Descendants of convicts spreading lies about China

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “the war has already started” with China, while Australia has “politicians who seem stunningly blind to the danger.”

In his talk show, this descendant of convicts claimed that China has stolen the South China Sea. Stolen the South China Sea from who? His twisted logic is understandable given his bad DNAs. You can’t expect descendants of convicts to tell the truth, to know the difference between truth and lies. They will lie even through the skin of their teeth. The islands in South China Sea were uninhabited islands and the Chinese have founded them many centuries ago under the principle of finders keepers. China did not steal the islands from anyone. Every littoral states of the South China Seas are claiming islands as their own.

What this son of convicts has conveniently forgotten is that their forefathers have stolen the continent of Australia from the original natives of Australia whom they called aborigines and ill treated them, abused them and treated them as sub human species. They were not the original people of Australia. Australia has its original people. But they came and they stole and they refused to talk about it, refused to admit it, refused to look at the mirror to see the real thieves.

The white Australians, like the white Americans, the white New Zealanders, stole the land of the natives of the respective countries and claimed them as their own. And they got the cheek to accuse China of stealing the islands in the South China Sea. This is the white lie they are spreading to the English speaking world, with many ignorant of history and unthinkingly accepting this twisted and distorted truth. And this Andrew Bolt spoke about it with eyes wide and unblinking believing that he was telling the truth.

Please go and ask your ancestors who stole Australia from the aborigines! As for the unthinking white bananas, please check your history and don’t accept this white lie blindly.


Virgo 49 said...

Matilah is also an accomplice to the White Aussies who stole the Land from the Aborigines.


Anonymous said...

Most people who migrated to or dumped into Australia and New Zealand are mothrrfuckers like Matilah. He is a glaring example of what Migrant Brats in Australia are like.

Anonymous said...

Watch Blondie... her real name Amy an Aussie and she speaks excellent putonghua or 98%
putonghua. She graduated in business Adm in Aussie and study Chinese in Beijing Tsinghua university 2014. She both beautiful and intelligent and she love China!




Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Well played,is well played…

Both RB & Andrew Bolt are incorrect. Here’s the thing nobody has the guts to fess up and announce in public:

China has already won any “war” with Australia. Australia is essentially “owned” by China.


Well played, China.

P.S. @ Virgo:

No, the whites didn’t “steal” the abo’s land. They CONQUERED and DECIMATED the abos. i.e. Stronger force of invaders battled a weaker opponent, and WON, therefore they naturally absorbed the Spoils of War.

The Australian aborigine is a CONQUERED RACE, as was the “status quo” back in the (good?) old days.

The Mongols and Vikings were conquerors, as were the Ottoman Turks, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Byzantines, The Romans...everyone was doing it. That was the way one culture could “expand” itself.

If you cannot defend your territory, then FUCK YOU, you will eventually be CONQUERED by a SUPERIOR combatant.

Anonymous said...

Watch Blondie... her real name Amy an Aussie and she speaks excellent putonghua or 98%
putonghua. She graduated in business Adm in Aussie and study Chinese in Beijing Tsinghua university 2014. She both beautiful and intelligent and she love China!




Anonymous said...

Hey brother earlier posting wrong sorrie here corrected

Hi RB,

Most readers here dislike the pap to put it mildly but the LHL video below said something about HK we all can agrees 100%. Further the former ST editor which we too dislike, Leslie Fong excellent articles in SCMP

Enjoy brother.



Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong_ If what is happening in HK happens to us, Singapore.mp4



Anonymous said...

of DAFT Pioneer and Merdeka Generations are being told to worship Lee Kon You.
The Next Generation shall be Conned-generation.

Anonymous said...

by their DAFT

Anonymous said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ You couldn’t be more wrong, 904:

>> [...] mothrrfuckers like Matilah. He is a glaring example of what Migrant Brats in Australia are like. <<

I have to correct you. I am a very average example. I’ve done ok, quite comfortable taking full advantage of my “2 Hotel” status, living and exploiting Aust & Singapore to benefit Number 1---me! 🤟

However, I have at least 3 S’pore “Immigrant BRAT” friends who’ve done way, way better than I, having listed their own enterprises on the ASX and made a SHIT TONNE of filthy, sexy money for themselves.They also have substantial real estate holdings in Singapore (mainly), and elsewhere (not so much). Compared to them I am but a humble, lazy, always-horny, frequently high, enjoy life Beach Bum 👍🍻🍷🥃🍸

People ask me why I choose to stay here. The answer is simple, but goes beyond the tired-old standard response: “lifestyle”.

Simply put, it is EASIER to compete against an Aussie than it is to compete with a Singaporean or any other highly motivated SE Asian. Plus the payoff is better, and more likely. OK, markets in Asia are bigger, so you can make much more money...but you have to battle the competition. As a Singaporean immigrant operating in Australia, you have several advantages:

1 Access to Singapore’s business culture
2 Access to Singapore’s financial system and ability to get (cheaper) loans
3 Able to leverage and offshore Singapore and Asian BPO (Business Practice Outsourcing)...not so effective now as Australia has “caught up”, but 20 years ago a significant advantage and competitive edge.
4 Guan Xi. Most Aussie operators don’t have the networks the average Asian boss has.

I credit Guan Xi as my main competitive advantage. I am a lazy bum lah. I like to party, get high and fuck girls. I like making money “The Easy Way”, which means #1 asset is having relationships with many motivated and opportunity-seeking people you can rely on.

...then KEEP THE PARTY GOING!! 🎉🤡👯‍♀️

Anonymous said...

Matilah, my apologies for 904 comment. You are a very smart businessman. You have done well in exploiting the best of both worlds (Singapore and Aussie). Why not go even further? Exploiting the best of China, Vietnam and the Philippines too? Stay out of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Basically, I'm not that hungry anymore. I'm very lucky and very grateful... Let others do their thing lah. Now mid 60's already. How much time do I have? 15? 20?. Work enough already lah. I can still fuck...so yeah...dun know for how much longer! Priority #1!

imho said...

Its either being conquer or conquer others. Its part of nature. Its survival of the fittest. Its not about race. The rich class always conquer, steal, screw the working class. They are color, race, culture blind. Within white or color race, both working class are being screwed by rich class. The rich class is great in making working class turning on each other by promoting racism, certain religion, climate issues instead of rich class who were responsible for their sufferings.

Anonymous said...

The oldies
mati mati worship Lee Kon You lah.
Sampai mati pun begitu bodoh. Boh kiu liow.

Lee Kon You = PAP
PAP = Lee Kon You
The daft cannot tell the difference.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ imho

It works the other way too: the downtrodden classes rise up and conquer the rich. Then the former downtrodden get rich and exploit the poor...and on it goes.

Long ago I dropped this awful idea of Class Warfare. It's nonsense. We are all INDIVIDUALS. Imho you must accept yourself first, decide what you want and just go for it, seeking neither permission nor approval from others. Your life, no dress rehearsal, a one-time deal, then it's "Game Over".

You will fall, fail, lose battles and occasionally wars. There's always more ways to fail, which means PROBABILISTICALLY the odds are against you. Nature will always try to kill you, that's a fact of existence.

...but occasionally, you will WIN. If you persist and don't quit. The modern Singaporean is too soft, too IMPATIENT, and not resilient enough to endure HARDSHIP. Cannot tahan even a small amount of suffering or hardship. Everyone is so OBSESSED with SUCCESS, to fail is too painful to the ego, too "Lau qui", loss of face.

That kind of attitude...aiyah, make life more difficult lah. 😵😵😂

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang Matilah

PHD of Philosophy.

Life Open Uni


Anonymous said...

#Ho Ching

#I need more money
#Money not enough

#Nuclear power for Singapore

Anonymous said...

Temasek CEO signals her support for nuclear power once again and urges Singapore to “keep options open”


Anonymous said...

Say "NO" to Ho Ching
Say "NO" to nuclear power.

If she can't even invest money well;
What makes you think she understands nuclear power?

- Is Ho Ching a nuclear energy expert?
- Has Ho Ching been listening to her CECA Indian friends again?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with nuclear power for S'pore?!?!?

RSAF already has nuclear weapons based in Oz & US.

Anonymous said...

If Japan could not prevent their Fukushima nuclear accident ... do you think Ho Ching and PAP can prevent a nuclear in Singapore?

If Ho Ching cannot forsee losses in her Temasek investments ... do you think Ho Ching can forsee a nuclear accident in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

If Japan could not prevent their Fukushima nuclear accident ... do you think Ho Ching and PAP can prevent a nuclear ACCIDENT in Singapore?

If Ho Ching cannot forsee losses in her Temasek investments ... do you think Ho Ching can forsee a nuclear accident in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

#Ho Jinx #nuclear power

Jinx and nuclear power.
Not a good sign.
Very bad omen.

Anonymous said...


108 years from now will another country take over Sg? Which country?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ too scared to die, but no balls to live

Please lah. France has had nuclear power since the 1960s, and they enjoy electricity substantially CHEAPER than the EU. They've had a few "incidents" which they managed well and contained.

We should start building a few reactors, maybe start with 5... IMO It is worth the risk Then all you cheebyes who complain about rising electricity tariffs can quiet down a bit, cos now you pay less or can run MORE STUFF for the same monthly cost....maybe a couple of BIG vibrators for your tight arses? ...just making a suggestion....😝

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah
#shit for brains

Even if cost of making electricity goes down;
Why would a PAP electricity monopoly pass on the cost savings to chee bye Singaporean voters?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Accident is one thing, what about sabotaged, terrorist attacks?

When they have nuclear power, it will be more expensive than cheap. They will tell you must recoup the capital cost. They would tell you that to teach you the value of nuclear power, they would charge more.

Matilah, don't be a joker lah. In one incident we will have to where to run. The only safe nuclear power plant is one that would not emit radio active radiation and would not blow up like a mushroom. If these two conditions cannot be satisfied, don't be a smart alec.

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah
#shit for brains

Since when is Singapore on the sane level as France?

France has the competence to manage its nuclear programme.

What makes you think Singapore's PAP Millionaires can manage a nuclear programme?

Can't even manage MRT ... and still talk about going nuclear.

Anonymous said...

Russia, America and Japan ... all 3 have had big nuclear accidents.

Please don't tell me PAP's engineers are better than America, Germany and Japan.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Nah, fuck you all.

What kind of lousy arguments do you present?...terrorist attack, c'mon lahI . France has had more than her fair share of terrorist attacks. So far nuclear installation: INTACT. Eh, better check under your bed, in your tong sampah, maybe got terrorist hiding... 🤣😂

I remain steadfast in my position. Let's go nuclear Singapore! 😎

Anonymous said...

I nominate Desmond Kuek
- former SMRT CEO
- former army general

To be in charge of Sungapore's nuclear safety programme.

- because Desmond has years of experience in complete engineering failure at SMRT

- because Desmond has experience in mass evacuation of civilians when MRT trains break down

- nobody know about cock-ups better than Desmond

jjgg said...

Don't be dumb la..u think the supply of nuclear weapons to Singapore..if there is such a goose.. is without conditions.. ??? Don't think the planes can even take off without prior consent

Anonymous said...

Nuclear weapons based in Oz and US to protect who?

Are you talking about that turbaned 'nuclear bomb' of the PAP? That is being used to sue people until they loose their pants.

Anonymous said...


Don't be kotek. You think S'pore don't have ace up sleeve with annual defense budget bigger than Turkey, North Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ukraine, Denmark, Egypt, Vietnam, Philippines.

Anonymous said...

80% of RSAF air assets are based overseas, mainly Oz, US & France. Their main purpose is training, counterstrike offense capability, and deterrence.

S'pore air bases are mainly for helicopters & skeleton squadron for 1st line tripwire defense.

S'pore is too small, and our air bases are sitting ducks for surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles. Aircraft still on the ground in S'pore can even be tracked from KL & Sumatra, before even taking off.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think PAPies are shutting down Paya Lebar Airbase --- our largest airbase?!?!?

It's becoming redundant.

Operations are going to be streamlined. Skeleton fighter squadron will be based from Changi. Helicopters from the other smaller airbases.

Anti-air missiles & defense systems have already been dispersed throughout the island & offshore islands.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Your living in Sin, a most cosmopolitan cultural desert, however plenty of enjoyable vices and food.
Do not worry about nuclear fall out and war.
There are many ways to do battles, there are also many natural disasters on top of man-made blunders.
Suicide is the Way out for many old and young in Sin. More in Sin shall find living a misery.
Those that can brag and gloat are few and far in between. Do enjoy your spoil up in the cloud or anywhere and worry less about tomorrow.
The Good Old Days are gone and can never return.
many 99 Year House Leases are maturing, 10 Year COE are expiring and worse,
the Weather shall get more freaky.
What about job, family and survival ?
enjoy the Moment, think not of tomorrow,
it is harrowing.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

A Circuitry Command And Control System

Who control Singapore and Singaporeans?

Ans: Cabinet Ministers.

Who controls the Cabinet Ministers?

Ans: PM.

Who controls the PM?

Ans: The President.

Who controls the President?

Ans: The Presidential Advisory Council (PAC).

Who controls the PAC?

Ans: The Cabinet.

Who controls the Cabinet?

Ans: The PM.

Who controls the PM?

Ans: His wife!

In the final ANALysis, who actually controls Singapore and Singaporeans?

Ans: Search me, you tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Take care of health by having sufficient rest.
Worry less about high falutin stuffs like nuclear, war, rogue and incompetent regimes.
fall sick in Sin, hence looking after health is to avoid ending up in debt due to cost of treatment. Many elderlies resorted to suicides either because they cannot afford treatment and or did not want to be a burden.
Suicides are also increasing amongst the Younger Folks as stress and probably due familial problem such as broken family and study related reason.
in all,
Singaporeans face mounting challenges that are more difficult to overcome.
oneself further with others' affairs will only result in more hurt and harm.
are likely the Greatest Threats to us as the weather gets freaky. Expenditure for treatment shall be the killer more than the sickness itself.
take care folks.

Anonymous said...

Madness In The Whole Sickening System

How to take care? You don't have to work, so it is easy for you to take care. We have to work 16 hours a day, husband and wife, with no holidays. Or rest days. With two young children 5 and 7 years old. No maids. No other people to help take care of the two kids. Husband and wife tske turns to supervise their studies, especially the 7 yo in Primary One. Teachers don't teach. Just give lots of home work and online e-learning by ownself. Now parents become teachers. Teachers in schools become guides and testers. Because of one Clown who told the MOE (Ministry of Experiments) to "Teach Less, Learn More". Therefore, the pressure on children and parents go up tremendously. Some more, Primary One students are learning Primary Five and Primary Six English and Chinese, and Primary Three Maths. The whole Education System has GONE MAD!

The whole Singapore is going MAD!

When Ministers insist on becoming Millionaires within the first year of holding the ministerial post, you should already know that something is seriously wrong. And still there are people who supported the scam.

That shows that many people are going MAD!

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:53am.
Understand Your angst and unfortunately many are facing the Challenges of survival in Sin.
More frightening and fatal will be the People getting d more daft by submitting more to the hyena and dingo in the coming general election.
Singaporeans, unbelievingly are abetting the Sin PAP Regime to manipulate and exploit them. lt is suicidal but, Singaporeans just simply like it the Way they are being control and manage.
As an elderly, l do wish that Singaporeans will wake up and take back their dignity.
There is no reason for the People to entrust their wellbeings to charlatans.
can never be a place for the Downtrodden, do look for way to leave Sin.
Sin will NEVER BE A Nation, much less a Motherland to anyone.
Sin is a fiefdom and shall not last much longer.
Wish All a Good Day.

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