Singapore Harapan - A new chapter in the making

Lee and Lee or Lee versus Lee

Singaporeans have grown up with the familiar Lee and Lee combination. Other sub sets are Lee and Kua or Lee and Ho. Today a new combination is in the making, Lee versus Lee. Even with the family dispute coming into the open, no Singaporean could envisage the possibility of a Lee versus Lee in the political arena.

Over the weekend this Lee versus Lee combination is looking like a possibility. It was all over the social media that Cheng Bok had a breakfast meeting, or having breakfast with Hsien Yang in West Coast hawker centre. Wasn’t Hsien Yang in self exiled in HongKong? Not really. I have seen him the MBFC area a couple of times. Hsien Yang is free to move in and out of Singapore though his residence could be in HongKong for the time being.

The breakfast with Cheng Bock is stirring a lot of speculation that Hsien Yang, the reluctant political candidate, may be having second thought, that he has to enter the ring for many reasons, personal or otherwise. It is no sheer coincidence or unplanned for Cheng Bock to be seen together with Hsien Yang. And this meeting was meant to be made public, to give notice that things are happening, maybe to gauge the response from the public of such a possibility.

Yes, it is like sending out a test balloon, no offence right? So far the reaction from the social media has been quite encouraging. A Singapore Harapan needs strong personalities to carry it. Cheng Bock alone may not be enough. Hsien Yang could lend some weight though he has not been a political entity before. If he does get into the ring, at least it would cause a mini tsunami. People would definitely feel uneasy. For one thing, it is tough to sue such a Lee in court or calling him liar or demeaning terms freely like attacking other opposition candidates. He is no push over and has the finances to take on what comes may. He is a political pedigree. Hitting him is like taking a punch at Lee Kuan Yew.

Would the people welcome a Lee versus Lee in the next GE? Would the people be comfortable with another Lee potential PM in the making albeit coming from another corner, to challenge the sitting Lee in another corner, maybe to be the disruptive force of change that is sorely needed in a moribund and out of touch political machinery that has taken the people for granted and doing what it chose to do, ignoring the concerns and plight of the people. This is a Lee that is also a chip off the old block but with a totally different perspective of what is good for the people and country. This is a Lee that is not PAP, never a PAP (I think) and now may be taking on the PAP. OK, OK, there is PAP blood running through his veins.

When the time comes for change, the change agents would appear on the scene in the most awkward and unthinkable form, from unexpected quarters. GE 2019/20 is looking quite interesting from this development. The reluctant candidate has appeared. Think more unforeseen events can be expected before the GE. Would more able and brave men and women stand up and cross over to the Singapore Harapan? When this happens, Singaporeans would see a formidable and credible opposition front to take over the govt.

Today is Deepavali, festival of light. Singapore needs more light to lit up the darkness. Happy Deepavali to everyone and a brighter Singapore.


Virgo49 said...

GCT in his chiap chai self praise book mentioned LKY encouraging LWL to be in politics.

Not then, maybe now in Lee vs Lee.

Has to challenge the Dishonourable
Son to accept his late Father's Will.

LHY's son also been persecuted. No parents will stay quiet if their children are been harmed.

So the Right Things to do as Principled Beings to fight Injustice.

The Chinese Race is known to have these Principles and even Siblings fought and killed each other for their own interests.

No two way about it. Others based on blood is thicker than water or the Black Ants on their Cruel Caste Superiority of Rule on their lesser unabla to rise peasants.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

LHL's reign as PM is marked by ruthless authoritarianism and intolerance of dissent. Judicial verdicts involving politics are highly preditable. The MSM are muzzled and stifled. The masses are treated as second-class citizens while foreigners are feted. The Coalition now led by Dr TCB will be strengthened if LHY throws his weight behind it. The chances of a few upsets in SMCs and GRCs will be enhanced. SH's greatest hope is to put an end to cronyism, nepotism, inequality and repression. Light triumphs over darkness and good triumps over evil. That must be the mission of SH.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Lighten up everyone,

Aiyah, please lah. This Dr is no fool. He is the only PAP “approved” candidate. Nothing sets the locals tongue’s a waggin’ than a photo opportunity with the “bad boy” of the 1st Family.

The Yang fella, no chance lah. He likes his freedom and enjoys his “activities”. (OK, I don’t want to get the “Lee Milk Treatment”, you know...su-su. Kopi or teh susu is delicious. Lee susu is extremely unpleasant 😁)

The younger Lee is like more his uncle Freddie. (Misspelled name...for obvious reasons.Again, I’ll leave it there. RB will know all the “stories” lah)

Happy Diwali. Perth, the City of Light will have even brighter lights tonight, as our huge Indian community celebrates.

Anonymous said...

Today is a day for all to reflect whether the PAP elites have been faithful to true blue Singaporeans or to India nationals as good jobs are taken over from our NSFs . . .

FL said...

As GE is approaching (2019?), we need more brave citizens to come out. LHY and TCB have sent an optimistic signal to our country. Now is the time, if we love our country.

Anonymous said...

Vivian Balakrishnan discusses Rohingya repatriation with Myanmar leader Suu Kyi - ST

Why is Bala interfering in the affairs of Burma ??

Anonymous said...


hope for a Sg Harapan?......

don't waste time.......

at this stage it is almost impossible for a Sg Harapn.......

maybe the third GE from now!

now? don't hope! pap is everywhere! with mass participations from the masses!

unless there is an internal split! otherwise they are now.....too big to fail!

so......don't hope for a Sg harapan......so soon................


Anonymous said...

Ah Yang is using a bit of psychological warfare on Looonggie lah.
He knows his brother n jinxsis the very insecured type. A bit of mental torture to get even.
The sideshow must go on. But dont hope for Harapan n get your high hopes dashed.
The Party Against People must suck until the people bones dry, then they will be out. Most Sinkies n new citizens are died hard Lees lovers.
At least another 20 yrs of sucking. Most of us will not be around by then lah.

Anonymous said...

Heard they discussed about international and current affairs during the breakfast. If only they talked bread and butter issues like the fares hikes just announced only to be told by mediacorps news yesterday 6/11 that comfort deLGro is buying yet another company in Australia. Literally taking Singaporeans for a ride. The fare hike has the blessing of the transport minister somemore.

PTC sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

When you have unchecked powers the country and the people ultimately suffer. Think of the recent grisly incident in Saudi embassy. It is very very dangerous when officials start acting with impunity.

Powerful and robust Checks and balances are what Singapore need most now. It is needed in many places like Public transport council in view of recent fare hikes only to be followed by acquisition , ministry of defence in view of recent tragic events, in media in view of the long standing assertion by Singaporeans of the media bias and of course the BIG Cpf issues our savings being held ransom as a result of ever increasing minimum sum by cpf board acting with impunity.

Nevermind the surname a far as that person can fill that role that the country needs.

Anonymous said...

Some tcss that next GE Will be in September 2019?

January/February -- 4G cabinet?

March/April-- intro new candidates?

September-- GE?

What say u?

UG said...

Create a Lee Kuan Yew Party? See PAP 70% or LKYP 70%?

At the mean time before GE, does TCB or LHY know how to set up company and employ people that need help at higher wages? Print in news paper or put on internet? This company belong to TCB or LHY? We employ cleaners or security guards with higher salary and better welfare? Only for Singaporeans?

If not election come should I stay at home? Why must wait till election?

Anonymous said...

PTC is a politically motivated organization pandering to the rich owners of the transport companies and their key shareholders. Altruism is dead, as spoken by LKY so many times before he died. Therefore, such fronts are formed to hook-wink the pitiful commuters who basically has no power and no choice.

Anonymous said...

Would more able and brave men and women stand up and cross over to the Singapore Harapan?


Although LHY may be a political pedigree, but he is no Mahathir lah. And so is TCB.

And LHL, although quite screw up, is definitely no Najib by any stretch of the imagination.

And last but not least, the Sinkie opposition is no comparison to the Malaysian opposition before May 9.

And also not to forget, Sinkies are not like Malaysians.

So unlike Malaysia Harapan, Sinkie Harapan will not succeed because of the above.

Sorry to throw cold water but this is the reality, seriously.

What do you think?

UG said...

When is Singapore going to create a brand call OnLeE? From search engine to mobile phone to car to singtel to big electronics store to private hire? When I google something with a sucks word behind, wah piang. This one first world country a not? People complain so many things ah? Here sucks there sucks? What is old leaders doing? PCC? Recent young leaders action learn from old leaders? Jiak Pa Pa Qiu Cheng? Strawberry generation blame who ah?

What harapan? Japanese harem ay mai?

So other country people next time want buy things, buy OnLeE, how, search from OnLeE? Take private hire, lai lai, OnLeE lai liao, come hop on. OnLeE OnLeE OnLeE OnLeE.

UG said...

Malaysia Harapan? Japanese Harem? Singapore Hai Lang?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr TCB put up an impressive show and almost won the PE. His performance struck fear into the heart of PM Lee who had to play dirty to keep Dr TCB out of last year's PE. The Coalition has decided to leverage on Dr TCB's popularity with voters. LHY is privy to all the sinister schemes hatched by his father and brother. This knowledge provides powerful ammunition for the Opposition. PM Lee knows his brother is a threat to the PAP; more so as a worthy 4G successor has yet to be decided. Shengwu's well being may determine the fate of the PAP. His father, LHY can inflict considerable damage to the PAP if he teams up with Dr TCB.

事后橥骼晾 aka Puah Tang Sai Political Analysis Expurt said...

//It was all over the social media that Cheng Bok had a breakfast meeting, or having breakfast with Hsien Yang in West Coast hawker centre.//

Likely next erection the gerry will be mandered to carve AR from WC as a SMC?

So at most loose 1 seat expectedly?

But unlikely Dr Abdullah interested in just 1 seat?

So just leave it to another chap like Mr Teochew did in HG in 2011 to YSL and march out of HG to capture AJ?

So just do a ala Mr Teochew in 2011 and capture neighbouring WC or even better J-C to take out this JLB Botak?

So who will be the lamb in AR?

LIMP CHOW KIANG likely will be retired but given this situation put him there to loose loose ..becum win win anyway?

Then put another like vitumgent or toothpick as anchor cos likely also loose loose like AJ in 2011?

If princess go to kee chiu there, likely what will be the outcome. Ah Nee also scared liao?

So carve out oso let small fry be the lamb?

So the gerry also increase in numbers to "reflect" population?

Ok ok

Better tawk in non-nutty lingo if not kena Virgo69 intelligible or non intelligible bean kpkb liao?

Anonymous said...

One & only possible quick & fast fatal blow to the Snake, is to hit it at the Head.
TCB, LHY, LTK, SL & PS joined force and take on LHL n team at AMK GRC.
The Pappies head will be chopped n the Game dynamics will change dramatically from there.
To kill the Snake, you hit the head. Dont waste time with the body n tail.

Anonymous said...

Erection focused on bread n butty. Looong weakest spot hulijinx.

Anonymous said...

Next GE whether 2019 or 2020 or 2021 will have at least 65% votes for PAPies.

Biz as usual for PAPies lah.

See whether next Budget talk-cock in March 2019 will have many "goodies" or not. If got then confirm will be in 2019.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Elections commission is not independent. This is open secret. Many Singaporeans voters claim they Redraw the electoral boundary in the ruling party favour whenever the need arises as witnessed in almost every election. When there is no respect for rule of law , changing rule like having larger and larger group representive constituencies to make it harder for good candidates to contest and enter parliament from the opposition parties, where is the fairness?

Unfair media regulations prevent articles critical of government policy like the minimum wage argument supported by a senior diplomat from being adequately publicised. Many letters opposing the diplomat views were published instead.

It took opposition from 1965 to 2011 to make a break through in a Grc! The obstacles are high.

The media blackout and even smearing of the opposing parties plus the ever changing boundaries making it almost impossible to surpass those challenges .

Hope the day would come soon where every candidates are treated fairly regardless of their party!

Anonymous said...

Would LHY be a catalyst for change at the highest political level come 2019 as the government commemorates the arrival of British settlement colonial powers 200 ago ?

Anonymous said...

UG, Knn your comments very hard to understand leh

Anonymous said...

Sg Snr Usain Bolt cum Political Scientist: //When the time comes for change, the change agents would appear on the scene in the most awkward and unthinkable form, from unexpected quarters.//

The Chinese have a saying:

"Often, human beans engender change. Sometimes, change engenders human bean destiny. At a crossroad, change can come from the most unexpected unknown."

As depicted in Cao Zhi 7-step poem, the bean sprout and its shell grew out of the same root. Cooking the bean sprout with its shell as the burning fuel, the sprout crying in pain in the boiling pot while the sprout shell is burning furiously below. Why so dead set to burn the sprouts which grew from the same roots?

In the end, what happened?

Si Ma Yi's grandson Si Ma Yan created the Jin Dynasty.

The sky below (天下) was not under someone named Cao but Si Ma.

Uncle Virgo69, yew understand the story?

Anonymous said...

Sg Senior Su Bing Tian cum KPKB Naggy LKK //Singapore needs more light to lit up the darkness.//

Yang in Chinese also means Sun. What can bring more light on Earth than the Sun? Hsien Yang means rising sun? The dawn? No more hidden by the cloud? Without Yang (the sun), where got light (光), where got brightness (耀)? It is obvious it is the sun (Yang) that brings brightness, brings light, brings life to this world.

Anonymous said...


Uncle Red Bean, the above is a "GP" passage ("Paper 2") in the form of a poem.


The passage (poem) presents contrasting state of kinship. One is crying out in pain while the other is adding fuel to fire.

Discuss the relevance of this poem to issues that concern your society.

Base your answer on relevant information as well as your own ideas and experiences.

PS: This is the "AQ" part of Paper 2. Take note your time allocation should be about 25 mins for this 10 marks qn. The readers know you are the expert in writing and English. Amaze and surprise your loyal readers and fans with your language prowess. Take note the 15 marks weightage for language component in P2 will be predominantly based on your AQ and summary sections. Hope you can post the answer in your next post. Good luck! All the best! 加油!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The moral of this poem and the Cao brothers is not difficult to fathom. Only those extremely clever would not want to understand.

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanNovember 07, 2018 8:59 am
//The moral of this poem and the Cao brothers is not difficult to fathom. Only those extremely clever would not want to understand.//


"Candidate" Chua,

Your answer for the "AQ" is possibly the shortest in history.

Nontheless, the "board" is highly impressed with your excellent answer.

"Board's GD" (Grounds of Decision):

1) Your answer is intelligent and clearly organised and structured;

2) You have fully demonstrated applying the higher order thinking skills in answering this AQ and presented a highly CLEAR AND SOUND view;

3) You have shown sophisticated and mature evaluation of the writer's points raised and succinctly applied to issues that affect your own society.

The "board" has unanimously awarded the highest marks in history of 9.5/10 marks for this AQ answer.

For the language component, your wealth of ideas and vocabulary can be seen from the maturity and sophistication of your writing ability. The term "extremely clever" contrasting with the activity "would not want to understand" says it all.

The "board" has awarded 14.5/15 marks for your language component.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The assessment is even more brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Koh and K Murbani should feel the urgency to run in the next elections. Plus Dr Lim Pin and LHY. Can't think which power female candidate to complete the dream team though.

Anonymous said...

Ho hi coming if HYang take on Hleung at Ang Mio grc.
It will be sillyzens verdict on Oxlee 38 vs that of ownself Parliamen.
Referendum showhand!