Mahathir confirmed that Singapore does not need F35s

Some weeks back I questioned the need for Singapore to buy the super expensive toys branded as the most advanced fighter aircraft when the pilot just flies and the aircraft would do everything on its own, finding enemy aircraft and targets and shooting them down. You may even put Ah Meng in it and it would not make any difference, the enemies would be destroyed just like that. My contention is that we do not need such a super clever aircraft for air superiority. Our F15s and F16s would be more than adequate even if our enemies buy the best aircraft like the F35s. These super aircraft are no threat to Singapore even in the possession of the enemies. Why so? How can any aircraft be more superior or effective than our F15s and F16s when their area of operation is on the ground, in the hangars?

Mahathir has indirectly said so during his meeting with Putin recently. He asked putting to send his aircraft technicians to help put the Su 29s that the Malaysian purchased back into the air. The Malaysians may have such aircraft but they could not service them and thus the aircraft could not fly. There is no point buying the best offensive aircraft when they remained on the ground, unserviceable, unable to fly because the ground crew could not maintain them.

What is important to Singapore is to make sure that the F15s and F16s can fly and do the job they are supposed to do. Have no fear in our enemies having the best and most advanced aircraft when they cannot put them in the air, and have no pilots that are good enough, clever enough to not only fly them but to optimize the capabilities of the avionics and weapon systems in the aircraft. If not the best aircraft would only be for show, good on paper, go to have but no cannot be put to use.

On this matter, if Singapore were to buy these super expensive beasts, it would also face the same difficulties as our enemies, to service and maintain them and to have clever pilots that could utilize the aircraft and its weapons systems to do what it could do in the air. The promotional articles saying how easy it is to fly the aircraft and the pilot could actually be flying on auto pilot or even have kopi in the air while the aircraft flies like a robotic war machine with AI and doing everything by itself is an illusion. You need very clever pilots to fly the F35s if they are going to be useful. And you need very clever technicians to keep them flying and not grounded on the tarmac or in the hangars, not knowing what is wrong with the aircraft or waiting for spare parts.

Our train system is teaching us a good lesson. You may have the money to buy the best trains or fighter aircraft. That is only the first step. You have to make sure that you can keep them in working condition to do the job, not breaking down now and then. Engineering today is a very sophisticated hard science. You need to know the stuff and you need the papers to prove that. It is no longer a case of can do the job no paper also can. Failed but given a degree or dilploma also can. When your engineers are not engineers, technicians are not technicians, how to keep the aircraft flying?

If you still have any doubts, ask Mahathir on why he was asking Putin to send Russian technicians to Malaysia.


jjgg said...

When RB rant n rave..it must be Sunday. If u do not have expensive planes how are u gg to tell your neighbours that I've got a bigger dick than you..how are you gg to tell them not to fuck around with the water supply.. supply of cheap labour..oh..n perform at ndps..why u think our clever polticians never buy Russian or chinese stuff...we got to go with the bigger n bestest..how u know our purchase agreement didn't include American pilots on training missions..and spare 2nd hand nukes? Personally I prefer bonkable blondes but that's another story. Airplanes never won a war.. hearts n mind does!! But don't tell any MIW ok.. they won't know what to do with the information πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Al said...

Sinkieland must not purchase any fighter jets from the Evil Empire. Why? Cos they r the best in Science & Technology and have the World highest paid politicians, definitely they can come out the Best of the Best Fighter Jets & avionics that the World has yet to see it. One example is Sinkieland has got lots of Aliens definitely they can come out the World Best of the Best Fighter Jets that the World can find, the Defense Science & Technology r coming out 'flying saucer' kind of Fighter Jets ( as witnessed by ah GMS few 2 ago). These UFO kind of Fighter Jets can only be seen in sci Fi motion pictures but it is now seen in public! Sinkieland defense technology r always at the Forefront lah, hooyah..

Anonymous said...

Singapore can produce the best fighter aircraft in the world, cheap and good also. Learn from our space mission with helium balloon.Yes, no joke, just fly a balloon...to outer space.

While the Americans, Russians and Chinese are spending billions of dollars building complicated rockets to the moon, Singapore has come up with a cheap and effective solution, to do the same job at the cost of a balloon and some hot air.

Perhaps Singapore can build many hot air balloon fighter aircraft, can stay in the air for a long long time without refuelling, and armed with all the leading edge weapons. I think this is worth considering. A hot air balloon or helium balloon is easy to build and maintain, maybe a hundred thousand dollars for one instead of $200m for one F35.

Innovation in low cost engineering can also do the same job. Can have a sky full of hot air balloons instead of expensive aircraft.

Unfortunately though Mike Pence said every nation is free to choose their own path, the buying of F35s may be forced upon us and we cannot say no. The Empire said so, buy, give me all your money.

Virgo49 said...

All these BS what's Super Fighters that can be just shot down by a SAM or what's other Anticraft missles at one ten of their cost.

Tiny Red Dot been bombarded by cruise missiles would surrender within 24 hours.

Wars not won just be having Air Superiority.Americunts Lost Vietnam War despite their Air Superiority and 25 hours of bombing.

In actual warfare, they are scared to despatch their Marines or what's Superior armed soldiers to battles for they are only
Good for Show offs in Hollywood Movies.

The occasional raids on the Arabs are just bully kechils. The other side are just helpless.

They only use their bombing sprees to intimiate the enemies which now other Super Powers like China can give them just as tough.

Even North Korea and Iran put fears in them.

U Aas A is now a Paper Elephant or Donkey as in their Logos of elected Senate and President.

The reason why do many nations brought their Arsenals is that they want to carry their balls.

Also don't forget sa-puloh dua.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The decision to purchase F35s is puzzling. Cost and performance are 2 factors that the PAP government should consider and reject the F35s. China J-20s are cheaper and better. J-20 has better stealth, can supercruise, has greater detection range, more manoeuvrable and has greater combat radius of 1200 miles compared to 500 miles for F35s. Buying an inferior plane to strengthen defence defies logic. Uncle Sam must have sweet-talked or twisted arms to compel Singapore to procure such a lousy weapon system. Dr M has no problem with its Su-29s and Russian SAMs to protect Malaysia's air-space.

Anonymous said...

Any decision that the PAP elites make should be evaluated on the basis of whether we ordinary Singaporeans gain or lose from their decision.

Regarding the F-35s, we lost as the billions of dollars used to buy the US jets should be better spend to lower our exorbitant healthcare costs.

Anonymous said...

Current R&D on 6G aircraft is for unmanned remotely-controlled planes, similar to current Predator & Reaper, but upgraded with much better maneuverability, bigger weapons payload, stealth, better avionics, better situational awareness sensors, automated defense & counter measures systems.

They have tested with remote-controlled F16 as test case.

UAVs will be MUCH CHEAPER to build & test, doing away with costs and systems focused on human pilots & their survival.

Even for current Predators & Reapers, the human operators are safe on the ground back in USA, while the UAVs are controlled 10,000 miles away in the Middle East shooting missiles & flying reconnaissance.

UAVs can also be made to perform super-high G maneuvers that wouldn't be possible if a human is on board (instructor-level pilots start to blackout at 7-8G & will redout at -3G). Ditto for max speed --- can have hypersonic UAVs for 1-pass payload drop & fuck off outa here.

UAVs also have smaller radar cross section, smaller size, and much easier to be made stealthy.

Ultimately, if AI achieves breakthrough, can also fully automate UAVs --- human "pilots" on the ground just need to monitor & can take over in special situations.

Now you now why I like war stocks so much!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When Malaysia finally (if ever) gets to the level of wealth we have, then talk lah. Otherwise just concentrate on getting your cuntry out of the jamban.

We're rich. Not just regionally, but by global and historical standards.


Anonymous said...

Jigg anon, I agreed with you. The amount we can save from the f35 can give many sinkies shiok shiok to screw the blondes many time lehπŸ˜€

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam has been bragging to the world at large that its F35 is the meanest and most sophisticated flying war machine. Many countries including Singapore placed orders. As news leaked out that the F35 has many defects, Singapore is one of the many countries caught in a dilemma. To buy is a huge waste of taxpayers' monies. To cancel the order will incur the displeasure of Uncle Sam. Without looking before making the leap, Singapore is now stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Advente said...

If it is the state of the arts stealth super-fighter aircraft, why does the US of Ass wants to sell off the F35?

The US of Ass has already built a new supersonic stealth aircraft that is much better than the F35s.

The F35s are known to have a string of problems even before Singapore decided to purchase.

So, Singapore leaders actually went in with full knowledge of the defects. They are not stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. They are stuck in their mud heads. Stupidity has no cure! Pride and arrogance come before catastrophic downfall.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

@ Advente aka Ginger aka Adam of Eve aka Hunter aka Whoever aka Merdeka Singapura etc etc

Lockheed Martin developed Raptor F22, a 4G warplane. It wowed the whole world. When it announced a new 5G warplane F35, every country clamoured to buy it. Lockheed Martin was certain it was a bonanza. But teething problems and defects put paid to it. To cut losses, Uncle Sam will have to use a lot of "persuasion" to find buyers. This is where Singapore got trapped. A heavy price to pay to appease Uncle Sam. That's realpolitik. So Singapore has to kowtow to Uncle Sam and that's a no brainer.

Virgo49 said...

Right Matilah

Singapore is Rich. Prodigal Chindren loved to squandered their Fore Generations Wealth without earning a cent on their own.

Mats loved to see the Daft Sinkies show off with their expensive tastes.

Many Sinkies had spent their easy wealth on the blood of their fellow men on over paid prices that they thought they are smug with.

The Mats are laughing till boh gay that Sinkies are paying a few thousand times the price that they paid for the same or even lesser value commodities.

And Sinkies still think that they are Rich and Smug.

In fact mpet are even poorer than the Mats in terms of the cost of living that they been paying.

Sinkies are just kidding themselves that they are more wealthy just with a higher exchange value.

Wait till the day when the Little Red Dot without any resources as compared to Matland goes kaput.

Then we shall see who is Richer and those how lian Sinkies will have to beg the Mats fir food and water.

Hope that day will never come too soon.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, u must be an angry man cause at 1.29am u can not sleep and still cursing the pap. But be careful and don't overdo it if not Kena invited to lim Kopi and Kena sodomized in jail at your age very jialat.😰

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

I never said that all Singaporeans are rich.

I specifically said that the cuntry IS. #4 in the world. Facts are facts.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.29 been woke up by those foreign trashes as I very light sleeper.

Neh Neh MRT workers just across our flats who talked and drunk as though the whole of India is here.

Those Pinoy callgirls as performing artises who have been rubba by the local gian png hard up idiots and the Ah Nehs back from Kampong Bahru/Duxton sleazy bars and yelling piss drunk among themselves.

At this age had drank enough lol I
And not afraid to drink more kopi

Onky the Daft Sinkies will in future drinks kopi with their urine turnover water.

If everyone scared of drinking kopi as Blanca by the PAP,they be drinking more 50% urine tax water in the future.

At least the Taiwanese and many like Mats dared to vote for change.

Daft Sinkies will forever be cradled by their Papa and Mama PAP
too afraid to grow up and be Papa that is PAP boys.


Virgo49 said...

Ya Matilah.

Singapore is Rich because the PAP sucks up all the wealth from their own Daft Sinkies.

Many thinking that Good Times are forever been in illusion had been biting more than they can really chew.

Their Debts ratios alarmed even now MAS to sound a warning that Interests rates be rising.

Many who had bite too much may be choked in future by their own follies in mouth.

Frankly, Sinkies are Great Show offs thinking that their overpriced assets as conned by the Papies and their cronies are signs for all to envy that they had arrived.

In fact most are living from hand to mouth servicing their more than they can bite not expensive assets but overvalued expensive assets.

When an impolsion were to burst in them coming future they be in Deep Shits and the envy of those who thinks that they had arrived will see many departing in pathetic shapes.

You sow what's you reap.

Virgo49 said...

Should be you reaped whats you sow is very apt.