China's claim of no man's island in the South China Sea has no basis?

Martin Abbugao
Tue, 27 July 2021, 7:40 pm

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said Tuesday that Beijing's expansive claims in the South China Sea have "no basis in international law", taking aim at China's growing assertiveness in the hotly contested waters.

Austin's broadside came at the start of his first trip to Southeast Asia as US defence secretary, as he seeks to rally allies in the region as a bulwark to China.  Yahoo News

 This black African American dared to denounce China's claim of no man's islands in the South China Sea as having no basis in international law.

Alright, what is the basis for the Europeans to claim the whole swath of North America, ie USA and Canada? These are not no man's lands. They belong to the natives of North America.  There were millions of them there. Can this black African American tell the world on what basis are the Europeans claiming these lands as theirs? 

On the basis that they could genocide the native Americans until near extinction and no longer able to occupy the land? Or was it on the basis of the Christian doctrine of Discovery, whereby the natives are not regarded as human beans but sub human beans and did not have any rights of ownership of the land?

Is there any international law that recognised the white Europeans' claim of USA and Canada? Did the UN recognise these claims?

Please tell the world on what basis did the white men claim ownership of USA and Canada,  and also Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia and many Atlantic and Pacific Islands?

The world, the UN, must question the white European's claims of native lands all over the world,  The UN must conduct an inquiry into the seizure of native lands by the white men and make a ruling on it. 

Yes, since the Americans are questioning the ownership of land claims, it is opportune for the UN to take a position on this subject and settle the score once and for all in the name of justice and fairness and in respecting the rights of natives and international law.





SSO said...

Alaska, Australia, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Okinawa, New Zealand, USA and many other islands in the Arctic, Antarctic, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, etc. - all these lands be returned to the natives or rightful owners.

Even the UK has been robbed by the Whitemen from Europe.

Singapore too must be returned to the Malays.

Anonymous said...

UN maritime tribunal rejects UK claim to Chagos Islands - January 2021

The Chagos Archipelago is part of Mauritius rather than the UK, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has ruled in a further blow to the UK’s claims on the islands.

The tribunal said determinations by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) “have legal effect and clear implications for the legal status of the Chagos Archipelago”, and that the UK’s “continued claim to sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago is contrary to those determinations”.

“While the process of decolonization has yet to be completed, Mauritius’ sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago can be inferred from the ICJ’s determinations,” the tribunal added.

Eminent human rights lawyer Philippe Sands QC, who represented Mauritius in the ICJ proceedings, has described the UK as an “illegal occupier” whose refusal to abide by the ICJ judgment represents a “crime against humanity”.

Anonymous said...

Right RB. Exactly what basis do they have to claim North America as belonging to them, when the Native Indians are the real owners? They effectively committed daylight robbery.

Contrast that with 'no man's uninhibited islands' in the South China Sea. Which action has practically no basis. The USA can only use gangster and Mafia talk to argue their warp logic.

Anonymous said...

Gangsters and Mafia move into other people's land and claim that it is their territory to control.

At least they have morals and let the people live and let live. But to commit genocide and get rid of the real owners is inhuman, vile and despicable. Just as Putin said, they did all that and now accused others of doing it.

Anonymous said...

The UN? The Mafia do not even recognise the UN International Law and is trying to impose their own 'Rule of Law' on the world.

The UN is just a lame duck rubber stamp for the Mafia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans everyday boasted about rule of law, abide by the rule of law. But they are above the laws and would not abide by any law. They quoted UNCLOS but would not be a signatory to it. They abused and disregarded all the resolutions of the UN, threatened anyone to bring them to ICJ for crimes against humanity, threatened the judges of ICJ.

The Americans are lawless.

The UN has just concluded a finding that the Ryukyu Island chain which include Okinawa did not belong to Japan, are independent states.

Anonymous said...

This black African American .....

Redbean - This is tautology.

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, Olden China is the rightful owner of all these surrounding islets and seas around them.

Cheng Ho had made many sailings thru all these places.

Furthermore, they are the nearest to China's Mainland.

So the rest of the Asia cannot dispute that China ursurped all these islands.

Also, Japs and Koreans as you can see with their olden days Chinese Signboards and etc are also "Chinese" in descendents. They only migrated away from Mainland China.

They do NOT want to associate with China as in the past as China is improvised and weak at that time

Especially the Japs which they thought that they are Superior Beans in the past.

Even so many islands near Japan and Korea belonged to China as in the past.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add Vietnamese, Cambodians,Burmese and even Thais are also Chinese Descendents.

If only all can combined and cooperate, then we can all ganged up and screw the Anglo Saxons arses.

Made them as our slaves.

Unfortunately, Chinese themselves CANNOT even cooperate amongst themselves as in their make ups and genes.

They sabo, maimed and killed each other.

That's why the Chinese Race is destined by Heavens to suffer and bullied by other Races

Now with the exception of Republic of China who underwent much humiliations and sufferings that they are more or less United.

As for the Overseas Chinese, you don't die I don't live.

That's still their beliefs.

They are more afraid of their own than others.

That's why we had so Traitous Bananas Chinese around.

They only lived for themselves.

That's the Overseas Chinese ways of lifes.

Hogwash they can be united.

China they have insisted of their Common language.

Here, we have one hundred and one dialects groups each posturing superior to each other.

SSO said...

African Americans are well-known Anti-Chinese and Anti-China. That's why Llyod Austin was chosen as the Pentagon Chief to attack China.

The US strategy 13 years ago was to contain China. Since Obama took over (and with the advice from LKY) the pivot to Asia Pacific was a change in strategy from containment to peaceful confrontation with China.

Joe Biden has changed the strategy of peaceful confrontation to the strategy of Offensive Confrontation.

Using an African American as Pentagon Chief fits the bill.

China must be prepared for war with USA at all costs and win at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Austin is probably as smart as Powell, just like Trump is as smart as Bush Jr.

Soon Austin would also be carrying a vial of detergent and calling it chemical weapon to wave in the UN. He would do it honestly as he could not tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

SSOle - I don't give a shit about a war between China and the US. Just don't involve Singapore.

SSO said...

Singapore has already committed itself to the US by allowing the US to use Singapore as a staging area to launch attacks at China.

There is no way Singapore won't be involved.

If China is well prepared for the war with the US, Singapore might be one of the first targets that China would take out, during the early phase of the war.

Virgo49 said...

Why in the World the Rest of the Countries especially the Whites and the Europeans and Latinos hated the Chinese so much for their preservance and guts?

Even in Sports, now the Or Lim Pigs, they are making so many bias decisions against the Chinese players and athletes?

Just concluded one weight lifting tournament and the Chinaman lifted cleanly the required rules of the weights and yet they requested him to lift again.

Now badminton Chen Long and that Spaniard. The ball clearly out of the Court and they can point it in.

Video footage shown out so wide and this guy is real biased to point in. Maybe he needed eyes operations.

The Chinese in any sports must really shown that they must win and scored without the referee and Marshalls been biased.

Just down understand these biased animals.

Virgo49 said...

Chen Long NOT only beat them but made monkeys out of them.

Likewise Rest of the Chinese Players and Athletes.

Beat them Hollow.

Virgo49 said...

Hurry up! This precious video will be deleted instantly.

New Coronavirus "True Source"
A lot of evidence shows that it originated from the Fort Detrick Biochemical Laboratory of the CIA. From CIA lab @2019 was deliberately brought into Wuhan and blamed on China.


I believe it will be soon, US
The official will delete this video.

New coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan
It's the second generation! And the first generation
It's at Port Derrick Lab
Near the disaster that leaked out
It is the nursing home that bears the brunt
The first bastard! The origin of COVID-19
God Blessing the Truth Speakers
From CIA lab @2019

Anonymous said...

Virgo, don't waste time with badminton lah. Football is the real game. Win olympic gold and the world respect you. Even better if win World Cup, but I think China must wait long time for that one. So far only white countries win World cup, but African countries won Olympic gold medal. I think Japan have won the women's world cup before, so maybe China also got chance.

Virgo49 said...

Football or footbrawl?

Played by unruly uncivilized beans.

Tattoos all over the bodies like leprosy.

Fouls more than actual kickings.

Also brute forces only known to the uncivilized barbarians.

Virgo49 said...

Eleven stupid beans with twenty two small balls chasing after one big ball on one side.

Total daft twenty two plus one mad man in centre running up and down with another two at the side waving frantically with their stupid flags.

Grand total 50 little ding dongs running after one little ball.

Throughout 120 mins, daft beans watched with beary eyes dropping with nil scores.

What's a joke foot brawls!

Uncivilized barbarians destroyed and littered whole Stadium and city after losing a match.

Also games fixing most of the time.

Tried to behave as toughies but winced just a fall.

Most of times just wayang to get penalties.

Worse than sissies.

Anonymous said...

Alamak Virgo. All games are stupid lah when you look at it, but just that some more dumb than others. With Golf, you hit the ball, then walk after it . Then you do it again and again over and over again - 18 times. You call that good? Badminton just see the cock go tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok.

Football got more. Even you describe got drama, strategy, kelong side show, wayang, politics and ah kwas. You even count their number of balls, and you say not exciting.
Football got status because every countries can play football, and all the countries watch. This is facts, bro. Don't get sensitive or upset.

Virgo49 said...

Ex UK PM Margaret Thatcher said Football aka Footbrawl is a Game for Hooligans.

The Fact is that this Tripping your Opponents at every turns more than kicking rather than scoring a goal is their Mother of All Game by the Brits.

But World's Top is NOT them.

Their tactics are all backdated ancient with just chiong chiong brute force to bring down their opponents.

Must as well play Amecunan

Virgo49 said...

Americunts Football or Ruby better.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add in Badminton, you have to show your cunniness in tricking your Opponents by using your brains and quick thinking.

How to feign and trick the other party.

In Footbrawl just simply tried to feign been brought down by your opponent and gain an advanatge of going nearer and nearer to the goal line or better still penalty to score a goal.

Most of the sissies falling like nine pins and groaning in pains just to gain an advantage from the referee.

Wayang acts. Instead of playing a good game, they become a circus.

Anonymous said...

You want brains, go and watch chess.

For badminton quick reflex and speed and hand-eye coordination enough. You think the player can strategy and plan beforehand where to put the cock, ah? Talk cock, lah. During the game, when he reach the cock, he has to quickly see the other player's position, and where is the best place he can hit it so that the player cannot get it. Once in a while, maybe can trick the guy to offbalance. This is just luck because the player is going in other direction.

Circus still entertaining, right?

Virgo49 said...

Joseph Schooling finished last in 100m butterfly.

What's a joke.

Promised to fight harder.

Go and serve your National Service.

Enough said and deferment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's be kinder Virgo. Not easy to win a gold medal in the Olympic. Must give him credit.

This is also to tell the imbeciles that there are millions of talents out there. If we are to open the legs wide wide to invite foreign talents here to replace Singaporeans, there would be millions out there that could replace all the imbeciles.

Virgo49 said...

The worst is that all the unthinking still supported him especially the dafts and Papies.

All the years they been promoting him as one of their mascots of self glories and names for themselves.

The Papies Leaders of today are just creating imaginary useless glories for themselves and the real jobs of taking care of the citizens are not their thoughts.

In our time, LKY said SPORTING GLORIES belonged not to those surviving countries but as trophies only to those parasites countries that leeches on others.

Main agenda for the people's liviehoods first.