Not enough good jobs for Singaporeans?

That day my friend told me about this very worrying trend of more and more jobs being temporary basis.

Many been saying more and more jobs offer, all actually only available for 6 months period after that cancel, will have to be renewed. I find this trend very worrying, because there is no job security like that, work 6 months end up being jobless against. It is not worth it.
My friend has been finding it hard to find jobs in this market. The government talks a good deal about creating good jobs, but Singaporeans do not want jobs like this. The government comes in and say they are going to reduce foreigners. In the end only cut those low-paying jobs Singaporeans do not want to do. What’s the matter with them?....

 The government should focus more efforts on hiring our own Singaporeans instead of always relying on foreign talents who are not as loyal. It is a shame when we work hard in our own country but end up no employer want us just because they only care about degrees and diplomas, or worse, foreigners.

Frustrated local

The above is extracted from a post in TRE, Not enough good jobs for locals. Is this true? Cannot be, Singapore has 2m foreigners working here and many are having good jobs with good pay in the CBD area, in Raffles Place and MBFC. Look at the number of foreigners in these places, they out numbered Singaporeans which means there are many good paying jobs but going to foreigners, not to Singaporeans. The big question is why?

We have a govt that is elected by the people and everyday spouting slogans that they are for Singaporeans, creating good jobs for Singaporeans. Then why are there so many happy foreigners in good jobs and so many unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs here? The number of foreigners in Raffles Place and MBFC is a fact. The number of unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs, unable to find full time jobs can only be heard in social media not in the main media. Who is telling the truth and who is telling lies?

The next GE would tell the truth. If there are many unhappy Singaporeans unable to find good jobs, then they are likely to vote opposition. If Singaporeans are retrenched for whatever reasons, like restructuring, they would not vote for the PAP. But this is only an assumption. The unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans may be so stupid that despite losing their jobs, despite unable to get permanent jobs while foreigners can, would still vote for PAP.

The other fact is that maybe the number of unhappy and unemployed Singaporeans is too small to make a difference and therefore the PAP would still win with big margin, a confirmation that the PAP is doing the right thing and the majority of Singaporeans is supporting the PAP. Or the number of happy foreigners, now new citizens are so large, or at least more than unhappy Singaporeans, so the result is determined by them, the happily employed new citizens.

Which is the truth?


Anonymous said...

Actually the truth bout Sinkieland is : No matter what is their plight, majority of Sinkies will still vote for the PAPies. It's as wat RB or others called this phenomenon as " Stupidity is no cure" as depicted during the old man times. Unless these Sinkies sufferings r alot probably they would juz 'die' alone ( as wat one oppo last week said oredi). When the next election or even the future election remains the same then Sinkieland will juz gradually sink la, the name implies 'Sinkapura' majulah ho boh.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

This is a global trend lah. Not just in Singapore. Working life is tilting towards The Gig Economy in most developed cuntries. You can blame the govt all your life, and even think that the "solution" is massive political intervention...but you would be wrong.

The business environment is so fucking competitive now. If you are a CEO---THE PERSON WHO ALLOCATES CAPITAL---your job has never been tougher, which is why, if you are successful, you will be compensated with 100's of millions, if not billions of dollars. And if you fail, you are fired IMMEDIATELY.

So if the competition is so stiff at the top, how do you think it would be for the general salaried worker who has to go thru a rigid HR process just to earn a paycheck? Plus you have ChIndians coming online competing toe-to-toe for jobs, and those folks are HIGHLY MOTIVATED.

As a total China + India make up about a third of the world's population. If you take away the borders and group together all of humanity, One in three people will be either China Chinese or India Indian. You cannot escape the REALITY of NUMBERS.

I am fortunate that I was "let go" as a "PMET" (in the 1990s the term didn't exist) just before the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis struck down many enterprises. I was mad, outraged and depressed. I still have in an archive box around 500 job application letters which got me nowhere which I keep just as a reminder to NEVER QUIT no matter how tough the going gets. After all those unsuccessful attempts, i vowed NEVER AGAIN to work for a salary, and be WAGE SLAVE to an asshole boss who is looking out for their self-interest, and as far as they are concerned, I can GO TO HELL. 🤬🤬 I will work on my own terms and only on my own terms.

The "big fight" started when I had a disagreement with my (German) boss. He was an asshole. He probably thought I was an asshole too. Anyway, we had a massive battle which lasted about a month, everything was unravelling as the Asian crash was approaching, and the fucker FIRED me! BIG SLAP in the face. I lost the whole expat package, got my "parachute" and returned to Australia, sad and very fucking pissed off.

The 1997 came and the whole fucking thing COLLAPSED in Singapore. Fuck, I was so happy cos I knew that asshole NAZI German was now probably ON THE DOLE back in his own cuntry, also losing face!

Being fired or losing your job is not the end of the world lah. You just cannot blame others, even if they were the ones responsible for your fate. Ultimately we are the ones responsible for our own fate---regardless of the circumstance, regardless of the action of others. If there was legal impropriety, you can sue them. If not, just fucking SUCK IT UP and stop being a BABY lah!

If you want to stay at home and mope and whine, vent your spleen on internet forums...fine...but that won't help you solve your "lack of revenue stream" problem. We all need REVENUE STREAMS and individually, it is up to us to figure that problem out. If you rely on government to help, or Jezuz or Ah Lah or Boo-dah...or your rich uncle...good luck to you lah, because LUCK is the only way you will succeed, and LUCK, as we know, is very UNRELIABLE.

#1 Rule is: if you want to earn more, be able to create MORE value. If you cannot, someone else will, and they will eat, and you will starve.

Life is UNFAIR. People will let you down. The government will bullshit you. Occasionally when you lose, you will LOSE BIG, just by sheer bad luck, or random chance which worls against you.

I got my arse kicked really hard when I was still relatively young...which at the time I didn't like at all. But turns out...it's not so bad lah. No, I don't claim to have any answers, except for two, which have served me well, and are actually the same thing looked at 2 different ways:

1. Take responsibility for yourself and everything which happens to you ⬅︎➡︎ 2. Never surrender/ quit

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Reality Check:

Smart bosses don't hire on the basis of nationality. (Stupid ones might...trust me, don't work for a stupid boss. Even if the pay is good. Your soul will burn itself out... your character will change and even your dog or cat will hate you). Smart bosses hire people based on the VALUE they bring to the enterprise.

No one is ENTITLED to a job just because they are "Singaporean" born and bred in Singapore. Even Redbean has FAILED to see the wrong logic in this widespread MYTH.

"I am Singapore so I am entitled to a job in Singapore" is like a parent saying to their kid "You are XYZ race, so you can only marry/ be friends with people of XYZ race"

Get fucking real, grow some balls and get a spine lah....and work on your reasoning and logic, because they are FUCKED and not serving you well!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 914am

Bingo! You are 1o8% correct!

Many many many many predicted pap 75%-80% at the next GE!

Many many many many said that Sg is already like that loong loong loong loong time ago!

The masses will only TCSSssss and kpkbsssss. They will die die DIE DIE vote for pap!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 958:

>> Many many many many predicted pap 75%-80% at the next GE! <<

If you think this year was bad, wait until 2020/ 2021. People will be suffering and screaming "tolong tolong, kanninah, buay tahan!!", and guess what, the PAP will "appear", as if like "magic" to have the solutions.

Do you think the scared people will vote for the opposition?

No way. Even if they HATE the PAP the motivation to vote for them will be on the basis of : "Better the Devil you KNOW than the devil you don't"

Their power will grow, and you will be screwed more....unless you are game enough to extricate yourself and make your own way instead of depending on the PAP for your life...Fuck that shit lah.

2 types of folks in Singapore: those BABIES who suck on the PAP tetek for their whole life, and those who take the "free kicks" the govt has setup for you to make money by your own INTELLIGENCE and INTELLIGENT ACTION.

Which type are you?
Which type are you?

Anonymous said...

The big question is why?


Because there are simply not enough talented Singaporeans to do those jobs!

Take my case as a local true blue Singaporean boss. I had wanted to hire true blue Singaporeans and they got degree and diploma but they just don't have the right specialised experience. They failed my interview. Not only that, they also wanted high pay. Like that how to employ them?

And I have a lot of foreigners with the right experience (I know because I know how to test them during interviews) and they are also asking for lower pay.

And not only that, they are also able to perform, although not really super lah.

So how not to employ them, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

@ Taking Responsibility:

///At least 23 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Baghdad and other provinces in the country’s Shiite-dominated south.

Officials say the dead include eight protesters who were killed in the capital. The remaining deaths were in Basra, Nasiriyah, Misan and Muthanna.///

That is what Matilah and WSG are trying to tell you LOSERS:


Anonymous said...

Because there are simply not enough talented Singaporeans to do those jobs!
10:23 am

Not only that, there are also not enough talented Sinkies in the Sinkie opposition to make the Sinkie opposition strong, united and ready to be govt.

End up majority Sinkies have no choice but to vote for PAP, which although not that good, but still the lesser of 2 evils as compared to the Sinkie opposition.

Anonymous said...

Where's the joker who always make Chee Soon Juan become collateral damage in this blog?

Not yet wake up ah?

Anonymous said...


The protests in Lebanon have bridged social divides – now everyone is fighting against the corrupt elite.

The only surprising thing about the anger across the streets of Lebanon is that it did not erupt earlier.

A new and hopeful protest movement is sweeping over Lebanon, with thousands of people standing against the country’s political elite. What began as protests over the past week against austerity and government plans to expand its regressive tax measures has now grown into a movement against the corrupt ruling class.

The prime minister’s recently announced economic plan has done little to subdue the rage on the country’s streets. The measures are too little, too late, as the government has lost the trust and confidence of the people......

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1034am

You are 1o8% correct!

Such a tiny city state so many many many many opposition parties!

How to vote! You tell me lah!

That is why the masses have no choice but to die die die die vote for pap lah!

Frankly, GE in Sg is really a waste of time!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1032


OK, I think I would start by changing the language. Unless one's brain tissue is damaged or impaired, let's make the general assumption that most people (that means people who can write on internet forums) have the mental capacity to at least "survive" this thing we call "life" not in the jungle or the wild or some shithole cuntry, but a developed society with all its infrastructure, culture and institutions.

Every human is prone to making errors, so let's start off by saying there are no stupid people, only people doing stupid things...and we all fall into that category as sometime or other. IMO I really hate this "Suck Cess" culture. We need to be more tolerant of FAILURE because statistically speaking there are more ways to be WRONG than there are to be RIGHT in most circumstances and areas in life. So everyone will FAIL, LOSE, FUCK UP, COCK UP...guaranteed.

We all base our decisions and action on MODELS OF THE WORLD we build in our brains. When the model doesn't work, fuck it off and build a new one. Then see if that works.

The concept is not new, it's been around for ages...no rocket science or advanced expensive degrees necessary: Learn from our mistakes and other mistakes, build better MODELS.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies find it difficult to compete for jobs against foreigners for a few reasons.

Employers always look for profit above anything else. Foreigners tend generally to be cheaper. On top of that, Sinkies need to do NS in-camp every year, for about 2 weeks each time and lasting overall for about a decade. I know some will say this is not an issue.

As an employer, where profit is paramount, and therefore workforce numbers are generally tight to save on manpower, one worker less means others have to cope with more things to do or even needing temporary workers. If the job needs training, what sense does it make to train a temporary worker who will leave after two weeks when the permanent staff returns from NS?

Finally, as most suspected, if the boss is a foreigner, the tendency is that he will go for hometown people. And that will translate into more foreign bosses asking the Government for more foreign workers. What does that leave true blue Sinkies, who now wants to complain about the Government they voted for over loss of jobs to foreigners? Ironic is the word!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ get busy, Improve your THINK!

If you haven't watched it, make this a priority. The dude builds "frameworks" and tackles all sorts of mind-boggling complexity. https://youtu.be/aCv29JKmHNY

Farnam Street Blog: https://fs.blog/ Specializes in making mental models

You Are Not So Smart https://youarenotsosmart.com/ (how and why we make cognitive errors)

Charlie Munger's classic and timeless piece: https://youtu.be/pqzcCfUglws

Anything and everything about Daniel Kahneman and Nicolas Nassim Taleb (subscribe to their Twitter)

Happy Practicing!

Fixing Opposition Firing Oppression said...

A World On Fire

Here are all the major protests happening around the globe right now. Read the article here:


Anonymous said...

Protests In Ethiopia

Protests against Ethiopia's Nobel peace prize PM turn deadly.

Violent clashes leave at least 67 dead as activists compare Abiy Ahmed to a dictator.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to end Ethiopia’s 20-year-war with Eritrea.

Violence in Ethiopia that began with protests against the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, and quickly morphed into ethnic clashes has left 67 people dead in Oromia state.

“The total number dead in Oromia is 67,” said Kefyalew Tefera, the regional police chief, adding that five of the dead were police officers.

Anonymous said...

On Protests In Singapore

AUNG JUAN SOON CHEE did a lot of non-violent protests, following the footsteps of the assassinated Ghandi of India, even going on hunger strikes.

But the public response was not in his favour. The people were not ready for any form of protest. Why?

So, Aung Juan Soon Chee's protests led to nowhere. They simply fizzled out - ineffective and waste of time.

In a society of horses whose hides need harder, sharper and stronger spurs, even peaceful protests won't work. You need a miracle for them to work.

In a country filled with mesmerized zombies determined to follow the leaders who promised to lead them to the Promised Land of "more good years" and "Swiss Standards of Living", making more money is much more important (to bring bread and coffee to the dinning table) than walking the streets carrying placards or sitting in Hong Lim Park listening to the boring speeches of a few attention-seekers.

The bottom line in a small city without natural resources is:

Don't rock the boat when it still floats and moving!

Anonymous said...

Do you want more money?

Vote Opposition and get your CPF money back when you are 55 years old.

It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

Do you want all the good jobs that PAP's CECA Indians have in Singapore?

Vote Opposition and cancel the CECA treaty with India.

It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

@All, @RB,

///Look at the number of foreigners in these places, they out numbered Singaporeans which means there are many good paying jobs but going to foreigners, not to Singaporeans.///

That's BS lah .... at most only 40% are foreigners in those places.

Unless you're talking about Changi Biz Park, that one I say you correct --- although the salaries of those foreigners are not great.

Don't flatter yourself by saying that Sinkies (or yourself) deserve any one of those good paying jobs.

Companies & employers are NOT stupid. Sure you *may* be able to do the job. But if there are others who can do it better at the same pay, or same standard at lower pay .... who you think they will hire?!?!? Some of these are Sinkies, and many are foreigners.

LOSERS' solution here is for S'pore to close its borders to these better foreigners, so that companies are forced to hire Sinkies to fill their required headcount ..... REALLY?!?!

I can tell you that companies will either relocate or automate. Majority of new investments & expansions by large MNCs in the past few years are already more & more MANPOWER-LITE. What used to require thousands of workers to operate a plant, now requires only 50 people.

And in recent years, the focus is on AI & machine learning & big data analytics to take over many white collar job functions & transactions & decision making. Even in areas of institutional trading, legal practise & medicine.

If you can't make yourself more useful or valuable than a piece of software, why should anybody hire you?!?!?

Singapore maintaining itself as an OPEN CITY adopting BEST OF BEST PRACTICES is an entire PACKAGE DEAL --- And is what preserves its SOVEREIGNTY due to the shitloads of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the govt can bring in & tax & utilise for defense & cooperation!!

Once you start dumbing-down to appease masses & base on sub-optimal emotional thinking, Singapore will start to unravel & slowly other aspects will also start to deteriorate e.g. institution of law, property rights, pro-biz environment, logic over emotion, tight fiscal budget control (i.e. no free lunch), saving & investing over spending on ang baos etc etc.

These things above, Singapore can only let go provided we're part of a larger hinterland e.g. being part of Malaysia. Where there's a lot of spare capacity, cheap land & resources to compensate.

PS: War stocks still going strong! Shanghai A shares & China Tech still in recent positive-looking consolidating pennant. Hong Kong shares are slowly picking up from the ashes. India stocks are still in a long sideways consolidation (valuations still high though).

Anonymous said...


#Prata Action Party
#Prata Ah-Neh Party

Anonymous said...

#Cancel the CECA treaty with India

#More jobs for Sungaporeans

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Frog Outside Glass

You are absolutely right.

With mentally deranged Sinkies or commenters who only know how to blast their stupid comments that all must take ther responsibilities to take care of their own, what's hope Singapore have as a Nation or Singapoareans that they prided themselves in.

Stupid Sinkies who does not know the meaning of fellow citizens and watch out for each other

If you are a Nation and called yourselves whichever Nationality of that Nation and don't watch out for each other then you are just as well be a stateless fellow.

Stupid pompous called themselves kachang puteh one man two souls companies boasting that they are unable to find capable Singoreans to fill in their half past six service servile companies. Capable Singaoreans would not want to work for you Peanuts talk cock work in January and gets paid in December companies. Sometimes even no pay at all and goes bankrupt

See reports of how many Kuching kruap companied defaulting on salaries and CPF's contributions.

If a Nation of Employers have no priority to take care of their own fellow men what's loyalty will they have in times of trubelences and wars??

This is what's happening in HK now.

Why served NS together when you are not a Nation??

Some mother fuckers preaching the mantra of globalization when so many nations citizens are protesting and fighting against it.

You will sing a different tune when you are affected by this farking bullshits

With Sinkies with this type of mentality Sinking Land is Sinking fast

Luckily not as collateral damages in this stupidity scenario

Wah Jammed all the way from KL to Melaka on the way back to Sinkieland from Genting to be with the daft Sinkies

Anonymous said...

More jobs for Singaporeans in India lah!

Foreigners create jobs for Sinkies in India. In a way it is true, because Indians take over jobs in Singapore, while leaving jobs in India for Singaporeans to fill. What jobs there are I don't really know. It is a win win situation targeted at the daft by the elites.

Anonymous said...

So, Aung Juan Soon Chee's protests led to nowhere.
12:31 pm

From such actions of his, that's how I have concluded that Aung Juan Soon Chee is a political dud like what the late LKY had described him.

He can be a good husband, father, author, athlete (he is in late 50s but has 6 pack abs, u know), etc but as a politician he is a dud. And I think the voters also see him that way by making him every time lose election, and even by election.

Anonymous said...

@105pm & 108pm

You will be disappointed after next GE!

The prediction on the ground is that pap will win 1oo% seats at the next GE!

Opposition parties zero 0 seat!

Very very siong!

Anonymous said...

There is high possibility that the next election the PAPies gonna win ALL the seats in parliement. TcB, Aun Suan Joo Chee, TJS, GMS, PEH & other oppo not gonna make it. Why? They r UNABLe to form a garmen & there isn't any dominant leader to lead Sinkieland out of the daily life struggles.
The SAD thing is majority will juz cast their votes to the PAPies out of fear or bo pian or whatsoever. It's a zombie phenomenon curse of the Stupidity is no cure syndrome taking effect till end of days for Sinkapura Matilah.

Anonymous said...

The prediction on the ground is that pap will win 1oo% seats at the next GE!
2:18 pm

I heard the following:

1. Hougang may disappear in coming election.

2. LTK and Sylvia will leave Aljunied to contest elsewhere. To lose elsewhere will give them more face than to lose in Aljunied.

3. Chen Show Mao may leave WP to join TCB's PSP.

4. TCB may get 4 corner fight and lose marginally like what happened to him in PE 2011.

5. And if TCB can lose, all opposition will lose.

If above happens, then your prediction PAP will win 100% seats will come true.

Anonymous said...

Why would LTK, Sylvia, Chen etc want to stand again knowing that Sinkie's mentality can never be changed and choose to enjoy being sodomised to eternity?

What happened to WP will also happen to TCB's PSP. The PAP will just fix whichever opposition party or candidate that poses the slightest sign of being a threat. Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and JBJ are examples.

Moving goalposts, redrawing boundaries, erecting hurdles, buying votes via upgrading (now unravelling) and throwing chicken wings, and using all the powers of state against the opposition is an art horned to perfection by the PAP. Who said the PAP do not need all these to remain in power?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.32pm

Don't think they will touch both H and A.

They are 1001% sure that they will recapture H and A at the next GE.

Yes! Other opposition parties have NO chance at all! Anyway must salute the opposition members. It's really not easy to be in the opposition parties in Sg!

Anonymous said...

@ 2.29pm and 2.32pm

I heard that something very bad will happen to PAP before the elections.

Somebody will get another new cancer.
But this time, got no cure.

Another person will die from a very bad headache.

One of the MILF PAP MP will get ovarian cancer.
Another MILF PAP MP will get breast cancer.

Altogether, 4 prominent PAP people will suddenly die before the elections.

This is what I heard when I prayed for the Opposition to succeed.
- God say he will help Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.53pm

Allow, perhaps u prayed to wrong G lah or maybe u misunderstooded.
PAP stands for Power Above People, they can do wat they wanted and be forgiven by that One White Entity Almighty called the Power Above People. The oppo need to form a team called the Avengers to rival them else it's too late ( just like wat Matland did to Jib San lah).

Anonymous said...

Loser, meek, sheepish, Kiasu and Kiasi Sinkies have no choice but to pray and pray for Divine Intervention. Only a series of sudden deaths due to karma ripening "may" (only may) help to make the needed changes in the PAP-controlled political arena.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.14pm

I prayed again and God said.

Opposition no need to be government.
Opposition just need to have about 25-30 MPs in parliament ... it's good enough liao.

God say
"Let LHL do all the work as government."
- the 25-30 Opposition MPs job is to question and slap LHL in parliament until he become blur blur.

Anonymous said...


Only LOSERS here are so pathetic that they need to "pray" to whatsoever gods for PAPies to die so that Oppo can win some GRCs or SMCs!!!! Basically counting on LUCK to save them!!! LOL!!!

Ehhh, better you continue to pray that you strike Toto 1st prize lah!! 1 in 14 million chance. LOL!

Frankly even if Ah Loong, Ah Heng, Kee Chiu, Ah Cow, Disgracefool, Jamban, Woody, Ah Teo aka Giant Rabbit etc etc all DIE TOMORROW .... PAPies will still continue & win.


Coz the PAPpy Team B & Team C are still prepared to take over as govt. While all the Oppo still not prepared to be govt. Govern just 1 GRC without having to come up with national policies & strategies also got headache!

PAP has already transform itself to be robust & anti-fragile --- it's survivability & performance doesn't depend entirely on 1 or a few key people. It's similar to US system. Except that US implement it at country-level, while PAP implement it at party-level.

Anonymous said...

PAP has more than 3,000 leaders who are ready to form the next government. Opposition parties, altogether, have less than 100 leaders and all are not ready to form the next government. Not even Dr Tan Cheng Bock. That's very discouraging and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

That's because politics is not in the blood of the Sunkies whose brains have been sunk without education in politics, except the few weird ones who study political science because their entry grades could not qualify them into other faculties of study.

Plus an education dis-system intentionally and deliberately designed by the PAP, from day one, to ensure the Sunkies remain sunk and politically apathetic throughout their miserable balls-less lives......???????

Anonymous said...

I prayed again and God said.

"It's more fun to be an Opposition MP in parliament than it is to be government.
- Make sure you slap Ah Loong until he cannot sleep at night.
- His cancer condition will surely worsen"

Thus say the Lord my God.
The God of Abraham.

Let's vote 25 Opposition MPs into parliament to slap Ah Loong.

Anonymous said...

When Ah Loong dies,
PAP's 3,000 cockroaches (leaders) will all run road.

Tick tock. Tick tock.
Ah Loong is running out of time.
Will die soon.

Anonymous said...

Risking Certain Death To Get Into UK Illegally To Find A Job, After Paying €30,000 To Strangers

An hour's drive inland from the French coast, a dozen Vietnamese men nurse tea over a smoking campfire, as they wait for a phone call from the man they call "the boss". An Afghan man, they say, who opens trailers in the lorry-park nearby and shuts them inside.

Duc paid €30,000 ($33,200; £25,000) for a prepaid journey from Vietnam to London - via Russia, Poland, Germany and France. It was organised, he says, by a Vietnamese contact back home.

"I have some Vietnamese friends in UK, who will help me find jobs when I get there," he told me. "These friends help me get on lorries or container trucks to go across the border."

Why not come to Singapore to replace the loser-Singaporeans of their jobs?

Anonymous said...

Dear Father in Heaven
My Lord, my God.

Please rain down your curses upon the House of LHL.
May your curse linger for 7 generations before it is lifted.

Curses also be upon the 3,000 PAP cockroaches (leaders) who do evil upon your faithful Singaporean servants.
May these 3,000 PAP cockroaches and their nest eggs suffer for 7 generations until they beg for mercy from your Holy name.

Anonymous said...

Better refrain from cursing them, because only the good die young. The no good cockroaches will live longer in order to inflict more pain and suffering against Sinkies.

Have you ever wonder why Mahathir live so long and still dishing out his favourite cuisine for Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

Modern evil-doers do evil deeds in a camouflaged, disguised, indirect way that ensures that they are not looked upon by commoners as evils. Only those with spiritual capabilities are able to know such evil deeds.

Anonymous said...

Not enough good PAP Ministers for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Whatever prayers or the Divine Upthere, the Universal Law of Cause & Effect (or Karma) applies to everyone. What's goes around shall comes around.
There's no need to predict,pray or curse, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect will still take its effect & do its job, no one can escape lah ho boh.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that evil doers do not believe in Karma.

Evil doers do not fear God either. They think they are God themselves and are always right! Do not attempt to cross them. They will inflict severe punishment on you.

Anonymous said...

it is extremely hurtful for the People to have to resort to invoke their divine almighty to deal with their mortal leeders.
lt is due to desperation and inconsolation, a state of hopelessness.
lt is indeed a sad and maybe dangerous phenomenon, now that violent protests are taking place in Hongkong, Chile, France, Russia and a number of other places.
Calls for revolution have been made which was hitherto unheard of or even dared mentioned.
Many were oso chiding Singaporeans for being ball-less as were done here.
There are signs that 'tak boleh tahan', cannot bear it anymore and 受不了/liao了/le. is manifesting itself in the Market Places and Social Media.
lt is a foreboding omen.
Then there are signs of increasing crime, disease, mishap, lapse, negligence, corruption, suicide, food poisoning, sex offence corruption and freaky weather etc.
风满楼 meaning manifestations of impending calamity are showing themselves clearly.

Matilah Singapura is prescient,
it is up to Singaporeans to make Sin
Majulah or Matilah.
lt is all in the hands of the People.

Anonymous said...

To invoke divine intervention is not an effective way to deal with charlatan. For a believer, one must realizes that charlatan is oso a creation of the Believer that is invoking for the divine intervention.
lt is kind of a irony when terminally ill believers keep thanking their gods for living another day. They do not deem their illnesses god given, but anymore breathing is a gift from their sky fairies. How they concile with their Belief itself is hard to comprehend.
the Most Effective Way to deal with charlatan and scoundrel, is to invalidate and remove them from authority and power. lf they deserve punishment, justice must be served to them by Rule of Law in Court. NOT IN HELL as believe by the Faithful.
Singaporeans have being held ransom and taken for granted, lost their dignity as folks were begging for survival with some literally going down on their knees. This is symptomatic of extreme challenges the Singaporeans are facing.
lt is imperative for the Citizenry to reclaim their dignity.
Not doing so shall mean they shall be putting themselves into a dark and gloomy road of no return.
Beware and be warned.

Anonymous said...

'that charlatan is oso a creation like the Believer that is invoking.. ...' to amend above comment.

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