Singapore is bankrupt....of top talents

The dust has not yet settled on the appointment of Pillay Sandrasegara as the new CEO of Temasek Holding, and now another India Indian talent is appointed to be the Chairman of Singapore Pools.  Is this another new citizen? First class honours from the University of New Delhi, better than Cambridge, Oxford and JB, oops, MIT. It is looking like all the financial and money related top positions are helm by Indian talents. What is the agenda or game plan to put all the eggs in one basket? It does not need any intelligence to know that this is not right.

40 years of sending scholars to the best universities in the West could not produce any talent to fill such positions. What is wrong with the scholars, or the universities, or the degrees? One thing for sure, the universities are real and the certificates are genuine, not from degree mills. What is the message, or moral of the story? How many thousands of scholars have been sent and returned, and how many hundreds of millions spent and what is the result? Duds?

Only one word can describe this shit. UMBRAGE!

It is getting very clear that Singapore is bankrupt, bankrupt of talents, bankrupt of ideas. It is time that all the top leaders in govt, ministries and business be replaced by the top talents from India. The PM and ministers and Permanent Secretaries, the CEOs of GLCs, should all be removed and replaced by Indian talents. If they are seen as the best Singapore can depend on, something is seriously wrong.

Is the only way to save this clueless and empty of ideas Singapore? Looks like we are having duds in all the top positions and they could not find any Singaporeans that is good enough today because the duds look at every Singaporean as another dud.  So rightfully they should all be replaced by the real Indian talents they so highly regarded.

What do you think? 

PS.  When the duds, oops, I mean ducks, are looking for talents, they would see the duds no up, oops, I mean ducks. So a snake would look nicer and smarter.


Anonymous said...

So surreal. So many of their kind taking over almost all the tops jobs everywhere in Singapore, yet they screaming "racial discrimination" !

Anonymous said...

According to Singapore Pools' Awards & Milestones webpage, it became a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings in 1980.

Anonymous said...

Our worst fears seems to be materializing . .

Anonymous said...

PSP can raise this in Parliament in the CECA debate.

Where have all the Singapore talents gone? Why were our scholar talents not trained and given the opportunity to helm the top appointments?

If all the opportunities were given to foreign talents, how are our own talents going to get the experience and exposure?

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, foreigners given instant citizenship are Singaporeans you know.
So all the top jobs given to instant citizens are not given to foreigners you know.
Instant citizens also can become MPs and ministers and PMs you know.

Don't pray pray with instant foreigners, oops, instant citizens.

Singapore now can have all the instant talents of the world. No need to send our children to universities. Scrap the money wasting scholarship scheme. Better to give scholarships to foreigners, then make them instant citizens.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn'the be talking so openly when race is concerned lest be accused of racism and race hate. Scolding someone of another race for not putting on mask is racism. Food joint not selling the last wafer to person of mjnority race is racism. Just look at the numbers of Indian nationals in top govt and private sector jobs, the law of averages is terribly screwed. Singapore is on the way to Indiacentristism and tyranny of the minority

SSO said...


It is well-known that too many cooks will spoil the soup. Similarly, too many Indian Chieftains controlling Singapore spell troubles for National Harmony, Integrity and Unity.

Putting all the fragile and golden eggs into one single basket is not only stupid but dangerous. This does not look right at all - from all angles, from all logics, from all reasonable people. .

It clearly shows that the highest leadership in Singapore is either sleeping or very reckless.

No national leader worth his salt would put so many Indian chiefs in top, key and critical positions that call the shots for the masses. This is especially so for newly converted Indian nationals whose loyalty to Singapore have yet to be tested, whose assimilation into our Singapore society has yet to be fully accepted by the masses, whose faithfulness and trustworthiness have yet to be proven in the long-term publicly.

Such careless and reckless deployment and positioning of Indian ethnic people out of proportion to their ethnic population in Singapore in top, key and critical positions is not only extremely unfair to the other ethnic groups, but also spells troubles and long-term national disasters. It creates disquiet, unhappiness, envy, jealousy and hatred amongst other sidelined people who may be much qualified and experienced than the Indian nationals, whose only distinction seem to be the ability to smooth and sweet talk about almost anything under the sun to get their ways throught at all costs. People with such a quality are only good as sales persons, definitely not holders of top, key and critical positions. In fact, it is very dangerous to put such smooth and sweet talkers in such positions.

Unless, one has been arm-twisted or blackmailed into submission, no sane leaders would not have prevented such careless and reckless deployment of human resources from taking place.

The bottom line, really, is this:


Is it still the Prime Minister of Singapore, or someone else in the shadowy corridor of power manipulating the Prime Minister like a puppet?

From our perspective on the ground level, it definitely looks like some shady figure is heavily influencing the Singapore's leadership decisions and national policies.

If so, that is terribly and horribly wrong. It looks like a very subtle coup d'etat. Immediate remedial actions must be taken to make it right.

Anonymous said...

The blackmailer of course. And the blackmailer seems to be very powerful.

Anonymous said...

If I refused to sit beside someone that is very smelly. Is that racism?

Anonymous said...

If same race - no. If different race - yes! That's the current official narrative.

Anonymous said...

The old man's legacy will be destroyed. Going from first world to third will make him roll over in his grave. If he has not already done so over his will. I thought the three generation curse only affects families, but to a country?

Anyway doesn't surprise me if Singapore is run by talents from third world country.

Anonymous said...

Philip Yeo warned about the Eunuch's Disease rearing it's ugly head in Singapore.

When the emperor is weak, the eunuch's take control and with so many eunuch's fighting for power, the country suffers. If the emperor is strong willed, like the old man, nobody dared to fight for power.

Why have all the nonsense about how they are so meticulous in going about to choose successors and creating competition and eventually ending up all burnt? Now we do not know whether there is indeed a power struggle going on inside the ruling party.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Who is now the Holy Ghost I wonder, creating all the problems and vying for power?

Anonymous said...

Quasi-democratic Singapore is fast becoming a city state where tyranny of the minority prevails - the dog increasingly being wagged by the tail.

Anonymous said...

You must have been brain washed very badly. So much so you have been instilled with fear and lost the ability to think clearly for the good of our country and our people collectively.

Virgo49 said...

Turned to Fox News as China Channel of America CNN on a break.

Foxy News stated Kamala Harris office staff treated like SHITS.

Wow, the Ang Mohs Americunts also like daft Sinkies kena replaced by the Indians?

Many were thrown under the buses.

Whole village of Kamala or alamak flown down from India?

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time listening to debates about CECA in parliament.

Join an Opposition party and vote Opposition.

You cannot waste time talking to PAP anymore.

Anonymous said...

PSP party in Singapore was founded on 28 March 2019, in existence for only 2 years. CECA was signed on 7 August 2009, more than 10 years ago. Sinkies were very unhappy with CECA over the past decade, yet new Health Minister Ong Ye Kung alleged PSP fuel sentiment against foreign Indians given jobs here. Like that how to gain trust and respect?

Anonymous said...

The PeeAyam is under the balls of the Home And interior Minister as he had caught him by the balls by helping to cover up many unspoken classified info from the Public

One fine example the Kippen Corruption Case for decades as they happen that we are a Corruptions free country.

Also, Nasib monies laundering Corruptions monies as parked in Sinkies Land.

They're Abang Adek as they covered and protect him . You think Nasib no hidden cash here. Even MAS chief also denied. All in cahoots lah.

If not the railway land would not be returned to Singapore so easily.

Also, many other personal lawsuits and other families mattes that he fought and covered for him.

Now, they making demands and he had to okay okay.

If not why so many Ministerial posts goes to them. The resigning and resigning of The CECA- Four Legs See Kars.

Why he stayed there same posts for donkey years.

Anon said...

Keepel lah and they harped that we are world number one corruption free country

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 10.49

They will never beat them in their Debate.

They had so many to defend their policy. Some more they said Government Officials had two mouths plus their various Ministers from even different ministeries will jump to their defence.

Cannot beat them lah. The Main Mouth Piece Media and also all the TV channels on their side.

They had so many eloquent and yoghurt smooth talkers and one after another they will lambasted the PSP Speakers who talked facts but downed down by their noises.

Stammering with facts also lose lah.

Daft Sinkies will always BELIEVE that the Papies must be right.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the scholars? All monopolised by the Government and yet not productively used or sidelined. Isn't that a waste of public money giving them the chance to study at the top universities in US and UK and yet inferior to a degree from probably a mill. What are they thinking?

The days ahead are getting darker and darker, like what Choo Wee Kiang said about Little India on weekends. The truth hurts and his downfall was swift. He must have stepped on some dark toes.

Anonymous said...

The top scholars are basically book-worms who are only good at memorizing the theories and regurgitate them during exams. When come to practice in real life, they are totally lost. That's the reason why they are so easily conned by the street-smart professional confidence-tricksters from the Famous Snake Pit in South Asia.

Anonymous said...

What Ong Ye Kung is indirectly saying is that PAP and the Ministers like him are oblivious to ground sentiments for the past ten years!

ST said...

No wonder. As is the typical practice, if you put an Indian (not locally bred) at the top, soon the bottom will be transformed into the same color.

Anonymous said...

All these talk of Singapore being run by Indians shows that Singaporeans are basically racists. Why? If the person selected to hold the position happens to be an Indian, then obviously he or she must be qualified to handle the job. Please do not judge the candidate by the race or the colour of skin. Maybe Indian are better than other race or maybe the Indian rom India are leaner, meaner and hungrier. Strawberry Singaporeans may lack the determination and hunger to compete?

Anonymous said...

If politics is so simple. No wonder Singapore is going to the dogs.

SSO said...

@ Anon at July 02, 4:48 pm

How do you know that "If the person selected to hold the position happens to be an Indian, then obviously he or she must be qualified to handle the job"? You are obviously making an unsubstantiated assumption. That's all.

Why are you making such an assumption? Is it because you are one of them or related to them? Or own countrymen? Birds of the same feathers?

You are the real racist who is too quick to accuse all Singaporeans as "racists".

Anyway, racists or not is not the issue. The main issue here is that there is a sinister plot by certain country in South Asia to take control of Singapore. This a bigger issue than Racism.

Racism is now being thrown in to distract public attention and opinions from the main issue by people like you. We won't fall into that trap.

The main issue is national security and national survival. Not Racism.

Virgo49 said...

What's stupid Metrocrazy?

Lots of rubbish!

Those who held the Fort of their own kind will be biased towards the Others.

Especially other Races except the Stupid Chinkees Sinkies who thought that they are principle people and discriminated their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Talent only from the 9% and no talent from the rest of 91% to fill the post? Tell that to nursery kids and they may not even believe!

Anonymous said...

Netizens Standing With the Progress Singapore Party For Debate On of FTAs & CECA

In a Facebook post yesterday, Ong Ye Kung claimed that unhappiness towards Indian immigrants in Singapore is fuelled largely by false allegations made by PSP on how the CECA has allowed Indian professionals to come here easily for work.

Ong said that while there are concerns about racist behaviours in Singapore that need to be addressed, PSP’s “false allegations” on CECA had made it worse here.

“The recent two incidents of verbal and physical assaults on Indians were disturbing and not reflective of what Singaporeans are,” the Minister noted.

He added, “They occur amidst an undercurrent of sentiment against immigrant Indians over the past 2 years. There are concerns from Singaporeans that need to be addressed, but the unhappiness is also fuelled in no small part by false allegations by the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) about how the Singapore-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) has given Indian PMEs a free hand to come here to work.”

Ong also said about the upcoming debate as follows:

“In the run up to the filing of PSP’s proposed motion, we have received many parliamentary questions on the matter, including many from PSP.

“To answer these questions, Dr Tan See Leng and I will be delivering Ministerial Statements at next week’s sitting – he as Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Trade and Industry, and I as a former trade negotiator,” said Mr Ong.

In response to Ong's unsubstantiated allegation, PSP’s secretary-general issued a statement on the party’s Facebook page saying that PSP refutes the “false allegations” put forth by Mr Ong.

“We are bewildered by Mr Ong’s baseless allegations that we have contributed in no small part to the undercurrent of sentiment against immigrant Indians through PSP that CECA has given Indian PMETs a free hand to work here,” the statement reads.

It went on to state that Mr Ong’s statement is a serious allegation made without facts as to where and when such alleged false statements were made by PSP.

“Unless there is evidence to back his allegation, the minister should withdraw his statement and make an apology,” remarked PSP.

PSP also states that it welcomes Mr Ong’s upcoming response to the debate in Parliament.

Numerous opinions and views appeared in the comments section of CNA, Mothership, and Mr Ong’s Facebook posts. Nany netizens stand with the PSP to debate on the issue of FTAs and CECA, saying that the party is “doing their job” to protect the rights of Singaporeans.

They demand evidence from the Minister Ong to support his allegation that the PSP is fuelling the racial tensions among the citizens in Singapore.

One netizen wrote: “If you have no independently verifiable evidence, then are you not speculating wildly based on your partisan political OPINION? Or worse, deliberately spreading an online Falsehood, propagating a libel against PSP/NCMP Leong MW?”

“The PSP is doing their job n duty to check on the PAP govt n protect the interests of Sinkies when the PAP govt has failed to do so. Your attack on the PSP is unwarranted n unfair as they have brought up a pertinent issue of public importance n interest,” said another netizen.

One other netizen pointed out that:


Ram said...

If this is against ceca am in for it as a born Singaporean looks like despite the fact the individual being born sporean and just bcz he is a non Chinese being am Indian , the issue is such ?
Are we against ceca or
Born sporean Indian as well as in those Sara and Siva born in kandang kerbau serve ns

Ram said...

Now will be ceca , yes it deserve to be torn but... with the rise of CCP and influence in spore , next target will be born sporean of non Chinese .
I bet this will happen ,
If ceca is a trojan horse
CCP is a cancer virus comin to stay

Anonymous said...

So now we know that Ong Ye Kung was the "Trade Negotiator" who brought about this unfair, lopsided and disastrous CECA that has caused thousands and thousands of Singaporeans much sufferings and loss of livelihoods and rice bowls. Singaporeans must make him responsible for what he has caused. Yet, this self-important conceited person now wants to cunningly shift the blame to others.

What a unscrupulous unethical bastxxd!

Anonymous said...

nonsense. top scholars indeed were given opportunities. Umbrage man. Cotton-sheep man. Toothpick man. Chut pattern lady. Sex in small space lady. So many. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Of the 4 PM potential, 2 were party to this silly CECA. Can you believe it? Anyone that is a party to the CECA is unfit to be the next pm.

Nobody complains when Sham, Vivian, Tharman were made ministers. They were seen as one of us.

A few India Indians too would not cause too much unhappiness. But when every new opportunity for top jobs is available and quickly filled by an India Indian, the under current of unhappiness would rumble.

The government might as well announced that all top jobs would go to India Indians except the PM job.

BTW, CCP is not cancer but the best thing to happen to the world of oppressed nations. Unless you are an AngloSaxon or European, you should stop regurgitating the lies and slanders of the white men. Think of the rape of India by the Sahibs, the massacres of Indians and looting of India.

Did China or the CCP did that to India or to the countries of the world, to Singapore or to Malaysia or to Indonesia? Use your head and think and not blindly believe in the white men speaking in fork tongue.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is the cancer to India. The white men praised India as the biggest democracy but privately they are sniggering at what democracy is causing to India and preventing it from becoming a developed country.

The white men would want every country to be democratic like India and forever got stuck in the shit hole of under development. Democracy may be better only after a country has achieve a high degree of economic development and wealth. That was what happened to America.

Before democracy it was all slavery and lawlessness and wars of conquest in the West.
If India does not modified this cancerous democracy, it would forever be stuck in the underdeveloped state.

Anonymous said...

Man arrested over racist remarks, attack on undergraduate at East Coast Park

Madam Eileen Lee told The Straits Times that her 21-year-old son - who wanted to be known only as Mr Teo and declined to be interviewed - was punched and kicked.

An eyewitness, who wanted to be known only as Mr Chu, corroborated her account.

The Republic Polytechnic student, 19, told ST that he and his three friends saw the attack, which involved pushing, punching and kicking. One of them called the police.


Anonymous said...


This Anti-China Spy working for CIA is here again, working very hard to smear China and demonize the glorious and benevolent CCP of the Chinese People.

You should delete his post of poison and hatred upon the Chinese People.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red Bean, G'morning.

Soon Singapore need to rename Republic of Singaindia.... and CPF will be part of Bank of India....

Kindest Regards JC

Anonymous said...


Do Singaporeans know Indians never consider themselves as dark or black skins but as White?
The same goes with Hispanic or Latino in the USA... Hispanic are not Brown but Whites. Don't believe me go and check the latest USA census... Kindest Regards JC

Virgo49 said...


Same Features except the colour.

Also same genes of vicious liars and war mongerings and their bullshits superiority complex.

Half tank of shits but behaved as know all.

Only good in their glib tongues to con the dafts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When someone opens his mouth and utter words like CCP, China is aggressive etc etc, you know where they are coming from. Some could be unthinking parrots, listening to the media too often and parked their brain inside the toilet.

Anonymous has already replied. The cancer in India is Democracy. China is a gift to the oppressed and victimised people of the world. China is now the new leader of the oppressed people of the world and would stand up against American hegemony and bullying and white supremacy.

All the stole land must be returned from their owners, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

The aggressiveness of China to defend the world and stands up for injustice and inequality is just beginning. In a way, China is a cancer but to the warmongering white men. This cancer will grow and eat them up, force them to vomit out what they have stolen from the rest of the world, including from China.

Anonymous said...

Is Ong Ye Kung using the race card as a means to silence critics? - TOC July 2

Anonymous said...

Ong Ye Kung has shown his colour when he went against his father in order to get into thd PAP's good book and to fulfill his own selfish desire to be Millionaire Minister.

Anonymous said...

RB and Virgo49,

How about a White is Han?
Watch this amazing American raised a baby by a Chinese mother and become a Geologist in Xinjiang... Two links both about Geologist Li Yizu.... BTW Li Yizu is a CPC.
Kindest Regards JC

The Party Profile - Geologist Li Yizu


GLOBALink | "I feel blessed": A white man tells of life in Xinjiang


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Interesting Chinese Caucasian or Caucasian Chinese.

Virgo49 said...


YouTube had many of Africans as brought up by the Chinese.

See how they loved their children by the Chinese Peasants and how the children loved them.

Even though they had Chinese siblings and spoke Mandarin.

They just claimed that we are Chinese as brought up in China.

You think Rest of the Other races were be so magnanimous as the Chinese with their 5000 years of Civilization and had already more or less as Humans.

Whereas the Rest are still at Barbarians stages.

Only certain sia suay Traitous Chinese, especially the Overseas Ones with brainwashed too much Western conscepts are Anti Chinese.

Don't care two hoots to betray their own.

Virgo49 said...

One of the many



Anonymous said...


Thanks very sad how he treats his grandmother...


Kindest Regards JC

Anonymous said...

The rich and talented Singaporeans are well vested in other countries (First World, I mean). Those left behind are those 80% who are encouraged to buy condos and expensive cars using financial loans and work till their die (If they still holding a job during these bad times).

Ranjit kaur said...

Didn't he realise that no sane Singaporean would want to work in India. That this agreement would be a one way street. And all the Indian Indians would flock to Singapore and bring their unethical work habits with them which would set them apart from the local Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the picture of Willie Tan Twitter feed. I am also 57 years old, and I only graduated in 1988. How did he graduate in 1985 unless the bloody thing is old news or fake news. Why didn't Willie apply to be a supervisor at $3k?