Australia's 14 sins against China but called China a bully when China kicked their ass


China has stopped buying from Australia.  China was the top buyer of Australian products to the tune of billions annually, more than 25% of Australian exports go to China. The money the Australians are making from China would make many countries drooling. Instead of saying thank you to China, the silly Australians kept taking pot shots at China, treating China as enemy number One. Now their economy is tanking, many of their exporters are crying as there are no takers that could absorb the volumes they were selling to China.

And what did the Australian govt say? China is bullying Australia? The silly bananas in TRE also echoed this sentiment. China is a bully, aggressive and assertive. Did they know what caused China to kick Australian asses? Did they know how provocative, aggressive and obnoxious the Australians were, pushing and attacking at China when China was pouring money into Australia, investing in Australia without any political consideration or pressure for the Australian to take sides with China against the Americans? Instead, the Americans told the Australians to choose and take sides and the white racist Australians happily chose to attack and curb Chinese investments in Australia and accused China of forcing the Australians to take sides, and bullying them. The bullying of China was so ridiculous, a silly little white brat thinking it could kick China under the belt. 

Below is a list of 14 crimes or sins the Australians committed before China said enough is enough and had to teach the white monkeys a lesson in respect and good behaviour. The source is from Godfree Roberts' 'Here Comes China' site. And for all these crimes, China was acting like good customer, a good investors, dumping billions into Australia and the Australians laughing to the bank. But these foolish white monkeys are so ungrateful, thinking that China was meek and could be bullied and kicked around, thinking that they are so powerful, the sheriff of SE Asia. Next would be New Zealand and Canada to swallow their pride and say sorry, before the sneaky Britain's turn to be kicked in the ass.

Australian leaders and media have vilified, calumniated, and threatened the PRC since I was a lad, but their recent behavior was so egregious that China has indicted them for their worst offenses:

  1. Foreign investment decisions, with acquisitions blocked on opaque national security grounds in contravention of ChAFTA. Since 2018, more than 10 Chinese investment projects have been rejected by Australia citing ambiguous and unfounded "national security concerns" and restricting areas like infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry.
  2. Banning Huawei Technologies and ZTE from the 5G network, over unfounded national security concerns, doing the bidding of the US by lobbying other countries, foreign interference legislation viewed as targeting China and in the absence of evidence.
  3. Politicization and stigmatization of the normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia and creating barriers and imposing restrictions, including the revocation of visas for Chinese scholars.
  4. Calling for an international independent inquiry into the COV1D-19 virus, as a political manipulation echoing the US attack on China.
  5. Incessant wanton interference in China's Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan affairs.
  6. Spearheading the crusade against China in multilateral forums
  7. The first non littoral country to make a statement on the South China Sea to the United Nations, siding with the US' anti-China campaign
  8. Spreading disinformation imported from the US around China's efforts of containing COV1D-19.
  9. Legislating scrutiny of agreements with a foreign government targeting China and aiming to torpedo Victoria’s participation in B&R
  10. Providing funding to anti-China think tanks for spreading untrue reports, peddling lies around Xinjiang and so-called China infiltration aimed at manipulating public opinion against China
  11. Early dawn search and reckless seizure of Chinese journalists' homes and properties without charges or explanations. (Raiding of homes of pro China Australian politicians)
  12. Thinly veiled allegations against China of cyber attacks without any evidence 
  13. Outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China by NGOs 
  14. Racist attacks against Chinese and Asian people. Unfriendly and antagonistic reports on China by media that poison the atmosphere of bilateral relations 


Between 2015-2020, China lowered tariffs on Australian products for six consecutive years. Ninety-five percent of the products we sell to China now enjoy zero tariffs. On Singles Day alone, 2,000 Australian businesses sold over US$720 million worth of goods to Chinese customers in 24 hours–yet the Australian government has been politicizing trade and investment issues, and constantly violating market principles by discriminating against Chinese companies.  Source: Here Comes China


Still want to bully China? Look into the mirror and know your place in the changing history of geopolitics of the world. The Australian hypocrisy and double talk, that China was the bully and aggressor would only be white lies that only white racists would believe. Also the unthinking silly bananas. Want to sail your antique warships to threaten China in the South China Sea? Remember who set your submarine free when its propeller was entangled by fishing nets?

China must lead the rest of the world to help the natives take back Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hawaii and the USA from the white racist thieves.  China can also help the Japanese and South Koreans to free themselves from the clutches of the Americans and become free and independent countries, not semi colonies of the Americans.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China vaccines are all going through the proper trial procedure. That is why while China's vaccines were the first to enter stage 3 trials, the trials are still in the process of completion.

The western vaccines are cutting corners, fast track, warp speed, did not go through the proper trial procedure, to rush the vaccines out ahead of China when they entered stage 3 trials much later than China.

China is moving ahead, slow and steady, not allowing the West to attack or smear China for not going through the proper process.

Which vaccine is more questionable?

Anonymous said...

And the West are saying they are apprehensive about the Chinese vaccines as they cannot be trusted just like how they frame the US-China geopolitical issues. China has yet to reveal the test data. Everything is politicised just like the Chinese PPEs sent to help them.

Anonymous said...

Australia should look into the mirror regarding the Aborigines, which they bullied and took their continent. Aussies should all go home to the UK, their original homeland, or should I say, go back to their UK prison because they are descendants of criminals deported to Australia.

Talking about the vaccines, availability is one thing and affordability is another. Here in Sinkieland, I understand one jab costs between S$166 to S$200, and those given the first jab needed a second jabs at least, some even four, which I wonder why. Can poor countries like India or even some of the poor blacks in the USA afford the vaccine if what they say about Americans not even having US$400 in their pockets for everyday expenses.

That the West will belittle, stoke fear and cast aspersions at the Chinese vaccine is to be expected. Trump and the USA is not the first to trot out a vaccine. Russia already came out earlier and vaccinated millions while China has already flown millions of their vials of vaccines to overseas countries, notably Indonesia.

And as expected, Trump is claiming credit for the Pfizer vaccine saying it was due to his warp speed action, although Pfizer came out to say that they had never received funds from Trump to produce their vaccine.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Indonesia paid $60m for 3m Sinovac. This works out to be $20 per dose.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh China don't be cruel.

As relations between China and Australia hit their lowest point in over half a century, industries including honey, fruit, dairy and vitamins producers could be next in line to be hit with tariffs, according to research firm IBIS World.
Key points:

Research firm IBISWorld predicts iron ore exports will stay safe, but more agricultural industries could be hit with tariffs
If China continues to slap Aussie industries with tariffs, there will need to be greater government subsides and international support, IBISWorld says
Australian vitamin supplements account for more than a fifth of all Chinese vitamin imports

In recent months, China has been slapping tariffs on a range of goods and services from Australia, creating havoc for local businesses.

In May, China introduced an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley.

That same month a number of Australian abattoirs were hit, and in September wheat exporters were suspended from trading.

Australian exports of cotton, timber and rock lobster have also been caught up in trade disruptions.

In November, China puts tariffs of up to 200 per cent on Australian wine.

And this week China suspended the importation of more Australian beef.

IBISWorld expects Australian mining commodity exports, including iron ore, will likely be safe from any potential trade restrictions.

But in a research note released on Tuesday, it said agricultural and pharmaceutical manufacturers could be next impacted by the souring relationship between the two countries. Australian news.

Anonymous said...

If you think Australia is humbled by the recent China action and complaints on the country, you couldn't be more wrong. Try skimming through their dailies (free on NLB portal) and videos on social media and the web. The amount of vitriol and toxic reports, commentaries and OPED pieces on China has spiked and gone up another level.

If the media is the judge, Australia is still behaving with the same self-righteousness, holier than thou attitudes and more confrontational against China than before. They may have ditched that White Australian policy, but the attitude of ethnic superiority against other races is still very much ingrained.
One only hope the political leaders are more sensible and circumspective than them.

Anonymous said...

Australia needs help from governments around the world to resist “the most extreme example of coercive, commercial” pressure from China, otherwise those countries will be “picked off” in the same way, the last British governor of Hong Kong has said.

This British dinosaur still thinks Asians are stupid and would be dragged by the white men to fight China. Every Asian and African country would run far far away from the 5 evil eyes countries and let China grill one at a time.

They started a cold war with China, China fights back, they smeared China for retaliating as aggressive, expecting China to stand there like in the past and let these white devils kick around. This time China will be the kicker of white ass gangsters..

Anonymous said...

Asian and African countries will be saying, 'Go, go fight China. We are behind you. You die your business.'

When China has finished you robbers of your ex colonies, we are going to take back what you robbed from us, including our land.

Anonymous said...

Chris Patten and your Britain, just you wait.

When China has finished off the 3 little brats in the 5 eyes gang, your turn will be next.

You will have to face China alone and make to repay wall your war crimes and war debt to China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patten said Australia’s transparent investigation into alleged war crimes by its special forces in Afghanistan was the type of action that was unimaginable in China. “Are they are they going to have an investigation into the murders around Tiananmen Square in 1989? Of course they’re not,” Patten said.

China would definitely not investigate Tiananmen, but will definitely investigate the murders and looting and war crimes around the Opium Wars in the 1830s and 1840s.

Anonymous said...

Australia has only itself to blame for standing out like a sore prick against China.

Anonymous said...

Australia pleading for help from its allies after China squeezes its balls.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Crying in loneliness.

Anonymous said...

Britain has still not learn it's lesson of trying to be humble. Falling from being a colossal World Empire and shrinking into what it is today, the Brits still think they can strut around and threaten others with their gunboat diplomacy.

The Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and French empire dreams have long been buried in the ashes of history. Only the Brits are still living in their past glory days. Brexit is going to end it once and for all.

The opium war was the greatest human rights crime against the Chinese people and a debt that has never been repaid. It was a set back for China for over a century. It will be repaid with interest when the time comes. Chinese, apart from those traitors and bananas, at home and abroad are now more united and nationalistic than ever.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with you Virgo.

Pfizer is trying to armtwist Trump to commit to buying more of their vaccines but Trump is refusing to commit more. Because of the difficulties in handling the supercooled vaccines, there are more cost to the buyers than just the purchase price which is already more than the Chinese vaccines.

And not handing the temperature accordingly the vaccines could turn bad.

Anonymous said...

While China is selling it's vaccine at humanitarian prices, it is not music to the ears of Pfizer and other manufacturers. They can sell to Trump, but worldwide, how many countries can afford their price and provide the logistics to store them? The Chinese market is obviously out of reach. The Indian market is incapable of supporting those prices. These two countries are possibly the biggest customers in terms of population.

Expect another barrage of propaganda by the Whites against China and accusing China of subsidizing it's vaccine manufacturer and using unfair tactics. Soon it will be forcing the poodles to ban the Chinese vaccine. Or like Huawei, invent horror stories of how dangerous are the Chinese vaccine, just like Huawei's 5G towers posing grave dangers to those living close by.

Anonymous said...

Trump is said to be signing an Executive Order making sure that countries will not be getting vaccines from US manufacturers until all Americans are vaccinated first. This guy is a joke.

All the time the USA is accusing Chinese tech companies of being controlled by the State. By signing this order, what does this tell us about American companies and are they being controlled by the US Government? The USA tells cock and bull stories about others but never practice what they preach.

Anonymous said...

Civil war will start soon.
Make Americans Grieve Again!

Anonymous said...

Rioting without guns is already terrible.

Rioting with guns is going to be a new deadly game changer.

Live by the gun and die by the gun is a cowboy country.

Let them be.

It is good for the USA gun manufacturers.

And a blessing in disguise for the rest of the world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The world is so lucky that the Americans need not die by the gun. If they do, which means the world would have to take on the Americans with guns, then millions would also have to die by the gun before the Americans die out.

God is kind. Just send in the invisible Covid19 virus to deal with the Americans and the rest of the world can live in peace, no need to face the American guns.

Anonymous said...

When the rioting starts, the shooting starts.

Hope it starts soon!