guy who originate the idea and research on mRNA vaccine.

Pfizer is therefore a thief and a robber - a CROOK!

How to trust a crook? Can you trust a crook or people with crooked mind?
Should we trust such people at all?

Anonymous said...

Remember, no liability clause. How do you sue the devil?

Little by little they increase the stakes and stakeholders bear the brunt.

Anonymous said...

Now they really can tell you the 'benefits outweigh the risk'. They reap all the benefits and you undertake the risk. They have practically no risk with their 'no liability clause'.

And the poodles still trust the USA, not waking up even after being sodomised 'jialat jialat'. Hope they understand what it means by 'jialat jialat' or torn bleeding arsehole. And they will go crawling back for more. Sad!

Anonymous said...

No choices at the beginning of pandemic.

1. Allow cases to build up, overwhelm hospitals and let many die


2. Vaccinate with the mRna with the highest efficacy and buy time.

With lots on unknown.
Do nothing or do something... which one 'better' ??

Anonymous said...

Whatever you choose to do, don't do stupid things.

Do nothing is better than doing stupid things.

Remember always: Human sufferings are involved. Lives are involved.

However, the imbeciles only think of getting the economy back on track. Impatience and one-track mind. Fixated group-think and charlatan advice from charlatans masquerading as experts. All these have led to blunder after blunder, and yet still try to put up a false sense of security and safety.

Now, trying to black out information from us by not reporting. This is a final display of their ruthlessness and meanness to all of us.

Anonymous said...

The US talks about donation of vaccines to the rest of the world. Instead of waving copyrights of these big Pharma companies and allow countries to manufacture their own, US is spending hugh tax money by paying these companies for their donation supplies.

The American political elite are beholden to Big Pharma for their political support , without them, many wouldn't be able fund their $ election campaigns. In return, once elected, they would protect these companies' hugh profits.

Now, the Singapore Health Minister has already said fully vaccinated people may require booster shots. So why keep harping on the high efficacy of the expensive American vaccines and discriminating the cheaper Chinese ones. Isn't this a case LPPL?

SSO said...

COVID-19 Vaccines: Any Vaccine That Requires Booster Shots Is A Half-Baked Vaccine That Must Not Be Accepted

How many booster shots will be enough to prevent infections from Type A to D, and Type E to Z variants, and may be even more than 100 variants?

This extra booster shots idea is a trick by the vaccines manufacturers to make more money at the expense of the masses of the world.

It is also an insult to the intelligence of the leaders of all governments in the world.

The fact is that any vaccine that requires booster shot, even just one booster shot, is one extra shot too many. It purely means that that vaccine has not been fully tested and measured for its effectiveness. It means the vaccine has not been fully developed.

It means it is a half-past-six vaccine, a half-baked vaccine, not fully cooked vaccine. Unfinished product. Not fit for consumption yet. Not ready for the real world.

How do you feel when you tasted half-cooked rice? At first, I would feel lousy. On second thought I would feel cheated.

The manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines used the term "efficacy" as a selling point to influence and convince their world-wide buyers to purchase their unfinished products.

Efficacy is beside the point. Don't get misled and be swept off your feet by the phrase "efficacy is 95%". I repeat, efficacy is beside the point.

The most important for any vaccine is its effectiveness to counter and prevent the infection that it has been developed for. Yes, effectiveness. Not efficacy.

Effectiveness means efficiency. It means the vaccine can do the job it is meant to do, effectively.

Efficacy means proficiency. It means it is proficient to do the job but it may not do it effectively and efficiently under real conditions. It gives a false notion of security at first glance but on further examination and testing, it may turn out to be not the candidate you needed, required or wanted.

So there is a mile of a difference between effectiveness and efficacy. Effectiveness measures how well the vaccine performs in the real world. Efficacy only measures how well the vaccine performs in a set-piece condition in a lab, without taking into account the numerous variables existing in the real world, e g. mutations of the virus, physical human conditions, health conditions, quality of life, habits on hygiene and the countless manifestations of the vaccine upon interaction with the human body, etc.

The rush to approve the mRNA vaccines, for Emergency use, due to desperation to find an answer to the speedily spreading COVID-19 coronavirus is understandable. But the continued approval of the same vaccines despite knowing their inadequacies and the harms that it can inflict upon human life on a prolonged long-term basis is not excusable. Coming from highly educated and highly intelligent people, this is shear madness.

This extra booster shots scam has to stop. When will it stop?

SSO - 10 July 2021.

Anonymous said...

MOH Practicing Double Standards?

MOH has tightened border measures for travellers from Indonesia because of the worsening COVID-19 situation there.

MOH said that all travellers with a travel history to Indonesia within the past 21 days will not be allowed to transit through Singapore with effect from 11.59pm on Jul 12.

With effect from 11.59pm on Jul 12, all travellers entering Singapore with recent travel history to Indonesia within the last 21 days will need to present a valid negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result taken within 48 hours before departure from Indonesia to Singapore.

What about travellers from South Asian countries? Especially, from Bangladesh where there is also a surge in COVID-19 Type Delta infections? And Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India too?

Is MOH practicing double standards?

The coronavirus does not have double standards. Whether it is from Indonesia or Indiapura or Banglapura or Nepalonia to Singapura, it will still infect the locals, or any human who is careless and unhygienic enough to get into contact with the virus readily.

Anonymous said...

Neutralisation of SARS-CoV-2 lineage P.1 by antibodies elicited through natural SARS-CoV-2 infection or vaccination with an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: an immunological study

In terms of VNT50, plasma from individuals previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 had an 8·6 times lower neutralising capacity against the P.1 isolates (median VNT50 30 [IQR <20–45] for P.1/28 and 30 [<20–40] for P.1/30) than against the lineage B isolate (260 [160–400]), with a binominal model showing significant reductions in lineage P.1 isolates compared with the lineage B isolate (p≤0·0001). Efficient neutralisation of P.1 isolates was not seen with plasma samples collected from individuals vaccinated with a first dose of CoronaVac 20–23 days earlier (VNT50s below the limit of detection [<20] for most plasma samples), a second dose 17–38 days earlier (median VNT50 24 [IQR <20–25] for P.1/28 and 28 [<20–25] for P.1/30), or a second dose 134–260 days earlier (all VNT50s below limit of detection). Median VNT50s against the lineage B isolate were 20 (IQR 20–30) after a first dose of CoronaVac 20–23 days earlier, 75 (<20–263) after a second dose 17–38 days earlier, and 20 (<20–30) after a second dose 134–260 days earlier. In plasma collected 17–38 days after a second dose of CoronaVac, neutralising capacity against both P.1 isolates was significantly decreased (p=0·0051 for P.1/28 and p=0·0336 for P.1/30) compared with that against the lineage B isolate. All data were corroborated by results obtained through plaque reduction neutralisation tests.

SARS-CoV-2 lineage P.1 might escape neutralisation by antibodies generated in response to polyclonal stimulation against previously circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2. Continuous genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 combined with antibody neutralisation assays could help to guide national immunisation programmes.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 938pm

Go back to Pri school to learn how to read.

SCMP is merely quoting from The Lancet.

The people who did the study of the Brazil patients are all Brazilian doctors, not Jack Ma.

Anonymous said...

The lancet is a Western journal from Western people by Western people for Western people. It is part and parcel of Western propaganda. Anything published there is for Western consumers. The Eastern and Asian people do not need to believe, support nor condone the publication.

Anonymous said...

Result Of Coronavac Vaccine's Final Trials In Turkey

The interim results of Phase 3 trials in Turkey for CoronaVac, an inactive vaccine developed against the coronavirus by China’s Sinovac, show the jab has 83.5% efficacy.

More than 10,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 59 were tested for the trials, according to results published in the medical journal The Lancet.

Preliminary findings show that the vaccine had a strong antibody response, and no serious side effects or fatalities were reported among those vaccinated for the trial.

Side effects were minor, with most adverse events mild and occurring within seven days of an injection.

The vaccine is not studied for efficacy in the long term, nor against emerging variants like delta plus.

Turkey was among the countries running Phase 3 trials since 2020, along with Brazil, Indonesia and Chile.

The trials between Sept. 14, 2020, and Jan. 5, 2021, were held in 24 centers and were randomized, with volunteers given two doses 14 days apart.

Professor Murat Akova of Hacettepe University, one of the study's authors, says they are the first Phase 3 trial results of CoronaVac published in a scientific journal.

Akova told Anadolu Agency (AA) on Friday that the results of the Phase 3 trials of the vaccine in Indonesia and Brazil had yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

"These results are significant for Turkey and the world," Akova added.

He stated that they were major proof of the safety and efficacy of the inactive vaccine.

"It found 100% protection from fatalities and intensive care. Ninety percent of volunteers had neutralizing antibody," he said.

As for side effects, he said the rate was 19% among volunteers injected with genuine doses and 17% for those in placebo groups.

"Ninety percent of side effects were minor and in the form of fatigue, pain in the spot injected with the jab and muscle pain. These figures point to a very low frequency of side effects compared to other vaccines currently in use.

In addition, no life-threatening side effects were detected.

Results show CoronaVac is efficient and safe and creates a sufficient level of antibodies," he said.

The vaccine taps an inactivated whole virus to fight the virus. Once injected, it helps the immune system attack the virus's harmless form by generating antibodies to fight it.

CoronaVac was Turkey’s first choice for vaccination against the coronavirus. It was the first jab applied in the country to health care workers during the campaign, which started in January 2021 and later included a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca had invited the vaccine's developer Sinovac to set up production facilities in Turkey while the company expressed interest in production.

Last month, the latest batch of CoronaVac vaccines, a total of 8 million doses, had arrived in Turkey. The country had signed a deal with the Chinese company for 100 million doses.

The World Health Organization has approved the emergency use of the vaccine for adults 18 and over.

Anonymous said...

COVID-19 Vaccines: Any Vaccine That Requires Booster Shots Is A Half-Baked Vaccine That Must Not Be Accepted


Thai Rush to Buy Moderna Vaccine Over Fears of Sinovac

Thailand to offer mRNA booster shots to medical frontliners

Cambodia Considering Third COVID-19 Shot To Bolster Protection

Indonesia to give medics Covid-19 booster jab after string of deaths

Anonymous said...

Many Indonesians were reported to be using an anti parasite drug rather than turning to vaccination, which is apparently causing many deaths. Such deaths has been blamed, of course, on Sinovac. Just like the USA blaming earlier COVID19 deaths on the flu.

On a separate note Australia is said to be blaming the death of the Great Barrier Reef on China. It seems that China is now fair game for anything wrong with the world to push the blame.

Anonymous said...

Now we can see how indoctrination can cause people to be going in one direction in their thinking. Like indoctrination of the animals in 'Animal Farm'. Four legs good, two legs bad. Then two legs good, four legs better. Humans are supposed to be more intelligent than animals, but sad to say, they probably are less endowed in intellect than the Apes in the movie, Planet of the Apes. Today they only know how to chant - China bad, USA good.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another 6 months to a year the Australians would go down on their knees begging China for mercy. All its iron ore, coal and commodities are turning into dirt with no buyers.

All those employed in these industries, in the vine yards, catching lobsters, in the farms would be jobless as the employers would not be able to pay them if they cannot sel to China.

If China stops sending students to their universities, they would be half empty, hostels and accomomodation would be vacant

Anonymous said...

Australian Universities are in deep trouble. Chinese students, about 150,000 of them, were among the main source of their income and is obviously drying up. And what do they do? Blame China of course for creating the demand and suddenly pulling the rug from down under. Not only is China able to target Australia on trade, education and tourism are alternatives that China can retaliate.

Australia can now rely on the five eyes to supply the students and tourist to make up. But I think before that happens, Australia will be thrown under the bus, like Ukraine. Never mind, Australia has always been down under - but of all places going under the bus.