When Singapore is forced to choose between China and the USA

Hsien Loong has warned that the rivalry between China and the USA may force Singapore and other Asean states to choose side. And this would be difficult time for these small states. If the day comes, what would be Singapore’s choice? Remember, taking sides mean becoming the enemy of the other. Oops, taking the side of China will become the enemy of the Americans. Taking the side of the USA may not necessarily mean becoming the enemy of China. How so?

As far as the Americans are concerned, it is about the American Empire. You are either with us or against us. Any country that is not a vassal state of the American Empire is an enemy of the Empire. The Americans are only interested in being the Empire, controlling the world and dictating to the world under the American world order. In order to extend the reach of the Empire and securing the influence of the Empire, the Americans have direct interest to control countries around the world eg South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam in particular and Asean in general, the Middle Eastern countries, the European countries, Africa etc etc. Regime change is always an American option to control the govt of these countries.

The Chinese have officially announced to the world that it would not seek world domination and hegemony. China only wants to trade and help the world to build infrastructures to promote an interconnected world for more trade and free trade. China will trade with any country without political complications. China would not interfere in the internal affairs of nation states unlike the Americans that insisted that countries must be run like the ‘American version of democracy’ be like them and would conduct regime change if this is not the case.

Being on the Chinese side is all about trade and economic development. Being on the side of the Americans is all about being part of the Empire and fighting wars to keep the Empire growing. China does not have this aspiration and does not demand its friends to go to wars. The Americans demand this and would drag their vassal states by the ears to go to wars for the American Empire.

Other than trade, Singapore also has political and security concerns. It is always wary of being attacked by bigger neighbours when there is a regime change and some ultra nationalist leaders appear and take charge. Singapore has been relying on the Americans for this protection. China was not in a position to do so in the past. And it was natural and the only choice to depend solely on the Americans, and to live with the problems of being part of the American Empire, being dragged into wars, implicated and made enemies of states that it did not want to and unable to say no to the Americans.

China today is as capable as the Americans to protect Singapore from its bigger neighbours if the need arises. For any Asean country to fight a war with China or the USA and thinking of winning is a no brainer. It is a mismatch. A major point is that China does not have an empire dream, to dominate and control the world. Thus, Singapore would not risk being pulled by the ear into a war by an empire, fighting and dying for someone’s empire.

China has also made it a law to protect all Chinese all over the world regardless of nationalities. So anyone thinking that it is convenient to run amok and kill Chinese must think twice harder, that China would not sit idly by when Chinese people are being killed by racists and extremists thugs. Would the Americans lift a finger when this happens? Maybe, maybe not, depending on American interests and what is more important to the Americans. The Americans may even take the side of the extremists if their interests coincide. A good example is the brutal killing of Khashoggi. Khashoggi is dispensable even if he was close to the Americans. The Saudis are more important in the Empire game plan.

What would be Singapore’s choice when it has to choose between the Americans and China? If a banana is in charge, there is no need to guess. The answer is obvious. The bananas believe their ancestors are Europeans and would align with the Americans.


Anonymous said...

Singapore choose US; but Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam all choose China. Like that how ???

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China's core interests are Taiwan and the South China Sea. Uncle Sam seeks world dominance. ASEAN countries are caught in the crossfire. China has the advantage of geography over Uncle Sam. ASEAN will naturally gravitate towards China for the sake of survival. China's growing influence and Uncle Sam's decline are factors making Laos, Cambodia, The Philippines, Timor-Leste, Myanmar, Thailand and even Brunei choosing China. Singapore will bend with the wind. It cannot afford to remain as Uncle Sam's poodle much longer. The next PM has to be adroit and leverage on our ancestral ties with China.

Anonymous said...

Goondu father did not teach him that there is an entity of old called Non Aligned Movement. Neutral. We trade. We no fight or take side. Opened card. We no take side. Boh tak chay.

Anonymous said...

The Americans said you are free to choose your own path. But you are either with us or against us. When we go to war, you must come along to fight on our side. If Singapore chooses to be with the Americans, be prepared to send our NSmen to fight China in the South China Sea on the side of the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Where are the elites' overseas assets? Are they in China or are they in Aust/West/USA? Will vested interests instead of the welfare of ordinary Singaporeans influence their decisions?

Al said...

Actually Sinkieland Leeder very smart lah, for security- they kowtow to UaSs,for trade - they lean towards China, u see Sinkieland know jus how to play their cards well. If they r force to choose side, then they Juz play the double headed snake. China leaders knew that ever since the old fart time, that's how Sinkieland Leeder survive but dunno this double headed snake can survive for how long? It Will be in no time a double-Snake headed slayer coming to chop that off & Sinkieland Leeder will be out calling for help hopefully a Indie coming as Tall Order to rescue the Sampan.

Anonymous said...

These few days we are seeing in main stream media pictures of old Goh wearing Indian Modi vest (also called Nehru jacket). Is there any underlying political message to Sinkies, to China, to the world?

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Anon 10.04

Vested interests more important than the welfare of Ordinary Singaporeans.

Their vested interests assets should be in the West rather than in Communist China.

Bananas are deadly enemies of Chinamen and Communism.

Especially the Chiap Cheng Chinese. Or rather even all Chinese.They feared their own kind more than Others.

Since Ancient China,the Chinese been struggling and fighting each other for survivals. So it's an unborn traits.

Self survivals more important. Even among kins, also no mercy.

Further so diverse with so many dialects and different mentalities of upbringing been one up against each other.

Some more so many already Hellejyallah.

Traitous Chinese would give no damn to their own kind.

Straits Settlements Chinese are already Baba Bibi and they have no affinity to the Mainland Chinese. Many scorned them when they are in poverty and even now thinking they are more educated and higher class than them.

In fact, they are more daft and without backbones like them.

So Sinkies bananas Leaders will align with U Ass A. By now you should have seen have they really care for the now 50%,majority Singaporean Chinese??

Even scorned their own just for the fears that they might rise against them that they had to appoint an Indian to be a Malay President.

The Mats in Matland would not be so accomdating as the Daft Chinkees Sinkies.

Anywhere,they knew our main weaknesses in being like sand disunited and exploited it to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has spoken. It is buying F35s.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is desperate. It's public debt is more than twenty-six trillion dollars. All American banks and large conglomerate listed companies indulge heavily in derivative and hedge fund trading in Wall Street stock market and their combined private debts have ballooned to the catastrophic figure of over six hundred trillion dollars. America can't solve this huge debt problem. It is desperate and like as before it will create large scale horrendous wars to shake off its burden and responsibility of the debt. The Evil Empire has been building up endless fabricated reasons and grounds for coming wars against Russia, China and Iran. Small countries must not be pulled by the Evil Empire to fight the wars which it created. A certain idiotic no brainer leader is pushing his fake ego too far by talking too much and letting out where his true feelings are. If this type of shameless undignified leader wants to die on behalf of the Evil Empire let him go and die himself. He has no right to lead his country and his people blindly to be pro America and to die for the Evil Empire.

Suicide suicide let him be
Leave us alone safe and free
With him his wife and family tag along
When they are dead we will sing a song

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

That's reality lah! Either with us or against us.

Take Hougang in Sinkieland. They voted WP and became the enemy of the powers that be, deprived of all asset enhancements and amenities.

But, hor, heaven has eyes because asset enhancement turns out to be one big fat lie because after 99 years the value of the flat becomes zero.

What can daft Sinkies do? Go after Woody Woodpecker whose long beak spouted this long tale about asset enhancement wayang.

Advente said...

It should be Woody Bloodsucker, instead of Woody Woodpecker.

Anonymous said...

1/3 of S'pore exports goes directly to China/HK/Taiwan.

But only 6.5% goes to US. In fact S'pore has a trade deficit with US --- we import more from US (in USD amount), than we export to them.

A S'pore-version of Trump will be imposing tariffs on US imports!

However, 100% (or at least 99.99%) of PAPpy elites & cronies have their assets ($$$$, gold, properties, stocks, bonds, companies, trust funds, hedge funds) in Western countries.

So no need to think so hard which side S'pore will support if shooting & killing starts.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Outgoing PM Lee has tasked his successor with a Tall Order: Pivot East to Beijing or West to Washington. The late LKY was paranoid about Singapore being labelled "Third China" after Taiwan. The Domino Theory was effectively used by Uncle Sam to strike fear and drive many ASEAN members into its arms. ASEAN members no longer believe in the Domino Theory. Instead, they are beginning to embrace socialism with Chinese characteristics. Singapore next PM must move in tandem with ASEAN. There is safety in numbers unless PM Lee has other ideas.

Anonymous said...

Outgoing PM, now only 66, says will hang over the reins at 70. That's another long 4 years, which is as lengthy as any normal 5-year term in office.

So the term 'outgoing" is a misnomer - as if the guy is going to retire in a few months time !

Anonymous said...

Heng suffered a stroke two years ago. What are the odds he won't suffer another stroke within the next 4 years?

Bookies ! Where are you ?!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

@ 2.35pm

Meaning of "Outgoing"

Cambridge English Dictionary: Leaving a particular job, office or position.

Dictionary.com: Leaving or retiring from a position or office.

Oxford Living Dictionaries: Leaving an office or position.

Sorry Uncle, "Outgoing" has no time frame. PM Lee and Dr M are outgoing. Period.

Anonymous said...

He won't suffer another stroke. After his first stroke he appears still normal. That is why he is call 'heng'. Add the 'swee' and you have the perfect choice.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ face-palm stupidity

>> Hsien Loong has warned that the rivalry between China and the USA may force Singapore and other Asean states to choose side. <<

Nonsense. It's not even close to that yet, and it is a highly unlikely scenario.

Singapore's relevance relies on the fact that it creates "value" for its global partners...and value is in the eyes of the beholders.

Singapore, The State, has demonstrated time and again that people live and die, but The State is forever. So if you need to sacrifice people for the continuance of The State, so be it.

Singapore awards scholarships to PRC nationals. And act of "goodwill"? You be the judge. One would think that locals would be first in line? Apparently not.

Borders are opened to allow foreigners to compete for jobs. One would think that the interests of the people come first? Apparently not. The interests of The State trumps everything.

The US places sanction on countries for doing business with DPRK. Singapore hosts a summit for Kim and Trump, so now Singapore seals its own reputation and does business with both. Singapore "appears to be" a VALUABLE partner.

LHL played a clever hand. By saying something fairly obvious---picking sides is on the minds of everyone in the world---he has caused an "emotional reaction" in the peoples of ASEAN, and of course Singaporeans.

This is classic "misdirection". Singaporeans have a lot more important things the should be laser-focusing on instead of worrying what happens between Trump's America (not the real America) and China. Trump could be gone by the next election. Seeing as how the Dems have the house, a "blue wave" is not a far off possibility; it is very fucking likely.

Meanwhile in 2020, or as early as next year, the PAP is going to call a GE. Instead of wasting time about shit you cunts have no control over, you's better pay attention to your cuntry and your fucking government...and YOUR MONEY...which are areas of your life you might have some control over, and that your attention to them could damn well make a fucking difference.

Don't fall for the shit coming out of talking heads in authority. They always play mind games, especially with you. They have a nice feudal system; a plutocracy, to defend and GROW.

You? You have fuck all mate. And you will have less than fuck all if you take your eyes of the ball.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure most of the peeps here understand what is impt to them personally & they take pains to look after it.

Whether it's job, career, skills, health, relationships, connections, family, money mgmt, investments, whatever.

Except for 1 or 2 who take themselves too seriously, the rest come here to masturbate, tcss, sodomize each other & fuck around etc. :)

Virgo 49 said...

Kaoshiung under DPP for twenty odd years now fall to KMT

At least the Taiwanese knows how to U-turn.

Sinkies under PAP for 60 odd years don't know even know three point turn.

Grace Disgraceful needed someone to even do vertical park for her car. How ah, parallel parking???

Straight parking should just go head in if don't know how to reverse.

Think ladies better parallel and just lie flat to men to go in straight head in shafting.


Anonymous said...

Young Taiwanese men doesn't want to do NS for Taiwan, because they knew in a war with a much more powerful enemy like China they sure lose and die.

So it's nuts for PAP elites to choose sides for our NSFs to fight in a US-China war. Fight against China sure die. Fight against US sure die.

Anonymous said...

More and more Taiwanese are starting to call themselves Chinese again. They do not want to be the pawns of the Americans, they do not want Chinese to fight Chinese, for the Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Point taken. After reading those rants by students on their exams, the cuntry is in deep shit.

I note the mention of "sadistic old cunts" as described by one young lady and similar sentiments abound by her peers. We know the PAP are assholes...no new info there.

However our young strawberries, so soft, so entitled, and have been sold a bill of goods by the adults in "authority". I get that why they're mad.

They've been told to study diligently and prepare for a great future. Then they graduate, and find themselves barely able to secure full time career, and when they do, at low pay rates. HDB... too expensive. Job security: none. So yes, I understand their anger and frustration.

But what saddens me is their attitude. Their ancestral stock took hardship in their stride and dealt with it, making Singapore what it is. But our young'uns , all they seem to be able to do is to complain and vent their teenage angst, forgetting the historical fact that most of their "uneducated" immigrant forebears were working everyday from as young as 12 or 14 years old.

So yeah, we're in deep shit... unless the adults in-charge start LISTENING to the kids, and the kids develop some spirit geared to more action---defiance, anti-authorianism, independence...and the ability to create VALUE so that they don't have to put up with the shit and "fake wisdom" doled out by the dinosaur Baby Boomers, who should keep their out-of-date ideas out of any serious conversations about the future.

Anonymous said...

Instead of being lean n mean P@P builds a very huge n costly bureaucracy.
Instead of facilitating risk taking we build more n more compliance costs n rules n regulations.
Instead of ground up entreprise facilitation we have GLSi eating up n more middlemen introduced.
Keep hiking all kind of rates n achieve most expensive city 6 yrs in a roll. How to be competitive n compete?
And keep feeding citizens with propaganda until almost all cannot think, how to compete in a globalize environment?
Short sighted yet boast of 50 yrs planning.
Some all life on public money yet want to teach businessmen how to run their businesses. Some even made CEOs making big time business decisions.
Some politicians n engineers made Investments' Heads managing hundreds of billions.
You tell me lah, can compete or not?