One sided biased western views of things


Global condemnation of mounting threats in the South China Sea by Kazi Mahmood.  Below are a few paragraphs from this mischievous one sided anti China article written by a pro western reporter. Notice how biased and slanted the words were chosen and used to discredit China?

It first claimed that Chinese ship entered into Vietnamese territory. Then in the same mouthful it said it was disputed territory. And the distance from Vietnamese shore was 56 miles. So this is fuelling tension and risking conflict.

What about American and western warships, not a civilian giant crane ship, entering Chinese waters with the Americans entering the 12 nautical miles territorial waters? Not provocative, not fuelling tension, not risking wars and no condemnation from the European warmongers? Look at the similarities and difference in the Chinese crane ship and those of American and European warships in Chinese EEZ and territorial waters. Why only condemn China and not the Americans and their cronies?

'On August 24, a Chinese survey ship moved closer to the Vietnamese coast right after the Vietnamese prime minister and his Australian counterpart expressed concern about China’s activities in the disputed waters.

The Haiyang Dizhi 8 vessel first entered Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) early July, where it began a week-long seismic survey, says the South China Morning Post.

This triggered a tense stand-off between military and coastguard vessels from Vietnam and China.
The Lan Jing which came 90km (56 miles) from the Vietnamese coastline further fuelled the risk of a maritime confrontation between Vietnam and China.

In a repeat of the July stand-off, regional and international leaders and observers were quick to respond to the presence of the Chinese vessels in Vietnamese waters.

From Brussels, the European Union condemned China’s actions. A spokesperson says, “Unilateral actions during the past weeks in the South China Sea have resulted in mounting tensions and a deterioration of the maritime security environment which represents a serious threat to the peaceful economic development of the region.' Yahoo News


Anonymous said...

The more the Whites do it to China, the more the Chinese people will open their eyes and wake up their mesmerized minds. And unite as One People, One Civilization.

Virgo 49 said...

The farking Vietnamese needed to be taught another painful lesson by the PRCs.

Xi shattered bones warning should be sounded to them again.

Kena jialat jialat by the West atrocities and still don't want to wake up.

Just because they thought that they happened to somewhat win the Vietnam War.

Little cows don't know the wrath of the Tigers yet.

Thinking they are warriors just like the Whites and also the Brownies.

Chinkees just give you face.

Anonymous said...

Xi shattered bones warning should be sounded to them again.
Virgo 49 10:18 am

Aiyo, if Xi is smart, u think Xi will really dare to shatter bones meh?

But talk can lah, do cannot, OK?

And Xi is smarter than u think lah.

That's why until now, Xi did not send the PLA into Hong Kong.

Xi will just let those Hongkies riot until they get exhausted and die themselves lah.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are dogs! They are trained to attack.

If China had expansionist ideas, why have they not invaded and took over many of the surrounding countries in their five thousand year's long history? Contrast that with the evil empire, whose short history of five centuries and a half, have invaded and stole so many countries and lands, like Hawaii, Diego Garcia etc and now eying Hong Kong?

Mahathir said that when Cheng Ho visited Malacca with his fleet, he returned to China after forging relations with the sultanate and did not return. When the Portuguese came to visit Malacca, they saw the prize with greedy eyes, and when they went back to Portugal, they later returned with an army and took over Malacca. History is there to witness both these events.

Now they are eying Venezuela and other South American countries, some of whom are already their proxy instigators. The same in the South China Sea, with some of their poodles doing the instigation job. Vietnam should realise that American intention is to use them as pivot against Russia and China. So is the Philippines, whose anti China rhetoric stems back to the days of their American colonisation and brainwashing.

Australia is another unreliable country that will stab China's back. Of course, being descendants of British convicts, their evil DNA cannot change, even after several generations.

Anonymous said...


Again VVV quiet here! Where are all the fans? Still sleeping?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all DOCTRINAIRE lovers and haters of China:

Everyone should take 10 deep breaths before engaging in China discussions and separate the Chinese people from the CCP. Similarly, in Singapore, one should separate the vibrancy and matrialisticly motivated Singaporean who loves a good life from the Plutocracy whjich seeks to control everyone and everything...aka The PAP and its Ball Lickers.

China had a BIG PROBLEM---the eastern seaboard was undefended, and a very vulnerable WEAK POINT, i.e. an open opportunity for anyone who wanted to attack the Chinese mainland.

And so the CCP pulled a "fast one" on the world. They "produced" a few Jamban Paper Maps and claimed "historical precedent" as a basis for "Chinese territory" in the South China Sea.

Of course, most level-headed people could see thru this HORSE SHIT...but mindless idiots like Redbean et al all actually BELIEVE that China has a right to make these ABSURD claims. But they do, and they've SUCCEEDED. Well played...again!

To me, this is a BRILLIANT maneuver in the arena of Real Geo-politik. Every cuntry, from the beginning of human history and human conquest for territory TELLS BIG FUCKING LIES and makes RIDICULOUS CLAIMS when it comes to matters of territory. So to claim that China is being "a bully" or "cannot be trusted"...simply doesn't hold any water when you strip all the racism, cultural and moral "superiority" away.

China is on the up and up. A very rapid up and up. They will not be stopped. The CCP has to deliver wealth, upward mobility, and transition to a 1st World Cuntry to The People....that is, THE social contract which defines realpolik in China (i.e. shut the fuck up, don't protest or complain, follow our lead, we will make you rich)

As China gets bigger and richer, it has NO CHOICE but beable to DEFEND its borders and vulnerable seaboard.

SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM (If you want to live in peace, prepare for WAR)

Virgo 49 said...

Xi is warning the Americunts and their cronies of Shattered Bones.

Hong Kong own country no shattered bones.

This is what Xi meant as a warning.

Chinamen philosophy Killing their own kind meh yo yi shi.
Means No meaning.

Shattered Bones in Chinese is the deepest term means your parents come and pick your bones until cannnot recognised.

Hokkien said Pai See Kuan Sai.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you want to tell us what shit the Europeans used to claim the USA, Canada, Australia. NZ and many islands in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean and at one time almost the whole world?

And while you are doing it, compare what China did and what the Europeans did, and who stole what and what and from who.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> And while you are doing it, compare what China did and what the Europeans did, and who stole what and what and from who. <<

That's exactly what I'm doing.

China is doing it: World domination, imperialism, and territorial seizure, with CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS

They've studied history lah...at least give them some credit instead of your BLIND FAITH. They're working hard... they have cyber hacking and warfare going on, intellectual property theft, influencing western politics, media and academia, debt-trapping dumb black cunts of Africa infiltrating national political economies and big corporations...HARD WORK doesn't even begin to describe it. This is tactically and strategically TARGETED effort, deployment of capital and resources... the Chinese are not fucking around, this is SERIOUS GAME

I have never ever said that "playing fair" is a virtue...like you bluff bluff pretend to champion. China uses whatever is necessary to achieve its objectives. Deo politics doesn't subscribe to any notion of MORALITY. In fact, geopolitics is patently AMORAL---i.e. if it works, do it...the end justifies the means.

Anonymous said...

Let the sleeping Dragon sleep. Don't stir, arouse and wake up the Dragon. For if it wakes up, the whole world will vibrate, shake, tremble, churn and roast. The more you try to intimidate, contain and attack this Dragon, the more stronger, alert, resolute and wiser it will be. It will give you back a piece of your own medicine when it thinks that you are sick, diseased and rotting from inside out. The time is still not ripe for the pick. Henry Higgins, just you wait. Just you wait...... My Fair Lady!

ZabiKhan said...

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Anonymous said...


Please lar, what is original inhabitants of the land?!?!? The original inhabitants of Europe are not of the same racial makeup as today. Just like the Hans used to be only 1 of many racial groups in the area known as china today.

Might is right. Winners dictate ownership rules & what is right & true. Using chinese "contributions" to the success of S'pore to justify chinese race as paramount & true sons in S'pore instead of Orang Asli or Orang Laut as original inhabitants is one such example of might is right reasoning.

If the orang asli/laut were still in charge of S'pore, and the red indians still in charge in US, and aboriginals still in charge in OZ, will all 3 be shithole countries today sama sama Ethiopia & Sierra Leone? Most likely. So who is right & who is wrong?!? Ans: The winner is right!

@Anon 11:04am,

What's happening in HK now is once in generation to buy HK properties & stock CHEAP. It's just like 1967 all over again. Be the next Li Kah Shing!!!!

FYI, $1000 invested in HK stocks during the blood of 1967 would have turned into $11,400 (including re-invested dividends) after just 5+ years in early-1973.

$1000 invested in HK stocks during 1967 would have turned into $49,150 by mid-1987 (20 years).


Anonymous said...

I bought 1,000 bitcoins @ .003 cents each in March 2009.

Today, it is worth $10,871,000.23!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:11pm

///I bought 1,000 bitcoins @ .003 cents each in March 2009.///

If only that were true ... too bad!!! LOL!!!

Today .... you have a choice .... to invest in Bitcoins or HK stocks...

We'll check in again in 2029!!! HUAT HAAARRRR!!!!


Anonymous said...

#Lee Hsien Loong
#I need more slaves

"Singapore needs to make enough of our own babies to secure the future"
- PM Lee


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Frog Outside Of Glass

Hey, what universe are you living in?

The bloody Dragon is awake, and breathing fire all over the world lah.

Buy a cheap ticket, visit the Middle Kingdom lah. It's PUMPING like crazy! Their new smart cities are the most modern in the world...no way you find that kind of infrastructure in even the so-called "developed" rich western world.

China's going thru a bit of pain at the moment, but if you think they're going to "slow down" so the rest can catch-up, you'd be very mistaken!

Direct experience. See for YOURSELF. Then talk lah.

Virgo 49 said...


Whether you live to check it.

Fat Hope

Anonymous said...

Don't worry virgo, you won't be in the picture LOL!!!

SSO said...
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SSO said...

The Story of the Three Rats

Once upon a time, there were three rats that stayed in 3 different locations:

Rat 1 stayed in the city sewage system underground.
Rat 2 stayed in a ban in the village.
Rat 3 stayed in a well, in the city.

Naturally, each of the three rats had different views and opinions.

Rat 1 always boasted of how wealthy it was.
Rat 2 always boasted of how comfortable it was.
Rat 3 always boasted of how smart it was.

One day, they happened to meet together in a huge monsoon drain, after a tsunami had swept them out of their respective previous habitat.

At first, they greeted one another and spoke amicably, as the three of them had been in a daze for quite a while. Then, when they started to exchange ideas, views and opinions, they got into heated arguments because none of them could agree or accept, or agree to disagree, one another's logic and rationale.

In the end, they separated and went on their ways, each to its own fate and destination.

Rat 1 founded a nation called USA.
Rat 2 founded a nation called India.
Rat 3 founded a nation called Singapore.

Anonymous said...

What is USA good in?

Answer: USA is good in generating lots of fake news, propaganda, false flags.

What is India good in?

Answer: India is good in generating lots of fake degrees, certificates and testimonials.

What is Singapore good in?

Answer: Singapore is good in generating lots of fake opposition political parties to legitimize a fake parliamentary democracy system. And also good in absorbing all the shits (fakes) generated by USA and India.

imho said...

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