US Lies & Hubris At APEC Dialogue AT Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. PART Two

All the lies Pence said about China are exactly what US and its Western allies have been imposing on Third World countries for decades . US will ease itself into the favour of selected third world governments and select high profile projects which it promised to help with technical and financial aid. US economic hitman will select a project and magnify or jack up the value of the project many times unrealistically high. ( Read John Pilger's book on US Economic Hitman and learn how US cheated and bankrupted many Third World countries to enrich itself and greatly impoverished the citizens of the victimised countries other than a few well connected corrupted local officers.)  Say a project is worth only one hundred million dollars. The economic hitman will convince the president and the government of the victimise country that the cost value of the project is ten billion dollars. By the way American aids and loans have stringent strings of  conditions attached usually to the disavantage of the recipient countries but to the great benefit of US. A large percentage of the ten billion dollars will go into the payment of endless numbers of US consultants and technicians as  fees and salaries. Another big portion will go into putting up buildings to house US technicians and officers and as payment for exaggerated high operating cost. Still a big portion will go into importing all the materials and machineries  from related US companies from US for the said project. In the end most of the ten billion dollars will go back to USA though a little will find its way into the pockets of the victimise country's president and his senior officers to rub their mouth to ensure their cooperation. The end result is that US takes back most of the money while the victimise country is impoverished and its people and citizens got to bear the burden of paying the endless balloon debt forever, As a trade off US will demand grant of military bases to US as part of the debt payment. This definitely compromised the victimise country's sovereignty where US exercise extra territorial rights  with the fearsome military backing behind.

Thus we see Pence like all other white men always speaks with fork tongues and cannot be trusted as when he said, "Do not accept foreign debt that could compromise your sovereignty. Protect your interest." US always psycho and arm twisted countries to accept inflated loans under the watchful eye of CIA  and the military.

Pence tried to stoke trouble in the South China Sea. he said, "The US will continue to upheld the freedom of the seas and the skies which are so essential to our prosperity." Before US pivot to East Asia in 2010,  there was peace and tranquility in the South China Sea. After US pivot in 2010 US incessantly stoke up trouble and tried to create tensions and animosity between
China and the South China Sea littoral states. China has not and will never stop any legitimate ship on its passage through the South China Sea. But US warships and super bombers sailing and flying close to Chinese coast and sovereign territotial islands are provocative and do not constitute normal legitimate sailing or flight over South China Sea air space.

China does not impose a "Monroe Doctrine" in the South China Sea or East China Sea to prevent others from the region. That was what US did with the" Declaration of the Monroe Doctrine" to stop and prevent other countries from the Central and South America regions for trade,other than through US strict control . "All exports and imports in the two regions must be conducted through United States. Thus US has been exercising extra territorial rights in Central and south America during the last one hundred sixty years since 1850s and compromised the sovereignty of all the countries in the region. In the meantime US has been raking in hundreds of  billions of dollars in illegal and illicit collections through its monopolistic control of the trading system.

Pence said, "We will continue to fly and sail wherever international law allows and our national interest demands." US treats all international laws with derision if they do not suit her agenda. US didn't even bother to sign the United Nations International Laws of the Seas in 1986 even though the rules were initiated and formulated by US. The laws are meant for others to follow U dictates and US is not bound by it. On hindsight the UNILS are formulated by US to hamstrung China from exercising its sovereignty over her territorial islands in the South China Sea and to create trouble and disputes between China and the neighbouring countries bordering the South China Sea.

What is Pence intention in declaring, "US will upgrade its naval base on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island."  Why must US have a military base in Papua New Guinea  other than for intimidation and aggression. The US military base in Papua New Guinea poses a threat to Indonesia, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Pence claims US promotes a civil society, the rule of law, transparent and accountable government. What kind of civil society does US have? Every day all over US hundreds of non-whites citizens are being killed or ill treated by the police . There is frequent civil unrest all over US in protesting demonstrations over unfair laws against native, Mexican and African Americans or bias and unfair treatment by the police. There is  discrimination in employment opportunity against the non-whites. If US can ill treat its own non-white citizens, shoot them and kill them at will and random at the whims of its police force what more can people of other countries under US control fare or hope to expect justice from a white supremacist dictatorship.

What is US rule of law when US white government can illegally deport non white citizens especially the African and Mexican Americans under spurious reasons and putting them and their children in cages before deportation. That is  so much for their high ground talk of human rights. Pence talk of transparent and accountable government is all humbug and hubris. How transparent is US in leaving its mostly non white populated Puerto Rico in dire straits after hurricane disaster. Why is US still occupying a piece of Cuba's land in Guantanamo as a penal and military base where thousands of foreigners are kept in close tight prisons. The military base in Guantanamo poses a constant threat to central and South American countries. It is US base of intimidation and aggression. The base is an infringement of Cuba's sovereignty . Guantanamo was supposed to be returned to Cuba in the Barack Obama's administration. Why up to now it is not returned to Cuba? So white men really speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted.

What democracy is US practising?  What kind of human rights is it talking? And how transparent is its government when they have one law for whites and one malevolent law for non-whites. How civil is the US government , how transparent is it and what human rights is it talking when money from welfare for the poor mostly non-whites is taken away and siphoned of to the military for its illegal and illicit wars of aggression against countries which do not toe US dictates.

US statesmen and politicians and military strongmen talks in overseas forums or assemblies is just unabash lies and poisonous propaganda with underliying subtle threats to countries which do not agree with US dictatorship and or foreign policy.

End of PART  TWO
Part Three will appear in the next article.


Tuesday, 20th November,2018


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Economic hit men create opportunity for anyone (not just whites) to invest/ speculate on.

That's what markets are for: ANYONE can have a go. For e.g. Chinese and African investors can take part in the opportunities created by American economic hitmen.

It's a jungle. And we're animals. We like to think ourselves as "evolved" and "civilised". Thankfully, we're not. We still enjoy being predators.

C'mon, shake that money-maker lah

Here's to more "opportunity" 🤣🤓

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is the greatest transgressor and pervert of human rights, human values, rules and international laws. US is well known for its fabricated lies and its massive poisonous propaganda via the main and the mass media worldwide against China, Russia, Tehran and DPRK is critically adverse to geopolitics and borders on the edge of inciting a dangerous nuclear war.

Down with US imperialism

Anonymous said...

The US thinks that it can survive a nuclear war.

WW1 and WW2 were fought outside of North America, in Europe and Asia, so the Americans have never tasted the devastation of war on their soil. They think they are safe and sound in the event of a nuclear war. They are seriously wrong. It will come to their doorstep this time.

In this age of hypersonic missiles carrying multiple nuclear warheads, even if taken out in mid air will pose catastrophic consequences from the fallout.

We can argue about who will win, but the reality is that no one wins. Not even war stocks! They turn to radioactive dust too!

Anonymous said...

Pence like all the white American killers and murderers does not want to tell the truth that USA is an illegitimate country build on the invasion and genocide of all the native Americans to take over their land. They do not want to reveal the truth of how they were guided by their malevolent Doctrine of Chriistian Discovery to go out of Europe to acquire and occupy non-Christian lands and to kill all the non-Christians of the land. Pence and his fellow white mafia gangs do not even want to mention how USA expended from thirteen states of six hundred thousand square miles during its independence from its forbears England to now almost four million square miles of territory of fifty states all through robbing, attack and invasion of other native American states and Mexican provinces viz Florida, Nevada, Nebraska, Utah, Wywoming, New Mexico, Texas and California.

For world peace and security the USA must be destroyed.

America is very transparent indeed as Pence claimed . Can he tell the world on what basis US attacked and destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and killed Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Let's see what sort of lies he is going to think of.

Virgo49 said...

Pence, now should be named Penny and all his forked tongues scoundrels already lime a broken record been harping in our "NATIONAL INTERESTS."

NOT in your Interests.

Only Fools and the Bananas and those who believed in their Peaceful and Almighty White GOD of WAR will Worship them.

Thair Crusade against non believers of their war mongering Religion is to destroy those against them.

Anonymous said...

How transparent is USA and on what grounds or basis is using in illegally using sanctions against other countries which do not want to be controlled or ruled by US. What rule is USA following when it weaponizes the Petrodollar and abuse it to subvert and undermine other countries economies just because they do not toe USA dictates. The Evil Empire has destroyed many third world countries through sanctions and the abuse of the U controlled Petrodollar.

It's time to resist USA imperialism and bring it down before it can create more trouble for the world. World peace and security is at stake unless USA is dead.

Anonymous said...

The US is like a cancer. It had been allowed to fester and is now in the terminal stage. Getting rid of it is futile and the whole world and humankind is going to die with it.

First and foremost, how is the US going to repay its debts of US$21 trillion? And we are not going to talk about how the hundreds of trillions or even quadrillions of fictitious derivatives created by banks going to unwind? It is an impossible scenario short of a nuclear war and total destruction of mankind. In other words to wipe clean and reboot the system is the only way out.

Advente said...

The US is mounting an ALL-Out WAR, short of Nuclear, against China. This present phase started by the hypocritic pretending-to-be-good-christian Mice Penny is called Psychological Warfare.

Pussy-grabbing sex maniac Dotard Trumpet has started with the Trade War to cripple China economically. Hypocritical Mice Penny is going on a charm-offensive to deprive China of friends, allies and trading partners.

The next step, as part of Mice Penny's Psychological Warfare, is to go on a Diplomatic Offensive to paint a very bad global image on China's canvas.

Military maneouvres and reposition have already started. The NEW Military Base at Papua New Guinea is to control PNG and dominate South East Asia, and serve as another Military Base to launch offensive operations against China.

Anonymous said...

Why does PNG need a naval base whose real purpose is to serve the evil empire. This is what help means to the West, not real logistics like roads and rails but military bases.

The Philippines has already been totally brainwashed by the evil satanic forces and still thinks US is good and China bad, much like the animals in animal farm. They truly love the big white stick producing more rotten prawns. Little wonder they were never trusted by colleagues in offices of work during earlier years and even now. What transpired in the employment circle is a case in point of cronyism at work.

Mahathir is afraid of Chinese, not just from China, because the Malays cannot compete on meritocracy alone in work ethics and diversity, which is a clear threat to his Malay first policy. He is just not afraid of the Japs, who are just as industrious as the Chinese, because the Japs do not come to Malaysia in droves like the Chinese and therefore pose limited threats to his Bumiputera policy. This wily old fox just wants their investments. He still wants to start another car project with Japanese help. Once bitten, twice still not shy!

China better not tangle with the Indons. The anti Chinese sentiment in the largest Muslim country in the world is deep seated and bound to surface again. Just a spark will ignite the fire. Leave the Indons alone, belt or road wise. They will never appreciate help.

I agree China should concentrate on helping Africa and South America where at least help is appreciated after centuries of neglect by the West.