The end days for social media

First they came for therealsingapore, then thestatestimes. Then they went for the TOC, and the latest is theindependent. Every social media provider would now be wondering who is next. There are only a handful social media websites that are producing local political news other than the political parties. With the major sites now under investigation and possible prosecution, only one or two of such sites are left.
When all the websites are taken to task, it is so easy to find faults when one wanted to do so, Singapore’s social media scene would be bleak and blank. An eerie silence. What’s next?

Would the personal blogs also be targeted? How long more could mysingaporenews continue to exist before calling it a day?

Some commentators are saying that this is just a pre GE phenomenon, to clear the field before the GE. This means that things would get back to normal after the GE. Is that so? Is it so easy to set up a website/blog and attract followers and readers to the new site/blog? Many may be so discouraged to call it quit completely.

Would this be good to Singapore and Singaporeans? Would Singaporeans be turned into frogs living in a well, with a sky that is as big as the well opening and knowing nothing and seeing nothing else beyond that well opening?

Would the day come when there is no socio political discussion in the social media in Singapore except for those operating from far away, outside the jurisdiction of Singapore’s long arm of the law? Oh, in today’s news, Malaysian sites are also blocked.

Maybe I shall write about hawker food, health, littering, accidents, dogs and cats that Singaporean reporters are good at and leave the political news to foreigners that are so clever in this matter.


Anonymous said...

Rb, at you age no pint lar. Go enjoy your time with your kids and grandkids. Let the 70% rot lor😰

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Social media which are pro-government will be left alone. Those that are considered anti-govérnment will be harassed by the authorities to kingdom comes. The PAP government does not tolerate dissent. Many political activists who used social media to disseminate truths and refused to toe the line got into hot red bean soup. The government wants compliance from docile citizens and does not hesitate to wield the big stick to enforce obedience. Democracy comes with a price and it is costly. Long live My Singapore News.

Anonymous said...

what is the use of kpkb kpkb and kpkb here

in sg, everyone is so very busy 3Ms....everyone bo-chup cheng-hu

many many will just only kpkb kpkb and kpkb

but when come to voting..........pap!

sg is already like that liao, is already like that liao

wont be surprised if pap gets 79.9% at next ge

this is the real sg

correct?.....we shall see........hahaha.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


@ Fans of Orwellian "New Speak":

I have suggested---to the usual coterie of deaf ears---that we (The People and The Sheeple) move over to Dark Net (The Onion Router or TOR network) to air greivances and ridicule the power structure (Stick it to The Man), and also to "pechah lobang" of the juicy stuff that the PAP really don't wnat us to know...for e.g. like the TRUE SIZE of the Reserves (~2-2.5 trillion...which they admit are a "secret" for "security concerns", or Ho's salary (Master of The Universe Fund Manager 🤣) ~ 30+ million. (also "secret", probably because people will be PISSED if they actually knew the truth. She is the highest paid public servant, bar none).

The changes in Singapore law (thank you Shanmugam) have made it such that you can take the constitution and wipe the pang sai from your ka-chng after you go Number 1. The govt can now come into your private home without a warrant, citing "environmental" reasons in the interest of biosecurity and public health. They can seize your goods---like your computers and other digital devices for "forensic investigation".

Blogs like this of course are monitored by The State to identify and tag any "trouble makers", and go after them. The reason of "fake news" seems to be gaining traction.

We all drop "digital breadcrumbs" everywhere we venture on the net. How many of us really make the very LECHEH effort to protect ourselves...not only from hackers, but from the Surveillance State?

For me, I spend a lot of time and effort---like for e.g. not having any telco or broadband accounts in my name, using dedicated Raspberry Pi hardware as VPN firewall, and a host of other very troublesome security protocols. The Aussie govt is also doing mass surveillance---5 Eyes, and all that jazz. Despite the measures I take, I am still fucking paranoid because I know that The State has resources I cannot fight. The idea is to CLOAK. Never getit to the point where you have to FIGHT The State, because you will LOSE! 💀☠️

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


@ Fans of Orwellian "New Speak":

Singaporeans need to step up COLLECTIVELY to address the measures the PAP has put in place to silence any political discourse, and to protect Their Power and Absolute Control, at the expense of the liberties and freedoms of the average disarmed and peaceful citizen. If you check history, this has VERY BAD consequences People who choose passivity have argued that "The Govt will eventually fall"...maybe...but in the meantime they can do an awful amount of DAMAGE not only to specific "dissident" individuals, but to the very social fabric of the nation and its peoples.

More dangerous than the PAP themselves are The CULT of Supporters. Amos Yee was physically assaulted on at least 2 occasions. There was even a case of some GRC guy suggesting that Amos should have his genitals amputated. Such is the nature of this CULT. These people are TOXIC. They are the ones who will make a police report about you just because whatever you said pissed them off. Even if the PAP "allowed" freedom of speech (no govt can "allow" anything...all they have to do is not ban it in the first place!!), The Cult will not allow it and lobby the govt like the religous zealots they are.

Takeawys from this comment:

1. Manage your digital footprint. Cloak your identity if you are going to say/write anything which will contravene (bullshit) laws or cause the authority to respond in action.

2. Suggest we take "extreme measures" and move over to the TOR network.

If there has been a time when Singaporeans really need to pull together, so we can simply talk, yell and scream at each other like fucking FREE people, without the "univited guest" (the state) to our party (fuck their party). We ARE the cuntry. Not the govt. They are PAID SERVANTS, "hired help" to run OUR cuntry. They are not "the boss". We are THEIR bosses. Like any good boss, you need to FIRE the toxic workers who screw up the culture of yur business, cost you money even though their productivity sucks dead dogs' dicks, and do dishonest things like steal from the company.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Increasing use of police, and perhaps the military.

Their fucntion is to protect the citizens, and never to be used for local politics.

They are not a tool of the state's ruling party for suppression of liberties.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ the world doesn't give a shit about your stupid laws created to silence critics, so you can carry on with your broad daylight THEFT!


Advente said...

Cannot beat them join them.
Begin a different form / style of "collective activism".

Alternatively, go underground and operate like guerrillas and resistance forces spread out far and deep.

Communist Dictatorship must not be allowed to trample upon the Common Citizens at whims and fancies of individual Politician.

They are supposed (sworn in) to serve the people. Not lord over them.

They are paid the world's highest salary not to do an easy job but to perform their best.

They are not supposed to abuse or misuse the laws for political ovjectives.

Justice must prevail in favour of the Citizenry, not the Power that be.

Anonymous said...

RB you are a brave courageous hero, though don't agree with you sometimes. You one loyal Sinkie! Salute! Sir!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Social media were hailed as platforms to launch counter-attacks on the MSM and to check on wayward authorities. The belief that the pen is mightier than the sword is not far-fetched. Governments employ their huge machinery to brain-wash the peasants 24/7 with lies and falsehoods. The PAP government never ceases its suppression of alternative voices. It continues to carve up civil liberties and impose new nanny laws. Social media are forced to walk a tight-rope to remain viable.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Why worry so much?!?!

China & Grandfather Xi has one of the world's most censored & controlled social media, and also street and building CCTV surveillance. But still good what. He is Making China Great Again!

PAPies should learn from Grandfather Xi & implement same measures as China --- then S'pore will be fucking rocking as Matilar puts it.

Anonymous said...

Truly we are reaching end of days. The optimist will never believe that for sure.

Just treasure what we have today. The whole world is fucked by the ruling elites. Other than the underdeveloped countries, the whole world's other population are wallowing in debts. Housing debts, education debts, car debts, you name it, the bankers can create it for you to 'enjoy'.

Almost everyone is living on borrowed money, money that they have yet to earn. If the property bubble collapse everything goes. Contrast that with the baby boomers, who will spend only what they can spare after what they can save, and not what they have not earned. Of course they could not enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of those after them funded largely by borrowed money, can they?

Pension funds all over the world are insolvent and eventually unable to pay pensioners, because they do not have the money to do so. In the US alone, the shortfall in liabilities to pensioners is about the size of the German GDP! How long can the ponzi pyramid be left standing? All pensioners will eventually be fucked by their own Government.

Let's hope our CPF is not in the same shithole going down the road. I say hope!

Anonymous said...

Cyberspace is dominated by the lunatic fringe.

We must not concede the space - physical or cyber. We will have to learn from the 1960 generation of PAP pioneers - to fight to get our message across at every corner - every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media. We will have to do battle everywhere as necessary.

The story goes that in a kingdom of frogs, the tallest tower in the world is built for an annual competition.

And when the event is held, many aim to become the champion by making it to the top, but fail as they are discouraged by the audience, who warn that the climb is too dangerous.

All except one frog who did reach the top. And when asked afterwards why he ignored the crowd, the frog said: ‘I’m deaf. I can’t hear them."

Anonymous said...

We are like the little frog, we are deaf to all these criticisms. - PAP's Lim Swee Say, Feb 2015

Anonymous said...

LSS is then n now a little frog with lots n lots of money received for public service. lol.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 2.02

Now even Teachers and Uni Professor Also cheated. Bogus Training Companies also conned aa much as possible.

The Elites are getting more and more greedy.

So leit's just live day to day and see the Arrival of the Messiah as believed by the Righteous like Dotard Trump.

Human animals in the Animals Kingdom is are the most Dangerous.

Yet Cantonese Human Beans even called aloud that when my DOG passed them as "Chok Sang" when they are the worst "Chok Sang"
They simply dislike Animals as they hated themselves too much.

Lau Goh Chok (Tong)offended? I loudly said Human are "Chok Sang" whereas DOGs are innocent creatures

Anonymous said...

They are paying themselves so much and so well that they are going nuts.
Getting millions for talking cock and do nothing.

Virgo49 said...

Singapore Ah Chan of "Men with Monies Grabbing Nets" Famous Quote:

"Do we take the Maximum that we think we should be entitled to have, or do we leave something more for those who need it more"

Clap clap, bravo that's a mind boggloging one that ShakesAPeare even cannot beat him.


Anonymous said...

Even if entitled to? So much value added, really? If without the political power, most will be very well paid tuition teachers lah...maybe 30k a mth, ie 1 yr $360k. Over-estimation of ace skills in exams to "making money skills". Uniquely Singapore lah...courteously of monopolistic political power. Suka li kong.

Anonymous said...

$360K a year ... that's very low ... Not even the lowest Admin Service superscale level. High flying pappies & prospective MPs need to hit this salary by 32 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

In essence, there is no dfifference from living in the Soviet Union!

Anonymous said...

And in the meantime (all through this non-stop kpkb-ing by stinkmouthedpooreans), the HoLee Dowager goes on helping herself with half a million SingSing$$$ each and every day, yay!

Anonymous said...

We dont know Hojinx pay but we know many big losses n sales of national assets done.

Anonymous said...

Think you’ll be safe blogging about hawker food? The moment you spout something negative vis a vis their SEHC nonsense, NEA, ENV and not least NTUC will sooner come for your arse, so stop being naive in paranoid leepublic and believe you’re safe avoiding poleetical subjects.

God hath mercy on thee, amen.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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