Animal Farm 2021, Singapore

Pictures are very meaningful and easy to understand.


The two pics are stark in similarities. The horses, cows, sheep, chicken etc etc were no where to be seen while they party and fine dined in comfort and luxury with the wealth created by the work horses, ie the workers.

A picture paints a thousand words. Nothing left to be said.


SSO said...

Four legs are good; two legs better.
Two legs are good; four legs better.

Anonymous said...

About 60% are foreigners.
Indians comprise 40%.
Whitemen comprise 10 to 15%.
Chinese seems to be less than Indians.
Malays = none!

Anonymous said...

There is only one pink pig.

Hardly able to recognise a Singaporean in the picture.

Clear eyed said...

Why are all the pigs from foreign farms far and near? How did they get to join in the feast? Who invited them?

Anonymous said...

The Singaporeans are busy driving Grabs.

Anonymous said...

Many businesses are closing shop with the 'on and off' decisions. It is reported to be a worse situation compared to 2020. The shoes are falling off, we're dead.

It is now a case of 'owndelf checkmated ownself'

Virgo49 said...

Aiya Daft Sinkies gave away all their Wealth to Outsiders and also had soft spots for them.

Own Sinkies, you die your business. Who asked you to be useless?

Sinkies from LKY time had ingrained in their cold hearts that no one owes you a living. That's implies to you fellow Sinkies.

But to others, they thought that they are poor things from third world countries must be poor and hungry and must help at all costs.

So they goes all out to pamper them.

To fellow Sinkies, you must be like me, made it on lifes and if you are out and trodden it's because you are lazy.

So you die your business.

But they never realised that they may fall into the same cracks and traps that those Sinkies that they scorned.

One day it's be your turns and the foreigners that you so foolishly pampered will give you HELL when they go on top of you.

Anonymous said...

In both pictures, the animals on the outside noted that the faces look alike.

The only difference are the legs. Two legs good, four legs better.

Anonymous said...

Where is Pinky? What has he been doing for the last two years? Especially, after the last GE in July last year?

Why is Pinky staying on when for the last two years, it looks like Singapore was run by unseen hands.

Only come out to give speeches on a few occasions only.

Pinky largely MIA throughout the pandemic, the only thing he is seen working on is the unnecessary NDP, but he must die die go ahead despite the pandemic.

Why he is staying on?

What is his purpose of holding on when he is not seen leading and solving the problems with his appointed 4G team?

The Shame seems to be the one running the show. Even the 4G leaders also scare of him.

Anonymous said...

When a person is under the spell of black magic, the one that cast the spell is in control of the person, using the person to do his will without the person knowing it.

Anonymous said...

Only stupid people believe in black magic. There are facts, and there is ignorance. Ignorant people are often also gullible, and can always be led for a long time. Just look at the Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

Basically, it is now getting clearer who are in control of Singapore now.

There are several very powerful positions that decide our life and death. These positions are now controlled by several black men and women. These black people are in control of the country.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the imbeciles did not think so. Wait till the last nail in the coffin goes in, then the imbeciles would realise they have been buried alive. By then it is too late liao. We would also be buried alive with the imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

Please remember the rioting by your very nice, very friendly and commit very few crimes darlings in Little India. They are very nice until you drop your guards or turn to look the other way.