Ong Ye Kung out of the PM race

‘Ong Ye Kung out of PM race, say PAP cadres

While Education Minister Ong Ye Kung was elected to the People's Action Party's new Central Executive Committee (CEC), he was not among those nominated by the outgoing CEC. Traditionally, the CEC’s nominations are seen as a reflection of the individuals’ standing within the PAP. Those who are in the list are seen as core party leaders. A cadre from East Coast GRC said: “The list of seven didn’t include Mr Ong, and that means he is out (of the succession race).” ‘

The above was reported in Todayonline. It must be deliberately let out. No one is allowed to say this to the media unless blessing is given. Ong Ye Kung is out, Tan Chuan Jin out, Heng Swee Kiat a doubtful starter, Ng Chee Meng also out, only Chan Chun Sing is left as the only contender for the next PM post. His assumption to be the next PM is as sure as the sun will rise. With Hsien Loong still holding on to the post of Sec Gen, it is likely that Chan Chun Sing would be elected as the Asst Sec Gen by popular votes of the cadres. The PAP has more or less elected the next PM for Singapore. They are presenting him to the people as their undisputed elect Dear Leader.

Everyone is anticipating that the PAP would call for a snap election next year with the WP still entangled in the lawsuit and the Singapore Harapan still waiting to come to life. There is no time to waste and 2019 looks like a good year for the PAP.

While many anti PAP camp commentators and the social media did not have much good things to say about Chan Chun Sing, this unassuming ex general appears to have something that the uninitiated are unaware of. For sure, the PAP and the inner circle of the PAP think very highly of him. All challengers to his rise to Premiership have been brushed aside and the path is clear of all obstacles for him to be the next PM.

The PAP is expecting Chan Chun Sing to lead the Party to another big victory and more good years for the PAP. Chan Chun Sing is now the undisputed 4G leader of the PAP and of Singapore, like it or not, agree or not, the people of Singapore will vote him to become the PM in the next GE. Oops, factually the people of Singapore vote the PAP to power and PAP makes Chan Chun Sing the PM, chosen by the PAP inner circle, not elected by the people directly. The people have no say on this.

Singapore should prepare to welcome their new Dear Leader.


Anonymous said...

Knn habis liao

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

OYK is PM Lee's blue eyed boy. He was elected to the CEC although he was not nominated by the outgoing CEC. CCS is LKY's protege. When GCT suggested that PM Lee should name his successor in 6 to 9 months, he was rebuked. PM Lee was not amused. "ESM (Goh) is speaking with the privilege of watching things rather than being responsible to make it happen." OYK slammed GCT for creating an artificial deadline. The PAP is undergoing internal strife. The next Dear Leader is likely to be a toss between OYK and CCS. The next PM can only be unveiled after much horse trading has taken place.

Anonymous said...

The future is very very bleak for us ordinary Singaporeans. Our outlook is very dark, but very bright for the PAP elites.

Anonymous said...

No internal strife lah. That's some imagination.
They are very united by same interests of big monetary rewards & power.
Harry controlled from behind when he was alive. woody was a lightweight, though very well paid seat warmer. The P@P system ensures Old man pulls all they key strings from behind.
Looonkang will do the same. So ccs or oyk not much different. Just who will be more obedient.
Behind Looonkang is the Woman.

Advente said...

OYK can betray his own father, that means he can also betray PAP too? How can PAP Hardcore cadres trust him to lead them?

Somemore, he was rejected by the voters. He only managed to get to become an MP through backdoor, piggy-backed, unsavory, shameless, gerrymandering method of ungentlemenly behaviour.

In addition, he does not seem to ha of high quality. He is definitely not of PM material.

Anonymous said...

Anything that the PAP hung a cardboard with the word 'PM' on it must have PM material. Do not question their wisdom and choice of candidate.

Tharman got PM material or not? No, they did not hang a cardboard with the word 'PM' on him. This is double confirm.

Anonymous said...

Indian no chance. Malay no chance. Only Chinese can be PM. But Indian got Chinese mother can. Ask Halimah.

Anonymous said...

How come they are cock sure the next PM must be CCS even though he is not even elected yet come the next election. He went in as MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC via the backdoor under the coat tails of LKY. He has yet to fight a real battle militarily or politically by himself.

When the PAP wanted to push their choice, they make sure they clear the deck first, like the PE or even when the crown prince wanted to ascend the throne. Who else dared to stand in his way or voice disagreements.

So, if he is the PAP's choice, it will be as sure as the sun rises. The wayang has been directed in such a way that the people are led to slowly consume the reality of who is in and who is out, slowly and surely, like changing the CPF rules. In the end, no surprises and no guessing come the next election.

Anonymous said...

please dont waste your time lah

who becomes the next PM is none of your business

why? you dont need to work anymore? you no need to pay anymore?

same lah! you still need to work and work!......still need to pay and pay!

so why waste time! just look around you.....many many people now bo-chup cheng-hu!

sg is like that liao...............give-up! give-up!

Anonymous said...

That's how a daft chose to think, oops not thinking.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

PM Lee has set the precedent. His style is based on: Ask not what I can do for Singapore but what I can take from it. The next PM selected by the PAP will not be allowed to spoil the market. No $1 like what Trump gets is allowed. Out of the 3 candidates shortlisted, only the greediest among them will get the post. He must have the appetite, the hunger and intense craving for power. The PAP is still in the process of vetting and looking at the mirror to determine who is the greediest of them all.

Anonymous said...

Kee Chiu rumoured to be distant relative of Leenasty. He is also seen as more "obedient" follow orders type. Leenasty wants a seat warmer that won't give hard time & willing to give up seat to future grandson one day.

Anonymous said...


Some residents of the city state have become alienated by what they see as a ruling class that is disdainful of contrary views. - LESLIE FONG, 16 NOV 2018

Read more at : https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/opinion/article/2172971/lesson-singapore-concentration-power-few-led-venices-downfall

Anonymous said...

Buy low sell high is Ching Ho.
Buy high sell low is Hojinx...after 15 yrs very serious damage already done but nevermind its OPM can always get from funds from Garment, more taxes n collections from Moof to timmysick, sell some nationol assets, revalue historic assets to mkt prices, issue more bondies, get more transfer funds from stud boards n glsee, of course bail out by strongest bull mkt in history also lah. No problem still can buy high n sell low..at worst report confusing long term average earnings n never report salaries n bonuses. Hahaha..even much better than miniters. Boom Town Charlie. Home run all the way.

Anonymous said...

who become pm also same one lah.
all are only good in bully own people.
if they are so good, no need to stay in this small island.
try to flex muscle with angmo lah.