North Korean officials preyed on women with impunity

This is headline news reported by AFP quoting a righteous Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth. Is this guy an American? Did he read the news about American officials, including the President and a Supreme Court judge and several top officials in the White House groping and attacking women, raping, and getting away with impunity? Compare their acts with the North Koreans, what is the difference and which is more newsworthy or disgusting?

Kenneth Roth also accused the North Koreans of treating their women like ‘sex toys’. Mmmm, is this Roth a descendant of slave American slave owners? Did he know that treating women like sex toys in the good old days of black African slavery was par on course? Did he know that a white guest to a white slave owner’s home would be invited to have his pick of the slave girls in the chicken farm in the backyard?

He added with details, ‘Every night, a prison guard would open the cell. I stood still quietly, acting like I didn’t notice, hoping it wouldn’t be me.’ Wow, so dramatic. What would he think a slave girl would say in the dark days of American slavery? Let me try to remember, how about, ‘Every night, the master would open the cell. I stood still quietly, acting like I didn’t notice, hoping it wouldn’t be me.’ Is this familiar, or he has conveniently forgotten? These are words that this Kenneth Roth have quoted from the movie 'Roots'.

The evilest creatures on earth, capturing Afrikaans as slaves, treated them like animals country wide, continent wide, massacring millions of native Americans to near extinction, today walking around in white robes to condemn others as the evil ones, and they are the angels of Gods. Everyone is evil and bad, the Americans are the good guys.

Kenneth Roth also quoted this with glee. ‘North Korean women would probably say “Me Too” if they thought there was any way to obtain justice, but their voices are silenced in Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship.’ How many American women that stood up to expose the sexual attacks by American top officials would also say “Me too”?

How many black women, many long dead and gone, would also say “Me Too” if they thought there was any way to obtain justice, but their voices were silenced in the American white conspiracy or dictatorship, the land of the free only for the whites?

It is a lie, it never happen in America, the land of the free, liberty and the land of human rights abuses. Oops, no human rights abuses, definitely no abuses of the white Americans. What about black Americans? Latinos, Spaniards and Asians?

This is the kind of smear campaign the West has been indulging for centuries against Asians and the rest of the world, attacking them, badmouthing them, to divert attention from their evilness and wicked deeds. The millions of people they have killed in the Middle East and other parts of the world would not be spoken. No crimes against humanity, but any small things happening in other countries, they would accuse them of crimes against humanity.


Virgo 49 said...

The Shits Times also have theirs words by words in their Propaganda Sheets or Shits.

Dotard Trump would loved to grab all the Blacks, Whites, Yellow or even Green pussies and they the damn Whites talks about Human Rights.

They are the World's Greatest Sex Purveyors.

Anonymous said...

Rb, if it is true, then the North Korean also can not be pardoned. It does not matter what race, period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No need to ask if it is true. Such sexual violations occurred everywhere, in every culture. Only the hypocrites would go around attacking others and pretending that they are saints and angels.

You think it does not happen here? Only in different forms and a matter of degrees.

Anonymous said...

Rb, agreed. None can be excused.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

For over 60 years, Uncle Sam tried to erase memories of war crimes committed by its armed forces during the Korean War. Its propaganda machine continued to spin and pepertuate the myth that a crazy, insane and oppressive regime is thriving in Pyongyang. Air Force General Curtis Lemay was so proud to announce that Uncle Sam went there and bombed every town and wiped out 20% of its population. The misery, disease, pain and suffering and starvation inflicted by the whites against Asian peasants was considered fair game. Schools, hospitals and farms were destroyed. Today, Uncle Sam continues its onslaught against North Korea by smearing and slandering the people and their leaders with fictitious tales of women being preyed on by officials with impunity. Since taking office, Trump has created a war threatening cloud which hangs over humanity.

Anonymous said...

Just because the whites did it, it does not excuse the North Korean to do it too or for this matter any others to do it.😰

Virgo49 said...

Well said, Ann.

Asian Civilisation had more humanity than those hypocrtitcally Whites.

North Korea can be Communist and they always thinks that Communists even like China are all evil.

See how many so called Non Ccommunists Nations ill treated and discrimated against others.

China So called Non Hypocritally Democrazy Free Electing Government had more human feelings to their citizens than those self serving Democrazy Hypocrites who are more greedy serving their own interests than the citizand Who voted for them to serve them.

Anonymous said...

China's investments on infrastructure in Africa, South America and South Asia has come under fast and furious attack by the West as economic colonisation.

Now, what the Whites did, over the centuries, been far worst than that. They resort to military force to seize land, build bases and make sure the Africans never progress beyond getting loans from the West to buy US weapons to fight among themselves.

They came, they saw weaknesses, they returned to colonise by force and took resources they need. China had also been on the receiving end of such military coercion, but fortunately did not succumbed because of its size and rebellious population. Now China has risen and is challenging the Whites. With China' help Africa will also rise and the Whites knew that their reputation and global control is at stake.

If the Africans can think wisely, they must remember that they were enslaved by the Whites for centuries, shipped to America to work in cotton fields and as slaves to white masters. How does that compare to China's building of railways and infrastructures that can help the Africans, South Americans and South Asians rise up from poverty? Have the Africans or South Americans ever been enslaved by the Chinese over the centuries?

I hope those receiving Chine's economic aid can see the light of day instead of being continuously be blinded by the propaganda of the Whites.

Anonymous said...

i think the whites also Kena retribution lar. Look at the sex video and see there are many more white girls Kena pounded by the black Tua Kee than the black girls Kena from white dudes. So far very few Asia dudes pounded the white girls but many white dudes pounded the Asia chicks. Hope that will change soon with the rise of Asia. I for one hope to pound the white girls in the near future following matilar footstep.

Anonymous said...

The world is like this because those who committed heinous sins believe they will be forgiven and still rise to heaven.

This is now a world that equates right and wrong with power and might, not with sense, morality or personal responsibility. Religion played a big part in influencing such thinking and given evil the upper hand.

Satan has won. Mankind's existence will not last.

Anonymous said...

It's OK to gang rape & molest & fuck others against their wishes. Coz normal human nature & others have done it since caveman days.

Anonymous said...

1106 can that apply to your wife n daughters n mother? Surely not. So stop your evil.

Anonymous said...

3 kind of relationships define humanity:
1. Based on love & sacrifice. Eg mother's love. Christ love to man thru death on the cross. Greatest defining relationship. Happy & willing. Its satisfied the soul but bring physical n emotional hardships to the ones who give.
2. Based on contracts. Legal n to be honored. Transactional. Determine by price, demand n supply. Generally needed for whole society to function well. But can be manipulated n abused by the ones in power.
3. Based on power n worked by abuse, suppression n oppression. Therein lies evil n wickedness.
Humans are capable of the 3 types. There is a choice.

Anonymous said...

The West controls practically all the media around the world. Every untruth if perpetuated as a fact over a thousand times or more tends to be accepted as being true without question. Even highly-educated professionals in the richer countries in Asia readily believe whatever the Western media report, not to mention less discerning readers and viewers from poorer developing countries.

UG said...

Human rights so li hai, go find some empty space on earth, build a lot of hdb, let those that need help stay there, give them food, give them exercise, weapon training, wear uniform. Have the Queen or POPE suggest that? No? OoOOoOOo. How old is earth or when people start charity organisation? Is the Queen or POPE goondu?

Is this like TCB or LHY? So li hai, 6 smoke bomb never help find lawyer sue? Never pay for Dom Lee mother? No money pay for Dom Lee mother? And never set up Japanese restaurant? Employ all Singaporean at $5000 minimum wage? Do simple jobs like cut rubber trees last time and pay them $5000?
If got $5000, Micheal parents will sure give vote to TCB or LHY? No one owes anyone a living leh. Peasants always give vote for free before those running for election prove themself and give Micheal a $5000 job to do simple stuff?

Election time should I stay at home? I got no job and my problems not solve. Army auto come find me pay me peanuts, but no one auto find job for me and pay me $5000 to do simple stuff? Maybe cut rubber trees? Sell car tires one will earn a lot not?

British approve the swoop than what political coward? Is the Queen or POPE goondu? British Ang Moh should be democratic right? No trial, just approve the swoop? Question of the day, who is the Goondu? Queen? POPE? British? LKY? Oppz, and Catholic workers kena ISA? Another question of the day, who is the most ultimate goondu? Queen? POPE? British? LKY?

UG said...

So ah, if you are a Catholic, after baptism and confirmation, better dont join too much groups? Best stay at home? Buy a cross and put at home and pray for yourself? Go church still must waste transport, pray for world leaders, still must donate money instead of world leaders give peasant money for praying for them? Joke? So who is the boss? Peasants or world leaders? So is boh tua boh suay syndrome a logic thing? Every peasant in the world, come look at Singapore City Harvest case and study Singapore politics, than find out your own country issues? Maybe is the same? Come come.

British ISA that time no lie detector test? Before we vote TCB or LHY, ask them show lie detector test report? Else election come should peasants stay at home?

Anonymous said...

UG, when u go to church and donate money, don't complain lar as no one put a gun on your head forcing u to go. The pastor is also earning a living, he needs money to support himself and his family. The church got air con and some church even let u use as parlour for the dead. Everything cost money so u expect all these are free. Knn, u need to be sodomized to wake up to the cold reality. God bless😀

Sorry some spelling mistakes lar as ipad self correct leh

Virgo49 said...

Hello All, UG is a nutty professor who posted in his own Prof lingo or language.

You need to be the most intelligible or most non intelligible beans to comprehend what"s he conveying his messages to you.

Just to cut to the chase. He lamented why the Old Guards like TCB and now LHY who are ex PAPies Teams do not when earlier seen to go against their own. Now they are in a way wayang wayang for the citizens??

So shall I trust them or stay at home not to support them.

Hi UG, times and circumstances changed and also political climate changes.

Just lime been as stake holders in a Company and a Nation, when you see things are not right, then as right thinking people they must stand up against their policies.

So,even though they are previously from the same camp or party,as right thinking citizens that have to do the right thing.

So, do not always blame those who previously supported the PAP and now not to be not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I agreed with u 100% leh that is why I also support that UG be sodomized to regain his senses lar, Tio bo?

UG said...

630am anonymous, put one fake nickname very hard is it? Talent leh?
Correct loh. Nothing is free is this world and no one point a gun. You say yourself. Not I say. Still got hope. But when you say knn and god bless. It become hopeless again. You than knn need to be sodomized and wake up. No wonder Singapore no talent no talent need foreign talent? Which church let you use as parlour for the dead? Free? So nothing is free, dont complain PAP makes things expensive? Lucky I never study much, if not I wonder all this people what education level and how old, I will vomit more blood.

630am anonymous, put one fake nickname very hard is it? Talent leh?
So if that comment come from a old leader that got study one. Faster do R&D. Is it old leaders have this kind of mindset, that why Singapore got no talent no talent need foreign talent? Than become strawberry generation fault?

Virgo49. Nothing is free in this world and no one owe you a living leh. Foresee or not foresee, why must peasant give vote to TCB or LHY or anyone if they run for election? Did they setup a company and employ peasant who are poor, jobless and pay them $5000 to do simple stuff or cut rubber trees? They cannot even do that, they want to run a country? Isnt that like people who complain those minister go back door or dunno what or never do army? So does the world wide people now know why Singapore got no talent no talent and need foreign talent?

Virgo49 --- Just to cut to the chase. He lamented why the Old Guards like TCB and now LHY who are ex PAPies Teams do not when earlier seen to go against their own. Now they are in a way wayang wayang for the citizens?? --- When did I lamented this ah?

Virgo49. When did I lamented that ah? But anyway --- Hi UG, times and circumstances changed and also political climate changes. --- Okay fine. Should I give TCB or LHY my vote? Are their foreseeing skill too slow? The Lee family feud, do they have EQ? If people find me now or the poor or unemployed, pay us $5000 do simple stuff, because nothing is free, and there is inflation, we peasant might be very happy and simple minded and give the vote to whoever pay us $5000. If not give the vote for free? Or if not, cant even do that, want to run the country?

950am anonymous, put one fake nickname very hard is it? Talent leh?
When did Virgo49 say want to sodomized me? When is the Singa the cartoon character ready to Pu lah? When is feng shui coming? Is my reading got my problem a not ah?

I think I better keep my vote. And the voting paper is just a piece of blank paper, just draw cross, than will the one that count vote too tired read wrong?