The daft Australians must learn from Singapore

‘Australian prime minister plans to reduce immigration, citing urban crowding
Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia has proposed that the government impose stricter limits on immigration to control overcrowding in the country’s major cities. Population growth has played a major role in the country’s economic success, but people in Australia’s biggest cities are alarmed about an influx of immigrants, Mr Morrison said. “They are saying: enough, enough, enough,” he said. “The roads are clogged, the buses and trains are full. The schools are taking no more enrollments.”’

The above is quoted from Todayonline. The Australians are hysterical over the growing number of immigrants adding to the population of their cities. Can you believe that? A continent nation with cities that are sparsely populated compare to Singapore, they are calling for a ban on immigration? Don’t they want growth, don’t they want progress and better quality of life?

The problem is that they did not know how to manage big cities with big population. Singapore should send out experts to down under and teach them how good big population is and how each Australian city can easily accommodate a 10m population.

Australia must learn from Singapore in bringing more and more population to increase economic growth. And the better immigrants are those from third world countries with their special talents that Australia does not have, never mind which universities or if their degrees are from degree mills. No degrees also can, as long as they can work, be they calling themselves as doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, as long as they can do the job, the papers got or no do not matter.

If Australia is to follow what Singapore is doing, with its continent size country, Australia can easily take in another 100m immigrants and become really a big country and a super power. No need to pretend that it is a big power when it is not, with a meagre population of 23m, less than the population of Malaysia.

The Australian govt should simply throw the question back to the complaining and daft Australians. Do you want growth, do you want a better life? The answers must be yes and therefore bringing in more immigrants is the only way to go about it. QED.

If they don’t believe this, come to Singapore and see how we squeezed in 6m people in this piece of rock and still bringing in more, and there is no problem of overcrowding. We have work for several million foreigners. And they contributed to our growth and created work for Singaporeans as well. Our infrastructure and public transport system are running as smoothly as they are built to be. And we can continue to build more homes to sell to the foreigners. How nice.

And where got Singaporeans saying, enough, enough, enough? Singaporeans are crying for more, more, and more. Some even suggesting 10m or 15m or more. And this is the reason why Singapore is so prosperous, so rich, now so rich in culture from all over the work, including viruses and bacteria in the air. And exposing to them would make Singaporeans stronger with better immunity.

Did the Australians know that this little Red Dot on the surface of the earth has one quarter the population of the Australian continent and wanting more? Soon Singapore will have a population half the size of Australia, if the great thinkers and planners have their way.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn that is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's import of foreigners to boost economic growth is the wisest policy for other countries to emulate. It is an easy economic growth formula that has no side effects.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Australia is a huge continent. It is a shame that it cannot take in more immigrants. Singapore can teach the Aussies how to pack and squeeze humans like sardines into a tiny island. Just emulate Singapore by trying out CECA. Cheap labour and skilled in IT readily available. Housing and transport problems can be solved. KBW can easily fix it. But their White Policy is an impediment. The Aussies prefer white men even if they are convicts. Non-whites seeking greener pastures are usually dumped into Darwin and Perth. White Aussies like true blue Singaporeans have not much love for FTs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

Although RB is writing tongue-in-cheek, being a pro-immigration/ open borders-anything-goes guy, I do agree with him.

The average Aussie is an economic illiterate who is in debt to their eyeballs, entitled and lacks the "work ethic" found amongst the Sino-influenced cultures of Asia. Trust me, I have spent a greater part (2/3rds) of my life here, I know The Game inside out. It is a Lucky Cuntry inhabited by Lucky Cunts who have no fucking clue on how the rest of the struggling world works.

Firstly, a correction: PM ScoMo is not stopping immigration; he's reducing the numbers.

Thereis little doubt that immigration (the right type of policy) is damn good for wealth creation and the advancement of a society.

This is expressed by Saye's Law, by whichone interpretation says that supply creates its own DEMAND. When you have a supply of productive, educated and motivated immigrants, you get DEMAND in the economy. Simple e.gs.: you need more housing, more services, more infrastructure...roads, schools, cities, retail outlets, support services...and on and on.

So the business community (the fuckers who create the opportunity and wealth) are really PISSED OFF with ScoMo's decision, but the economically-illiterate Sheeple are all for it. dumb fuckers, they just self-sabotaged.

And yes, RB is right: Singapore has many lessons to teach the dumb-fuck Aussies. Whilst immigration is Singapore was probably "too much too soon", there is no denying that overall, it has been great for the cuntry. Maybe not-so-great for some who all of a sudden found themselves to be "uncompetitive", but hey, that's life lah. They have a choice to change their attitudes and "meet the market" and create VALUE, so they remain RELEVANT in the economic engine.

Anyway, this policy won't stick for very long. ScoMo and The Liberals are on the way to losing the next election in 2020, and Aust---for better or worse---will be getting a Labor govt. The People Get The Govt They Deserve. Labor has already said it is going to "tax and spend", so guess what? The way to get greater tax revenues is to have strong immigration.

Labor likes "diversity" so they are going to encourage the black, brown and yellow skinned peoples of the world to apply. also the gays, transgendered, and whatever on the gender-sexuality-spectrum are also welcome. The thing is, that Australia always get "interesting" when Labor govts get in. The Sheeple love it because Labor gives away lots of "free stuff", but business in general hates it because they kena pay plenty of taxes. Got redistribution? 😝🤑

By removing the Negative Gearing tax-minimisation scheme, real estate values will TANK, making housing more affordable for the locals and especially for the New Immigrants. As word about "cheap houses" spreads globally, more people will apply for immigration to Australia.

As soon as we toss out ScoMo and The Liberals, we can get back to population and economic growth once more.

Labor govts tend to eventually WRECK the cuntry's finances and economics---due to giving away too much "free stuff" to the Entitled Sheeple. This is where I play my card in re-locating back to Singapore...my plans begin in Jan 2019, I will slowly move my stuff back. I am not going to be high-taxed by Labor...who are welcome to fuck-up the cuntry so I can buy "cheap stuff" when everything has crashed.

Best of both worlds? You bet 🤣😂 Exploit to the maximum. Singapore is "cheap" at the moment. SGX Shiller PE is around 14. Opportunity is knocking!

Who knows, I may be able to profit as much or better than the "war stocks" guy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you should wait for another 10 years when more HDB flats are above 40 years old. You can buy them at your asking price. It would be buyers market as there would be very few buyers for these old flats.

Not sure about 99 year private flats if that is what you are looking at.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

No lah. I've had enough of the housing stuff. Die-die I would never touch HDB now. Let's face it lah, many of us oldies did A-OK when HDB was a "close-eyes-make-money" machine...which is always a common trait in any Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are cool ways to make money out of nothing---all you have to be is LUCKY to get in at the bottom, at the beginning. Now the jig is up. Avoid HDB. Better to look in Malaysia.

I want to get back into equities. Except for my retirement account (aka "superannuation" managed by "money managers" who charge too many fees), I haven't bought any stocks/ fixed income since 2007, just before the crash. I was a fucked-up trader---always lose money type (can apply for Ho Ching's job lah), so I'm working on improving myself...hopefully I'm more mature now...and SOBER (quit drinking) and not so "gila", although I still like to seduce women 😍, especially the horny, MILFy divorced type...plenty in Australia and Singapore lah. 😋

I am agnostic about cuntries---I cannot control the delusion of their Sheeples, nor can I control what their fucking govts do. The only thing I have some control over is which cuntry I choose to be in, and do some kind of "productive stuff".

Anyway, the difference between other "quitters" and me is that I harbour no hatred for Singapore. In fact, I very much enjoy (Hotel) Singapore, returning for short visits 5 or more times a year. Relatively speaking, although the PAP is fucking annoying, I will take them anyday over the fuck-spider Aussie federal govts I've experienced for the last 40 years. At least the PAP are PREDICTABLE. I know how they think, and what they are likely to do.

When Aust is fucked, go Singapore...and vice versa. I am very lucky to be in that position. 😁

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore is a country, a home to Singaporeans. You can't be angry with a country. You can only be angry with people that messed up your country.

Today the stock market has been ruined by the Americans, turning it into a casino or big jackpot machine. This is how you should think when playing the stock market. Forget about all the rules and methodology of the past. Just trade with a mindset knowing that there is a big computer trading against everyone with one objective, making profits regardless of fundamentals, charts, or whatever. Hit and run.

Anonymous said...

Political elites will continue doing very well.
Masses will generally suffer more n more.
Stocks will do ok. Not great but ok. Difficult for a congested city to do too badly even if you have cock-up leaders n policies.
Thailand stocks will do very well relative to others if military govt continues to focus on economy. If Kra Canal cuts it will go ballastic. Its a free option.
HK China stocks have good wide trading opportunities becos of China-USA tension.
All the best. Remember dont buy high & sell low.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies can teach the Aussies for sure how to recycle their urine to drink if crowded cities lead to water shortage.

Virgp49 said...

Daft Aussies should protest to their PeeAyam Scott Morrison of his plans to stop immigration flow into Australia.

They must learn from the Sinkies how much or how many benefits they benefited with our unstoppable Foreign Talents inflow.

Also ScoMo will be like like the PAP be in government forever.

List of BENEFITS now 5 millions and later 10 millions immigrants.

1) Hawkers sinkies sold out their wares by 2 pm everyday. Even though their Food tasted like Shits still sold out. In coffee-shops heard many when the next 5 millions coming ah??

2) Sinkies HDB owners no need work. Rented out whole flat and stay with children or whatsoever kins and collect RENTALS as much as $4000.00 per month.

I have a upstairs unit who brought same flat at 46K and rented out for five years to a chow ang moh at $3600.00 per month x 60 months equal S$216,000.00. Think he had also a condo unit.
Some even refurbished their flats into dormitories and brothels. Some with cage beds like in Hong Kong making TONS of monies.

3) Employers with foreign workers. Declared Salaries to qualify for work permits and employment passes.

Salaries inflated and after which workers returned back inflated salaries plus a cut of commissions to their pockets.

Same time have workers at low low salaries as Employers World and have FAT FAT BOTTOM LINES for themselves- VOTES FOR PAP.

4) Cabby drivers, some maybe kena bokok just their luck. Roaring businesses that some said can earned 20K a month.- VOTES FOR PAP.

5) EMPLOYERS that can claimed what's skills fund or ungrading funds and tied up with dubious training centres and have heft heft rebates.-VOTES FOR PAP.

6) Those like Matilah said played the Housing Scheme in the Ponzi Scheme and make BIG MONIES in the markets.-VOTES FOR PAP

7) Housing Agents who benefited from the Buy Sell of the immigrants and even Rentals with their just paper services will VOTES FOR THE PAP.

8) Michelin Tyres Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets feeding the hungry Hyenas, Black Panters, Cobras and Locusts. Making Tons of monies $$$$$$$$$$$$

etc etc

THAT'S why the PAP in 2015 can get 69.9%. With another 5 millions it will be 90%.

Only the balance REAL SUCKERS and mediocre sinkies who have not benefited and suffered under this Wild Immigration Influx will vote Lim Tean.

Or either immigrate to JB or Melaka.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> You can only be angry with people that messed up your country. <<

I don't even see a point in that. They get voted in over and over. Back to my mantra about deserving the govt they get lah.

>> making profits regardless of fundamentals, charts, or whatever. Hit and run. <<

It certainly seems to be that way. However, I hate google and Facebook, but I do love their business model and stocks. Now getting cheaper! Kanninah, FB operating margin >40%, Google >25%. Singapore food hawker ~30¢ per dish (unsustainable lah)...just came out in the MSM a few days ago. Facebook and Google (Alphabet) Android have over 2 billion active users---bigger than Catholicism, bigger than China's population. Fucking PRIVATE businesses lah, and they are assholes. (But I love their numbers)

@ 1110

>> All the best. Remember dont buy high & sell low. <<

Thanks, I'll remember that ;-) I know sweet fuck all about SGX, SET or Bursa Malaysia...so I've got a steep learning curve ahead of me. Up to a few days ago I didn't even know what a CDP (Central Depository) account was. Apparently I'll need one of those if I'm to buy listed securities in Singapore's market.

Blur like sotong.

Anonymous said...

Matilar are u holding dual citizenship or u citizen in Australia and pr in Singapore? 😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Where got "govt forever" in Australia. Every 4 years change lah. Sometimes they get lucky, they can stay for 2 or 3 terms, but usually OUT. This is a robust and mature democracy lah...something Singapore is most definitely NOT. IMO, "democracy" is overrated. A soft-dictatorship like Singapore is the way to go for the average guy to make a few bucks and improve their lives.

China's soft-dictatorship is definitely influenced by Singapore's style of govt. That is one of the reasons China's rise has been so rapid. Our Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Kheng Swee taught them well lah. Learn from the Smart Bananas! Singapore got plenty bananas, unfortunately not all smart. 🤣🤓

>> 6) Those like Matilah said played the Housing Scheme in the Ponzi Scheme and make BIG MONIES in the markets.-VOTES FOR PAP <<

Eh, don't anyhow say BIG money lah. Good return, but certainly not BIG, like Li Ka-Shing or Ng Teng Fong BIG. (those motherfuckers make really BIG bucks. Dun pray pray). Anyway, it was a one-time deal lah. The party basically ended when HUDC was "privatised". Be thankful lah, dun be greedy! Sure, you can still make from the rental. You can still rent out the HDB and live in JB with some money left over, to live BETTER than in Singapore and even buy a decent Toyota or Proton, which you can use to travel to Singapore if you pay some local RM100+ to drive it over the causeway. (My friends do this with their big Mercs, Audis and Beemers. Pay some local dude to drive the car in Singapore. Voila, chauffeured limosine service, no COE, VEP $35/ day...cheaper than taking taxis)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1230

No. I will never give up my Singapore citizenship. Dual citizenship is not allowed under Singapore Constitution. I faithfully re-apply for my 155 Visa every 5 years. Not so bad. Before I turned 50, had to apply Exit Permit EVERY YEAR...more siong than Aussie PR lah.

Many of my friends chabut NS, so very hard for them to return to Singapore. I fucking served and completed every single day of the "obligation". My Singapore citizenship paid for lah, like you all...sama sama. Therefore, I'll die a Singaporean lah.

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, if the Aussie Govt can give what's the PAP gave the stated benefits as what i had said and further many more other benefits that Aust has then they be like the PAP be in power forever.

For example Aust Unis needed lots of enrolment with their six past nine degrees.

This is how the PAP caught the balls of our Greedy Sinkies who do not give a damn of what's a Nation and losing a Country to others as long as I am Good and the Rest too bad,you are not as smart or cunning as I am, so you die your business.

Another words, You can Go to Hell for all I care.

Get out of my Elitist Face, you medicore born losers.

Anonymous said...

@ Matilar,

Don't need to setup CDP a/c if you're willing to go for nominee brokerage accounts. E.g. StanChart and FundSupermart.

But using CDP and using a pre-funded brokerage a/c is the cheapest for transaction commissions. E.g. DBS Vickers at S$5 per trade.

Personally I try to use ETFs on US markets as that is the most liquid. Bloody hell, even the iShares Singapore ETF on NYSE has higher trading volume than the iShares Singapore ETF on SGX.

US online brokers like Interactive Brokers charge a freaking US$1 per trade. I use IB for both US and HK. Some like Robinhood charge a big fucking $0 per trade. But it's still a relatively new fintech disrupt-industry company, so I haven't move $$$$ there yet.

These players were "banned" by MAS from transacting on SGX --- the local banks, brokers, financial industry here & anyone with vested interests all KPKB and screamed bloody murder to MAS, SGX, & MOF. LOL!!!

BTW, don't need to pump serious money into stocks now. Maybe allocate up to 10% of your liquid stash to "get your hands dirty", learn the mechanics & refresh your memory. We're closer to the end of this cyclical bull than the beginning. You can expect a significant decline in stocks / economy / junk bonds / property within the next 2 years.

The best way to earn from stocks is to buy good solid companies when there is blood on the streets, and then hold them "forever" AND re-invest the dividends. This is the lesson I learnt over the last 20+ years starting from 1997 AFC till the 2008 GFC.

The best time to really pump huge money into stocks is when mofo's are cursing the stockmarkets & saying that you're a fucking stupid motherfucker for even thinking about buying stocks! You will feel like fuck when you buy, and that's when you'll know it's the right time!! Hahahaha!!!

Frequent trading / "hit & run" style only makes brokers money. Always see whether those giving "advice" have vested interests! Never ask a barber if you need a haircut! LOL!!!

Advente said...

Daft Sinkies will have one sick PM after another.

As it is, under the present cancer-double-confirmed stricken PM, Sinkieland is already very sick.

The cancerous cells in the brain of the present leader have driven self-destruct policies persistently and continuously.

Under a stroke-striken next PM, the sickness will be amplifying to an unimaginable magnitude. More and more taxes and hike in prices are bound to be some of the self-destruct policies.

Daft Sinkies, good luck to YEW!

Anonymous said...

For once, cancer cells are your friends . . .

Anonymous said...

Hope Heng Swee Keat can reverse Lee Hsien Loong's pro-foreigner policies, and bring our residential population back to below 4.0 million for the sake of ordinary Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

They boost the economy mainly by boosting population in past 20yrs. Do you think they n Singaporeans can take the pain of a deep recession to bring population from 5.7mln to 4mln? GDP will decline 10% to 15% over 2 to 3 yrs. Can tahan? Gradually increase population from 5.7 to 6.9m over 25 yrs instead of the madness n rush in past 20 yrs without even providing the proper n adequate infrastructure for citizens in various areas as witnessed. That would be a wiser strategy. N start cutting down the bloated govt n bureacracies. Be a lean n mean govt n lead by example of being highly productive n not current situation of highly powerful in all areas but costly n unproductive. Very impt to get very experienced talented fund managers to run our huge sovereign funds.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs to undergo severe reforms and suffer a short-term implosion of the economy as it bring the population back below 4.0 million, unwinding the policy mistakes made during the past 15 years.

Then start anew, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Only then can ordinary Singaporeans (like me) see hope again.

Anonymous said...

Dream on sinkies. New govt under Heng or Chan or Lee or Ah Kow will STILL import foreigners at a rate of 100K per year. There's no other way to maintain PAPpy elites $$$$$. The population by the end of 2018 likely 5.9M. Prepare for 7M by 2029.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 223

Many thanks for your responses...you saved me a heap of time. DBS Vickers $5 per trade? Geez, that's great.

Yes, I am sama sama along the lines of Ben Graham, Buffet & Munger, Fisher & Price and the new "star" Mohnish Pabrai : buy quality at deep discount, with margin of safety, (when others hate the security), and hold FOREVER, reinvesting the dividends.

Trading in and out is definitely not for me...I'm extremely bad at it and consistently lose (lots of) money.

I'm a huge fan of EFTs, like you. Set & Forget...have a look every 6 months or so...get on with life. ETFs are great, especially when I see some funds killing the brokers charging 5-30 basis points. Motherfuckers managing my Aussie superannuation (retirement) are walloping me 2%...I'm going to fix that when I return from my Singapore trip, and sack these "robbers".

Your advice to "get hands dirty and learn" is prescient...I'm not a "macro guy", but I do believe the amount of money printing, low interest rates and now US Fed tightening is going to make the "blood in the streets" situation occur within the next 1-2 years. So a month ago I started divesting unwanted "ego polishing yaya-papaya" shit and going to cash.

Yes, I recently learned about Robin Hood...damn good disruptive millenial-driven company.

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 822

Yes, I agree. Cutting the population to 4 million will torpedo the economy and the Singapore Brand will be tarnished forever.

Already, in the international biz community, Singapore Brand is not what it used to be. It is harder to get work permits for Singapore. Harder to get the foreign expertise...let's face it, some skill sets are just not readily available amongst the locals, plus a lot of Singapore's "brain trust" has emigrated to the USA, Canada, UK, Austrlia Malaysia and China.

As unpopular politically as it is: immigration creates WEALTH, despite some negative externalities in the local scene.

Aussie PM ScoMo has more or less put a huge "drag" on the growth of the Aussie economy....which is doing A-OK, despite the bubbles and enormous private debt. Those bubbles could have deflated slowly, and the debt paid down IF immigration was allowed to continue as "per normal".

Local populations and the rise of "populist" anti-immigration sentiment all over the world is bad for economic growth. The self-interest of locals is more "powerful" than good old economic sense---grow your population with skilled and productive immigrants, don't over-borrow and spend on entitlement programs, cut regulation making your cuntry "entrepreneur friendly"....and just leave people alone to create wealth...and KEEP IT.

Anonymous said...

"When Aust is fucked, go Singapore...and vice versa. I am very lucky to be in that position"
When an individual BIG-NOTES about what a wonderful life he or she has usually the truth runs in the OPPOSITE Direction.
Like a Didgeridoo. Makes a big noise but nothing inside.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey it's ok to be jealous. 🤣