COVID-19 Singapore: The Quick-Fix Solution Is Actually Not A Solution Whatsoever

"No country is safe until every country is safe," so said the Prime Minister of Singapore, once upon a time in the Happy Wonderland of the Little Red Dot.

Recently, our very smart, Paid-by-the-$millions and highly creative Multi-Millionaire Ministers Gan Kim Yong, Ong Ye Kung and Lawrence Wong wrote in an opinion piece with these main points:

1. Our citizens have grown battle-weary after 18 months of weathering the pandemic.

2. All are asking: when and how will the pandemic end?

3. The bad news is that Covid-19 may never go away.

4. The good news is that it is possible to live normally with it in our midst.

5. This means Covid-19 will very likely become endemic.

6. We can’t eradicate it, but we can turn the pandemic into something much less threatening, like influenza, hand, foot-and-mouth disease or chickenpox, and get on with our lives.

7. The authorities will seek to strike a middle path to reopen the economy safely while trying to live with the virus.

This middle path is similar to signing CECA with the Coronavirus. Once bitten, twice feels even better. A brilliant strategy only Singapore's extremely talented Ministers can think of.

The truth is that no one, not even those who think they can outsmart the coronavirus, can turn the COVID-19 Pandemic into something less threatening. The threats will always be there, and growing by the days, if the variants of the coronavirus is not checked, countered or eradicated.

Another truth is that the COVID-19 is not the same as influenza, chicken pox or hand-foot-mouth disease.

Influenza is seasonal and not as deadly as the COVID-19 and there are vaccines effective enough to prevent influenza from making us sick.

We also have an effective vaccine to counter the chickenpox and prevent it from affecting us.

Also, the spread of the hand-foot-mouth disease can be easily contained.

The question, therefore, is whether any other city in the world would take on the extra risks of allowing potential COVID-19 carriers into their countries from Singapore, the city that has given up trying to get rid of Covid-19, and instead wants to live dangerously together with the coronavirus - effectively trying to make friends with the various variants of the contagious coronavirus and willingly providing them a safe sanctuary to further mutate, multiply, proliferate and concurrently spread to the rest of the world, living happily ever after, forever and ever.

This "middle path" solution is not a solution whatsoever. It is not a path but a dead end.

This is the Zenith of Stupidity!

SSO - 9 July 2021.


Anonymous said...

A truly wise health minister would never adopt a Trumpian approach to tackling Singapore's pandemic challenge.

SSO said...

The coronavirus does not have any middle path. To the coronavirus, there is only one straight forward path - penetrate directly into your body in whatever way possible and through any hole (entrance) available - mouth, asshole, peehole , eyes, nose and ears.

Once inside your body, there is also only one straight forward path - to multiply.

And you help to spread it. The coronavirus cannot spread without your help. The middle path, the Ministers are talking about is a path to help the coronavirus to spread.

So, the whole path of the coronavirus is: enter, multiply and spread. Very simple and straight forward.

Therefore, there is only one defence for us. This is to stop the coronavirus from entering our body. Also very simple and straight forward.

In order to stop the coronavirus from entering our body, we have to stop all potential carriers of this virus from coming near us. We have to keep them at a safe distance.

The safe distance has been mistaken, very widely by even the experts, as one metre. It is not so.

The safe distance is the distance that the coronavirus can float in the air as well as the point of contact, e.g. door knobs, railings, lifts, tables, chairs, utensils, food and drinks, toilet bowls, taps, etc. Not just by sneezing into the atmosphere.

Let's say you are 10 km away from an infected person. That infected person unknowingly deposited some coronavirus in the toilet at a shopping centre. You travel to the shopping centre to buy something. You then went to use the toilet. Unknowingly, your hands touch the point where the coronavirus was deposited. The coronavirus sticks to one of your hands. After using the toilet, you did not wash your hands. Later your hands touch your lips. The coronavirus enters your mouth. You are infected.

So, actually there is no fixed safety distance because the coronavirus can be anywhere and everywhere that you are not aware of. It is invisible to naked eyes.

Therefore, you have to stop potential carriers of coronavirus from entering your country. There is no short-cut and no middle path.

If you carelessly and stubbornly keep importing infected and potentially infected persons into Singapore every day, you only have one path. That one path is not middle path. That one path is an idiotic and sickening path that will lead you to oblivion,

Anonymous said...

Quick fix? I call it 'Patch And Pray' or PAP.

Virgo49 said...

Recently there is a news report of 670,000 vaccinated healthcare workers in Thailand and where 617 were infected having the SINOVAC vaccines.

They are trying to demonise the China's vaccines.

But do they know that this is only less than 0.1%.

Any news of how many infected when using the West vaccines?

Anonymous said...

How many infected after jab by western vaccines? This one cannot tell. No tell means no cases. Kilat kilat.

Anonymous said...

There are 26 new cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore today consisting of 7 imported cases and 19 locally transmitted. It is unknown how many of the imported cases came from high-risk India as the data is no longer made available to the public after a rookie minister took charge of the health ministry.

Anonymous said...

They did not want you to know things that are bad and that you want to know.

Just like using locals to hide PRs together with citizens.

Keeps you in the dark, blur blur.

Anonymous said...

There must be more than just 26 cases. There are cases not reported because they have not detected them. Or, infected people are asymptomatic and therefore never go and see a doctor. So, nobody is the wiser. That's why there are so many unlinked cases.

Anonymous said...

Once they blackout all information of cases, then there will be no cases reported. Nobody will be able to know how many cases are there every day.

This is not only immoral and unethical. It is also criminal!

Anonymous said...

Then there will be no more complaints about foreigners bringing in the virus and they can let in any amount of foreign workers. Australia or any other country can use Singapore as a stopover stay before proceeding to their home country.

See, I like it when the whole plan falls into place. A win win situation for those formulating the plan, but dumbing down on Sinkies who cannot now even complain.