No nation state in Asia and SE Asia except China and Japan when white men ruled the world

Up till the end of WW2 in 1945 there were no nation state to talk about in Asia except for China that was broken up and semi colonised, and an imperial Japan modelled after the aggressive western empires. Immediately post WW2, only China was left as Japan became an American protectorate or in other words a semi colony till today. All the rest of Asia and Africa, and the Americas were conquered and swallowed up by the expansionist white supremacist European powers.

Africa was colonised and divided up by the European Empires but many silly Africans and Asians still want to believe they are friendly and very nice people. So were Latin America and North America. There was no India, no Pakistan or Bangladesh, no Sri Lanka, no Myanmar, no Indonesia, no Philippines, no Malaysia, no Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia but French Indochina. Thailand was in a peculiar situation, independent but not. All these new nation states were colonies of the white men. They came, they saw, they conquered, they killed and they ruled and they looted practically the whole of Asia, Africa and the Americas....to build a rich Europe, European renaissance on the loot and blood, sweat and tears of their slaves, called subjects of the Empires. Everything belonged to the white men, land and resources and the Asians and Africans and the natives of the Americas. Remember that, you were once owned by the white men, your land also belonged to them.

Any silly Asian countries still thinking so highly, passionately and lovingly of their colonial masters, the white men that invaded and conquered and ruled them as the subjects of their empires, not independent nation states, no rights as citizens but subjects aka slaves? White men nice, yes, after they killed and robbed the wealth of your country and threw a few pieces of crumbs to the subservient local elites that were beholden to the white men for their well being at the expense of the local populace.

India is proposing to invite the white men and the most vicious and barbaric Asian colonial master, Japan, to form a Quad, a 4 member grouping to rule the Indian and Pacific Ocean region under a new regime called Pax Indo Pacifica. But before India got too swell headed, with or without India, the Americans are already proposing to create a new naval force to rule the region as their private pond, the First Fleet in the likes of the Seventh Fleet. They will sail their warships around the region, possibly setting up a permanent military base in one of the crony countries in the region. The Americans even said that with or without a permanent military base in the region, they could still form this new aircraft carrier based naval force to rule over the countries in the region, that they are the new imperial power, the new colonial master. And America's top white dog, Australia, would tag along as if it is a big white powerful country in SE Asia, to be the master of the region as a member of the American naval fleet.

When this happens, should this happen, the nation states in the region would be nation states only in name and not much different from the colonies of pre WW2 era, at best be semi colonies like present day Japan and South Korea. Did anyone ask or invite the white men here to balance China? No need to, the Americans do not need to be invited. They have invited themselves here with no need for the consent of the countries in the region. They do not even need to consult any of the countries in the region. They are the hegemon, the Empire. Take note of that if you are still dull.

The Americans or the white men are coming. They are the new masters of the Indo Pacific region. They have the guns and the warships and no one can say no to them. Would anyone be thinking of asking or inviting the Chinese to come in to balance this white men's dominance and control of the region? No need, ex colonies are in love with their ex colonial masters and love to be ruled by the white men. And the Americans know that the silly Asean countries wanted to be ruled by white masters too. That was why they sent oily and sneaky Pompeo to come visiting. And they are coming. Yes, the First Fleet of aircraft carriers, warships and marines will take over control of the Indo Pacific region. Would India be part of this First Fleet? India is salivating with the thought of being part of the new Empire in the region. Unfortunately the First Fleet is likely to be an all American naval force just like the Third Fleet and Six Fleet in the Middle East.  India may be disappointed if left out.

Asean countries should prepare to celebrate and welcome the new colonial masters, the American First Fleet, into the region. Now where would the HQ be based? Who would be the eager beaver to open their legs?

And there will be no independent nation states in SE Asia to talk about when the new American Imperial Forces move in.  They are here to protect the weak Asean countries from China.  Asean countries would become the protectorates of the American Empire, safe and sound....just like Japan and South Korea and also the native Americans, very well protected.

Neo colonialism/imperialism in another form. The unthinking would not know what is happening. The Americans are so nice to come here to protect them, just like the gangsters walking in to take over an area.

PS. Standard American textbook procedure to control a region or country is to create a threat and in the name of protecting the region or country from the threat, moves in and become the master of the region or country. The threat is to serve that purpose, to lull and dull the natives into thinking there was a threat and forgot about the real threat, the American hegemon, the evil Empire.

When the 'friendly and very nice' white men come, be afraid, be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

'The decision has been made' - US plans to restore Navy's 1st Fleet in rebuff to China in South China Sea, Singapore eyed

US President Donald Trump's administration is seeking to finalise a build-up in the US Navy's presence in vital Pacific and Indian Ocean seaways to Australia's north, to ward off any further expansion of China's interests.

With only seven weeks left in power, the President's Naval Secretary, Kenneth Braithwaite, announced he would reform the Navy's 1st Fleet for the first time in more than four decades.

The fleet will dedicate more American ships and sailors to waters off South-East Asia and west to the Indian Ocean, including the Strait of Malacca through which much of the region's oil and cargo supplies transit by sea.

"In order to improve our posture in the Indo-Pacific we will reconstitute the 1st Fleet, assigning it primary responsibility for the Indo and South Asian region as an expeditionary fleet," Mr Braithwaite told the US Senate's Armed Services Committee.

"This will reassure our partners and allies of our presence and commitment to this region while ensuring any potential adversary knows we are committed to global presence, to ensure rule of law and freedom of the seas."

The US Navy has six "numbered" fleets — a unit of organisation and command which also acts as a statement of its Government's purpose to counter threats to American and global interests.

In multiple changes to its military priorities, the US Navy hasn't had a 1st Fleet since 1973, when it also had an area of responsibility in the western Pacific.

Mr Braithwaite, a former Naval aviator, has been championing its re-creation in recent weeks, but it was only during his testimony to the Senate committee that he confirmed he had already put arrangements in place for its formation.

Responding to a question from Hawaiian senator Mazie Hirono, the Secretary replied, "the decision has been made [to bring back the fleet], yes".

The reorganisation would involve a shift in naval forces with many of the ships and personnel likely to come from the 7th Fleet operating out of Japan.

Mr Braithwaite has stressed that the new fleet wouldn't necessarily be based in any single location in the Indo-Pacific region.

"The 1st Fleet would be expeditionary. We are still determining from where that fleet would operate," he said.

Even as an expeditionary group, the fleet is still going to need support from allies to supply and sustain it, raising delicate questions for countries in the region about how far they would be prepared to go to accommodate an enhanced and more regular US naval presence.

Whenever Mr Braithwaite has previously touted the idea, Singapore has usually been named as a country likely to help out due to its proximity to the Strait, coupled with large shipyard and fuelling capacities in the city-state.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is American expansionism into the region to bolster its hegemonic interest here. Asean would not longer be a zone free of big power presence. The Americans have intruded into the heart of Asean.

Would Asean or any member of Asean object and protest to the aggression military presence of the American warships? Or would Asean meekly accept his as a fait accompli, all acting like sheep in front of a fierce wolf?

Between the Americans, Australians, Japnese and Indians, they have carved up Asean as their sphere of influence, ignoring any objection from Asean. To these big expansionist powers, Asean is a weak loose association of states that are as good as non existence, irrelevant.

Asean is like a hen house and the wolves are coming in. Asean cannot do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Who is the expansionist and aggressive power? China or the USA?

Who is the hegemon?

Who is militarising SE Asia?

Who is raising tension in the region?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's bananas and mangosteens are very happy to hear that the Whitemen are coming to screw their assholes again.

Once got screwed, they will always want to be sodomise again and again.

This is like inviting the asshole bandits to come and have an orgy of sodomism, a new form of ecstacy.

No need to take drugs to be high.

Just thinking of Ang Moh Tua Kee can already.


Anonymous said...

All the while the Americans have been the hegemon of this region and calling the shots. With a rising China they harped about an expansionist China and a China threat. Threat to who?

The threat is against American hegemony. With China getting stronger, the Americans can no longer call the shot and bully the countries in Asean. So they tried to con Asean of a China threat when they are the real devils in the region.

Pompeo went around trying to frighten everyone but no one took the bait and he went home empty handed. He wanted Asean to join the Americans to fight China, to fight China and the Americans remain as the top dog here.

Would it be better for Asean to have the Chinese here to balance the evil Americans and keep the Americans in checks and cannot do as they pleased?

Anonymous said...

QUAD + 1 = USA, Japan, Australia, India + Singapore

Anonymous said...

Australian Lowlifes – American Empire’s Bitches


Enjoy everyone...

Kind Regards JC

Anonymous said...


You write well wish I can write half as good.... getting old and forget and too many mistakes. Thanks brother
Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Careful China! India is now the de facto bitch of the USA in this part of the world. They have a half Indian women now as vice president of the USA. That is why India is now swaggering in this part of the world.

But the country is still filthy not just according to Trump but a fact. It wants to lead in Asia but lacks the economic muscle. Not being in the OBOR, because being a bitch of USA, they are bent on taking steps to sabotage the developments enjoyed by the rest of the countries along the OBOR corridor.

What is the point of shouting how many top CEOs they have sitting on top of big companies overseas when their own backyard is like a shithole. Those sitting on top positions in those companies, most do not even played any part in founding or starting those companies, but are mere 'parasites' sucking blood after others have done the hard work. Most probably were there being pulled up with wire ropes, not on merit.

On another note, besides the five eyes white devils grouping, there is now springing up a five eyes Asian version, comprising India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.

One White devil five eyes member is now having tenterhooks fearing that China would stop buying iron ore from them, which is their biggest market.

Anonymous said...

FYI . . . .

"We feel that—as an immigrant society ourselves—we are very small and need foreign workers to help boost our economy. Foreign workers is a nebulous term, it could be people working in the shipyard, in construction business, in banks and IT industries. We feel we are indebted to foreign workers because they helped grow our economy. It is incumbent on us to take care of them.

We feel it is an obligation on the part of the government to help provide a safety net for our foreign workers. Having said that, the next point we worry about is because of Covid-19, many of the industries, businesses and shops that hire these foreign workers are challenged, they have closed down. Many of our food and beverage businesses and businesses related to hotels and travels, 40% of them will go under. As a result of that, foreign workers may be sent home because they are out of a job. The next step is for us to make sure that they are fairly compensated and if they intend to stay on, we will have to look for jobs for them. But at the end of the day, we see no difference between citizens and foreign workers. It has caused some unhappiness among the citizens, especially during these challenging times."

-- Singapore’s new high commissioner to India, Simon Wong Wie Kuen, in his first interview to India media published Sept 17 2020.

1984 George Orwell said...

Singapore: Independence Or Stooge?

Singapore was a British colony for a substantially long time. So much so, all the leaders (from 1G to 4G) looked/look up to the White Men for their security and existence. Never dare to offend the White House, Westminster and the White Expats, even until today. No leaders want to talk about this. No one wants to admit it. However, this is a fact. This is truth.

Singapore assumed it was "GIVEN independence" but actually it has always been a STOOGE Of the British Empire. Nobody gives you independence on a silver platter without strings attached. What went on in the various negotiations behind closed doors are not made known in full to the masses, who have been called dafts, stupid and unable to decide on matters of state.

Old habits die hard. Once you have slept with a skunk in the same bed, you soon get used to its smell until you can't smell it at all. So, you just continue to sleep with the skunks as a matter of normality. It's like sleeping with someone who snores.

Now, it is trying very hard to gain the FAVOUR of the President of the United Snakes of America, whoever sits in the White men's, Whiter than White, White House in Washington DC, in order to become a STOOGE again. Unable to punch above its own weight. Pitifully pathetic.

BUT this time round, the state of a STOOGE is not going to be so easily acquired. It is going to be snooked and back-stabbed by the scoundrelous White Supremacists from Washington DC.

And it is also going to be strangled by the Rising Power from Beijing, economically.

Either way, there is no more tight rope to balance, unlike before, when China was weak. This time around, there is only one slippery rope with a noose just long enough for the STOOGE to hang himself, either way.

The wind of change has blown. The tide has changed. Time has changed. The The Dragon has woken up and arisen. The Continued Rise of the Dragon is Inevitable. Its dominating existence is going to be felt and counted. The wise knows what to do.

Only fools remain staunchly fixated by the poisonous breathe and mesmerised by evil eye of the White Medusa.

Once one is caught by the gaze of the Evil White Medusa, there is no way one can escape. Unless, one has the courage to refuse to look her in the eye. That means one has to make use of a mirror in order to look at her indirectly and avoid her direct evil gaze. Otherwise, one will simply turn into stone.

Do Singapore leaders have that mirror in them?

If not, then Singapore shall forever be a STOOGE of the EVIL Whitemen's Empire.

It's not too late to change course to a brave new world. Blue or red, just simply stop taking the pill.

1984 George Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Westerners' Hypocrisy and Double Standards: The West can do anything it wants, but non-Westerners are not allowed.

This is the consistent style of Western whites: The West must always be in a superior status and position. With such a mentality, they never accept the idea that other races can enjoy equality. Feeling superior to others, they believe the West must take control of each and every thing, be it the economy or technology.

Morrison didn't say anything when European and American media outlets reported Australian troops' misconduct with words like "war crimes" (as the criticism came from the West). But he reacted fiercely when a Chinese diplomat condemned the brutal murder.

In the eyes of some Western elites, adopting a non-Western system and ideology and refusing to be a vassal of the West is the sin of China. Brainwashed by such discourse, many ordinary people in the West would buy Western politicians' lies about China, even though the COVID-19 has killed hundreds of thousands in the West while vulnerable groups cannot "breathe."

As a result, any action and word of China is unacceptable to Westerners who have an overwhelming sense of superiority. To them, the West can stigmatize China over the so-called human rights issues with disinformation and accuse China of "genocide," but China is not even allowed to give its opinion on the viral reports circulating in the West.

After 160 years, the bronze horse head stolen by invading forces when Anglo-French Alliance Forces razed the Old Summer Palace in 1860 finally returned to its home on Tuesday. But many Westerners still believe that China is the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society that they arbitrarily bullied in the 19th century.

As they cannot hold colonies anymore, they attempt to spiritually colonize others with their so-called universal values of democracy and human rights. However, the West's narrow-minded moralistic tricks cannot last except in deceiving Westerners.

As China rises, more and more developing countries will not accept to be brainwashed by the West anymore. Nor will they stay silent and tolerate the West's double standards on human rights and other issues.

The world construct has greatly changed. Whether or not the Westerners will accept it, their belief the West is the center of the world will eventually come to an end.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyday in the western media you will read about the evil Americans and other western countries attacking other non white countries of this and that. China is now their number one target and they are even trying to decouple from the Chinese economy. If they do they would only sink faster.

These primitive warlike people must be tamed. Thank God Covid19 is doing the damage needed to bring them down on their knees. They are still oblivious of what Covid19 can do to their evil ways and are still continuing to want to fight and oppress other countries.

Their days are numbered. More and more infections and more and more deaths over this winter for sure. They are now very busy preparing for wars with other countries, forgetting that there is a very serious war at home ground. In a way it is good that they don't do anything to fight Covid19 and let the virus devour them to extinction before they can start another WW3.

Anonymous said...

Witness the stupid quarrel now ensuing between UK and USA. Boris Johnson has approved the use of Pfizer's COVID19 vaccine and this has angered Trump because he has been beaten to the tape by not being first to approve it's use. Mind you,

Pfizer has reportedly mentioned that no Federal Funds were given to them to develop the drug. Nevertheless, Trump wants all the credit for it. He takes all the credit for the all time highs on Wall Street. But he takes no responsibility for himself from the all time highs in infections and deaths from COVID19 in the USA. That is the measure of the man we are talking about.

Trump and USA must always be No. 1 or 'USA First' doctrine. No one must beat the USA. This shows how stupid Trump's mentality is, and how immature is his thinking, like a child on tantrums. This will be the most dangerous stage of his Presidency as he is erratic and bent on making life miserable for Biden and his administration.

Hahaha, now Johnson probably must disapprove the use of the drug to pacify Trump. I suggest giving Trump a baby pacifier should do the trick! Or maybe not. A mad person is a mad person and no pacifier is going to work.