Who invaded, colonised and plundered Asian countries?

Many are still blinded by western media and propaganda and forgotten or are ignorant of the historical facts of western imperialists and colonialists crimes against Asia and its people. They are still speaking dearly of western morality and completely blank about the cruelties and savagery of the Europeans, including half white Japanese, in this part of the world. I find it important to refresh the memories of the Asians and those who have not read history of this part of the world and how the wealth of the region was transferred to build a prosperous Europe and contributing to the European Renaissance and prosperity.

I will make it very simple by asking a very simple question. Who invaded, colonised and plundered Asia?

1. China - invaded, semi colonised by practically every European power and Japan
2. Korea - invaded, colonised and plundered by Japan
3. Taiwan, China - invaded, colonised and ruled by Japan
4. The Philippines - invaded, colonised and plundered first by the Spaniards and then the Americans.
5. India - invaded, colonised and plundered by the Portugese and then the British.
6. Pakistan/Bangladesh - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
7. Ceylon - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
8. Burma/Myanmar - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
9. Malaya -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
10. North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
11. Indonesia -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the Dutch.
12. Vietnam -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the French and then the Americans.
13. Laos -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the French.
14. Cambodia - invaded, colonised and plundered by the French.
15. Australia - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
16. New Zealand -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.

I would not touch on Africa and the Middle East but their stories are the same and the colonialists and imperialists that invaded their countries, colonised them and plundered their wealth are the same.

On glaring fact in the above is that NOT a single country was invaded and colonised by China. The history of Vietnam was slightly different as before the invasion of the Europeans, Vietnam was a fringe state of China until they fought and broke away to become a separate state in the 12th Century, if my memory is correct. Before that they were part of China, cultural, linguistically and ethnically not much different from China.

The big question, why are these countries everyday screaming fear that China is going to invade and colonise them? China at its peak in military power was in the Ming Dynasty when it sent several huge naval expeditions under Admiral Cheng Ho and sailing all the way to Africa. None of the Asian states was invaded or colonised. China did not have such a history and ambition to conquer and rule over other Asian countries, unlike Japan that wanted to rule the world or the European concepts of Doctrine of Christian Discovery and robbing the rest of the world.

The fear of China is actually a western propaganda, a western mischievous lie to frighten the Asian countries of a China threat and to divert their attention from the real western threat, of western colonialism and imperialism. The western Imperialism today is in the form of American Imperialism. It is still fighting wars everywhere and starting wars to impoverish and dominate over other countries, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. They wanted the Middle East to be in perpetual war and to be under their control. They tried in Korea and Vietnam and Afghanistan but lost.

The Americans are still trying and not giving up. South Korea and Japan are still semi colonies of the American Empire and the Americans would not go away without a fight. In the meantime the Americans and the West are spreading the lie that China is the next colonial power. If so, the small neighbouring states of China lie Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos etc would have been colonised. But no, Nepal and Bhutan are semi colonies of India. Myanmar, Laos and the rest of China's neighbours are independent countries.

Asian countries must know the history of western colonialism and imperialism and the invaders that had invaded and colonised them. China is only being made a scapegoat by the West to strike fear in the Asian countries of a non existence demon. Everything China does, like investing in Africa, building high speed railroads to facilitate trade and exchanges among countries would be demonised by the West as acts of colonialism. China came to offer to build roads, high speed trains, infrastructure, ports etc etc, but at a price no western country would offer, and a price that the countries negotiated and are comfortable with to sign the deal. Is this colonialism? When these countries failed to pay back, is it China's fault?

This western mischievous lie must be debunked and put to rest. The real invaders, colonialists and imperialists were and are the European countries, the USA and Japan. Period. Look at historical facts and the truth. The truth shall set you free.

The West did not stop at just smearing and demonising China. They engaged in a continuous campaign to suppress and oppress the Chinese Civilisation from becoming as good as them in all fields of endeavour, to make the Chinese Civilisation appearing like unthinking and untalented human beans. My article, Oppression of the Chinese Civilisation, posted here several years back, is still being circulated in emails among those who want to know the truth as to why the Chinese Civilisation was seen and treated as a pariah Civilisation by the West for the last 150 years.

China suffered 100 years of humiliation by the West after the Opium War ending in 1949 when Mao Zedong reunited a broken and bankrupt China. The 150 years of Oppression continues till today but ended when China risen as the new superpower in the 21st Century.  This does not mean that the West would end their oppression and suppression of the Chinese Civilisation.

The American Trade War is a continuation of this campaign. Why the Trade War when China's lofty ambition is Made in China 2025? In 2025, China wants to be number One in AI, robotics, space technology and all fields of endeavour. Is this a crime that justifies a Trade War? If it does, then anyone aspiring to be rich, to be a top scientist or engineer is committing a crime and needs to be put down.

This is how wicked and evil the American/western thinking is. No one can be better than them or surpass them. It is not that China is going to invade or attack America. China and the Chinese Civilisation just want to be better and live better, and this is not acceptable to the Americans. Some evil Americans even said that the Chinese people have lived a good life for too long, 30 years is too long, and they want to put an end to it by conducting a war with China.

The world must free themselves from the curse of the West and the Americans in particular. The American and western narrative of what is good and bad must be stopped. Because it is good and bad according to their definition and interest, not yours.


Virgo49 said...

The Hypocritically so called Democratic countries oppressed their own people more than the Fear Bogeyman Tyrant Communist Countries.

U Ass A Whites killed their own Blacks and what's African Americans without battling an eyelid.

All these bloody Whites are the White Crows and Beasts that flocked together to control the Coloured Peoples.

However, many Asians especially the Bananas still sucked up and believed that the Whites are their God Fathers.

Many believed in their All Almighty God and they are brainwashed to behave like them and scorned their own.

Many are afraid of their Status Quo Good lives and am adamant to continue the same.

So they had to paint a Gloomy and Devious Picture of China changing the World's Order.

Anonymous said...

Rb, very few students in sg Take history so very few people know lar๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Anonymous said...

That is why uncle is posting the facts here. No need to read voluminous history text books.

Anonymous said...

Asians also invaded, colonized & genocided many peoples. Many "original" aboriginal races, cultures, tribes in mainland China, Central Asia, India, Taiwan island, Hainan island, Indochina, Malayan peninsula, Indonesian archipelago have been wiped out or almost wiped out.

Just in our own backyard, the orang asli, orang laut, iban, Dayak, sama-bajau, Moken, urak lawoi, and dozens of other racial & culture types are either extinct or almost extinct. Do we feel we owe them? Do we need to compensate them? Do we need to give them preferential treatment, free education, free medical, reserved jobs for them? Give them protected lands & free housing & farms?

Or izit just natural order of things? In nature, animals & plants don't compensate other species (even biologically similar species) if others are wiped out.

Anonymous said...

The daft would not want to accept the truth and keep apologising for the whites thinking that the whites would not sodomise them.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that everybody will sodomise everybody else if they can get away with it.

Remove the police & law and order, and see if your family can survive your own HDB estate. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Asians also invaded, colonized & genocided many peoples. Many "original" aboriginal races, cultures, tribes in mainland China, Central Asia, India, Taiwan island, Hainan island, Indochina, Malayan peninsula, Indonesian archipelago have been wiped out or almost wiped out.

No Asian country could match what the West did to the rest of the world in colonising and butchering the Asians and robbing their countries. It is still going on in the ME and many parts of the world. What little that the Asians did were so small in comparison to what the West had done.

Pence pointing fingers at Aung San Suu Kyi about Rohingas. What did they do to the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Libyans, the Syrians? War collaterals!!!

How many hundreds of thousands have they killed, wounded and displaced? How many hundreds of thousand have to flee to Europe because of the American wars in the ME?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Many Asian countries were victims of western imperialism and colonialism dating back to the 16th century. After the end of WW2, the process of decolonisation began and a few nations were "granted" independence. But soon neo-colonialism reared its ugly head. It was the rise of the Evil Empire. Uncle Sam interpreted the aspirations of building a united and independent nation as an exclusive commie conspiracy. Thus Korea to this day remains divided with no prospects of unification anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is taking Aung San Su Kyi to task for the Rohingya problem.

But he obviously and purposefully forgot about his own treatment of the non Malays in Malaysia.

Since Malaysia has so much land with such a small population, why is he not taking in those Rohingya if he is so concerned about them?

Anonymous said...

It is all planned long ago by the Whites that the Middle East and Asia remain divided. Israel was created in the Middle East to serve the agenda of the Whites.

The division of the Korean Peninsula was the other to justify the presence of US troops. Until the fall of South Vietnam to the North, this was another area of conflict that the US wanted in order to place troops in South Vietnam to confront China and undermine Russian support for North Vietnam. But the fall of Saigon put paid to their plans and the Korean Peninsula remains the prime target of US strategic involvement in Fracturing Asia for easy control and confronting China now the main objective.

Younger Asians have no inkling of History. They are more interested in which new smartphone and technological gadgets are coming to the market and which media personality is doing what and marrying who etc.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans by and large either have no knowledge or a flimsy knowledge of world history or geography. So what more can we expect them to know about geo-political history in Asia and the world. It is really pathetic. It is a failure of our educational system where history and geography are either not taught or emphasized. Ask or try to engage any graduate, lawyer, accountant, engineer or administrative officer in conversation on world affairs or geo-politics you will draw a blank. You can bet that our politicians are in the same mould. Well they know current local politics as it is a thresh hold for the importance of their earning big money.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans employed in angmoh companies and paid a bit better would think angmohs are their fathers and mothers and forgot that the angmohs robbed their forefathers and raped their foremothers to get rich and to be able to throw them some crumbs.

They are so grateful to the angmohs to even curse and swear at China or anything Chinese. This is how stupid they have become. Exactly like those crumbs thrown to them before a GE but cannot remember their CPF have been robbed and jobs given to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

The only useful role for Singapore in big power politics is to be traitors and running dogs to the West, to betray China and its neigbours so that the West can say 'good boy' and reward them with some crumbs. Singapore has excelled in this role and benefitted from it without any sense of shame or guilt.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous 10:22am

I think you got the whole perspectiv wrong. White men and their government adopted aggressive perversive doctrines of conquest, have well planned systems and military to go abroad to conquer non-Christians lands and as guided by their doctrines to kill and annihilate who ever resisted their aggression and invasion.That's the reason more than nine-five to ninety-eight percent of the natives of America and Australia were genocided. The remnants of a few thousand survivors are now kept in native reservations, being euphemism for concentration camps where the natives are being ill-treated and given injections to ensure infertility among the survivors.

No Asian country or government has that sort of doctrine or system to purposely genocide the natives. It is perhaps by nature of economic expansion and development that the natives in Asia are pushed further deep into the outlying areas.I had been to Kelantan, Trengganu and Pahang a few times. The Orang Asli tribes live a very free simple and thriving life. I also had been to Sarawak and Sabah. The Orang Laut, Ibans, Dayaks and Bajaus are doing fine and thriving. They take an active part in local politics and many of them are elected in parliament. I also have been to Banlong, Bali and Java. The natives are not discriminated. They don'live in reservations or concentration camps.

I visit China many times and had been to Yunnan, Tibet, Kweichow , Kwangsi and Hainan Island. There are still many millions of native tribes like the Miows, Thais, YIs , Chuangs and Tibetans. They live a very active life and take part in national politics and elect their own representatives to the National Congress or Parliament. I believe the same is also happening in India, Indo-China, Thailand and Burma.

Asians are more civilized and do not act like the marauding Europeans and white Americans.
Go and read all their malevolent doctrines like the book on The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, The Doctrine of America's Majestic Destiny, The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and the Paul Wolfowitz Doctrine of America First and the containment of other non-white's countries to rise and develop. Read them and have a clear mind and understanding so that you may arrive at a correct perspective. Stop being apologetic to the white men and stop being so low as to be their willing poodle.


Anonymous said...

10.22 am, till the day u Kena sodomized by the white, u will never wake up lar. The best proof if u look at the porn industry, 99% of the video is the white screwing all kinds of people. If u exclude their own race, basically the Asian Kena screwed. So if u don't want your Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters Kena, u better don't talk big. ๐Ÿ˜€

Virgo49 said...

Right Southernglory,

Their Docturine is "THE CRUSADE"

Kill non believers and Conquer.

That's their Killing Sprees
On Others which they claimed as Non Bellevers of their Peace Loving and Almighty God.

Anyway now Karma. They killing one another and all chaos in their Forestfires plus upheaveals in the UK/EUR Brexit

Our Banana Leaders
Want to celebrate 200 years of the Founding of Raffles.

Anonymous said...

But we all still adopt & use & follow angmoh leh. Gahmen still using taxpayer money to entice angmoh to invest here leh. How haar?!?!

Even rb still using blogspot which is angmoh invention. Shld use some Asian invention leh. How haar?!?!

Anonymous said...

10.02pm, don't act smart when u are stupid and dumb Kar.

Advente said...

The Psyche Of A Typical Asian Banana

"Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday warned that Southeast Asian nations may be forced to choose between the rival visions of China and the United States, while US Vice-President Mike Pence said aggression should not be tolerated.

“If you are friends with two countries which are on different sides, sometimes it is possible to get along with both, sometimes it’s more awkward when you try to get along with both,” Lee said as he wrapped up the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.

“I think it’s very desirable for us not to have to take sides, but the circumstances may come when Asean may have to choose one or the other. I am hoping that it’s not coming soon.”

alak said...

Governments in the US and most European countries see an economically and militarily stronger China as a grave threat to their interests and propagate the myth that a rising China is a threat to its neighbours and the rest or the world. This falsehood is perpetuated by the Western-controlled media on a daily and continuous basis, and it becomes so ingrained in the minds of people around the world such that they sub-consciously perceive China in a very negative light.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Singapore has already taken side at least three years ago by the same person openly belittling and insulting China white visiting the US President at the White House and elsewhere. The same attitude towards China was also adopted while in Japan, addressing the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

can trust communists? they anti others assets and wealth.

Virgo49 said...

Yes Anon, 10.43.This is the Capitalist mindset. Grab as many or much as possible.

You die your business.

That's why they so scared of the Communists.

Status Quo. At least the Communists tried to level up the uneven standard of living to their people.

China Xi leveling up the Rural folks and even Kim took care of his people more than those so called as democratic countries.

In Sinkieland once you are with connections and in the class of so called elites, they are concooned among themselves.

You think they will give
their peasant fellow citizens chances to penetrate their inner circles.

Fat Hope.All these BS what's metrocrazy

Their own alumni in Schools or Colleges special prefence to their own.

Onmy now after donkey years the MOE now wants them to allocate a pittance wayang number to outsiders.

In jobs and in their politicial circles their own cronies are one up in preference to the peasants or outsiders.

So you been brainwashed that the Communists are unreasonable creatures who plundered your wealth and status. You want status quo.

Must have the China Great Old Dragon historian to relate why the Communists confiscated the land wealth from the western capitalists at that time.
Most of them are ill gotten gains that they embelezzed from their people.

They are mostly the Traitors of their Nation in cahoots with the imperialists.

Anonymous said...

The wealth of the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japanand NZ were plundered from countries of the world. Are they communists? Or are they colonialists, imperialists, capitalists?

Stupidity has no cure.