Mat and his half truths

After the new govt came into power in Malaysia, Mahathir was seen removing all the curbs on freedom of the press disguised as controlling fake news and half truths. Malaysia is the new beacon of truth, not fake news and half truths with lesser control of the media. Or is it because of this freedom of speech or the media that more fake news and half truths would be the talk of the town?

In thenewpaper I saw this article ‘Dr M: M’sians don’t want to work, expect handouts’. As I read more of what Mahathir was saying I could believe that these were the truths but more of half truths that bordered on fake news. I will quote a few of his comments and see if you guys can tell whether it is fake news or half truth, starting from the title of the article above.

‘Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned that Malaysia would soon be overtaken by its oorer neighbours because its people exect handouts rather than to work hard.’ Truth or half truth?

‘In Malaysia, people don’t want to work because the govt gives them money.’ Truth or half truth?
The Malaysian govt decided not to ratify the International Convention on the elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination(ICERD) ‘because the govt was aware that the people did not agree with the ratification’. Truth or half truth?

‘I deny that we made the decision to not ratify the ICERD because of politics, or because we were worried that we would lose support in the upcoming Rantau by election.’ Truth or half truth?
How many truths and half truths are there in the above quotes?

M’sian PM says his country will be overtaken by Vietnam soon. I must agree that this is a truth, a few of the truth among the many half truths he spoke. And here is another truth, ‘Even some of our own (ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan) MPs were not in favour of it.’

Many govts like to blame social media and bloggers for telling fake news and half truths. What about the half truths above, if any, that were spoken by a PM? Does it mean that the govt can speak half truth and the social media cannot?


Anonymous said...

All politicians cannot be trusted. Period.

Under the skies, all crows are black. 天下乌鸦黑

Advente said...

Politicians are professional liars. Period.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M cannot be trusted completely. He is no paragon of virtue. It is a well-known fact that he favours the bumiputras over the non-bumiputras. It is the bumiputras who want handouts. It is the bumiputras who are anti-ICERD. Malaysian Chinese and Indians are ubiquitous in Singapore. Large numbers of them cross the Causeway to steal lunches. They do not wait for handouts. Dr M discriminates and is biased. His half-truths are more prevalent than truths. He ruled the country by obfuscation, a tactic to divide and rule. This wily old leopard still retain and cannot change his spots.

Al said...

Wat Mat Kor is saying r only half truth lah. Why? He knew he was the cos of it by creating the so called pumi-butts kind of thing. Now the Mats have tis entitlement kind of mindset. Mat Kor need not compare with the Viets he can compare with the nearby Burmese or Indons he wud realise that they r even more hard working than them. Mat Kor is not really worried bout Sinkieland cos he knew in yrs to come tis piece of tiny rock will be rotten & let it sinks or stinks by its own also noboli cares liow la..

Virgo49 said...

Mama Mahathir should be brunt
and courageous enough to say the Malaysian MALAYS and NOT other Malaysians.After all he is Mama Kutik.

They do not want to ratify as they wants the Majority MALAY Votes.

Any Parties wants to win their Elections Needed the Malay Supports.

So all present and previous governments moddle cuddled and spoilt them.

They can have gangs and rampages others races with immunity.

If they do not slaughyes a own chicken to frighten theur monkeys tHan their arrogance and lawlessness will never go away.

TBC as bus reaching destination.

Anonymous said...

Man made the c unbearable for whales.

And also any how handle food.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everything you read on the internet is TRUE!

Governments ban fake news because it interferes with their ongoing plans four misdirection and misinformation! 😎 Brilliant!

True or False? You be the judge.

1. Singapore's reserves are more than 2 trillion. (shhh... state secret. Official figures is ~600 billion)

2. Ho Ching's pay is around 30+ million (shhh... state secret)

3. The reason an Indian is reported as being Malay in the presidency is because...

I have more true or false games cumming.

Should you believe what you read on the internet? 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

The only truth is the $$$$$ and assets that you control overseas in jurisdictions that have strong historical & cultural respect for personal & property rights.

The only truth in S'pore is the whitemen's hard truths --- no, not the angmoh, but the whiter than angmoh.

Anonymous said...

Suspect the whales were affected by the irresponsible dumping of nuclear waste in the sea that affects their nervous system and they lost their senses. This is something that the guilty parties would not want to talk about.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M is still haunted by The Malay Dilemma. The inherent laziness, lower IQ, the lack of drive, initiative and spirit of the average bumiputras continued to drive him nuts. Non-bumiputras had performed better even though they received no handouts and that troubled him. He wants the bumiputras to get out of their comfort zone but it had been an uphill task. The fear of a political backlash by the bumiputras had stymied him. Dr M is resorting to the use of half-truths as part of his balancing act to please everybody. As time is not on his side, he is likely to end up pleasing nobody.

Advente said...

Answer to Malaysia's problem is Education - Progressive Education, and Motivation. Incentives for those who are willing to work hard, not just any Bumi-butt-tras.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir's education policy led to doctors that are not doctors, engineers not engineers, scientists not scientists, technicians not technicians, except on paper.

Tiger86 said...

@ Virgo49 9.42am //TBC as bus reaching destination.//


Where U heading?

Ai go join U lakopi ...

Virgo49 said...

After SAFRA swim at Mount Faber reached CID Cantonment LimKopi.

You better don't join.After drank their kopi half dead and backside koyak.Hokkien said puaKia

Mathathir should make history during his balance time before been laid to rest to rescind the Bumis Policy.

Take away their clutches and they will learn how to walk and run.
Then the Nation would prospered by leaps and bounds.

Leave to Anwar or whatsoever after him to convince the Bumis that they are also capable if they wanted to.

As time goes on the Bumis will slowly realise to trust other races.

Whoever runs the Government and they do not discrimated each other then they will jelled as True Malaysians. ONE MALAYSIA.

But please don't learn from Sinkieland PAP Or Pay And Pay.

As theis Bs Metro Crazy is only for their cronies and por lam pars.

Yet they can put on a straight face and proclaimed that we are closing inequality.


Mat Salah said...

Headhunting by Singapore is brain draining for Malaysia. Putucherry and Cow Boon Wan are fine examples.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Mat Salah.

You salah or not??

You called these two brain dead,oops brain brain from Matland.

They came here to have a good life and ruled over Sinkies.

Sinkies too magnanimous that they do not even knows what's hits them.

Nation overran and they still sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Virgo69 12.15 //You better don't join.After drank their kopi half dead and backside koyak.Hokkien said puaKia//

Ha ha ha

Who PuaKia dunno lah ...

Last time one fella mastermind puakia then end up bed 2 yr+

Also tsunami come

Who puakia YEW say lah ...?

When another Tsunami come soon?

Puakia or eat grass?

La one kopi YEW tawk puakia?

YEW worst than bastard traitor?

Super Chek Ark ...

Karma come no place to hide ...

Anonymous said...

No need to fret about Mahathir.

His body organs will fail from old age in one or two years' time.

We won't hear from him any more.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 1.28

I had seen one very chek ark thirty plus tattoos guy washing dishes besides the Coffeeshop TB heights gents toilet.

He was hunched over washing all the Coffeeshop stalls dishes and utensils.

I was peeing at the Grandstand and one joker a coffee shop tenant purposely disturbed him by shouting his name.

Yew should have seen him jumped out of hits wits and started wiggling and hallucating incoherently.

I was shocked and asked that guy what's wrong with him.

He told me the he was once hauled in to drink not kopi but sai chwee.

There think he suspect in some minor crimes and when he came out became like this lah.

Poor thing they mjust have really drenched him a lot of kopi or saI chwee.

That's why thare is one Anon who kept harping about this limkopi.

He must be either with the Blancah Lim kopi gang is prison warden.

Out of concern maybe he is trying to ask us to go slow or else we bd like the poor coffee shop guy.

Anyway had also seen too many of these limkopi stuff when in Provost Unit.

Anyway karma will pay back these inhuman kopi fellas when time is right.

They be rewarded with more Lim kopi from the Hell Jade Emperor Cow and Horse MPs when their time come.

For theM now they take delights in torturing their fellomen.

Virgo49 said...

Should Be not limkopi by the HELL emperor but burned with Fire and Fury and Lim Hell brinkstones.

Wait for their times to be charged for theur sins.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 November 28, 2018 12:15 pm
//After SAFRA swim at Mount Faber reached CID Cantonment LimKopi.//

Mt Faber ARFAS not under reno? Got open?

Anyway, mee just stay 1 St opposite, (one of the "ghettoes" in peesai)

Quite near walking distance (abt 15 mins) to GuangZhou or Canton.

Lakopi at GuangZhou can becum puakia?

贼becum兵, 兵becum贼?

HoooooLEEgan Affairs Minionstry?

No more "Law and Order"?

Becum "Chaos and Disorder"?

Early 20th century Canton 黄飞鸿 era?

Ominous phenomenon?

Virgo49 said...

Anon OldDragon

Only main Hall. Completion soon with marble flooring.

Gym/Pool not affected. PornShark gone. Very more tern. Built Premai
Oldies cannot sleep on sofas see free World Cup liao.

Lazing on sofas and when China Ang Kors want to sweep beneath asked them to lift legs, get angry.

Said I complanned my MP Sam Ang then you know. Sam Ang one of the convenor of SAFRA with Phua Babi
Oops Bah Lee.

TB and Permai Strong Supporters of Pay And Pay.

Now SAFRA became oldies club. No more servicemen and NSmen club.

Unkors and aunties majority swimming club.

Don't know got so many ex Lau pengs above 70s and DAF, oops SAF women.

Thought our time SAF women should be around our age now still early 20s.


Anonymous said...

ARFAS pool Hen Ha (peng toh) pang jio rinse mouth maciam drink their sai chui?



Anonymous said...

No wonder Opposition cannot win. So many nonsensical comments here.

Advente said...

Opposition cannot win irrespective of whether comments are nonsensical or not.

Nonsensical or not is a matter of mind - due to individual's perception, knowledge, interpretation and understanding. All these are in turn subjected to each individual's inborn and acquired cognitive biases.

A finger pointing outwards is always accompanied by the other three fingers pointing back to self and the thumb pointing downwards to Mother Earth.

Sweeping statements without substance are the gifts of the gaps of fools.

No Opposition can win when the time is not ripe, the place is peaceful and the people are not hungry.

No Opposition can win when incumbent has absolute power and absolute control across the board, wide and deep.

No Opposition can win when it does not have full support of the people - financially, morally and physically.

Oppositions can only win when they join force as One United People and think, speak and act as a better alternative Governing Body instead of as Opposition for Opposition! sake!

Those are the salient points for winning or losing.

UG said...

Leaders in the whole world very li hai. Work as leaders very long. Learn a lot of skill. Give away all money. Work as cleaners for $1000. Apply the skills learn, be rich again. The world will be better place?

Or best. Find a cleaner that earn $1000. Use the skills learn as leader. Tell the cleaner what to do to be rich. Like those seminar that must pay money. Why must pay money ah?

UG said...

I must go open seminar for rich people. Tell them they too rich, how to feel human. Must donate more money, do more good deed. What am I? Religion? Woo hoo. Is that how religion come about? The purpose of creation of religion to balance the ying and yang? Woo hoo. So the POPE and Da Lai Lama job is to balance the world, but still got war? Need to go confession a not?


Wah seh. The religion master fail ah? So is religion satanic?


Ah Trump Ah Trump Ah Trump. Ong Teng Cheong Ong Teng Cheong Ong Teng Cheong.

Anonymous said...

Dream on lar 11.59pm. Don’t TKSS like those Apeks here. Just carry on with your rumbling day in day out lar. The fact is you can’t accept the truth.

Virgo49 said...

Today ST's Ah Chan best speech that touches my heart.

Must NOT grab everything for your

Leave some for Others. Social Responsibity.

Think I better change my vote from Lim Tean to Ah Chan.

But after the Election how ah??

Will Ah Chan and Company stop their grabbings?

Were they leave something for their fellowmen?

Anonymous said...

We suppressed the truth. There is a Creator. There is right n wrong. There is good n evil. Weak men chose to act blur n ignore though their consience works on his heart. Evil men numbed their hearts n lied n lied n become hypocrites. Said one thing n do the others to their fellow men.
Nevertheless everyone will still have to account before God. Death will surely come followed by judgment.
For those in power better think twice n be kind n not abuse their power. Why be so greedy?