How to make American homeland safe?

This is the main consideration that determines American foreign policies and strategies around the world. There must be no wars or military activities in the American homeland. Any war and violence must be in other continents, other people’s countries. What many countries would do is to develop a strong defensive force to protect their countries’ territories and at the same time build good relations with its neighbours to keep wars and military confrontation at bay.

The American strategies are very simple. Make every country very busy with their problems, with wars and domestic instability. On the first account, the Americans are starting wars and raising tension in every corner of the earth to keep countries very busy fighting each other and have no time to think what the hell they were doing, have no time to think or to threaten American homeland. And if war is not a solution, invoke sanctions and economic blockades to keep these countries poor and destabilized. When countries are facing hunger and poverty, they have to time or resource to cause problems to the Americans and definitely unable to attack American homeland.

The third strategy, make sure the Americans have all the weapons and nuclear weapons and others not allow to have them except close American allies. This superiority in nuclear and military weapons would allow the Americans to threaten and attack others, not others threatening or attacking the USA. This is the main reason why North Korea and Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons while the USA can have thousands of nuclear weapons that can destroy every country on earth.

The fourth strategy is to have a very destructive interventionist force in the CIA and covert operators all over the world to destabilize other countries. All the problems facing the security and stability of countries are the works of the CIA and their operatives.

Another role that is played very effectively by the CIA is conducting psychological, propaganda, biological and chemical warfare against other countries without anyone knowing who did it. Diseases, sickness, things like ebola, swine fever and even earthquakes or climatic change are part and parcel of the arsenal of the CIA to destabilize other countries.

The CIA is the biggest and vilest American monster that needs to be destroyed before it destroyed every country and people. It is a destructive machinery created just to do that, to destroy the world to keep Americans safe.

There are other strategies that the world would not know of, but basically all to serve the objective of keeping every country so busy and weak that they cannot be a threat to the American homeland. It is so peaceful in American homeland except for the works of God, fire everywhere, tornadoes, floods that they could not control. Starting fire everywhere, one day the fire shall return.


Anonymous said...

Throughout its existence, even before declaring independence from the British Declined Empire, the United States of America has been a destructive trouble-maker, instigator, mass-murderer, and criminal against humanity. All the evidences are out there in the open. Yet, many countries, big and small, do not even bother to tell this humongous monster right in the face. Some even take this evil monster as protector and invite it into their countries and make use of their countries as military bases to intimidate, dominate, contain and control, or attack other countries.

imho said...

all empires will come to an end. its just a matter of time. have to accept this consequence if you wanna become an empire. else just stay humble.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Geo Politics, the truly global 24/7 Business

The USA cannotbe considered in a vacuum. She is part of the on-going extremely competitive business environment known as Geo Politics, competing with it’s main “rivals” (aka “the competition”) China (the big one), and Russia (the 2nd place big one).

Scattered over the geopolitical landscape are other players---trading blocs and defence pact actors like the EU, ASEAN, APEC, NAFTA, 5-9-14 Eyes “security” collectives.

Everyday, all around the world small and big-time business owner-operators wake up, with their families. Usually Papa Bear goes off to work, whilst Mama Bear organises the kids for school and manages the household. (Note: Papa Bear can be female, so you gals and beta-males stop with the accusations of “sexism”)

Papa Bear goes off to his business and gets a “feel” for the markets, which enables him to decide on how to deploy capital and resources to achieve specific goals, which will contribute positively to his enterprise. Number One priority is to generate more revenue, for obvious reasons. Papa Bear has to realise what his main competitors are up to, and if there are any “threats” looming, or are perhaps hidden.

And so...geopolitics follows the same formula. Every morning “CEOs” like Trump, Xi and Putin wakeup and they have to “do their thing” to ensure that their cuntries move forward.

It is a tough game. And it requires toughness and guile. It’s not just the main competitors, the minor players---like the EU---is always up to some kinda shit. The EU is known to get in everyone’s way...the US, the Russians and the Chinese. They are a bunch of “action-borak” bureaucrats earning big bucks, ensconced in the luxury and charm of Brussels, where they wine and dine in the finest European restaurants and spend their days thinking of ways to fuck people up, control their lives even more, and extract more and more “tribute”.

Without geopolitics we don’t have a smokin’ global economy. You cannot separate geopolitics from MARKETS---they regulate one another.

If Trump, Xi or Putin does something silly, the markets punish their respective cuntries. If they score a “win”, the market rewards. The Market Giveth and Taketh Away.

Geopolitics is necessary if you too are a market maven. If there is no tension or unpredictability...then there is no PROFIT opportunity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Be proud lah

KNN, #1 again. Majulah motherfuckers!


Anonymous said...

True or not?

"There are other strategies that SINGAPOREANS would not know of, but basically all to serve the objective of keeping every OPPOSITION PARTY so busy and weak that they cannot be a threat to the PAP MINISTERS' GRC."

Do you think the CIA's strategy is just like PAP's strategy?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are so creative.

Anonymous said...

The Americunts use Christianity and Democracy to undermine all other ideologies.
Unfortunately there are too many banana, mangosteen and coconut.
ln local parlance, there is OCBC,
Orang Cheena bukan Cheena, meaning Chinese in Race but not Chinese in Characteristic and behaviours.
surprising when a Race assimilates alien culture completely and lost its' root.
the Only Effective Way to deal with the Americunts is to destroy their Homeland and their Foreign Assets and lnterests.

Anonymous said...

the Battle into the American soil.
It is not easy, but the Non-white Americans can do it for their Forebears and Themselves.
America does
belong only to the Whites.
ln fact, it belongs to the lndigenious Red Indians.
it is time to make the US a land for all and not just the Whites.

Anonymous said...


Woke up at 930am this morning. Had a light breakfast & went for 4km brisk walk at nearby park. Laughed at people rushing to work. LOL!!

Skimming thru RB's TCSS blog of the day makes me so happy. More HUAT for my war stocks!!!


Ok, going for lunch...


Anonymous said...

Hi WSG1206pm

Indeed a very very very good life!

But please Don't laugh at ppl rushing to work.

They are not so knowledgeable and lucky like you!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Different people are blessed differently. Some are blessed with a lot of money, some good family, some plenty of children, some good intellect, some good health, some good jobs, some no job also happy.

Count your blessing. Do not laugh at others. What you think are people's misfortune maybe a blessing to them. What you think is your blessing may not be a blessing to them.

You laugh at other's misfortune and flatter yourself with your good fortune. Others will laugh at your misfortune and flatter themselves with their good fortune.

Anonymous said...

From a run
to a jog.
From a jog
to a walk.
shall be lying down to eat
and shit.

the Use of collecting and
amassing money??

Old Man Of Amassing Wealth (not $) said...

Go for brisk walk means cannot jog already, and cannot jog means cannot run already. But Uncle RB and his oldies are still running in competitions, so healthy and strong. Congratulations, to Uncle RB and all those who are still healthy and strong.

I also cannot run but I still can jog. Still have a bit of stamuna. Not much.

Does that mean, I will go earlier than Uncle RB and those who can still run, running till ripe old age of 90 or 108?

I am already 83.

OMAW (-$)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At 83 you can still jog is a great blessing.

When a person dies is not dependent on his health alone.

Many very healthy people died very young. Many very old oldies with many sicknesses, bedridden, unable to move, will still not die.

When you die, believe it or not, is fated, predestined. How long you have to live in this world has been decided the day you are born. Some may not believe in this fatalistic belief. It's ok.

Being healthy, able to move around, just give you a better quality of life.

Anonymous said...

@Old man 12:56pm,

I'm 51 this year but don't like to run or jog ... prefer to cycle or walk or swim lah!

Still got 6 pack abs, and my bloodwork levels (cholesterol, triglycerides, HbA1C glucose) and BP are all of healthy 20s male.

83?? Maybe I can burn some hell notes for you soon!! LOL!!!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As I said earlier, just because you are younger or healthier does not mean that you will still be alive tomorrow or will live longer.

If fate has its way, Old man may be burning hell notes to you instead of you burning to him.

OMAW said...


I am already 53, instead of 83.

Anonymous said...


My old neighbor called me tonight from Kansas. We chat for almost a hr. I'm younger and he's about 82-yrs still practicing medicine (Gynecology) in a Veteran hospital - few hrs once a week. He was originally from Ivory Coast all his children migrated back to Switzerland after their High School. He's divorced, ex-wife a Swiss citizen, he now live with his 2nd wife also a Gynecology but retired.

They love curry, before we moved to CA whenever I cooked curry beef (Singaporean Indian style), I always gave them a good portion. We get along perfectly unlike the racist white - Americunt is revolting, that's why all his children migrated back to Swiss. Returning to Singapore is not a viable option, one of my kid migrated to Finland.


Anonymous said...

Hi all

Uncle RB is 108% correct!

Always remember...

Love yourself, be kind to others!


Anonymous said...

@RB, @Old man,

///If fate has its way, Old man may be burning hell notes to you instead of you burning to him.///

///I am already 53, instead of 83.///

Wakakaka!!! Scared I burn hell notes liao ... age reduction from 83 to 53! LOL!!!


Unfortunately majority of writings & people here are damn negative. As you know when in Rome behave as the Romans! Anyway this is just a TCSS blog. LOL!!


OMAW (-$) said...


You are right to say that you may burn some hell notes for me soon. That is if I die before you, and at the time of my death, you are not bedridden or comatose.

However, if you were to die first, we may not be able to burn any hell notes for you, simply because we don't know who you are and what your name is.

So, you may land in hell penniless. No hell money to buy your way through the different hell gates.

That would be such a great agony. Isn't it?

Spending whole life amassing money but penniless in death! Really pitiful. Really tragic.

It would surely do you a lot of good, if you were to amass some good merits from now on.

When I say "merits", I mean heavenly merits that will go with you in death, not worldly merits that help you to climb the worldly ladders of fame, name, status, power, praise, and gain.

Make use of your body, speech and mind in a tamed, compassionate, loving, gentle and offenceless ways. Think about it. Think deeply. For your own good, don't react hastily and harshly. If you do, it will only harm youself, not others.

Wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

#Prata Ah Neh Party

#CECA Indian loving political party

Anonymous said...


Wish you all the best!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JC, yes, Singapore is getting increasingly more expensive and undesirable as a place to live. US and OZ, if not because of racism, would be great places to start a new life.

For oldies, we are stuck here. Anyway not many years to go. Good thing about oldies is that many could retire quite comfortably with having to continue to work.

Anonymous said...

How to make Singaporean homeland safe again?

Vote out the PAP
Cancel the CECA treaty with India

Virgo 49 said...


This WSG already saved to go to Heaven as conned by the White God.

Many like him are arrogant and thought that they can commit whatsoever sins and browbeat those beneath them as they are already SAVED to go to Heaven.

Little does there simplistic idiots know that they be wondering in HELL asking for mercy.

To them, Wealth is everything in this Earthly World and those beneath them could be scorned by them for being useless.

Left to be seen who be the Ones to suffer their sins.

Many like them believed so as they had committed heinous sins that they knew could NOT saved them even if they were to do good and gain merits to atone their sins.

Thus they just took the easy way conning themselves that they are SAFE.

But many nearing their Death Beds are stricken with fears.

For they knew that it's a Con Believe.

Let them just con themselves.


Anonymous said...


Don't worry ... I save this one for you!! LOL!!!


CECA is Downfall of Singapore said...

CECA stands for Concealed Enemies' Concentrated Attacks.

Anonymous said...

The wisest person is one who lives a life knowing he knows nothing, not one who thinks he knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the US$ hegemony is the most important strategy.

Backed that up with military might is the second strategy.

Prevent anyone from upstaging the status quo is the third strategy.

And to do that they will not let any country be more advanced than them in technology, richer in wealth or have more sophisticated weapons to counter their power.

So, what say you?

Anonymous said...


Rich chinese more than rich americans for 1st time

This is why I say china is more like US than sinkieland. They are more capitalist than americans!! LOL!!!

And they definitely despise & fuck care losers here like RB, virgo & frog. Mentality & attitudes of PRCs are VERY different now.


Anonymous said...


CPF is the best in Asia & 7th best in the world!!! LOL!!!

Of course loser sinkies here like rb, virgo & frog think differently. Hahahaha!!!!


Anonymous said...

A Way Of Life

Something always comes out of nothing.
Nothing always comes out of something.

Everything always ends in nothing. It is the end that counts, not the beginning. Only one way to begin but 84,000 ways to end.

He who laughs first, laughs last. He who laughs last, laughs first.

Laughing is good for the soul. Crying is sorrow of tomorrow.

Deceit is lying to others.
Conceit is lying to self.

Naughtiness is poison to the body
Haughtiness is poison to the soul.

Greed destroys all good intentions.
Miserliness destroys all good wills.

Avoid the seven deadly sins and eight worldly possessions.
Engage in the four immeasurables and accumulate the ten virtues.

Live a life of no regrets.
Harness a soul of purity..

Come without baggage.
Leave without burdens.

That is what Life Is All About!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And they definitely despise & fuck care losers here like RB, virgo & frog. Mentality & attitudes of PRCs are VERY different now.

October 21, 2019 7:42 pm

Just because people are not boasting of what they have, this simpleton kept boast about how good and how rich he is like a frog living in a well.

Keep gloating your ignorance...and continue to laugh at your silly self.

You have made it? You are a winner? A real winner would not have to dump himself here daily to brag about his wealth.

Anonymous said...


You idiot! LOL!! I'm gloating about your precious chinese being richer than the americans, stupid!

Of course you don't know since you don't have any balls to invest even a single dollar in china.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Grow up kid. No mature individual will spout the nonsense and keep praising how good he is. When you are good, you are good. To me you are just a mediocre IB being assigned to park yourself here.

Bet you, you have no choice but to be here everyday.

Your master said so. People who have it would not be taking orders from masters.

Anonymous said...

to WSG and other similarly high calibres.
These Clever Folks benefit the Society at large tremendously.
They are the Earner, Saver, Spender and Financial Reserve of their respective lands of domiciles.
They are not just elite and aristocrat, some are blue eyes and of royal blood.
They left and shall leave much fortunes to others when they stop breathing. That is their contributions to society.

Great Folks.

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