China must be selective in its development and infrastructure programmes

After several decades of neglect in the Pacific Islands with the islanders left to fend for themselves with little aid and development, China decided to bring in the Pacific Islands as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. In the process China started to offer development and infrastructure plans for the Pacific island countries. This is not appreciated in the western world particularly Australia with some Australian parliamentarians even ridiculing China as building roads to nowhere. And when China decided to build ports for the islanders, the West raised the Chinese demon as China trying to build a military base in the Pacific Ocean, for what?

During the APEC Meeting in PNGF, the West, ie US, Australia and Japan decided to join hands to start some development projects for the Island nations that they had conveniently forgotten and neglected. And the development projects include of all things a naval base. Yes, they must build military bases. That’s what they want and that’s what they know how. While they accused China that was building a commercial port as militarizing the islanders, they came in and straight away offer to build a naval base. Satan cannot hide his horns for long.

China too has invested in several projects in PNG that Australia and the West refused to do. With China’s initiatives, the West and Australia/Japan are now forced to do something. If China has left the islanders out of its Belt and Road Initiative, do nothing, the West would not lift a finger to help develop these island nations.
Are China’s efforts to help these islanders appreciated? This is questionable. When the West rushes in to elbow China out of the region, some islanders started to warm up to them and forgot that it was China that started to want to help them. Some of the ungrateful immediately turned away from China to embrace the West.

China’s generosity is never appreciated by many of these third world countries, even in Asean, especially those countries that were once colonized and plundered by the West. They all suffered from the Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with the invaders that ruled over them and plundered their countries.
China should not waste its resources and goodwill trying to help the hardcore anti China countries. The effort will not be appreciated and these countries would take China for granted and even turn around to slap China at the first opportunity. Notably these countries include Vietnam, India, the Philippines (Duterte is an exception but soon he would be gone and Philippines would be anti China again), Malaysia and Indonesia. The latter two are infamous for ‘running amok’ if you understand what this means. Singapore’s position is well known and I would not comment on it.

China instead should spend its hard earned money selectively to help countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America where kindness and generosity are better appreciated. It is futile to convert the unconvertible and money could be better used in countries that needed and appreciate them. There are many countries that are worthy of help and assistance. Help those that are happy to be helped and will reciprocate kindness with kindness. Let the Americans help those that are endeared to them with more military aids, more weapons and military bases, to turn them into semi colonies of the Evil Empire. Buying weapons is a very sexy thing, going to war is even sexier. They can get orgasm for that. Let them build more military bases and go and kill each other.

China should just shake hands with countries that want infrastructure development and trade and prosper peacefully.


Anonymous said...

China should spend its hard-earned money to build up a nuclear arsenal that matches the US.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not to worry, China has more than what the West thought it has.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China seeks symbiotic and win-win relationships with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This has aroused jealousy in Uncle Sam and its Aussie and Nipponese poodles. Western propaganda faults China for causing these countries to fall deeply in debts. Dr M is the first to succumb and to believe in it. PNG seems to be the next after Uncle Sam, Australia and Nippon offer to bring electricity and develop a port. China is aware of sabotage by its rivals.China is hitting back and Aussie barley is going to lose the Chinese market. Brunei and the Philippines welcome and seek Chinese investment to expedite growth. Uncle Sam must be seething with helpless anger. It cannot match Chinese financial muscles.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't panic lah,

Aussies plans won't jalan lah. Big talk at APEC only. Scott Morrisson and the Liberals are going to lose the next election,and we'll have the Labor Party back, and man, will there be changes.

They plan huge welfare programs. They are cancelling "negative gearing" schemes (using loans on investment property to reduce tax liability) which will probably make housing cheaper by getting rid of speculators. They are going after corporations which use "transfer pricing" to reduce their taxes...all in all they are going to TAX like crazy.

This probably means they'll also cut back on spending money to "help" the Pacific neighbours, a move Iam in favour of. Why?

Because when Aust "helps" these cuntries, they will get entangled with the local politics. And then more "deals" are cut, funded by the already high-taxed Aussie taxpayers. Next thing you know, Pacific Islanders will be accessing our generous social welfare programs. Fuck that shit lah.

China will get its chance to "help" the Pacific islanders in exchange for OBOR expansion, and they are welcome to it,IMO. Good luck lah. These places have one-kind slack-arse unproductive culture and could end up costing China more than they expect. In time many of the islands will be underwater anyway due to climate change and rising sea levels. China will be saddled with the bill to deal with the social fallout and probably relocation costs.

Redbean is right...better spend the money somewhere else.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Anonymous said...

Aussie to help the Pacific neighbours right here right now? Yes, why?

I say, the whites are really turning very helpful now. But still why?

But, yes RB is right. Better spend the money somewhere else and let the Aussies and white friends help the Pacific Islanders. After all, most are good friends with the whites but viewing China with tinted glasses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China should simply announce to the rest of the world. If you want trade, infrastructure development at competitive prices and competitive interest rate, come to China. We welcome you. There is no need for China to go to offer to countries that want economic growth and development. When they need them, they will know where to go and who to talk to. Willing buyer, willing seller.

The rest leave it to the countries to decide what they want and who they want to work with. It they want more military aids, more weapons, more military bases, they can go to the USA, plus interference with domestic political affairs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> China should simply announce to the rest of the world. If you want trade, infrastructure development at competitive prices and competitive interest rate, come to China <<

If that's the way it works it would have happened already.The whole world and every govt which needs "help" (most of them) are well aware of China's One Belt One Road, and the seriousness of the idea.

Chinese business culture is not passive. It is all about guanxi....forming networks and relationships built on "value" and creating value.

Plus there's also the time constraint: 2049, tick tock, the clock is ticking. No way can China be passive lah. They have to do what they do...maybe not "aggresively" as such, but sustained effort, growing in intensity.

By being active and applying guanxi, China shows the world that it is a cuntry of ACTION, and forward-moving; that regardless of push-backs or resistance, they still press on with their plans. So it's not all talk and little action, but not-so-much-talk and MASSIVE action.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1014

You are right. There's going to be losses.

But that's China for you. They are not afraid to TRY, and they take their losses...like empty cities, roads to "nowhere". This is not new lah.

You are simply not going to do big things without taking a few hits. I think people are still UNAWARE on how big China's plans are. In essence it is world domination...and they are betting BIG on it.

So there willbe losses. There will also be stuff which sticks and massively succeed.

For all the empty cities and failed projects in China, there are HUNDREDS of cities which are successful.

Anonymous said...

Finally people realise that help from the Whites is 100% good or strategic for the West itself, not for the country which receives the aid.

And may I say that all projects by the West were and are still basically taking advantage of cheap labour and materials for Western capitalism to exploit.

Anonymous said...

China can just impose a fine of US$2.5 billion on memory-chip maker Micron Technology Inc after concluding ongoing anti-trust probe on the US tech company, to recoup some of its money spent on BRI.

Wu Zhenguo, who heads the State Administration for Market Regulation's anti-monopoly bureau, told reporters at a regular briefing Friday that regulators have made "significant progress" in their investigation and have gathered large amounts of information from the US chip maker.

Regulators have said the probe was launched to ensure fair competition and to protect Chinese consumer rights.

The action came after the U.S. Justice Department on Nov. 1 unsealed criminal charges against Chinese state-owned Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co. for allegedly stealing trade secrets from Micron.

Virgo49 said...

The Whites themselves are now in Deep Shits of which their previous wealth of plundering the Natives are fast depleting.

They like Japan cannot offer much aids to the Pacific Islands Nations. Just HOT AIR. Only can offer AIDs (HIV)

Durete is smiling happily with Xi.

Better to cooperate with China and have at least a third of loaf rather than zero.

After all China with their expertise and resources will be doing the hard work of shared exploration and they just have the benefits.

Unlike U Ass A who exploited the Indonesians of Pertamina with their projects.

Virgo49 said...

As expected U Ass A defended S.Arabia of the murder of the

What's farking human rights double standards. Dotard said ties with S. Arabia more important than what's hypocritically human rights.

They accused Kim of the murder of his half bro which may be the scheme by his CIA.

Anonymous said...


China is quietly selling US Treasury bonds to reduce its huge holdings of US debt, but trying to make it seen as not a move to hit back at the US over the trade war.

According to data released by the US Treasury on Friday, China held $1.1514 trillion of US Treasuries by the end of September, down by about $13.7 billion from the previous month of $1165.1.

The Chinese are selling their US Treasury securities at a moderate pace so as not to spark market reaction, which would hurt the value of its substantial holdings of financial securities in the US.

Although some say the US debt sales were aimed at supporting the falling yuan, the likely aim is to move away from US dollar assets and reduce using the greenback for trade transactions - after the Trump administration shows an unrestrained penchant for imposing sanctions on individuals and entities by using the US dollar-based global financial system.

Singapore, on the contrary, increased its US debt holdings by $4.5 billion to $134.5 billion at end-September, from $130.0 billion in August. At end-March 2018, Singapore was holding just $117.8 billion worth of US Treasuries, versus China's $1.1877 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Many Asians n islanders are without backbone. Whites are tua kee to them. They rather be abused by ang moh than fellow Asians. Ang moh divorced local girls is treated as normal. N not otherwise. Nevertheless some human right n democracy pressure on some high handed bullying Asian authorities maybe is a good thing. Eg one man protest can be termed as an illegal assembly. What can we say?

Anonymous said...

China and the Philippines now as close as gum and teeth.

China and the Philippines on Tuesday agreed to a fantastic deal on joint oil and gas development in the South China Sea, in the latest sign of a deepening rapprochement between the two countries.

As Xi Jinping arrived in the Philippines for the first state visit by a Chinese leader in 13 years, a long-mooted bilateral memorandum of understanding to unlock rich offshore deposits was signed between the two countries.

Rodrigo Duterte described the Chinese president’s visit as “a landmark moment in our shared history”. He added: “We have turned a new page and we are ready to write a new chapter of openness and co-operation.”

A draft of the oil and gas agreement proposed equal sharing of the proceeds from joint exploration and “friendly consultations” to resolve disputes.

“China and the Philippines have a lot of common interest in the South China Sea,” Mr Xi said, adding that the two sides would “continue to manage contentious issues and promote maritime co-operation”. Mr Duterte spoke of “deepening trust and confidence” between the two nations, and said he was “pleased with the current positive momentum of the Philippines-China relations”.

Other memoranda of understanding, contracts and agreements signed on Tuesday included a deal to build a Chinese industrial park at Clark, a former US air base north-west of Manila, and the rebuilding and rehabilitation of Marawi, the southern city devastated last year during a battle between government forces and Islamist militants.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem with China's devt in the Ppines is that once Duterte is gone, they would dismantle everything and every agreement just like Mahathir did. The pinoys are anti Chinese and the most anti Chinese are the military men, all trained in the USA. They love to buy weapons and wars, thinking that they are the Rambos of SE Asia.

This romance would not last long unless another Duterte takes over. I am not optimistic about the China Ppines improving relations.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Jack Ma can be considered a mirror that reflects how China thinks. This entrepreneur is light years ahead in creative and innovative thinking. That's China. Uncle Sam is going for broke to thwart China in every field of human endeavour. China banks on interconnectivity and inclusivity so unlike Uncle Sam's beggar thy neighbour policy and hegemonic ambition. Uncle Sam is the Big White Hope to keep the non-whites in their proper places. All boats rising is China's strategy in doing business but is an anathema to Uncle Sam and its poodles.

Anonymous said...

When Jack Ma announced his intention to step down as chairman of Alibaba, there's speculation that his removal was at Beijing’s behest. Mr Ma, like the company he founded, has chequered relations with Beijing.

Ma has clashed with government, such as when he had talks with Donald Trump ahead of China’s Xi Jinping’s meeting with the then US president-elect.

Anonymous said...

As Trump says that the US stands with Saudi Arabia in the wake of the slaying of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, we are now in a world where dictators know they can murder their critics and suffer no consequences.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ kill the messengers

>> we are now in a world where dictators know they can murder their critics and suffer no consequences. <<

That should come as good news to LHL, Ed Tong and Shanmu. Maybe they can call up their Saudi mates to assist in dealing with that dude who runs The State Times Review, and posts stuff about Singapore & 1MDB 🤣😜☠️

I'm just saying...chop chop 🔪🤡

Anonymous said...

Buy more F-35s from US, then annihilate all the critics !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ entrepreneurial opportunity,

Don't knock it... Brutal dictatorships can create "opportunity" for entrepreneurs! Get the T shirt now! 🤓

Anonymous said...

Speaking of entrepreneurial opportunity, the US after just a few years in Afghanistan & Iraq started sprouting tons of private "security companies" and mercenary outfits in the mid-2000s till today (e.g. Blackwater Security Consulting).

Sinkieland with 51 years of NS still don't have a single guns-for-hire company?!?

Anonymous said...

The world is turning from bad to worse. It will come a time where those (the masses) who cannot withstand the onslaught of the unscrupulous businessman mentality will revolt and another form of communistic revolution might take place.

alak said...

The US sees the BRI as a tool used by China to advance its strategic and military interest. US officials and lawmakers often accuse China of using "debt traps" to gain control of sensitive infrastructure and "predatory economics" to undermine the autonomy of debt-burdened countries.
Predatory economics, however, is how many across Asia would describe the US and European-dominated IMF's activities in the period after WW2 and before the start of China's BRI. For half a century, the US failed to spur genuine development and instead used the IMF as a vehicle to advance the interests of Western corporations and financial institutions while stripping nations of their resources and sovereignty. Washington's new strategy to compete with China's BRI also lacks anything resembling actual development. It is instead a campaign simply to impede China's plans for the sake of containing China's rise.

alak said...

While China has suffered some setbacks due to elections in some countries where newly empowered politicians said China-backed projects approved by previous governments promoted corruption and saddled their countries with debt and threatened their sovereignty, these new governments have risen to power through extensive US political meddling. The US is also cultivating opposition groups in Thailand who openly oppose any infrastructural deals with China, but who also fail to propose any realistic alternative plans for the nation's future development.
US meddling in Myanmar consists of fuelling deadly ethnic violence, particularly in Rakhine state where China is constructing a logistic hub that includes a port, pipelines and a highway connecting Myanmar to China via Kunming.
Spoiling China's ambitious BRI is entirely different from providing an actual viable or more appealing alternative for Eurasia regarding development. Much of America's activities aimed at countering China are in fact jeopardising the stability needed for real development to move forward. For developing nations subjected to US subversion, disruptions and sabotage, it seems to simply be an affirmation of US disinterest in being a constructive partner.