SDP pre GE Rally at Hong Lim - 19 Oct, Sat 4-8pm

Shake it Up, this is the title of SDP's rally this Saturday at Hong Lim Park from 4pm to 8pm. SDP's big wigs Chee Soon Juan, Paul Tambyah would definitely be the main speakers. There is no details on who are the speakers, would there be any guest speakers from other parties, it did not say. As the title says, SDP is going to raise all the issues affecting the people and to shake it up in Hong Lim Park.

I know the resident Chee Soon Juan hater here would not have anything good to say knowing how he reacted every time the name Chee Soon Juan is mentioned or not mentioned. This is exactly how the Pavlov dog reacted, conditioned to react at the sound of a bell, without knowing why. It has become second narure.

The other notable instinctive reflex actor is non other than Matilah Singapura. He reacts to more than just one name. Mention Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping and he would instantly go crazy. He did not why, just reacting like Pavlov's dog, like the abovementioned reacting to Chee Soon Juan.

It is so sad that so many people could be so easily programmed by western media to react the way they wanted, unthinkingly, not knowingly. This is another confirmation on how powerful the media can be when it keeps repeating a few key lines and after some time this would sink into the unthinking's psyche, like MacDonald is good. Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger licking good.

These people did not know Chee Soon Juan or Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping personally. But they have this deep seated hatred for them. Unbelievable. Ask them why, they could not explain except maybe faintly remembering reading the bad things about these people in the media, the propagators of fake news and misinformation.

Of course they would deny that this is the case. They would get very angry if you tell them so. But regardless of what, just press the button and they would jump and scream their heads off.


Anonymous said...


Uncle, 19 October should be next Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Pavlov's dog..... great analogy!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, why mention Chee Soon Juan's name and called him a bigwig? He sure kenna jialat jialat collateral damage. Wait and see when the dogs are released!

Anonymous said...

Pavlov's dog. Or AngMo's dog hahaha..

Anonymous said...


In 1927, Ivan Pavlov experimented with his dog on the subject of psychological training--specifically conditional stimuli and response.

He found that when he rang a bell each time before he fed his dog, the dog no longer salivated in response to the food, but to the bell.

A conditional response is when you're trained to respond to something such as Pavlov's bell, as opposed to using simply your reflexes.

Get a pavlov's dog mug for your mate, Matilah.

Anonymous said...

Who r the Pavlovs in Sinkieland ?
Who r the dogs?

Probably, answer is below:
Dogs=PApIes' dogs or lackeys

What bout its silizens?
Ans: 69.9% comprise of PAVLoVs, PAVLoVs' dogs & muzzled dogs lah.

Remember Macbeth? said...

SDP should change it's name to something else. Why?

1. Sinkies are not ready for democracy. Most Sinkies are money-minded, a trait cultivated over the last 50 years living under the money-minded PAP leadership's rules and regulations and pragmatism.

2. SDP is forever linked to Mr Chiam See Tong, in good times and for positive political progress in Singapore.

3. In the other hand, SDP is forever linked to Dr Chee Soon Chuan negatively, for usurping the Secretary-General position of Mr Chiam See Tong, the original founder of the party which he painstakingly built up from scratch, against all odds and obstacles thrown at him by the Pappies's character-assisination machinery - yet he survived and rose above the muds. Without much contribution to the party at that material time and still an unknown, Dr Chee replaced Mr Chiam and took over leadership of SDP.

4. SDP also means Singapore's Dead Party, forever cannot get represented in Parliament, after Chiam.

5. In order for SDP to reverse its fortunes, Dr Chee has to be replaced with a new blood to lead the party.

Anonymous said...

It has been reported that the F35 is not that stealth anymore. I am not a technical person, but someone experimented tracking the plane with 'passive radar' and they succeeded in doing so. It has also been reported that Russia and China have also been onto this line, of course on the quiet, which is why Russia and China did say they have a way of tracking the stealth fighter.

Of course this will be fiercely denied by the US, but the fact that they are now so willing to sell the plane could be that they know this issue existed, and somewhere along the line, the F35 will be just another obsolete piece of military equipment. So why not make the most of it and recoup the massive amount of money building and refining and hyping it's capabilities. Same as starting wars and selling obsolete missiles and bombs to other countries fighting proxy wars on their behalf, rather than wasting such obsolete weapons.

And the whole world listened with large open eyes and believe every word the US said about the plane, and some countries even splashed so much money on it just to massage their egos. No bells needed!

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.06am

Dr Chee stands is very clear - His belief & vision of a Democracy Singapore for the betterment of its citizens. Think that this is what Dr Chee's mission is all about as he still see hope for democracy in S'pore. Minus all his past behaviors Dr Chee's calibre & understanding of the grounds makes him a better candidate when compared to the Yes-Man attitudes of the ruling party. Only the Oppo can bring abour change to the stalled system of the 'once worked well for the people' centric party.

Anonymous said...


Waste time waste time!

So very tiny city state so many many many opposition parties how to vote you tell me lah! Some more not ready to form government! Really how to vote?

Many many many many predicted pap 75%-80% votes with 1oo% seats at next GE. Possible?

Sg this like that. The masses will only TCSSssss and KPKBSSSSS but when come to voting die-die-die-die....pap! All bo-chup cheng-hu! All busy 3Ms!

Anyway must salute them! Not easy to be in opposition camp!

All the best!

Salute! Salute! Salute!

Anonymous said...

'In order for SDP to reverse its fortunes, Dr Chee has to be replaced with new blood to lead the party' unquote

Sure, usurping Chiam did much damage to SDP, but I think the real problem lies not with the SDP or even if Chiam remain as chief, but the Sinkie voters. With all the chicken wings thrown at them and the upgrading carrot used in past elections, the upgrading 'bell' will do all the real work of persuading the voters who to choose. The PAP controlled all the money, the voters have all shown their greed. The rest is immaterial!

The party can change into any shape or size, but if Sinkie voters are controlled by the 'bell', the political landscape will never change.

Now, it is all an exercise in futility! Every political loophole is closed.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, this just is a TCSS blog lah.

Whether pavlov dog, cat, rat, cockroach .... all the same laaarrr!!!

This is good place to TCSS & for fun lah!!

Anonymous said...

You don't mind being called a dog? That is what I call obedient!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1032am

Bingo! U are 1o8% correct!

Anonymous said...

The bell is Dr Chee Soon Chuan, as far as SDP is concerned.

The PAVLOV'S dogs and voters respond to the name Dr Chee Soon Chuan, not SDP. Go ask Tan Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan, why they left SDP. Pavlov's voters are not interested in what Dr Chee stands for or what he can do for the people.

The fact is that he can't even get a decent job, to feed his own family, and has been depending and burdening his wife for financial support for the last 20 years or so.

What can he do for the people once voted into Parliament? Nothing else except talking and more talking and more talking until he gets sued .....?

Anonymous said...


Pls do not treat this as a tcss blog!

Kindly note that this is a very very serious blog.


Anonymous said...

//..The fact is that he can't even get a decent job, to feed his own family, and has been depending and burdening his wife for financial support for the last 20 years or so. //

That's not true.
Dr Chee live by selling his books, donations from the people, giving talks & his own convictions. He is a man of moral character now. He is a changed person, a renew person, ready to give the ruling party a damn good fight, who else is more willing than him?

Anonymous said...

Hahaaa.. anon 11.40am. You seem to know CSJ very well. You think he got a fighting chance at next GE? Best wishes to him and party members!

Anonymous said...

///Chee live by selling his books, donations from the people, giving talks & his own convictions///

Hahaha!!!! That only enuf for him to stay changi beach & eat instant noodles everyday.

For him to pay 3rm flat mortgage & feed & raise 3 kids plus wife, he has to depend on wife full time job ever since 1994 --- 25 years now!!!

Anonymous said...

DR Chee has a good and supporting wife that would not bring shame to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey,lets not forgot about his parents, siblings, friends, party members, public members & many whom hv contributed and also helped Dr Chee's living ( otherwise his wife would hv given up on him or divorced him long time ago!) A man of conviction will not be left to die in hunger or shelter alone!It's God graciousness.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 12.25

Whether Dr Chee is pennlies or Rich has nothing to do the FUCK with you.

Why you so kapoh like a Desker Road or Geyland Chicken.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.25

What is the wife full time job?

Anonymous said...

After what is happening in Hong Kong, I no longer believe in this opposition stuff.

To me, peace and stability over rides the so called freedom and demon crazies they are trying to sell.

Simply put, better the devil you know, then the angel you don't.

Everything in Singapore works and there is no mayhem on the streets.

Yes! come election time, I know where to put the the tick.

I tick for peace, stability and a good future for my grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.03

One more vote for pap at the next GE!

That is the reason why many many had predicted 75%-80% for pap!

Some even said 85% is possible!

Anyone got wind sound when the next GE will be held?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB, the part-time, very amateur and low-standard psychoANALyser, ANALysing faceless posters on the internet, as if he's Dr Phil 🤣😂

>> The other notable instinctive reflex actor is non other than Matilah Singapura. He reacts to more than just one name. Mention Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping and he would instantly go crazy. He did not why, just reacting like Pavlov's dog, like the abovementioned reacting to Chee Soon Juan. <<

Wah, am I really like dat ah? I thought I was just having fun... 😂

Anyway, enjoy your pointless rally lah. You think people are programmed by the media? So the answer is to attend such rallies to be programmed by another special interest group.

GE 2020, I bet my 2 hairy balls---PAP victory lah!

Anonymous said...

Matilar. Dont brag about your hairy balls lar as they were deflated long time ago leh. Knn nothing to show off when u have a mini car with two flat tires. U need to be sodomize lar may be it can help to inflate your two tires

Anonymous said...


Happily, everyone in my extended family thinks the same.

So it is more than one more vote for the PAP.

Thus far, they have delivered on what they promised.

The trouble makers at the Yale NUS debacle also puts me off.

It is very obvious that those dissidents are trying to foment trouble and destabilize our society under the guise of an educational module.

Be very careful with them.

Anonymous said...

@ MS 229pm.....

what is your prediction for pap?

Btw, why not GE2019?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:43pm,

I dunno about Matilah, but I also think it's 2020.

During ND Rally, LHL already gave a VERY BIG HINT on stage & in front of TV cameras with 3M viewers --- "There will be other various subsidies & programmes to help with costs of living but I will leave it to Swee Kiat in his next budget to elaborate .... akan datang!"

Budget Speech is usually presented in late-Feb. Furthermore, next year's CNY is early --- end of Jan --- so there'll be plenty of time in Feb to plan the best time to deliver an ELECTION BUDGET & timeline to call for GE, dissolve parliament, and have the 1-week campaigning.

The March school break will be the ideal timing for Polling Day. They may even dissolve parliament BEFORE DEBATING & PASSING THE BUDGET. The message is that if you don't give PAP a strong mandate, they may not be able to pass all the goodies mentioned by Heng in the Budget Speech.

This is the main reason why this year's ND Rally contained zero goodies --- in fact LHL only promised that older Sinkies get to work longer, and that more taxes in the future needed to pay for the $100B climate change plans.

When I heard the ND Rally, the 1st thing in my mind was "This is definitely NOT a pre-election speech!!" LOL!!!

PS: If PAPies get over 70%, stocks on SGX will chiong the following Monday!! LOL!!!
RB should be hoping for a big PAPpy win! It'll also make his UOB bosses very happy!

Anonymous said...

Well, the first big hint from LHL turns out to be bus and train fare hikes.

Now, I wonder what other goodies would LHL leave for Swee Kiat to dish out. You see, it must be finger licking good that LHL cannot reveal it or spoil the surprise element.

So, start chanting pay and pay!

Anonymous said...

Hi WSG 322 pm

Your predictions for STI now and after GE2o2o...can share share?

Anonymous said...


The Man I Married - Chee Soon Juan

For someone who has done a lot of talking and writing on various sociopolitical issues, Soon Juan has said very little about himself. I've read countless comments about his character in the more than 20 years of his involvement in opposition politics, many of which were, shall we say, less-than-flattering.

The most distressing part is that for a long time it was close to impossible to tell people that this is not who he is, it is not the man I am married to.

Through all these years, we were like living our lives inside a protective bubble, later joined by our three children, to shield ourselves from all the negativity that his political involvement attracted and not let his work drag us down. It worked to a degree because as arduous as things were, we were not unhappy as a family. In fact, we have found contentment in living a simple but, yet, meaningful life.

I met Soon Juan when we were doing our graduate studies at the University of Georgia in the United States. When I was offered a scholarship to do my PhD at Pennsylvania State University in the north, I wanted to think it over. Having just met, we naturally wanted to be closer together but Soon Juan encouraged me to pursue my doctorate. I still remember him saying, “You've got to have dreams in your life.”

“You've got to have dreams in your life.” It's the kind of things we write for the composition class in school – a cliché that we seldom actually believe in. It turns out that for Soon Juan, he meant it. And it's not just the big dreams that he has for Singapore but the little ones that I've shared with him as we went through life's journey together – our children, our home and our lifetime of memories. It's a journey I'm glad to have taken, experiencing a world of new ideas as well as humanitarian values – and, in the process, become a better person.

It certainly doesn't mean that things haven't been without difficulties and challenges. It is peculiar in a society like Singapore to not be able to keep up with material progress. But we believe that imparting to our children life's values and doing what's right – including taking a positive attitude and persevering in the face of adversity – is a more important gift than all the things we can buy them. Thankfully, they've adjusted well to everything that has gone on.

Through all the trying times, I've always felt that the journey itself is as significant as the final destination because it is from the trials and tribulations, and how we respond to them, that we redeem ourselves and our best human qualities. Being from Taiwan, another Asian country with its own authoritarian past, has in some way equipped me with the ability to empathise with the present Singapore and continue to be hopeful about its future.

It is this hope of a better Singapore, a more humane and compassionate Singapore, that drives Soon Juan on. I can only hope that we've turned the corner and that Singaporeans, through this book, will come to know the person he really is.

I am thankful that those who know Soon Juan have come together to tell Singaporeans something that they have not previously seen or heard of. And to everyone, both past and present, who has entered our lives and woven into it such a rich tapestry – thank you for being there.

- Chih Mei

The book, entitled "Thinker Teacher Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan" is a set of reflections on Dr Chee Soon Juan. This book looks at the SDP leader through the eyes of others; from activists, doctors, politicians, writers and artists who bring together a complete view of the man and his political journey. (It is available online at: http://yoursdp.org/index/store/0-13

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:54pm

///Your predictions for STI now and after GE2o2o...can share share?///

STI now --- just go to any one of the 10,001 finance & stock websites or apps lorr!!! LOL!!!

STI after GE??? This one you need to go Guan Yim temple!! But 67% chance will be higher!! Hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From FOG " ...It is this hope of a better Singapore, a more humane and compassionate Singapore, that drives Soon Juan on..."

Salute to Mrs Chee whom is at every moment supporting Dr Chee's belief and conviction of having the hope of a better Singapore with more humane and compassionate Singapore society. The current bunch of PAPies r the result of the past pioneers ruling party dreams, there isn't much changes other than some twits here and there, today Spore is regressing as a society under the new gen of leaders with no new ideas but only twits. This island city need new ideas for a better future & Dr Chee & its party members will shape a new future for tis tiny red dot.

Anonymous said...

When Will The Next GE Be Held? A $36 Million Question

This year (2019) not probable. At present (Oct to Dec) the ground is not sweet for any General to have an erection.

Taking into consideration the fast, fury and fiery weekly protests, in Hongkong, that are gathering momentum and becoming worse by the days, without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, it is not wise to have an erection now and expect to get a good orgasm.

Though the behaviour of Singapore voters are somewhat different from Hongkongers, the continuous protests against China's authoritarian government rings a very loud bell, deep inside the long suppressed subservient psyche of many younger people, especially those who have just left school / graduated and cannot find a good job, and unable to phantom how or what the future of Singapore will be like. They have started to doubt the capability of the 4G leadership, especially one being led by an inherently-sick man again. This begs the question: Is Singapore deplete of excellent leadership talents, yet enjoying excellent rewards?

Even though a false facet is being erected across the board to persuade and encourage confidence where confidence is lacking, both young and old voters are able to see through the smoke screen.

At the same time, the Singapore economy is going south fast and fury too. And world economic situation is not good either. With the Trump-Initiated Trade War still going on in full swing, many smaller countries are going to be affected tremendously. Singapore cannot be an exception.

Nearby, Malaysia's long-ruling Barisan Nasional has just been defeated last year and Dr Mahathir has become the PM for the second time. This gives a strong message to Singapore voters. That message is: Power is in your hands - in your votes. You can change the government as you wish collectively.

Last but not least, another factor to consider is the uncertainty of the US Presidential Election in 2020. Trump may or may not be re-elected. Though the chances of throwing out an incumbent President is very slim, anything can happen. Trump has antagonised many people, especially the US Intelligence Community. No US President can function effectively without his eyes and ears. The US Intelligence Community are his eyes and ears. Therefore, the next US President may be a Democrat again. A woman president? Who really knows?

So the answer to the above question is:

The next GE will be held only after the impeachment of Trump is confirmed, probably first half of next year.

P/s: $36 million = 12 cabinet ministers x $3 million each.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is NOT going to give a goodies Budget. Their GE is still far away! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

KNN, HK is dissing us by reporting on increasing mortgage defaults. Hongkies not happy tens of billions dollars already flowed from HK to SG. LOL!!!

Anyway, these defaulters are very small minority lah. Mostly bought at the peak in 2013, over-extend themselves & now rentals cannot cover monthly mortgage.

My advice to property investors is to hang on as much as possible. After GE2020, PAPies will re-open floodgates to FTs. Just like back to the good old days in 2007-2011 again!!! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Property investors should sell now. Prices are going down even lower to rock bottom. Now is just the beginning. It is not just about Hongkong. It's the whole world is going into depression. One that human beings have never experienced before.

Therefore, it is unwise to hold on. On the contrary, you should sell even if profit margin is low

Anonymous said...

Hi 917pm

Thanks for your advice.

I heard about the coming of world great depression since fifteen years ago till now...


Anonymous said...

You must have heard from fake news producers like the CNN, NYT, Washington Post, CNBC, ST Finance and CNA???

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hahahahahaha!!!

Good one!!!

Anonymous said...

Li Ka Sing already off-loaded ALL his real estates in China and HK. Some of his US$billions are in Singapore. The Chinese government is seeking Singapore's help to get a list of all those Chinese and Hongkees who have transfered their money to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians Repealed Their Fake News Law, Why Can't Singaporeans?

The Bill to repeal the Anti-Fake News Act was passed after bloc voting which was marred by accusations of sexism against a deputy minister.

After two days of debates and resistance by the Opposition, the Bill was passed when 92 MPs voted for the law to be abolished while 51 were against it.

The fake news law is to protect the already too powerful government, not the already powerless, daft and meek Sinkies.

Too much power in the hands of anyone, no matter how upright and just they may seem to be, is bad for the general population in the short and long terms.

Why SDP never fight for it to be repealed? There should be a referendum or votes by the people, not by the powerful People's Action Party only.

Anonymous said...

10 October 2019, 6:54 PM GMT+8

More than 42 per cent of Hongkongers want to emigrate because of the ongoing social unrest, according to a recent survey by Chinese University, compared with around a third of respondents who gave the same answer in December last year.

The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the university interviewed 707 individuals by phone between September 20 and 26, with 42.3 per cent indicating they would emigrate if they had a chance. In December 2018, 34 per cent respondents had given a similar response.

Of those who would like to move abroad, 23 per cent had already started planning for emigration.

They should have emigrated to UK before 1997 while they had the British Subject Identity Cards.

Now UK needs them to stay in Hongkong to create troubles for China and HK.