Singapore #7 most giving country?

According to British Charities Aid Foundation, Singapore is the 7th most generous countries in the world. What utter rubbish. This is the most biased and unfair poll, from a bunch of ignoramus. They really did not know what they were talking about. The top 3 generous countries were Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Can you believe this nonsense? Singapore is definitely #1, many many times more generous than any country in the world. #7???? Nonsense.

The criteria used, giving of time, money and helping a stranger. So simplistic terms. This kind of criteria is best to use on individuals, not on a country. But never mind, let’s use these to see how generous Singapore is compares to the other countries.

Helping strangers, do they know that Singapore has been offering thousands of scholarships annually, for at least the last 20 years, to complete strangers, children of other countries, to study in Singapore schools and universities, up to doctoral level? You know how much this costs and how many strangers benefitted from this generous policy? Several billions of dollars and several thousands of students that otherwise would not have world class education. Not generous enough? And this was done at the expense of many Singapore children that have to give up their school and university places for these foreigners and their parents have to cough up their savings, some selling their homes, to pay for their education fees overseas.

And if you think this is not enough, not significant, think of the more than 2 million strangers allowed into Singapore, to take over the jobs of Singaporeans, to steal the lunch of Singaporeans. The 2m may not look big, but it is more than 50% of the Singapore population and to date they are a majority in Singapore. And over the years, several times this number have benefitted and got richer when they come and go, all at the expense of Singaporeans.

And what did the daft but generous Singaporeans do after losing their jobs? They either retired, and got themselves out of the unemployment statistics, or become taxi drivers or security guards, and kidding themselves that these are jobs of choice, freedom, independent, being your own bosses. Ah Q mentality or self delusion or being generous? The latter is not recognized or Singapore would be listed as the most generous country. They probably think Singaporeans are all daft, anything but generous.

The generosity of Singaporeans is at the nationals level, not just a few individuals that happened to be counted. And the policies of being generous are ongoing. It is even institutionalized in free trade agreements like CECA to benefit foreigners most and Singaporeans last and least.

How’s that? Still deserve to be ranked only #7 and not #1? Singaporeans are so generous until they are being regarded as stupid, daft, giving away so much but not recognized. Singapore and Singaporeans deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their generosity in helping others, strangers and suffering in silence, becoming jobless and becoming taxi drivers and security guards while foreigners are allowed to come in and take on top jobs paying hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. And the official excuse, these are jobs that Singaporeans did not want to do or have no experience of skill sets to do. Only third world people have the required qualifications, experience and skills sets to do these high paying jobs, with dubious and even degree mills degrees.

Daft Singaporeans must protest to this unfair ranking of Singaporeans. The ministers must also object to this ranking. Singaporeans must be number One, no less.

PS. On record Singapore must have provided scholarship and educated a few thousand students all over Asia and given jobs to several millions of the jobless from Asia. If this is not generous, what is? Which country could do better to look after foreigners at the expense of its own citizens?


Advente said...

Lee Hsien Loong and his happy-go-luxy Multi-Million Millionaires Ministers should get Nobel Foreigners' Balls-Carrying And Own Citizens-Deprivation Peaceful Prize!

Anonymous said...

Lightning strike own sillyzens. Bbut sillyzens voted for it.

Anonymous said...

Traitors are usually sentenced to death by firing squad, or machine-gun by Kim Jong-Un in the case of North Korea. But uniquely Singaporean traitors are rewarded anx honoured by the Foreign Powers, especially the Japanese Empire, the British Empire and the American Empire. And now the muscle-flexing Indian Empire-Espiring Leadership.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "rankings are bullshit"

I live in Australia. It is, generally speaking a charitable cuntry full of kind and generous cunts (cuntry==>cunts, get it?πŸ€”).

I also am a true-blue Singaporean, Upper Serangoon-Hougang-Tampines born and bred, and I know my former cuntry (lost long ago), present Hotel extremely well. I also know the culture of the Sheeple very well. If I am allowed a "humble-boast", I subscribe to being in Perpetul Beta...I believe updating data and knowlege is not only "protective", but can be beneficial, although you have to be prepared to be walloped to failure every once in awhile. Just tahan a bit lah, and chances are it will be ok.

OK, why the humble boast? Because there is one thing the data show time after time is that Singaporeans are generally very soft-hearted and generous when it comes to giving. Thus I am going to write nice things about this aspect of Singaporean life which I know to be correct and will defend it. Singaporean might be a lot of things. One thing they are, despite being fucked-over by The State, is generous.

The idea of "you die, your business" is not exactly true. It is true if you are a useless bum and fucked your life up by being an arrogant unlikeable and nasty cunt...expect the world to serve your beck and call, and when you get help show no gratitude...as if whatever good fortune or generosity which came your way was a "debt the Universe owes you" and thus it is your (ficticious) entitled right; thus requiring NO effort and NO gratitude on your part.

Singapore has a great culture of charity, philantropy and generousity. Giving to help others is a hallmark of SELFISHNESS.

Selfish people keep their own self-interest in mind as much as possible. Selfish people also know that the world is filled with other people who are also selfish.

In order to profit from the self-interest of others, you have to offer them VALUE. They are selfish...just like you. They are seeking VALUE, just like you.

When one gives, that is giving (creating) VALUE. What better way to achieve a selfish sense of satisfaction, a genuine psychological "boost" to the self-esteem than to give VALUE to the people whoneed it and deserve that VALUE.

Singaporeans know this instinctively, without all that complicated argument above. There is no valid reason to fail at lifein Singapore.You can have failures...everybody does, but to fail at life in totality, c'mon...somewhere else maybe, Singapore, NO!

You can always get the help you need in Singapore. A couple of caveats here:

1. Don't be an asshole. Be grateful.

2. "Help" means you have to get the fuck up and do the neccessary shit required of you---aka "create VALUE". There is no "automatic welfare" in Singapore culture. If you try that shit, you will be told: "You die, your business", and you would have earned that "negative value" all by yourself. πŸ˜‚

Singaporean are giving. If you think otherwise, you're not getting "signal" from the environment. You are forming your world-view on NOISE. πŸ€–πŸ’»

Anonymous said...

RB, Knn u are right man. Being unemployed the last 20 years, I believed probably I am no longer in the statistics. Knn lor😰 Plus matilar, time for u to be sodomized again.

Anonymous said...



Even your own wife and children ran away from YOU?

Virgo49 said...

Every National Day Awards, they will have their same cronies awarding Highest Awards to their own and putting slashes and patting each other on shouders and backsides.

They want just to have International Recognition of their generiosity to the rest of World by using the People's backsides flesh for their faces.

Matland Chinese had high praise for the PAP traitors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The Nasty Cunt who NOBODY LIKES? <<

Dun worry about me. Just be selfish and concentrate on your life so you don't end up a beggar...tolong here. tolong there at kopitiam ok? 😝

Singapore is very expensive. Singapore is a meritocratic.
Better create value. Or you die, your business. kekeke πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1015

Dun worry, if you can tahan 20 years, it shows you have "spirit", thus the chances are quite good that your life will change. As a grown-op "big boy", you already know what to do lah.

Value-creation idea: You could create a "get sodomised" Index, 🀣 using African tua kee as the unit for the index. For example if you really find one of my posts "unbearable", you can "award" me 5 (maximum) African tua kee. That will bring great pleasure (eh, value lah) to many readers to imagine in their minds me being fucked in the ass by a bunch of big-dicked savages, screaming for mercy as sirens from Civil Defence ambulances wail in the backgroud. You get the picture πŸ˜‚

*Man, did I just call Africans "savages"? I guess I did. πŸ˜†πŸ€“

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The African 'savages' and the native Indian 'savages' were savaged by the white men from Europe. One became slaves living a life under ball and chains and another terminated to near distinction.

What are the real savages? Don't bother to answer if you are an unthinking banana.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB 1232

Actually you will find that bananas and coconuts (B&Cs)are capable of must broader scoped thinking than you can even begin to imagine. B&Cs are exposed to various cultures of the world. They are not limited to one type of "cultural thinking", like say, very ancient and tribal Asian thinking.

Yes it is true the darkies were given a lesson on the necessity for "self-defence". We re an ape species. Ape species are tribal and brutal.

People who talk about a "harmony of nature" don't get the whole story. Nature, in it's raw form is one organism killing or seizing control of another...for just basic survival. Within species, especially SOCIAL species there are sub-groupings which will then compete for dominance. In nature DOMINANCE equals SURVIVAL, I.e. the passing of genetic material to the subsequent generations.

Therefore in antiquity, we were no different. Mogols and Chinese fought. Various "families" in feudal China and Japan fought. Whitemen fought each other. The Normans and Saxon, the Vikings and...everyone else 🀣

If one China feudal lord vanquished another...history just gives it a pass. However when Whitman conquers a blackie, judgemental people of the future lose their fucking minds and scream (like Redbean in his highest pitched voice Teochew Opera-style πŸ˜‚) EVIL WHITE RACE!

See, I told you. A banana-coconut point of view gives a greater depth of understanding. 🍌πŸ₯₯

BTW, you're welcome. Glad to help, mate.

Anonymous said...

Rb 12.32pm //Don't bother to answer if you are an unthinking banana ...//

Rb, you may have been too kind or generous to even consider some unthinking quah cha a banana ... Probably the best case is just left the skin not even with any flesh ... A decomposed unthinking quah cha banana so to speak ... ?

Anonymous said...

In life, as in dramas, when things are not meant to be, no matter what, the "sky" will crash on their "roof"?

It is just delaying the inadvertent inevitable?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo69,

Now we the yth toufu beancurd GENERATION understand why some oldies like you numb themselves and immerse in GENTING russian ruler ... If not will go siao de ...?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure a banana/coconut can think provided that they got the better parts of the gene synthesis. If they got the lesser parts, they think they can think but not thinking at all.

The narratives in the western media world is rarely like the narrative of redbean. I am only a solitary voice. If you read or listen to the white narratives in comments on any website, the whites are the holy holy people, the goodness of mankind. The Chinese are out to conquer and colonise every country and island. The latest Chinese proposal to set up a naval base in Vanuatu has made the Aussies and New Zealanders hysterical, squirming. China is going to invade and conquer NZ and Oz. What, with a little base in tiny Vanuatu? This is how silly the non thinking average white is.

They refuse to see the real history when the whites from Europe went around the world, invading and colonising every piece of land they landed, killing the natives and robbed their land and called them their own, like USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.

China at its peak during the Ming Dynasty sent a fleet of ships all the way to Africa and back, and did not colonise a single piece of land or kill their natives.

After China weas invaded and semi colonised by the West, made bankrupt, till today, China has never colonised any country. It is not in the Chinese psychic to colonise any country like the West. China respect the sovereignty of other countries. But these silly whites are screaming everyday that China is going to colonise the world. Even in Africa, where China poured in billions and billions of investment to promote economic devt and growth, the whites mischievously called it neo colonialism by China. Did China invade any of them and kill any of the natives and took over their land against their will at gun point like the Western colonialist do? Nay. They is no bloodshed but sharing of wealth and development. The Whites, after robbing and killing the African natives have abandoned Africa. Only China think it worthy to invest in Africa.

But they are harping on this daily and trying to demonise China as the aggressor, the new colonialist.

The Evil White Race is still the Evil White Race, intending to dominate and rule the world with their thousands of nuclear warheads and war machine. Their narrative of a peaceful world is when they are the masters, they in charge, and ruling over everyone. And everyone will be standing in line at their orders, carrying a big stick.

Anonymous said...

The most "generous" policy is the advice given for oldies to pick cardboards for exercise? No? For that, and that alone, this single criteria, is enuf to be lumber 1?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Chua Chin Leng San //Daft Singaporeans must protest to this unfair ranking of Singaporeans.//

Yes, all the oldies must? How can so much "kindness" be swept under carpet and pretend nvr happen? Dunno leh? Nvr see or hear? Oldies must "protest" and "nominate" RB San 2011 ex-blue eye poster boy "No-Belt Most Generous and Caring Piss Prize" for his "most generous" advice to oldies how to keep healthy through exercise toiling under the hot sun or torrential rain rampaging rubbish bins, be it in full view of all the "atas" India Indians in MBFC who had replaced and displaced sickies of all the white collars jobs, courtesy of the most caring and generous "world class team" who even "gave away" the old guards prized iconic shipping line? When are they also "giving away" the iconic "airline"? Courtesy of the most "competent and endearing" highly "battle proven generals" on earth in the history of mankind? Even Mao Tze Tong and Chiang Kai Shek should feel ashamed in the presence of these "most battle tested generals"? Agree? Kee Chiu!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the angmohs didn't interview me. I stopped giving to charity once I reached 18 and discovered what a BS the govt and PAP are. OK, during my 2.5 years NSF I was forced to donate blood 2 times.

After NSF and Uni, when I started working, I wrote in to both my HR as well as CDC to opt out of giving to CDC. Yes, you can opt out from giving to these race-based backend-PAPpy organisations (except maybe Mendaki). Quite troublesome, but can still be done. The only caveat is that in future you won't be able to get any "charity" or "services" from these political organisations.

Some more I was working in stat board at that time, and my Manager & Director were old school pensionable civil servants. Imagine my first job & behaving like punk to sabo my bosses by refusing to contribute to CDC! The HR Dir even called me to his office & give me black face! Of course kena black marked --- for at least 2 years.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 1.56

Must get Away at least once a month from this mad overcrowded stifying Sinkieland.

Play Russian Roulette less bullets to the head than lightnings
From the PAY And Pay.

Shiok hearing the Brotherhood of fellow punters shouting "picture Picture" on the Bankers to lose and the Players to win.

Just like GE results nights shouting for the PAP's demise.

As for Anon 6.03.

When I submit my disapproval in the Organs Removal Act against the harvesting of my organs in the case of Death, they also warned that I be not eligible or last in line in the case I need a life saving transplant.

Everything yes unless you said NO.

They should have no and submit yes by the people concerned

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 01, 2018 6:03 pm
//Obviously the angmohs didn't interview me. I stopped giving to charity once I reached 18 ...//

Anon 6.03pm,

The situation you faced then probably is nothing compared to those 18-yo now would have to face in the next 30 to 50 years, ..... and that is if they can get that far? The youngsters nowadays are getting loads of shits. Some law graduates are still unemployed after more than 1 year?? They are supposed to be the cream of each cohort and only the best who have passed through rigourous tests and interviews, a string of As aside. Some demoralised, resorted to temp jobs @$10 an hr without many benefits provided under permanent employment? On the surface, the younger doctors are in a profession facing shortage and highly in demand but their "fate" could be worst off in the lo(ooooooo)ng term? Such is the future facing the offspring of the PGs and oldies? Any cause to feel hopeful for the youth of today? When the two top, best tiers of each cohort are already in such "shitty" predicament? Stay postive? Sure? How much "shit" must the youngsters tolerate before they cannot take it anymore? Why are there cases of reported fraudulent claims in the medical profession, of all? If life is so gooooood, why are such things surfacing? And are such reported incidences, the BODY of the ice-berg or the tip of the tip of the "ICE-BIRD"? This is the system that old fart and his "director" built? Barely 3 years and the future is as "bright" as nightfall and the "cold dark Siberian winter nights" for the younger and future gen (if and a BIG if that they can get that far?)?

PS: Was sitting in a downtown cafe on the laptop sometime back and 2 young guys came sitting down, on a weekday mid afternoon. Apparently from their conversation, they were trained in law. And it was one of the most pessimistic and straight from the hearts pour out between 2 young men about the bleak ...
.... Oops "bright" future facing them.

The cases of some jobless young lawyers temping @$10 an hour are those a few years younger those 2.

Anonymous said...

Watch this 47 seconds video clip @ the 42-second mark ...


See who has been "directing" old man all these years ...??? Old man admitted it from his own mouth at the 42-second mark. So the "founding father" of modern peesai is actually a "founding mother"? Which makes more sense. Cos only the mother can "make" the next gen, the father only "enjoy", before and after especially the fruits and that he was the farmer who tolled, though he barely know much about farming except with his mouth and finger to get the land ploughed?

Anonymous said...

As a sinkie, arguably the GREATEST REGRET is to be born one? Often, the will to carry on is deeply lacking? Perhaps, the next best is to follow the footsteps of Virgin69 and drown in the sorrows or ecstasy of the make-belief diversion amidst the cloud in the sky (and rot/ while away this life than struck by "lightning" every second of existence?). A far far better SECOND CHOICE than "death by a thousand cuts at the Chiu of KEE" (hands of up)?

Anonymous said...

7.06 pm, many of my Son friends who were in the TOP JC now in Uni can't even get a decent internship even after sending out more than 50 applications. Most only get one or two interviews then rejected. Knn all the investment in money and the kids youth chasing strings of A at A level is useless lar Knn 😰

Plus I award 5 tuakee to matilar and I hope his ass peechai

Anonymous said...

It is a torture to live a lo(oooooooo)ng live in sickland? Better that heaven has eyes and take mee to meet the creator at the earliest opportunity? It is such a sickening place with witches and eunuchs that one more second is far too lo(ooooooooo)ng to tahan? The utter, abject ε€±θ΄₯ FAILURE of one dispiecable OLD fart and his founding mother director who εž‚εΈ˜ε¬ζ”Ώ was the hand behind all the nasty stuff and paid for with more than 2 years on the bed?

Anonymous said...

@ 8.01pm //Plus I award 5 tuakee to matilar and I hope his ass peechai//

Quah Cha mati,

It is such a joy to hear your bipilar or matipolar the other self want your 屁肑 open flower JL JL ...

Anonymous said...

8.01pm Quah Cha Mati San //many of my Son friends who were in the TOP JC now in Uni can't even get a decent internship even after sending out more than 50 applications. Most only get one or two interviews then rejected. Knn all the investment in money and the kids youth chasing strings of A at A level is useless lar Knn ...//

You dun say. That's why So many parents investing many thousand die die also using their overdraft to pay pte tuition so that their sons or daughters from the TOP JC can secure a scholarship and come back no need apply tjis internship or that internship cos a JLB path LEEching on the poor masses taxpaying oldies ALREADY mapped out and they just need to suck cork, open leg big bog invite ah neh in by signing si ka dead leg in hokkien and pawn away everytjing th3y can lay their hand on like the JLB shameless LG who now bamkrupt and sold away old guards and PGs blood sweat tears painstaking iconic shipping line and now LEEching at another GEE L Si at the expense of oldies quah cha png? The bet by parents to secure scholarship and LEEch on sinkies there on may be a pipe dream as hipeful as striking toto today?

Anonymous said...

Since childhood, it was never a happy time to live under the lo(ooooooo)ng shadow (& tyranny) of old fart and his director? It has been the most misfortune 18 辈子 bad luck? Really wished was not born in sickland all these years?

Am happy for Virgin69 that he can drown/ immerse himself in the no day no nite casino to stay sane going to GENTING at least once a month.

Am also happy all the cha bor everynight after work and every weekend can drown, hide, immerse their frustructions and disillusion and depression in the fantasy of Korean dramas to stay sane in sickland in the LO(OOOOOOOOO)NG run?

Anonymous said...

Mee no fan of russian ruler or meaningless no-brainer fantasy make belief Korean dramas. So how to stay sane? No interests to do anything in sickland after work to unwind. Nothing to look forward to in a broken sickland. Nothing! ZERO!!!

Shame on the shameless parasites!!!

Anonymous said...

The GREATEST regret in mind whole life is to bring the children into this sickland. When gone, what would happen to them? Knowing the sufferings they are going to experience under the useless parasites, JIAK LIAO BEE (JLB), JIAK SAI (JS), it pains the heart maciam one thousand jungle RED ANTS biting it at the same time. 4G? The biggest nightmare yet.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 9.05

It you have Starhub 827- CTI Taiwanese Deep Throat every evening 8 to 10 Mon to Fri.

Sing & Tel also got. No know what channel - Not that Porn Deep Throat.

Wah, shiok- hear the nightly panel of Deep Throaters of Intellectual Tawainese screw their
Politicians of Ruling as well as the Opposition.

This can never happen in Sinking Land. One Sinkie protestor also have three Red Lorries after him.

But ten to twenty Ah Nehs quarreling and dead drunk no policeman seen around.

Anonymous said...

Virgin69 9.23pm //One Sinkie protestor also have three Red Lorries after him.

But ten to twenty Ah Nehs quarreling and dead drunk no policeman seen around.//

Ha ha ha


This is one funny hilarious way to describe a fact ... Shame on the parasites, JIAKLIAOBEE, GRASSROT, PAPIG IBs, JAIK SAI!

Anonymous said...

The view of those Kan Bor Yong, nasty SHAMboLEEs etc may be negative infinity?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49November 01, 2018 9:23 pm
//It you have Starhub 827- CTI Taiwanese Deep Throat every evening 8 to 10 Mon to Fri.

Wah, shiok- hear the nightly panel of Deep Throaters of Intellectual Tawainese screw their
Politicians of Ruling//

If they add in "sodomisation" in their "screwing" of the quote "Politicians of Ruling" unquote, arguably that would be the best and sthg to look forward to eveLEEday and gives MEANING to life?

Their viewership rating could shoot through the roof, sky and outer space to another galaxy or even universe and become known to all divine and alien beans in this and other universe?

So their crimes against human beans, bad and evil deeds cannot escape after death and will be pursued relentlessly until they are charged and become bankruot in their coffin and serve infinite jail term underground till year X,000,000 counting from 20XX?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49November 01, 2018 9:23 pm
///Hello Anon 9.05

It you have Starhub 827- CTI Taiwanese Deep Throat every evening 8 to 10 Mon to Fri.

Sing & Tel also got. No know what channel - Not that Porn Deep Throat.

Wah, shiok- hear the nightly panel of Deep Throaters of Intellectual Tawainese screw their
Politicians of Ruling///

Wonderful tips!

Thank you so much.

You have just made life for suffering human beans meangingful again.

For some siao ting tong, they thought that jumping from one frying pan to another is a solution to their problem?

The worst thing and most nightmarish is the sight of some snr CONsultants leading a group of greenhorns in their rounds?

The most chio si lang and chek ark endeavour pulling wool over the oldies eyes?

The sick people hotels have become one gigantic lab?

And the guinea pigs those who thought they have chked in to salvation and cure?

Anonymous said...

Seeing a dogtor in sickland is maciam making an appt with the devil?

You will nvr know what could happen in the end?

Either way they could make you bankrupt and lose much or all you got?

Anonymous said...

More than 20 years agoh one GP who is a neighbour staying near LaoGoa GCB around NAMLY area mentioned during a consultation that he is just following LaoGoa footsteps and policies to squeeze and extract the maximum in his biz. So he finds ways to show patients they have chronic illness to sell chronic medication to them on regular basis and thus able to "tax" the patients on a monthly basis with inflated prices of chronic medication.

One mth dosage costs abt S$100 but over in matland same drug with same manufacturer cost abt a small fraction of that sum.

So how to have trust and confidence in the system?

Many oldies gradually wise up and bought their medication in matland.

Melaka is even cheaper and still quite untainted by the evil of sickland.

Now with Dr M back to power, Melaka should be quite safe from the tentacles of the evil octopus?

Looking forward to the day when RM is 9 times stronger than now.

Anonymous said...

Under LaoGoaNomics and BotakNomics, the system become quite screwup. The social fabric is disintegrating and glue has came off quite a fair bit. Many have lost the sense of nationhood and are just planning to get out eventually? The causes are actually quite obvious to many? Unless the eyes pasted with stamps ... Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Why system screwed up?

Look at the education system and the amount of tuition fees parents have to cough and vomit out in the thousands every month to help their children get through?

Go ask those parents ...

Do they have confidence and faith?

Next, look at the transport system ...

Ask 1 million commuters and see how many counted on the fingers never curse and swear at this CowDung?

Next, look at the medical system ... Those hospitalised. How many are genuinely VERY HAPPY and SATISFIED with the way they are treated and made use?

4th housing. How many really think life is like heaven in the world's most expensive PUBLIC PIGEON HOLES?

5th, national service. How many parents are dying to send their only son and face worrisome risk whether they will kena some officers run amok and cause their children to die like the corporals about to ord and some other NSF like dave and dominick?

As parents, how to put a closure? How can their lives be the same again and go on as if nothing happen unless they are inhuman which they are OBVIOUSLY NOT and thus the pain lingers on till their own death and eyes unable to close?

6th, the oldies quah cha png... How many oldies can kee chiu say they very happy their quah cha png locked up as "gambling capital" and invested with heavy losses in UBS, CITIBANK, BARCLAYS, MERILL LYNCH etc etc during the last GFC?

Need some more?

How much is your water taxed?

How much is your petrol taxed?

How much is your electricity taxed?

Even pand sai also kena taxed rt?


No need pay sewerage "CONSERVANCY" fees ?

Why call conservancy fees? What is being conserved? Oldies quah cha ong or "the shameless gambling chips converted like hardcore addicts in a casino"?

How about the jams at the customs?

Very happy to waste 2 to 3 precious hours per crossing?

To and fro means 4 to 6 hours gone?

The list to be continued ...

Anonymous said...

Are you happy?

Water tax 30%?

Carpark up 20%?

Next month MRT, BUS fares all up?

No $$$ but can splurge few hundred millions just on one F35?

If buy 500 F35 how many trillions will it costs?

Siao Ting Tong?

How lian?

Act rich?

Use taxpayers $$$ to earn an audience with a retard?

Sinkies very happy about such outcome?

Anonymous said...

How come pay what fart conservancy charges but nothing happened?

Residents' corridors, lift lobbies and staircases debris and litters piling up but no worker do anything for weeks and months?

Paid millions but the minions zzzg?

Anonymous said...

This is karma?

The generation with old fart like tong chiam dow, fliplipflop yeo yeo, YO YO chiat hong song song, one big eye one small eye father of a shortie plumb thatsmond tutu, .....

Will go away sad sad men ...

Before bucket kick them, eyes open big big see the system JL JL?

When time to sell salted eggs, eyes can close?

Virgo49 said...

Just to add bro.

Love to listen to the Chinese Malaysians whose Sinkies thought that they are their poorer cousins and Papuers in conversations at their coffee shops.

1) Sinkies thought that they are Smart and Smug.Wah, our currency three to one to them. Our Great Govt had one up against them.

Little do they know that their purchasing power in their own sink hole is zero.

Been compressed like sugar canes in depressing machines and even became dross still add with water and squeezed again till brittle and fed to cattles.

They joked and laughed at Sinkies being daft in purchasing a car of same model or even at a lower c.c.power lower than them at four to five times of what they pay.

Thinking that their cars are Superior just because paid more.
When at Matland petrol stations can ask whether can still pump at 95 grade instead of 97. Just to save another few RMs.Hello. your Sin $$$ already 3 to 1 man, how much further you want to save.

Not only satisfied that they had already pump cheaper fuel, some have to jump and shake their cars so as to let the car pump in more as now going back to sinkieland where actually I already eating my rice with only vegetables and no meat to have my set it wheels.

Not knowing that if the fuel at their brink and pouring out can cause their cars to explode in contact with any live sparks.

Back to Sinkieland. The Pay and Pay knew that many of you had to sting and cheated on coupons parking. Even Poor China coffee shop assistants had to learn the first words before they are taught how to collect the amount of
various beverages served.

The magic words : Car parks Lailoh
See the Sinkies dashed 20 or 50 meter and put Ben Johnson to shame with new records.

Some with half ate and drinks stumbling to join the dash like the Subuaru Chase toilet breaks and even falling into the drains.

The PAP scholars after lengthy brainstorming which even an intellectually challenged person can think and implement this. Put up parking barriers so that these dafts cannot cheat us on the parking charges. Also don't want too many also to crowd the A&E and have our ambulances kept too busy

They have brilliant engineers from India which installed these barriers and most had long queques unable to get out.Their ideas pay more, HC needs more.

In Matland, they gave you some respite in having most places free parking and don't squeeze you as what's they do here. In the name of efficiency in Sinkieland.

We have our most efficient Senior Manager in IT Security frontline who is afraid to be tied up days and nights and cannot have happy hours if he reported any breach of lapse or security to the Management.

What's happen if this working attitude are in our Defence Forces when they are afraid to stay longer in duties and want to have a fast one in Geylang if they found a breach of our Security been compromised.???

And they do not even reprimand him. Just said next time must report within 24 hours my boy. You know naughty boy. Wonder how he became Senior Manager.

Maybe their own crony or blue eyes boy. They will tell the dafts we will do better next time.

Our time worked like labourers days and nights when doing cargo operations for vessels in Sinking Land and brought in revenues to built this beautiful city which is heaven for the Sins seekers like Matilah to enjoy the present and
Not our own peasants also cannot be promoted to Senior Manager. Only Senior Labourer and now Senior Cardboards pickers.

Another chapter on next daft Sinkies supposed affluence of housing purchase pigeon holes against Mats ghettos terrace houses and apartments.

Has to take a break to Matland now to stay Sane.


Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng San //And what did the daft but generous Singaporeans do after losing their jobs? They either retired, and got themselves out of the unemployment statistics ...//

Wah, not bad huh?

Now oldies are learning eCONomics concepts fast!

Uncle San, next time learn to use also more "cheem" profound eCONomics term aka LFPR (labour force participation rate)

Essentially LFPR = Labour Force (LF)/ Working Population (WP)

where WP measures the total aged either 16 to 64 or possibly 15 to 67, varying from cuntry to cuntry.

LF as the name implies equate to the total in the lavour force either employed or UNEMPLOYED.

The unemployment rate only counts those UNEMPLOYED in the LF data.

Those who have stopped looking for jobs or given up looking for one are not included in the labour force and thus do not appear in the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE,

Thus essentially "flattering" the eCONomics performance by "hiding" probably at least 10% more permanently unemployed in the working population in the out of labour force data.

The umemployment rate thus is an imprecise metrics as it excludes those who are neither a housewife nor student or disabled, aged between 15 to 67 but not working at all.

Usually this group can be spotted all over the island in coffeeshops, hawker ctrs, hdb void decks, parks loittering around and they looked too old to be students and too young to be retiree ... They are present in practically every hdb block and often you will need more than the fingers on both hands to count all of them just in one block?

How do you know these people should be in the UNEMPLOYMENT data?

Just walk to them an offer them a suitable job paying $2,500 to $5,000, see they take or not?

For some reasons, eCONomists and eCONomics professors in their defintion and labour force classification exclude these people from the UNEMPLOYMENT statistics.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 5.11am //Has to take a break to Matland now to stay Sane.//

Good for you BRO.

But casinos bored mee to death, otherwise won't mind joining you on sanity trips.

Now cold spell from the North setting in ... Genting should be even colder than the summer months. Shiok?

But Genting atmosphere is maciam detached from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Too good for comfort or too comfort for good? Even the temperature is unreal in the context of KL 30+ degrees celcius? That's why it is a getaway for some in this part of the world. The real world temp in KL is at least 30 degrees, not aircon 18 degrees outdoor ...

For retirees though it could be a sanctuary in their golden years.

In China, anytime outdoor temp can be below 15 degrees from Oct thru Mar. No need go Genting to feel shiok in 18 degrees Celcius.

But be mindful though the "insanity index" in sickland will be going up during the week you are away ... Dun be shock if you encounter more siao lang running amok or unexpected events in the month of Nov when back to sickland after fighting through the gridlock at the chkpt unless you are flying from changi jetty ... Oops ... airport ...

Actually travelling is quite boring. Cannot tahan those airplane flight. Endless hours stuck in a cramped seat. Maciam confine ownself in a sofa for 12 hours in a stationary upright position sitting there or going for toilet breaks. Eat also cannot go dining room must sit there eat? Where got fun?

You pay half price I can serve you drinks and food but you must sit in the sofa cannot move for 10 hours. When you fall asleep occassionally Ai can simulate air turbulence by shaking the sofa violently to entertain you ... Sounds good?


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 5.11 /In the name of efficiency in Sinkieland./

That is BS!

All they want is $$$$$$

How can automatic barrier carpark be more efficient?

A seamless exit at HDB carpark now become 5 mins at times???

Once both exits pt in hdb carpark jammed, 20+ cars in the queue both exits. Took so LO(OOOOOOO)NG to clear in the end 20 mins late for appt and lost a deal:(

Many barriers cheapo software take almost 30 seconds for system to read iu and barriers to go up. How much precious time and $$$ wasted??? Efficiency your ah ε…¬ smelly hk foot!