Singapore having 5G network by next year

It was in the news that 4 telco companies, SingTel, Starhub, M1 and TPG Telecom will be offering 5G services next year. There was no mention of who is going to provide the 5G infrastructure that could increase surfing speed by 20 times and connection to 1,000 devices at the same time.

5G is the system for the future and no country aspiring to be a modern and futuristic economy can afford not to have 5G. In the USA, after lying after security threats of Huawei, the Americans are digging in not to have Huawei system and technology and bluffing themselves with fake 5Gs that were barely faster than the existing 4G system while the rest of Europe and Asia are running ahead with the implementation of 5G as their main telecommunication platform

Who would be providing the equipment and system for Singapore’s 5G network, fake American 5G, slow Nokia or Ericsson, or the real stuff, Huawei? I think Singapore has no choice but to go for the real thing and engage Huawei but keeping quiet not to embarrass the Americans. The Americans have been pressuring all its allies, including Singapore, not to use Huawei, not just influencing mind you.

How long can the Americans hide behind their mischievous attack on Huawei and how long can they stand by not embracing 5G technology and return to the past as a backward country? The longer and harder they take the anti Huawei stand, the more difficult would be for them to use Huawei. A lot of face saving to change track and to kneel down to beg Huawei to provide them the technology that they don’t have and badly want to have that no one else could provide.

Still sticking to your guns cowboys. You are no longer the only tech country when others have caught up and overtaken you. Your bullying and threats against the world would only make you look uglier than before.


Anonymous said...

Singapore has just signed a defence and security pact with China. So, likely Singapore telcos have also signed some kind of trade agreement with Huawei via an intermediary, perhaps a new Chinese company not directly under Huawei?

Anyway, Huawei is now developing the 6G already.

Anonymous said...


Sg 4G leaders = 5G.....


Sg 5G leaders = 6G?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ be the first...to find out the BAD stuff!

One thing about Singapore---we’re very quick to adopt new tech, and make it “democratic” as possible, ensuring maximum participation by inhabitants of our Jewel Island

Usually with the adoption of some ground-breaking tech, my kaki-nangs and I would be breaking out the Prosecco and Italian finger food down at Robertson or Clark Quay, realizing that some of the luckier ones in the group will be banking a shit-ton of money due to them being “first” in that new tech space---especially th private equity fellas who can make 10 to multiple 100s X their investment. (i.e. “Casino-style” ROI! Huat ah!!)

Not this time. 5G is more hype than reality. There are “unknown unknowns” as well as the “known unknowns” like radiation safety still to be thrashed out. Plus a whole bunch of security-related issues from personal and enterprise security to LEGAL issues like whether 5G handsets and devices should be banned or allowed in certain situations and environments.

Because of the powerful potential of 5G, I predict that there will be more circumstances in public life where the use of 5G devices WILL BE BANNED.

Another prediction: the SG.Gov will only allow “approved” handsets to connect to Singapore’s mobile network. That is the case now, but everyone knows that you can used “unapproved” handsets with a Singapore SIM and NOTHING will happen to you.

With 5G I suspect they are going to embed firmware so that the govt can MONITOR everything you do on your phone/ tablet/ whatever, and track your location, tag you so that security cameras can “lock” onto you wherever you are.

So fuck that shit. I am staying with 4G for at least another 1 or 2 years, or at least until I know that 5G is actually “better” than 4G.

At the moment the selling point is “very high network speed”. Yah, but everything is a trade-off in life. What will we be---knowingly or unknowingly---be “giving up” for this “fantastic” new tech?

To each his own lah...

imho said...

The world will benefit if china is more on tech and usa is more on nontech. usa tech is expensive and no good anymore. usa has become lazy and complacent. china can keep buying food and sell tech and keep flooding low iq migrants into usa and allies soil. this will keep them dumb.

Anonymous said...

5G will basically make mobile & real-time AI and other extreme computing-on-the-fly applications more of a reality e.g. automatic active & pre-emptive predictions by public surveillance systems to identify & pinpoint known suspects or potential troublemakers by their behaviour, self-driving vehicles, AI-assisted surgery, detection & location-tracking of hacking activities using mobile devices, autonomous drones (air, land & on/under water), and all kinds of internet-of-things stuff from mundane housekeeping to smart clothing that can detect heart attack / stroke before it happens or cancer at stage 0 so that you have a better than 90% chance of beating it.

So on many levels it will benefit individuals, but on many others it will benefit govts in terms of tracking & control, and corporations in terms of knowing vast details of potential & actual customers, their preferences & behaviours. There will be greater cooperation between govts & companies that will result in some bad things for individuals in exchange for more services e.g. loss of privacy, loss of data protection, restricted choices, control of prices etc.

In other words, 5G is the ideal system to be used by PAPies in S'pore.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain about super high speed low frequency transmissions - subtle, unseen, unfelt exposure to low-frequency radiation repeatedly at unimaginably high rate, almost everywhere you go.

The radiation works like in a microwave oven. It burns you from inside out, not from outside in. So, you will not feel anything until it is too late. By the time, you feel something is wrong, one or more of your internal organs (usually your brain, kidneys, ovaries or testicles) has/have been "microwaved"!

As such, 5G technology will probably increase medical problems, especially upon future generations. Mental health deterioration and physical dysfunction may be increasing exponentially.

For those interested in amassing money, look for opportunities in the medical fields, e.g. radiation shields.

Anonymous said...

@ALL & RB,

Huawei: Rises After US Ban Published on Oct 20, 2019

Watch this humble man (Ren Zhengfei) in an interviewed with Christine Tan...


Christine Tan from CNBC sits down with Huawei’s founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, to discuss the company’s attitude and response in the wake of being placed on the U.S. Entity List. How did the company’s leaders feel? Has the ban seriously affected international business? How is the company restructuring in order to thrive, moving into the future?


Anonymous said...

BTW while everyone concentrating on 5G Huawei now at least 3-4 ahead in researched 6G!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Where is WSG?

Still sleeping?

Virgo 49 said...

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Anonymous said...

All the talk about radiation, how safe or unsafe is it, when all around us we are already subjected to waves from handphones, digital tv transmission, internet routers and anything wireless. Even the fluorescent lights, LED lights give off radiation.

Progress cannot be all good in everything new. As in all things, even food, the good will be touted, the bad will be covered up. How much do people know about genetically modified food?

The bad part of using 5G is all directed towards Huawei in particular. Had Nokia or Ericson been in the lead in 5G, we would all still be dumb sitting ducks soaking in the radiation to our hearts content without anyone being the wiser.

What about the radiation from 4G? How come suddenly the issue is very serious with 5G? And what is the pronogsis when 6G or those after hits the market? This reminds me of the bug scare of year 2000 when all computer systems would go haywire and everything will break down.

As for the fear of loosing privacy, that is another moot point. If you do nothing wrong or break the law, there is little to fear from the knock on your door in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

3G & 4G transmissions are lower frequencies: 0.8GHz to 1.9GHz. Even so, some people living near large 4G antennae base stations experience headaches & nausea.

I would say it's genetics-dependent. Anecdotally over the past 35 years in the workforce, I've seen more & more cases of brain tumours/cancers occurring among colleagues & friends in the 2000s & 2010s especially those that tend or need to use a lot of handphone calls. But many use a lot still OK. Now they mostly use either bluetooth earpiece or earphones.

5G transmissions are on very high frequencies electromagnetic bands from 3.5GHz to 40+GHz. Those above 25GHz are millimeter waves which are very high speed and short distance & need to have lots of antennae all over buildings, streets, lampposts, trains etc to broadcast, hand-off & repeat the signals.

There has been very little studies on such waves on humans, and so far no urgency by govts.

I suspect health effects will depend on whether you have certain genes that make you more vulnerable. For the majority, may not be so bad unless you strap the 5G device to your head or balls on 24/7 basis.

Anonymous said...

Cancer is so common today, all kinds. Studies have pointed to genetics, but the answer seems to be more than that. There are many cancer patients who died among my relatives, yet with parents and grandparents utterly free of the affliction.

One thing more puzzling is lung cancer. The long held understanding is smoking is the main culprit, but many of my female relatives do not smoke, but yet suffer from lung cancer. Then given the odds of more non-smokers dying of lung cancer, the onus shifted to passive smoke, leading to much effort to forbid smoking in many areas, even in eating places like coffee shops. But I guess that did not do much good to the statistics either, and the onus has yet shifted to people who do much cooking in the kitchen. True or not is yet to be determined?

So, is genetics also much in play about susceptibility to radiation? Left to be seen!

I believe they have done studies on high frequency waves on humans which is why they say it is dangerous. But how dangerous, no one can say and maybe no one will say for now, given the considerable economic benefits inherent and dependent on those studies.

Anonymous said...

The UN has already, in 2013, determined that your mobile phones can cause health hazards. As such, manufacturers of all wireless phones and equipment are required by LAW to warn their customers by including it in the phone's documentation.

For those who are using iPhones.
Go to your "Setting".
Select "General"
Select "About"
Select "Legal"
Scroll down to the bottom:
You will see the warning:

"Do Not Keep the Phone in the pocket."

Some phone manufacturers even tell you to "put your phone at least 1 inch away from your body".

Anonymous said...

For The Truth About Your Mobile Phone. Educate yourself by spending 1t minutes on this video:


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Frog Outside Glass

Dr Devra's alarmist and unscientific claims have been properly discredited.

Anyway even if her assertions held water, how many people do you think will give up using their mobiles? I would say a minority. Most other people wouldn't care, because you cannot live a modern life without a mobile phone.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Get with the Physics:

1 Radio waves are electromagnetic (EM) waves...i.e. PHOTONS behaving like waves, what we know as “light”, except we do not have the biological apparatus to detect radio frequency EM.

2 The damaging radiation type is ionizing radiation...i.e. it has the energy to “knock out” electrons from their atomic orbits (shells), thus causing those atoms to “want to bind with something” to attain electric neutrality (stable state). Ionizing radiation is the bad guy which knocks out electrons in the atoms which make up biological tissue, like DNA, or the complex mechanisms in cells. The cells become cancerous, or the damaged DNA creates “mistakes”...and those have the potential to adversely affect life. High dose of radiation will kill living things.

3 Non ionizing radiation is experienced as HEAT. As long as it is not hot enough to burn you, you are quite safe.

4 Dose is important---how much are you exposed to?. 5G transmits on short wavelengths (high frequency) E=hv Where E is energy, h is Planck’s constant and v the frequency of the wave which is inversely proportional to the wavelength. Velocity of wave = wavelength x frequency. c is the speed of light = 2.998 x 10^8 m/s, which is the velocity of ALL electromagnetic waves.

5 Short wavelength EM is easily attenuated (loses power) so (as already mentioned) there will be MORE TRANSMITTING STATIONS in a given area than what 4G has. Is all this radiation the ionizing type? If dose matters, how will a concentration of transmitters affect biological tissue?

6 The hype about 5G. I also don’t buy into the hype of 5G.
I’ve been in the tech space since the late 1970s...I’ve seen hype after hype after hype….as well as gross UNDERESTIMATIONS. Let’s face it, no matter how ‘scientific’ we think we are, human beings are TERRIBLE at predicting the future, especially with some semblance of PRECISION.

All that shit about AI, and network connectivity, IoT (Internet of Things) blah blah blah. Yup, no doubt some of it will come to fruition...but way too much smoke is being blown around the idea of 5G.

Add to the NOISE is the stuff surrounding Huawei...the fans are cursing those who support Trump essentially fucking their business model, despite having so far, the best hardware in the space. Moral Of Story: No matter how good and popular your idea is, with a stroke of the legislative pen, The Govt can fuck you up 10 ways to Sunday

We’ve seen the emergence of drones, wifi, social media, pocket-sized super computers (aka “smartphones”), cryptocurrency...etc etc...all FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENTS which taken back even 30 years would be classed as “magic”. Everytime something new comes out, so do the HACKERS. For e.g. I know a fellow, brilliant systems guy formally a Big Gun at ?-Star (I don’t want to get sued!) who is now developing anti-drone systems. I also know fellas who are coming up with ways to fool AI systems by fucking up their “logic”---which is mainky based on statistics.

As machines get smarter, human beings follow suit and try to HACK the new tech. Humans excel in doing EVIL THINGS---that’s a dark side, but an important aspect of HUMAN NATURE. We excel in telling lies and being deceptive.

Score 1, for the Humans! 🤡

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