MRT - Another stupidity has no cure thing

'Like travelers at airports, MRT commuters will be required to walk through a metal detector and put their belongings through X-ray scanners. Security officers at MRT stations will soon also be equipped with handheld metal detectors to scan commuters.
Such security equipment was first deployed at emergency exercises in Feb this year. According to a senior LTA official who spoke to TODAY, it took an estimated eight to ten minutes to organise and clear each commuter, before they were allowed to go through the fare gates.'

The above quote is from theindependent on the 6 month security check trial by the MRT. I am not going to discuss the rationale and goodness of this exercise. I am just amazed by the decision based on the numbers to contend with. Imagine that commuters take more than 2m trips daily. If each commuter were to take 10 minutes before going through the gates,  this would mean 20m minutes of time needed to clear each commuter. Let's convert this to hours, ie 20,000,000/60 or more than 3 million hours would be needed or wasted.

Ok, MRT is not going to put the trial on every station, just 6 stations at a time. How many passengers would be affected? How much time would be needed for each commuter to add to their travelling time? Assuming this is conducted in off peak hours, with this kind of delay, every commuter is likely to be in a queue of at least 20 people. This would mean having to wait for 200 minutes before clearing. Does t make sense?

Then look at the problem during peak hours. The queue could easily be a 100 people at least and building up very quickly. If one is in a 100 man queue and each one takes 10 minutes to clear the gate, that would mean a 1,000 minute wait. This is more than 16 hours of waiting time to get through the gate.

I think if this is going to be the case, MRT should make an announcement to warn commuters that travelling time will be longer, and they need to start their journey one day ahead to be sure of getting to their destination on time.

Perhaps MRT could foresee this problem and cut the clearing time by half, ie 5 minutes. It would still take 8 hours at least, during peak hours, to clear through a gate. Of course I am calculating this only on paper and it may not be accurate plus and minus a few hours.

What do you think?

Some nitwits may say it can be done at the airports, why not the trains? Go figure. If you can add 1+1=2, you will not be too far off.

PS. If 10 gates are reduced to one gate, even without the screening, the stations would not be able to cope. With this screening process added on, how long would be the queue?


Virgo49 said...

This is the Papies way of telling you we are the Mastere, you dafts and we can do what we want with you.

All in the name of Security and we for you and screwed you.

This is just like the Regimental Camps and Prisons discipline of hassling you.

Also, these bloody so called Security Chia liaobee personnel onit checked Innocent looking sinkes which they can bullied.

Look away from these terror looking real creatures knowing they cannot and unable to handle them.

Now they wayang Wayang telling the 4G Duds that they must look after
Welfare of the Singaporeans.

Must be inclusive.

That's beacause they want to further con the dafts.

Anonymous said...

It's too stupid to be real news. Maybe it's fake news .

Anonymous said...

Just like in banking, just follow the fad and do more in compliance until the rules & regulations stack up to the sky. While the idiots don't even realize we have strangled our own risk takers and make our small city so costly and uncompetitive. This is a way for them to employ more people of their same kind and add to the costs of the very big and costly civil service.
One small city, and one such humongous & costly government & civil service and of course tax the citizens more and more.
The parasites ie cost centres thought they are the "revenue" generators.
Idiots are running this country. OPM & millions dollars renumerations have made them numb & stupid.

Anonymous said...

Navies of India, Singapore begin mega war game (against who ??)

New Delhi, Nov 10 (PTI) Navies of India and Singapore Saturday began a 12-day military exercise off the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal as part of their efforts to further solidify maritime security cooperation.

A number of frontline ships of the two navies are participating in the mega exercise -- SIMBEX, an acronym for 'Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise'.

"The exercise at sea this year will be unprecedented and largest in terms of the complexity and weapon firings," Navy Spokesperson Capt D K Sharma said.

Started in 1994, the SIMBEX has graduated into a complex maritime combat drills featuring missile and torpedo firings as well as shore-based intensive professional exchanges, he said.

In sync with deepening defence cooperation between India and Singapore, the navies of the two countries have expanded their ties significantly in the last few years.

The Indian naval ships which are participating in the exercise include Ranvijay, Satpura, Sahyadri, Shakti, Kirch, Kadmatt, Sumedha and Sukanya.

Singapore Navy has sent a number of its frontline ships including Formidable, Steadfast, Unity, Valiant and Vigour.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft of both countries - the versatile P8I of the Indian Navy and Fokker F50 from Singapore would also be part of the exercise, said Capt Sharma.

"The number of missiles and torpedo firings being undertaken are unprecedented and perhaps the largest the Indian Navy has undertaken with any foreign Navy till date," said the Navy spokesperson.

He said the exercise will feature "highest numbers" of platforms being fielded by both sides.

"Over the years the two navies have increased their interoperability to a level that could be matched by few other navies," said Capt Sharma.

Advente said...

There are so many ways would-be mischief makers can do to inflict casualties in the trains. The easiest way is to follow the graffiti painters' way. If they could spend four hours inside the Depot doing their paintwork without being detected, how many bombs can be planted on the trains during those 4 hours?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ commuters in a rush,

This has got to be the dumbest, most hair-brained scheme ever devised by the govt.

Look up Security Theatre. That means measures which "appear to be" focused on security issues but when implemented are ineffective; except that they waste resources and time. They do NOTHING to improve the odds of safety or reduce the odds of an attack. (There is no 100% protection against terrorist attack. The possibility is always there. Get used to it. That's life in our times!)

This security theatre is the sg.gov covering their backsides. In the unlikely event of a successful attack, the sg.gov can just claim "You will note that we took strict security measures, but despite our focused efforts, the terrorists were able to attack us. The reality is there is no 100% protection or prevention of an attack.". Backside covered. Mission accomplished.

Here's the thing. For a moment, think like a terrorist. You know the train stations are hot with "security". Why bother? Why not just hail a cab or order a rideshare and carry your bio-weapon or explosives with you in the vehicle?
No one checks taxis or rideshare....

Chilling huh? fucking security theatre. Make things more dangerous for us. 😠 Bullshit lah! ☠️💀

Advente said...

@ 9:25 am

The Joint Singapore-India Navies must have been planning to counter the navies of Malaysia, Indonesia and ither Asean countries.

China's navy is too strong for India-Singapore Joint Navies.

Anonymous said...

Backward navies boasting about advanced and complex naval equipment and technology.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

The most clear and present danger in the MRT is not terrorist attack but virus attack and contagious diseases. Would they insist that every commuter must that a jab before entering the train, or would they insist that every one must buy a special mask to protect themselves and other commuters from being infected?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "let's think like terrorists to show how silly Singapore's Security Theatre is, and there is no REAL protection against terrorist attacks"

1. >> Then look at the problem during peak hours. The queue could easily be a 100 people at least and building up very quickly. <<

WOW, a nice concentration of people and authority. This is where a smart terrorist will do their thing: when waiting in the long queue! Dumb idea---fail

2. Security Theatre: armed patrols in the airport, tourist areas. Young men in uniform no less with automatic weapons pretending to keep everyone safe. (They're not).

3. Metal detectors at MRT? Fantastic. I've just been to supermarket. I am carrying metal tins of food and what not. Could a terrorist fill those cans with explosives or sarin gas, anthrax or ricin? Why not. Those "food stuffs" will pass thru the detector no worries.

4. How about....flying a weaponised drone onto the MRT tracks. When the train passes over the drone and it's payload....instant DERAILMENT.

5. Public buses....let your imagination run wild.

6. Food court: replace slip ricin into the soya sauce, chilli sauce etc.

7. Weaponized anthrax. Singapore is mostly airconditioned...especially the underground spaces...which we have plenty of.

8. Sarin gas was used to on an attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995. 12 people died. Over 1000 were affected. Liquid sarin was put into plastic bags and wrapped in newspaper. Liquid sarin is colourless. If the terrorists put it into water bottles, in full view of the authority, they will pass thru the security check without any problems

OK, anyone else with a wild imagination, please do your best imagining. I'll bet you will be as good or better than the expensive "security ex-spurts" contracted by the govt.

Anonymous said...

singaporeans are like that lah

everyone bo-chup!

everyone very quiet!

all kwai-kwai!

delay delay lah!

sg is like that liao!

sg is like that liao!


Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?

You all voted for it what!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

When the idiots allowed so many foreigners to come in freely and now more than the population, they are now like the viruses, everywhere.

There is no place to hide, no where to run.

Fucking idiots created the problems that cannot be solved.

And the idiots are saying that they want to bring in more.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1054am

Angry not! Angry not!

Can complain......can kpkb......better than cannot!

At least can feel shiok shiok after complianing and kpkb-ing!

So....please angry not..........cheers...........

Anonymous said...

Hep c at sgh that one not
Terror one.

UG said...


Old leaders are so cute. Who is the cutest? TCB? LHY?

I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei. I am luffing at old leaders in Singapore. There is e2i and wda, but I still got no job. Waste money open e2i and wda? Army auto know how to come find me, but I go until e2i and wda, it is open to let people go one, but I still got no job. LKY iron fist?

Or maybe the Ang Moh is the cutest? Make America Great Again. Money leh? Money leh? Peasant in Singapore, also money leh, money leh? That weird. Are we still Ang Moh and Japanese alliance? Where is the Japanese Brand Laptop ah?

Why Singapore no talent no talent need foreign talent? Anyone know? TCB or LHY know?

Anonymous said...

Come on Uncle Redbean, they said it is only a trial and not for real. Just main main lah. Don't get all heated up under your collar. Just for show, and all will go back to as it is now.

Anonymous said...

Loonoong & his gang are so low standards & incompetent, its almost unbelievable. These pampered spoilt kids are bringing the cuntry & citizens down.

Advente said...

If not want to implement, where is the need for trial? Too much money to spend? Too many manpower who have too much free time? Overpaid? CEO and Senior Management are feeling guilty for drawing too much salary but have nothing to do?

Anonymous said...

From CNA : As commuters filed into Little India MRT station at around 10am on Monday (Nov 12), some were selected to place their bags through an X-ray scanner and walk through a metal detector.

A lady, who was carrying a small handbag, was also selected for the screening.

Firstly, why Little India MRT station out of so many MRT stations in Singapore ??

Secondly, why lady with small handbag got selected ??

Anonymous said...

Well they have to start ramping up the anxiety and fear in the sheeple's mind so that next year they'll be handed another resounding mandate.

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are both Anons 10.12 and 1.21.

1.21 is absolutely Right that they psychoed the sheepies with the Fear Factors and became panaorid of imaginary devils lurking behind you.

So that they be given another resounding victory that they are the only ones able to protect you.

They get their own por lam pars to say that they are doing a great job.

Sheepies are easily manipulated and threatened. As I said they only checked the real innocent ones into submission.

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add.

They may be shooting at their own feet with this Stupid Idea.
Most sinkies are already been hassled with too many problems.

LHL mentioned we must not take the mood of the people for granted.

If the women folks and even old ankors and aunties walking with arthritis and in pain like you kena unnecessarily hassled and too lan.

If women folks also too lan, they may cast their votes against them.

Don't play play.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Once I attended the RSAF Open House and the stupid security guard insisted that I put my golf cap through the X-Ray machine. He was expecting a bomb inside my golf cap or maybe a gun or a knife.

Stupidity has no cure

In the MRT case, how many machine needed, how much manpower needed, how much will it cost? Good reason to spend OPM.

marlin212 said...

If Beijing MRT can scan people and bags, I don't see why this cannot be implemented here.