US Lies and Hubris At APEC Dialogue At Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. PART THREE

During his speech, Pence announced that US invest four hundred million dollars for its Asia-Pacific transparency initiative "to empower citizens to combat corruption and strengthen sovereignty."  That paltry sum to help Asia Pacific nations to build infrastructure is a joke. It is not even a tiny fraction of China's over a hundred billion dollars for the international Belt And Road project that strung over the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Pence may not have any shame for he doesn't know that paltry sum is an insult to Asian self respect and dignity. May be that paltry sum is just enough to buy corrupted officials allegiance to America as American running dogs. What infrastructure can four hundred millions build in a huge Asian continent of many countries. May be it is just enough for US to subvert and undermine legitimate governments to bend to US dictates and to line the pockets of U fifth columns to overthrow governments to be replaced by US stooges. Most likely US has malevolent motive to subvert the noteworthy benefits of China's initiated Belt and Road Infrastructure. Pence is guilty of the utmost hypocrisy when he talks about combating corruption. US is largely responsible for all the ugly corruptions in the third world which nevertheless benefits America.

Pence said " US seeks better relationship with China, based on fairness, reciprocity and respect for sovereignty." These are empty words for export only. They sound hollow and do not mean anything at all. US has been interfering in Chinese internal affairs since the 1930s  and continuing to do so even now. From 1830s to 1930s US prospered and enriched itself at the expense of China through forced opium and heroin trade on China under the threat of Gun boat Policy.  Prominent American families which conducted illicit and illegal opium trade in China include the President Franklin Roosevelt father and  grandfather, The Bush family, the Rockefellers, John Kerry's family and the Billderbergs.  Many prominent American cities like New York, Boston , Phidadelphia and Los Angles, infrastructures like roads, railways, buildings and parks were built with wealth and riches gained from illiciit opium and heroin trade imposed on China.

Further rubbish talk from Pence, "We want to strengthen the relationship between our two countries and improve the lives of our citizens." High sounding words to camouflage US evil intent towards China and to deceive the world . How to strengthen relationship when US still wrongfully hold Taiwan as a semi-colony. If US had not interfered in  the Chinese civil war in the 1950s and stationed the US 7th Fleet across the Taiwan Straits . Taiwan would have been reunited with China long ago and today there will not be a Taiwan problem. Further US is so evil that it never stops inciting Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines to go against China. It is perpetually trying to stop the Chinese compatriots in Taiwan from uniting with the motherland and is selling offensive weapons to traitors and American running dogs and lackeys and separatists to defy China.

Pence talk of improving the lives of American citizens. But US government is very discriminatory between the blacks and the whites. The government ignores the welfare of the non-white millions of blacks living a very unpleasant life sleeping on the streets and depending on private food donations. They will continue to face a very bleak future in comparison to the well taken care of whites by the white supremacist government.

Pence indulges in idle talk, "China has an honoured place in our vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific (Asia - Pacific ) , if it chooses to respect its neighbours sovereignty, embrace free, fair and reciprocal trade and uphold human rights and freedom. "  Is Pence still smoking opium? Does he know what he is talking? China had been a victim of imperialists and colonialists. First it was invaded by the Mongols , followed by the Manchus. Then it was invaded by the western barbaric hordes, the Russians, the British,  France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Japan and the Americans. This western invasions not only impoverished China but also caused China to lose over four million square miles of lands mainly to Russia ( which is still clinging to over three and a half million square miles of Chinese territory north of the Heilongjiang and the Ussuri River, to England which occupied a few hundred thousand square miles of Chinese land south of Tibet and Xingjiang and to Japan which is still occupying the Chinese island archipelago of Liu Chiu Dao which it renamed as Okinawa. China does not and has never hold or conquered any foreign country. On the contrary small little countries around China have been emboldened by Western instigations to nibble Chinese lands in the South China Sea. 

Pence talk of free trade is a hoax. China trade under WTO rules and regulations which is largely formulated by US. But through its own folly of greed and spenthrift behaviour US became its own victim, and has become uncompetitive vis a vis other countries. Now Pence fallaciously  put the blame on China for America's own inefficiency and incompetency in industries, trade and commerce. Infact US manipulates its currency and weaponize the Petrodollar to advance the benefits of free trade in America's favour.

It is a shame and disgrace for America to talk about  human rights and freedom. Just see how they illtreat the native , African and Mexican Americans. Uncle redbean has written much about this matter before and in yesterday's article on the same blog.  America's abuse of human rights and freedom is well known throughout the world. So Pence talk about human rights and freedom is just hypocrisy.

Pence talk is hollow and full of baloney. If US respect others sovereignty it should dismantle all its hundreds of military bases in South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, philippines, the Middle East,Darwin and diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. US should give back the islands of Diego Garcia to the Diego Garcian islanders with full compensation for they were illegally and brutally evicted from Diego Garcia in 1967. US military bases are for intimidation and to coerce weak and third world countries to listen and obey US dictates and command.

Pence is no different from all other US politicians and statesmen whose talk is all hubris and the audience wonder who are they trying to browbeat and brainwash with their odious malevolent poisonous propaganda.


Thursday, 22nd November,2018


Virgo49 said...

Human Rights and Freedom??

Yoo haa hypocrisy when the journalist was killed.

Now we with the Saudi Arabia.

Empty talks.

Ang Mohs hot air and BS.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Americans are playing a double game. It pretends to be surprised and sorry at the death and cold blooded of the New York Times Saudi Arabian journalist who was quite against the Saudi Arabian crown prince. The truth is CIA had all the time working closely with the Crown prince and Saudi Arabian government to carry out the morbid killing. They never expected the botched murder could turn out to be a hot issue as the truth had been discovered and revealed in great detail by the Turkish government. Trump said, "What's the problem? Saudi Arabia will still be our ally and US will continue to support the crown prince and Saudi Arabia."What can you expect from a cold blooded murderer, the Evill Empire.

Never believe and never trust the Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire cannot sleep with a rich and powerful China rising. It has every evil intent to undermine China's peaceful development and stop her from rising. But don't worry China will rise to the occasion to resist the Evil Empire and give it a hard blow to signal the Evil Empire''s death.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Sino fanclub

Aiyah, please lah...if you cannot defend your own territory or culture/race, one day you'll be conquered/ occupied or enslaved/ wiped-out.

The argument that "China never invaded anyone" is weak. You might not conquer, but one fine day a guy like Ghengis Khan will teach you a lesson lah.

Westsern imperialism and global dominance are not new ideas. Ghengis Khan, Alexander The Great, Hannibal, Hitler, The Romans...all had similar ideas. Red Indians, Aust aborigines, African slaves, Aztechs...all these are "conquered races". They failed to defend themselves. End of story lah.

Now it is China's turn to take a shot at global dominance.

BTW "human rights" is a modern fiction lah. Everyone of the conquerers in antiquity would have laughed at the idea. Ghenghis Khan would have poured molten silver in the eyes of any such "radicals" who would dare mention "human rights".

Get fucked lah. You apparently know your history. What you lack any fucking understanding in is HUMAN NATURE!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ghengis Khan was a mongol, not a Han Chinese.

Mongols have become a minority tribe of China. Hopefully they have assimilated Chinese culture and philosophy. There is always a possibility that another mongol could become the leader of China and wanted to conquer the world.

The Chinese have very clear definition of what is China and would not over extend themselves to conquer others. The borders of China was flexible during the early days. Today China is only recovering what it lost during the colonial invasion days. They are not claiming anything that was not theirs. Once they set the limits, they would not go beyond. It is not about creating a bigger China by conquest.

Israel just announced that it would not return Golan Height, conquered by them from Syria. This is occupation of new land by conquest, military might. Can you see the situation in SE Sea and the difference?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Of course. Situations will differ.

But human nature remains the same. Conquest and occupation and DOMINANCE might not be forever. It doesn't have to be.

My point is one of self defence. You have to be able to defend yourself and your lands against the designs of others who'll put their interests first and yours LAST.

Human nature lah. Embrace it. Embrace your own. 🤡

Anonymous said...


Even 'Pounds' has devalued so much, what is 'Pence' in the eyes of China and the world? It is cheapskate Pence bragging about a $400 million cheapskate sum.

But it is big news and big deal to the MSM and the farting will go on and on.

Laughable! No wonder the whole world laughs at Trump at the UN. The whole world will probably laugh again if Pence brags about the $400 million at the UN. They really have no understanding of the word shame to speak of.

At least there are still people throwing lollipops that can still fool the dafts.

Anonymous said...

To the uncultured savage white Americans every corner of the earth is important to the security and interest of the US. What about the security and interest of other others, other countries. The crooks and scoundrels who rule America have no conscience. Other peoples or other countries interest and security is not important. Even if the savage Americans conquer the whole world it will think its has no security. What then? For sure they will butcher and genocide all the non-whites to preserve their elusive security. Thus they are telling other non-white countries that if they want peace and security they must kill all the savage white Americans and perhaps other white savages too.

American is ruled by most evil satans who are bent on destroying this world.

Anonymous said...

Don't care whether US or China --- if anyone becomes top dog & far outstrips others ... chances are they will behave like how PAPies behave with Sinkies. My way or the highway ... and news/anything not praising the ruling powers are either fake news or terrorism.

Those who benefit will be those who suck up & either become running dogs of the ruling elite, or be smart & lucky enough to join their ranks.

Even in the same country, whenever there is a change in the status quo / system of governance --- there will be many who will not benefit & in fact will be worse off .... older people form the majority of the losers.

That's why many old folks in China & East European countries prefer the old system under Stalin & Mao. A lot of them are suffering today in China & former communist countries.