When speaking the truth is spreading fake news

When Najib was in power, no one dare to question the truth about 1MDB and Altantuya's murder. Anyone saying otherwise would be charged, prosecuted or threatened by the law and likely to end up behind bars. Najib had his courts and judges and prosecutors lined up to take on anyone who dare to challenge his truth. With his power gone, every Najib truth is now being overturned by the new power in Mahathir. Mahathir is going to dig to the bottom of all the cases that were unquestionable truths.

Muhammed Ibrahim, the ex Bank Negara governor is being questioned by anti graft agency probing the 1MDB case. They are trying to follow the money trail of RM2 billion from land sales that were transferred to the Finance Ministry to service IMDB’s debt obligations. It looks like the ex governor knows a lot of things that the graft agency or Mahathir wants to know.
The big question is how involved was the ex governor in the money trail and his roles, if there is any, that are connected with the on goings of 1MDB. As the money involved in the 1MDB case is big, only very senior people would be entrusted to handle such money, to transfer them or to place them with interested parties.

Assuming that the ex governor had a hand in the case, just assuming, and if Mahathir makes an offer to remove him from the hook, would he then squeal and let everything out, like who he met, spoke to and the transactions involved? Someone in this web that is central to processes like Jho Low or the Goldman Sach officers that are players in the case may be offered amnesty or pardon to tell the truth. If none is prepared to talk, it would be a tough case to crack.

Once someone decides to save his skin, many names would be thrown up and many people could be embarrassed or even charged as part of the conspiracy. Those people involved better pray hard that none of the senior people involved is willing to take the pardon offer. Given so many people involved, the truth is just a matter of days away.

Hope no name from this side of the Causeway is mentioned. Knowing Mahathir, he is going to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

More worms would start crawling when Mahathir is done with this ex governor and other top govt officials or even within the top UMNO echelon of gangsters.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Najib seems able to command the loyalty of his partners in crime despite losing power. No whistle-blower has surfaced. Dr M is probably finding it difficult to convict him unless an insider decides to betray Najib. The death of Altantuya is a grim reminder to every one who decides to become a renegade. Dead man tells no tale. Justice in Malaysia works in mysterious ways. Just like in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Rb, can you remove the state times review link as its been blocked already. So no longer accessible.

Virgo49 said...

Paper cannot forever cover over fire.

There's NO Smoke without a Fire.

Najib's court cases of one hundred over charges next year which every scandals
would be brought to light.

Why the sudden 2019 Erection???

Before any Scandal that's can bring them down better have the dafts give us another few years of million $$$$$$$ SALARIES.

Man proposes Heavens disposed.

Karma goes around. Nothing is Secrets forever.

Singapore Harapan.

That's why TCB and company think it's the opportune time.

Beware the Pits Bull Dog coming after your backside.

He gonna cover as much as possible to order his henchmen and sodomize you.

I used to comment when naughty deliquent boys are causing troubles.

To the parents: When they grew up, either they are gangsters or policemen

Both equally BAD.

Anonymous said...

Can still access STR .... quite easy if you know how...

Anyway if you're above 30 yrs old, you should know that for ANY rulers or people in power (including your company boss), any bad news about them is "fake news" .... until the new rulers take over. LOL!!!

E.g. For 20 years during the 1990s & 2000s, Jack Welch was THE GOD of company C-suite management style & methods.

In 10 yrs time, he may become standard textbook case for how NOT to run companies.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, u be careful lar. Write like that u may Kena captured and sodomized also, very jialat😰

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will leave the statestimesreview link as a tombstone in memory of the dead and gone.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Anon 10.47

The So called 70%,Righteous Silent Majority in support of their equally Righteous Masters will remained as slaves and their furture generations will perpetuate as slaves as their fore generations scared to be sodiomised.

Sometimes I really wish that the Opposition Parties in Sinkieland would stop to oppose the PAP and have the dafts not only sodomised but face the realities when they see the true faces of their Idols Papies.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

1MDB scandal was the proverbial albatross round Najib's neck. When he was the PM, Najib was able to cover his tracks easily. Dr M was baying for his blood without making much headway. Fate took a cruel turn. Dr M is now able to leverage on his power as Malaysia's PM and apply the full force of the State machinery on the hapless Najib. The whole world now awaits the denouement of the 1MDB saga. Najib will not have the last laugh and may need Anwar's advice on how to kill time in prison.

Anonymous said...

10.32 am, it's for Rb to decide lar and not u

Anonymous said...

12.35pm, Najib was born as a prince and live like a king. There is no way he can survive prinsoners life especially if they put him with dangerous sexual criminals that will likely sodomize him daily. It depends on the authority where to lock him up. 😰

Anonymous said...

Depends on how much Najib has stashed away overseas. Money can still do wonders in prison in third world countries. Corruption can never be stamped out totally in any country, and in Malaysia, it is a rampant disease that has battered the country for the past six decades. The number of millionaires/billionaires in Malaysia is staggering. It is now up to the Government to uncover or discover how these people accumulate their wealth, mostly from dubious sources.

For all we know, Najib may not be put in a normal prison, because he has a lot to teach other prisoners about money making. He was just unlucky not being able to wipe his mouth clean in time, or was too greedy. And of course fate dealt him a cruel blow. Or should I say it was 1MDB.

Anonymous said...

Many of the senior UMNO leaders involved with 1MDB were very staunch supporters of Sharia Law. According to the law a thief whether he steals ten cents or one dollar or ten dollars will have his hands cut off. Hi! the thieves in 1MDB stole billions of dollars. If convicted the Sharia Law must apply and see that all the thieves hands are cut off. There should be no special treatment or reprieve for ministers or MPs or senior government officers involved in the plunder.

Also Mahatir must bring the biggest American robber organisation Goldman Sachs to book and fine the bank many times the money they helped to rob from Malaysians.

Anti American bank robber barons.


Anonymous said...

EE how to fine Goldman Sachs? Don't be dumb lar as they have no assets in Malaysia. Not sure even they have an office there. U think they are like normal banks or Malaysia is like USA can fine anyone on earth? Kok do some research lar😰

Anonymous said...

UMNO leaders must chop off their hands then. But never heard of hand chopping in Malaysia, otherwise we can see lots of people without hands. Nah, it is just theory. Or Malaysians must be an extraordinary specie of lizards that can grow new hands.

Hands were chopped of during the Japanese Occupation for theft, that I know. But the Japs never chopped off their own hands even though they stole lots of historical artefacts and gold from countries they conquered. There are always laws that do not apply to all, only to some. You know what I mean. Ya, the law works in mysterious ways.

Mahathir must bring Goldman Sachs to book. Must be joking. It is mid November now, not April 1st.

Anonymous said...

Fine GoldSachs $5bln. That would be courageous n give Sam a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

6.02 pm, since u so smart, please let us know how to collect the fine from Goldman Sachs.

Anonymous said...

All the political people when in power never cross their minds to arrest and tortured people like Anwar then deputy pm also Kena some more black eye by police chief. None of them when fallen from power can survive in jail also especially if Kena sodomized lagi jialat.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 @ 10.08

You are absolutely right when you say the cannot be any smoke without fire. The Singapore involvement with the crook Najib on the 1MDB cannot be rejected as fake news. Somewhere, somehow there MUST be a connection. Trust me, the truth will surface soon.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Victory by PH gave Dr M a swollen head. He went to China to renegotiate the 'excessive price' of $15 billion Najib agreed to pay for the East Coast Rail Link. Unable to provide any shred of evidence of irregularity, Dr M's request for renegotiation was rejected. Dr M let rip with innuendo of China's attempt at neo-colonisation of Malaysia with the connivance of Najib. Dr M defeated Najib, an old enemy but has made China his new enemy. Dr M's failure to refrain from making fake accusation offended his host. The truth hurt him and he blundered.

Anonymous said...

Ann, now the old man Kena lar and lying Low for the time being. He should step down asap for younger person to take over just like in sg. In sg, the older leader is already not in sync with the younger generation but difficult to leave the stage when enjoying the king treatment.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir has severed all links with China and China is demanding that Malaysia pays the hundreds of millions of compensation for breaking the contracts.

Now he is crawling to Japan, hoping that Japan would sell its train technology cheaper than China. The West would not lift a finger to help this unreliable old man as he has also made enemies with all of them. His last hope is for the Middle Eastern countries to help him build his dream car. Japan did not do much after the giving Malaysia their old Lancer engine for the Proton and nothing more.

Virgo 49 said...

You be surprised that the wily Fox had something up his sleeves.

He played the cards to his chest. Just gave Loony half hour to see him after flying 200 plus km to see him.

That's to spite him. Some more first to visit him.

Now Loony invited him to Sinking Land. Closed doors he may demand lots of concessions. Water prices example. Why they so fast can settle the HSR issues???

He will show Loony that these are the evidences so far we have unearthed between you and your kawan kawan Nasib.

So Najib had no NASIB. How?? You want to let us have the good will or your Lim Tean,TCB and even your Bro or Blow in malay are waiting at the wings.

You want to be like UMNO of Singapore?? Been replaced by Singapore Harapan???

They very smart just like the CIA lets go some info and have the Media boardcast some advance news of SIN's involvement in the IMDB.

The jokers were Kadang Kabor and jumped to their denials doing damage controls.

This old man knows how to squeeze their Balls.

That's why they even gave you advanced notice of water increases and live with 3 litres a day drinking your own sai cheuh.

Have another five millions in and you will see whether Matland is safer or Sinking Land.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir was conned by the Japs in his first foray into building Proton. The Japs promised that they will transfer technology to Malaysia, but over ten long years, nothing of that sort happened, except the Malaysian side making the car tyres, the Japanese sending the other outdated components for the car to be assembled.

Mahathir thinks that China and other countries put him on a pedestal like his own Malaysian people and he is swell-headed.

Just like Trump, who thinks the Chinese commented that he has a big brain, when in fact they were commenting on his swell-headed mentality. But he does not have the word shame in his vocabulary.

Anonymous said...


b said...

Everyone also lie before one lah. One who does not, let him cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

Dont need to take risks to become multi-millionaire?
Dont need to find capital to start a business n work day & night n still failed?
Its a yum yum trade & still can pretend as noble public service?
Answer: follow n plp the leeders like ccs.
No wonder so many mothers pushing their children to study very hard n join the serpent service.
Very soon all top positions are filled n run by plp bookworms.
Where got hope?

Anonymous said...

We are in such an absurd situation here. Some talk cock guys on public money all their lives with no experience by PLP yes-men appointed to manage money or manage economy. Execute buy high, sell low or try to teach risk taking businessmen n entrepreneurs how to run their businessmen. Worst still one tcss guy who talked like a kid likely will be the next PeeM.
The decline n rot had long started n going even further down the pit. No eyes to see.

Anonymous said...

Army boys told truth with picture.
ShitTimes told lie. Ah Gong act blur.
Army boys charged.

Anonymous said...

Faced with an inconvenient fact or an awkward line of questioning, everyone now knows to wave it away as “fake news”. - Gideon Rachman, UK Financial Times, Nov. 12, 2018