5G – The American strangulation of China and Huawei

With all the shit that the western media have been spreading, with the chief author in the USA, China is still a backward country and stealing technology and intellectual properties from the Americans and the West. For the last 3 to 4 decades, China was learning furiously from the West and the Americans agreed to that arrangement when Nixon signed a rapproachment agreement with China to share and exchange knowledge, information and technology with students from China studying in American universities. What theft that the gangsters in Washington are trying to spread? This is completely legal, a mutual treaty and agreement.
Huawei’s 5G technology is now the leader in mobile phone industry. The Americans are losing behind and unable to catch up, unable to compete. In order to prevent Huawei from selling its 5G products, the Americans as usual raised the dubious national security threat to stop Huawei from joint venture with AT&T and also stopped Huawei from entering the American market.

This is not all. The Americans are telling all its allies to stop Huawei from entering their markets. These include Australia, New Zealand and Nato countries. However, countries that welcomed 5G have gone ahead to accept Huawei’s technology and mobile phone systems. More than 22 countries have gone ahead to allow Huawei to enter their markets.

If 5G is a real security risk to countries, would the Americans stop developing their 5G mobile phones? How would they sell their 5G system if they finally developed and caught up with Huawei? Would other countries also stop using American 5G on the same security grounds? If so, 5G technology would no longer be marketable, like nuclear weapons. The British and Germans did not have problems with Huawei’s 5G.

What are the Americans going to do about it? Try to buy time to steal Chinese/Huawei technology to keep up with China? Huawei is now the leading company in 5G technology. Bye bye America. The rest of the world is going to use Huawei’s 5G with a speed 20 times than the fastest mobile phone today. This 5G technology would transform all communication equipment, from space and satellite communication to AI, driverless cars, military technology and all industries etc etc. Without 5G, they are going to be lacking far far behind in the development of the respective industries.

Americans’ dirty trick, cannot win, block. Create fake news and fear. But this is not going to work anymore. The Chinese are not going to be oppressed to become laundrymen and cooks anymore. The Chinese will show the Americans who is more advance in the pursuit of science and technology. The Americans should try to build a high speed train to start with, without stealing Chinese technology.


Virgo49 said...

Americunts, very innocently proclaimed aloud that Innocent realations with China is over.

Wow, they are real INNOCENT civilised Beans of the Universe whereas the Rest excluding their White Compatriorts are Devils.

All these years of Wars and Destruction are just playful pranks by the Sweet Innocent Americunts.

Now their own exposing each other of lies and bigger lies and they can proclaimed themselves as Innocent Sweet Angels.

Thair warships provoking China and they said are innocent relations.

They had owe too many too much and they want to crate wars so they can absond from their debts.

Just like a debtor who hoped that the Tao Use Long just died.

southernglory1 said...

The West, the Europeans had been stealing Chinese science and technology since ancient times. They had stolen the Chinese art and technique of making paper, printing, the compass, the rudder, fireworks, rocketry,missiles, the plough, automatic seed sowing, beer making, winery, making of ice-cream and myriads of others. To get a full picture, watch the repeated BBC series on "Ancient China's Science and Technology." Also for more detail information read the many volumes of works on Ancient China's Science and Technology by the world renowned British scientist Professor Joseph Needham. Professor Needham said and I quote, " Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in China."

After the Mongol invasion of Europe and the detail story of the wealth and splendour and the sceintific and technological advancement of China by Marco Polo, in the 1200sAD, the west was then awakened and fired with zeal an thereby they had "The Renaissance". From then onwards they made great advancement.

In the meantime China's development was held up by constant foreign invasions as well as severe corruption and poor governance. Nevertheless Professor Needham once said, and I quote, "Give China a hundred years peace and she will produce wonders in the world." Now China is flowering in all aspects of science and technology as well as in culture and literature.

America is trying all ways and means to retard China's development. Trade War is only a part of its evil design to hold up or delay China's advancement. USA is a very evil satanic country. As time goes on the world will need more and more of Chinese Scientific and technological prowess.


Friday, 30th November, 2018

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Virgo49 said...

Sorry Tai Yee Long arrested by Polis or kill by rival gangs or die.

Mr RB the PAPies will not clamp your Blog if you write less of them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ jumping at the shadows of fake news:

The internet is full of stupid shit. That said, it is also a place where very smart people of conscience get a (reasonably) free platform to help us mortals with average IQ and abilities.

So far, independent security researchers have found no security threats---aka "state sponsored surveillance" in Huawei phones.

You have a greater risk of being compromised (on any phone platform) by Western "democratic" governments: for e.g. the NSA in the US, GCHQ in the UK, and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) in this here "lucky cuntry" (filled with lucky cunts 😜)

Oh yes, western democratic govts have no problem to LEGALLY intercept your comms and data. The requirement for a warrant is diminishing as more draconian policies are being passed by the respective parliaments. Yay for democracy----the people get to freely choose their dictators, and to agree to be TAXED for the privilege.

This Huawei thing is just another manifestation of the anti-China/ China is evil/ Beware The Yellow Hordes nonsense that western govts aided and abetted by their mainstream media promulgate consistently. Then again, misinformation is an old, well-proven tool of the political elite. Nowadays, thanks to DJ Trump, it goes by a new name: fake news.

My first android phone was a Huawei. I bought it for $99 at a supermarket. Over its life I dropped it hundreds of times, twice in water---fully submerged, and the bloody thing just refused to quit. I modded the unit with a custom Cyanogen ROM and the el-cheapo Huawei could go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 3, then the current model, which was around $800. I've been a Huawei fan ever since...until Xiaomi and OnePlus came on the scene.

Apple makes its iPhones in China. China's mobile tech is nothing short of AMAZING. You can build a cash-flowing business now with a $300 China-made smartphone, and maybe a cheap tablet or computer.

Western business "gurus" talk big about "innovation". China's role in mobile tech is simply astounding with one helluva "moat" (unique advantage, hard to compete with): they make killer tech at low prices, which means everyone can use it, and be empowered.

So fuck these cunts lah. Huawei isn't going away. They are definitely "innovative", and grow their profits at around 15% yearly....by anyone's standards, that is a very good company!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Countries that want to stay competitive in the global economy are adapting 5G technology. As technology affects nearly all aspects of life, countries need to stay current with technological developments to improve the lives of their citizens and continue evolving in the global economy. Huawei launched the world’s first 5G network with Deutche Telecom in Germany on 1st Sep 2017. Huawei recently unveiled its Kirin 970 chipset which is equipped with the world's first 5G baseband, powering its mobile network throughput at twice the speed of Qualcomm's best Snapdragon chipset. The 970 chipset does the job with higher efficiency and less heat generated.

Uncle Sam and its allies have resorted to smearing Huawei's 5G technology by citing security concerns. Uncle Sam wants its own companies to make more money. Uncle Sam is placing roadblocks on Huawei's path to becoming a leader in 5G communication. It is pure protectionism. It will not stop China from winning the 5G race.

Anonymous said...

My next phone will be a Huawei. It will not be an iphone or even Samsung. I vote with my action. No to bullshit n outright bullying n jealousy. All these actions by USA confirms Huawei is on top of the hp game.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter US phone or Korean phone or China phone or African phone --- SG authorities have detailed means to secretly do surveillance or bypass phone / network security.

Apart from China, SG is the only other country with so much & so close cooperation between govt and tech companies. SG even overtakes China in terms of relative amounts as % of GDP it gives as grants, tax holidays, subsidized land & factories to tech companies --- of course for certain benefits, including backdoor security bypass.

Although you see the public spat between SG govt & FB, but most of you don't realise the thousands of suspects that have been exposed, tracked down & caught due to FB cooperation & opening up of its server & location records to SG authorities.

Actually for the STR article that SG govt wanted FB to take down, it's very simple --- as long as SG govt formally charged the STR guy in relation to the article under an applicable law, FB will comply. But then SG govt never charge --- cannot simply be a verbal allegation from minister or a statement from some ministry. FB will only take action with an actual court charge --- like what it did with those previous thousands of suspects that it helped with SG police.

Anonymous said...

Governments control the minds of people by working on three human traits - fear, greed and bowing to threats. No exceptions!

Trump is practically throwing buckets of shit over the heads of Americans with all the fake news he is spouting, every day without fail. He has to invent fake news to turn his internal problems towards China and away from himself. The American people are the ones going to pay the price in the long term, especially the farmers.

But it is not easy to wake people up when they already drunk so much Kool-Aid, even if they are covered with band-aid from the consequences. The lesson has not been learnt even by those watching from the outside.

The spat and trade war between US and China has in fact arouse greater nationalism among the Chinese majority. They are not spending as much on high end goods made by the West. Most high end manufacturers are feeling the pinch of the cutback in spending by the Chinese. Perhaps this is the result of the cooling economy or Government intervention, we still do not know.

When the US wants to pick quarrels with anybody, they will invent all the fake news to justify their actions. Iraq and Libya were perfect examples. All actions based on cooked up intelligence by the West.

But China and Russia are unlike Iraq or Libya. The West cannot call for a regime change. And any military action will meet with a like reaction, not necessarily equal but at least as formidable in damage. Would the US dare to take the risk?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is howling mad about more tariffs before meeting Xi tomorrow. I bet he will make a deal as the American farmers and manufacturers are suffering from the reckless trade war.

The Americans are thinking of removing Trump from the White House by invoking the 25th Amendment, meaning Trump is insane, mad and unfit to be the President.

Advente said...

From now on. Boycott All American and Western products and services. Don't need to kpkb. Period.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why the Chinese came up with this National Intelligence Law in 2017 to open themselves to accusations by the West.

Article 11: National intelligence work institutions shall lawfully collect and process relevant intelligences on foreign bodies, organizations and individuals engaged in, or inciting or assisting others to engage in, or domestic bodies, organizations and individuals who collude with foreign bodies, organizations or individuals to engage in harm to the national security and interests of the People’s Republic of China, in order to provide intelligence as a reference and basis and reference for preventing, curbing and punishing the above acts.

Article 12: National intelligence work institutions may , according to relevant state regulations, establish cooperative relationships with relevant individuals and organizations , and commission them to carry out related work .

Article 14: National intelligence work institutions, when carrying out intelligence work according to laws, may ask relevant institutions, organizations and citizens to provide necessary support, assistance and cooperation .

This law means that Chinese companies overseas can be called upon to engage in espionage! Therefore, Huawei and ZTE, among other Chinese overseas companies, are open to accusations of potential espionage.

Anonymous said...

After meeting Xi, and if there is any consensus, however minor, Trump will brag loudly about his enormous success and telling the world that China is bowing to his trade war pressures. America is great again!

Xi will again be called his great friend and nice fellow. Then, when he wakes up, he realised he is on the wrong side of the bargain and has to invent more lies to cover that up.

Trump never wants to be on the losing end. Never mind he is a record bankrupt competition winner six times over. He thinks he wins every battle and is making America great again. So much winning and everybody loses. He must be really tired of winning! Hahaha!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is wrong with this law? Every country has a similar set of law on intelligence gathering, nothing new. The Americans and the West have even more dubious and draconian intelligence laws. The CIA is above American and international laws to kill and incite violence, promoting anti govt terrorists, engaged in drug smuggling and cartels, regime change, espionage etc etc.

The Australians just passed a law to give its spies bigger licence to kill.

China is doing what the Americans and the West is doing, at a smaller scale.

Anonymous said...

James Bond may be a fictional character, but is based on true British Intelligence spy network.

The Japanese had their spy network in Hawaii during WW2 and that is why the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour took the US by surprise as to timing.

The West had their unspoken truth under the workings of SAS, CIA etc, which everybody knows what they were doing unofficially, since time immemorial. The Chinese are just unveiling the naked truth and surely others cannot blame them for not warning them about it.

The West cannot tell China or Russia they are not allowed to have any spying network. The Russians and Chinese would tell them to fly kites or fuck spiders.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lee Hsien Yang, ex-CEO of SingTel, during Oxley Rd fracas he avoided using the company he was previously in charge of for certain communication.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have the most spy agencies and spies around the world and conducting espionage everywhere, every moment since they became the world's number one Empire.

Why no one accuses them of anything?

Anonymous said...

Because the American telcos themselves spy alot on others, that's why they worry Chinese ones also can spy back on them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are going to accuse Huawei of stealing their 5G technology. Now they have lost all their 5G technology to Huawei so cannot produce their own 5G technology. Huawei stole everything from them. So poor thing.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. won't go down without a fight for global supremacy when faced with a rising power. But China's 1.39 billion people will eventually sit on USA's 0.325 billion people. A dog must know its place when with an elephant.

Anonymous said...

The saying that 'it takes a thief to catch a thief' rings very true.

The spying, stealing and subterfuge are all the dirty work done by the USA for decades, and when they realise they are losing the game, they start to accuse others of unfair play.

Using such tactics is an indication of its downfall, sooner or later.

Advente said...

The White Supremacists of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and their lackeys are showing their racist tendency once again.

The REST of the World MUST RISE UP and fight this COMMON ENEMY - this EVIL in Disguise that is banded together, to suppress, enslave and lord over all other races, in order to satisfy their own unquenchable greed for power, wealth, control and domination.

Anonymous said...

For decades, Germany’s central bank has been storing over 1,200 tons of gold worth nearly 50 billion euros in the New York vaults of the US Federal Reserve.

After a public outcry in Germany in 2013, authorities started the repatriation program, aimed at returning the country’s gold reserves, which have been stored outside of the country since the Cold War. Berlin intended to get at least half of the country’s gold from the US and France by 2020. The government had initially planned to complete the program within a five-year period, but the US Federal Reserve renegotiated the process to a seven-year timeline.

The US reportedly managed to ship only 5 tons of its gold in 2013 due to logistical difficulties. The following year, Germany repatriated 85 tons of the precious metal from New York. Some 99.5 tons were brought back from New York in 2015. Two years ago, the country repatriated total of 200 tons.

So far, the US Fed has denied the German financial regulator access to the vast deposits that are literally being held hostage overseas. Thus, the German central bank has had no opportunity to audit the reserves that belong to Germany.

Some German experts are suspicious and have been questioning whether their gold is still there or if it has been used by foreign central banks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 556

How's this for irony...before Bretton Woods, then cuntry who benefitted the most from the gold standard (when national currencies were backed by gold) was the USA---in those days a net LENDER, "exporter" of capital. When Nixon defaulted on the gold convertibility ending the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971, the USD became the reserve currency...thus benefitting America again, this time as a net BORROWER, exporter of DEBT, and (to cuntries like China who run huge trade surpluses with the US)...INFLATION.

American exceptionalism scores again. May I recommend the excellent "Lords Of Finance" which is an excellent account of the going's on between central banks of which the US Fed (especially the NY Fed) was the undisputed bully and currency-champion for decades. No wonder that even the the govts which support the US, hate the USD world currency reserve system.

A lot of work has been done to wean the world off their drug-addiction to the US Dollar, and China plus Russia have done excellent yeoman work in developing a future alternative which will be a DIGITAL currency. If you are a BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEER, Google the jobs advertised in CHINA...huge demand, excellent pay! Both cuntries, and a host of others are really pissed off with the USA weaponizing the world's reserve currency in order to shore-up their declining geopolitical status.

However no digital currency can succeed without some form of BOND (treasury security) to back it up. Gold has been cited as the underlying security, but in order to be a reserve, the currency must be able to change its volume, so IMO (I am an amateur) I believe that the new global reserve will be secured on a mix of gold, and probably a "digital bond" yet-to-be-invented.

The cuntry or company or individual which succeeds in making a SECURE blockchain digital global reserve currency, and the underlying bond is going to be King of The Universe.

b said...

Chinese are a conquered race. First conquered by mongolians, then by manchurians and now by communists. Chinese have always been capitalists. Communists misued chinese names and made them enemies of the americans inorder to conquer the world. Who are really the real communists? Maybe Kmarx can tell us a thing or two.