Australia's ruthless and brutish anti China policies - Not bad behaviour?

Its ruthlessness in asserting itself far and wide, by fair means and foul, means there will be no going back to the status quo that prevailed before President Xi Jinping emerged in 2013 as China’s most nationalistic leader since Mao Zedong.

Likewise, Beijing’s crude use of trade sanctions to penalise Australia for real or imagined slights signifies that a trading relationship born of mutual benefit risks being subject to persistent, politically-motivated interference.

This is the reality, whether we like it or not. China is done with “biding its time” in line with former leader Deng Xiaoping’s advice in pursuit of its big power ambitions.

It may no longer be correct to describe China as a “rising power”. The power has risen.

Above is by Tony Walker on China Australia chilly relations in the CNA. You can see how blind and how biased this white man is about China, accusing China of bad behaviour but not what Australia had done against China and not the behaviour of the American gangsters against China and the rest of the world. China's firm and assertive actions were actually reactions to the ruthless and brute actions of the Americans and Australians in particular and the West in general. To him Australia is so innocent, a victim of China, not the bully, very well behaved. Really, where have you been, Mars? The bad behaviours of Australia against China are astounding and unpardonable.

The above should read like this: 

Its ruthlessness in asserting itself far and wide, by fair means and foul, means there will be no going back to the status quo that prevailed before President Donald Trump emerged in 2016 as USA’s most nationalistic/dictatorial leader since Roosevelt.

Likewise, Washington’s crude use of trade sanctions to penalise China for real or imagined slights signifies that a trading relationship born of mutual benefit risks being subject to persistent, politically-motivated interference.


The last two paragraphs made some sense.  China is a risen power and would not bullied and take the attacks by the Americans or small countries like Australia or Britain or Canada without kicking asses.

The Americans have viciously been attacking China daily with all kinds of ruthless sanctions under all kinds of fake and drummed up charges, and including Australia, have been sending warships into the South China around Chinese islands to provoke a war with China. These, to this white man and many white men, are acceptable behaviours, not ruthless assertions or aggression.

For more than a centuries, the West have attacked, invaded China and bullying China and Chinese all over the world, oppressing and suppressing China, isolating and containing China to prevent China and Chinese from living a better life. Australia is equally guilty of such racist behaviour against Chinese migrants in the past. They expect China and Chinese to continue to be meek, bent their heads and let the West to continue to bully and not to respond, not to look up. And reaction by the Chinese is bad, not acceptable. How can the Chinese talk back and even dare to hit back? This is still the century of white supremacy and white dominance. It is ruled by the evil American Empire.

Look at the mirror and at all the abusive and harsh actions of the Americans and white men against the rest of the world, the wars and destruction and killings in the Middle East and ask, Who are the aggressors, the warmongers, the trouble makers?  The whites still expect and demand that the rest of the world must continue to be controlled, dictated and bullied by the West and must accept this as the world order, never stand up to talk back or hit back. Doing so would be accused of being aggressive and assertive.

But not to worry, the aggressive and destructive behaviour of the white men would be coming to an end soon. The rest of the world, not only China, would stand up and say no to the white men and their bullying. Your control and dominance in the world are weakening and would soon be history. Your utterly destructive and bad behaviour against the rest of the world, your wars, your killings, bombings, sanctions and bullying cannot be tolerated anymore, cannot go unnoticed, unreported.

You are absolutely bad, white men. You are not the good men you claimed to be. You have been fighting wars of aggression against the rest of the world continuously for centuries and blaming others as threats, as enemies, as the bad guys when the white nations are the worse criminals against human civilisations. Your hypocrisy is unparallelled today and the world is going to pull down your mask if you refused to take it off yourself. White men is the biggest threat to the world.

Tony Walker admitted 3 damaging decisions by Australia against China, not bad behaviour?

'Three episodes have been particularly damaging.

The first and almost certainly the most scarring was the decision in early 2019 for Australia to take the lead role in lobbying its Five Eyes partners to exclude the Chinese company Huawei from supplying technology for their 5G networks.

Australia’s decision to exclude Huawei from its own 5G roll-out is one thing, lobbying others to follow suit is another....

The second damaging episode involved Prime Minister Scott Morrison volunteering to lead the charge for an investigation into China’s responsibility for the coronavirus that emerged in the city of Wuhan in late 2019.

Again, why Morrison took it upon himself to coordinate such an inquiry – when one was in train anyway under World Health Organisation auspices – is unclear....

The third damaging episode involved Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s decision to prevent the Hong Kong-listed China Mengniu Dairy from taking over the Japanese-owned Lion Dairy and Drinks in a A$600 million (US$450 million) acquisition.

In rejecting Mengniu’s takeover bid, Frydenberg overrode advice from the Foreign Investment Review Board and Treasury – both of which had supported the deal.

This was a politically motivated decision to satisfy critics of the sale of Australian assets to Chinese entities. It certainly reinforced a view in Beijing that Australia’s foreign investment approval process is tilted against Chinese companies.'

These are 3 very hostile actions by Australia, but there were many more. Read the 14 crimes or sins committed by Australia against China, all done unilaterally without provocations from China and with China pouring in billions of dollars into the Australian economy. 

PS. Trump is signing another law, cowboy's law, to remove Chinese stocks from the NY Exchange.  Just because they signed it into law so they are respecting and obeying the law? Or outlaws?


Anonymous said...

'Recently, there has been a flurry of developments to the missing case of the Late Felicia Teo who vanished since 2007.

Fast forward to Dec 2020, (not withstanding the anxiety and anguish her loved ones faced during these 13 years) there has finally been a murder charge labelled on a xxxxx gentleman while the other remains at large. All credit goes solely to Social Media, which have been reposting the Late Felicia’s case in the lead up to yesterday’s apprehension.'

Judith Tan posted an article on Felilcia Teo's disappearance 13 years ago and a man charged in court for her murder. She took the police to task for taking so long to arrest this man and the way they handled the case.

Only one comment on Judith Tan's choice of word. Please do not use the word gentleman on a person accused of murder. In the same way, it is quite often to hear people addressing a foul woman as a lady when the appropriate word should be bitch. A lady is a refined woman, and the word, like gentleman, must be used appropriately and not indiscriminately.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has all along, for the past decades, been a tentacle of the West to go against China in many ways - countless ways.

Compare with Australia, Singapore is even more small fry. But sad to say, it has a very bug and loud mouth, huge ego and a fixated need to punch above its feather weight without giving a damn of care. Thinking that the Evil US is protecting its ass, Singapore Chinese-descent leaders openly challenge China under the guise of obeying the rule of law. Whose rule and whose law? Of course, it is the Evil US Rule and the Evil Whitemen's laws.

Singapore's laws are adopted wholesale from the British Laws. That speaks volumes. That is the defining line.

That defines Singapore and its leaders, all of whom are western educated. Not even one of them has been to study in a Chinese University. This is the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

The stupid Americans led by clown Trump still think that the American market is the biggest in the world and indispensable. Chinese market is growing very rapidly, and with all Chinese stocks returning to Chinese markets, and western stocks would also move to Chinese markets where the money is, the Americans would hollow out their own markets just like they hollowed out their manufacturing industries.

The top banks used to be Americans. Now the top 4 or 5 banks are Chinese. Now there are more top Chinese unicorns than Americans. Future big and successful companies would be the unicorns of today.

Americans are behaving just like the dying Qing Dynasty. The more it tries to protect itself and building up barriers to isolate itself, it would be isolated by its own actions while the world moves on and leaves them behind.

Well done clown Trump. And your sleepy Joe would do no better than you. One pussy grabber replaced by another filling his cabinets with women. The fate of the USA is sealed when one clown succeeds another clown since the days of George Bush Junior.

Anonymous said...

Rb not say I wanted to say this. After reading your article there is only one conclusion. That is the silly dude needed to be sodomized jialat jialat to wake up. People will leave them behind.

Anonymous said...

It may be too much to expect from descendants of criminals exported from the United Kingdom or Great Britain of the colonial era. These descendants are still living in that era of their criminal forefathers and still practicing their lawlessness.

When people say a leopard can never change it's spots, the spots will still live on in their off-springs, generation after generation.