Covid19 - Brave Americans making America Great Again

 California Governor Gavin Newsom's order came into effect one day after the state set a record with more than 30,000 new COVID-19 cases, triggered in areas of Southern California where fewer than 15 per cent of intensive care hospital beds remain available....

There have been 14.7 million confirmed infections and 282,253 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began, the most in the world.

California has been under a stay-at-home order for all but essential services since March. The new order, which will last at least three weeks, bans private gatherings of any size, shuts all but critical infrastructure and retail operations, and requires everyone to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

But the sheriffs of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties have said they will refuse to enforce the order...

Dr Anthony Fauci, tapped by Biden to be his chief medical adviser on the coronavirus, warned the nationwide surge could get worse after the year-end holiday season.

After millions ignored expert advice and travelled for the Thanksgiving holiday in November, Fauci anticipated Americans would once again behave recklessly during Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities.  Reuters

Above report is a true reflection of how brave( not stupid) the Americans are in standing up against the virus.  They are not going to obey any orders to take precautions against the virus.  They are going to do what they want to do, to celebrate, to have fun, to live the Great American way of life. This is the way to make America Great Again. It is a very lofty way to show the world that the Americans are fearless and a great people. The 3 sheriffs are heroes and other sheriffs should follow their examples not to obey their governors on lockdowns and masking up and avoiding parties. If not the Americans would never be great again. Latest count, 7 sheriffs are defying the governor, not going to enforce the restrictions on Covid19. Beautiful, really.

The people of the world should cheer and clap for the Americans for being so brave in times of adversity. Truly no other country would dare to be as brave as the Americans. The rest of the world that are not thinking of making their countries great again need not have to follow the brave Americans in what they are doing, freedom, freedom of expression and freedom to live as they like. 

Let's wish the brave Americans well and success in making America Great Again, with or without Trump. 15m and still going strong!

Clap, clap, clap.




Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really don't mind if they go about killing their own kind. Unfortunately they would kill the coloured people for fun, for the first kill, blood letting in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

At home, first kill is about killing the blacks.

15m and still going strong, what a lovely statistics.

Anonymous said...

Let them kill each other with the 'thanksgiving' virus that they so desire. After all they are the 'Land of the Free' and 'Champion of Democracy' and has the human right to infect whoever they want. The Government is hapless, but suspiciously Trump is behind all this, the tug and pull measures.

Forget about this Governor and that Governor talking about lockdowns. All are half hearted measures. Why the virus loves USA is the virus freedom of expression or infection. Asian countries do lockdowns to prevent infections. The USA do lockdowns to bring out the guns and create unrest and protestations.

The USA will not be able to control the virus even with a vaccine. Poor Blacks and Hispanics, and even Whites on the fringe, cannot afford the cost of vaccinations, which are not cheap. Already millions of Americans do not even have US$400 in their pockets for survival, just enough for maybe 2 jabs. The USA can hoard the vaccines, but other countries are sharing theirs. See the difference. The world cannot always be blind. Perhaps now they will see the light. Just a hope!

Heaven should have intervened earlier, not after hundreds of millions of innocents have been killed, and hundreds of millions more mauled for life, and many countries bombed to the ground all because of the wars created by the USA.

But at least we are seeing the suffering and agony brought home to the evil doer's doorstep and not inflicted solely on other people's territory. Heaven has now spoken. Be afraid USA!

Anonymous said...

Biden will be the President with his appointed cronies in the administration, but Trump will be something like the 'Shadow President' according to one, perhaps deranged source.

How is one to digest this piece of news? Maybe it is good news. Trump will take credit for the vaccine, the stock market all time highs and his stolen Presidency. Biden will take the blame for the COVID19 fiasco. It will all work out really fine when Democracy works so well in the USA.

Well, here in Red Dot, Harban Singh (now alive or otherwise) told everyone that he had a 'Shadow Cabinet' ready to take over from the PAP in those days if he won. Trump is one up on him though. He has that Cabinet already functioning to prick needles into Biden's Administration, as and when he likes.

Anonymous said...

USA's death toll is closing in on 300,000 deaths depending on which source you go to. John Hopkins, which most depend on, is a bit on the discounted side.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately killing coloured people was the main objective of the evil one for a start.

But using the virus, which had been proven by science of it's existence in the USA since Mid December, 2019, for racial genocide at home will be bad for them, so they exported the virus to pin the blame on China.

Heaven intervened. The plan backfired. But still the Blacks suffered the brunt of the backfiring. But, like always, the evil one will probably brush this aside and call it 'collateral damage'.

Anonymous said...

Racist White Australia loves China's money but not its people

As early as 1788, when Australia was first settled by Europeans, British imperialists had their eye on China. Those same ships that offloaded convicts in New South Wales returned to England laden with Cantonese tea.

In the 232 years since, Australia has wanted it both ways: happy to have Chinese indentured workers make up the labor shortfall once the convicts stopped coming, but not so happy when they abandoned their flocks of sheep and headed to the goldfields to establish successful businesses. Throughout the 1800s, Chinese immigrants asserted their claims to equal status, but in return they got only boycotts of their products and suspicions regarding their allegiances.

When the Morrison Government recently announced a tougher English test for migrants entering on spouse visas, it brought back memories of the dictation test at the heart of the notorious White Australia policy. For decades, non-white would-be migrants with perfectly serviceable English could be tested in Gaelic, Hungarian or any other language -- a farcical situation that meant Australia could keep out undesirables without having to enact racist immigration laws.

Chief among those undesirables were Asians, mainly Chinese. Many second and third-generation Chinese Australian families who had settled here for good were issued with identity cards, and barely tolerated in their adopted home. Decades after the White Australia policy was finally dismantled in 1973, Chinese Australians still had to put up with the occasional politician denouncing Asian immigration as a danger to Australia's identity.

Conservative politician Eric Abetz caused a storm of outrage in October when he demanded that three Chinese-Australians appearing before a Senate inquiry condemn "the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship." One of the witnesses, Osmond Chiu, likened the experience to being "dragged in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities," and refused to answer.

Another witness, academic Yun Jiang, said Chinese Australians regularly found themselves caught in the middle of a toxic dilemma. "If they criticize the Chinese Government, then their family may face trouble or they may have difficulties going to China in the future," Jiang said. "If they criticize the Australian Government, they are suspected of being an agent for foreign influence."

In May, Morrison estimated that just 34,000 newcomers would arrive in the year ahead -- a vertiginous fall from pre-virus predictions of around 270,000. The impacts are sure to be huge and long-lasting, particularly when added to the massive drop in foreign students who prop up our universities, most of them from China. In this climate, it is hard to imagine why the government wants to send signals that Australia less than warmly welcoming.

Scott Morrison is now heading into Christmas on the back foot, with critics saying he has no strategy for how to repair the relationship with China, or manage it over the long-term. Meanwhile, his WeChat olive branch is blocked by Chinese censors. Someone ought to tell Morrison that trading in stereotypes will not do much to help his cause.

Anonymous said...

The white Australians are more racist than the Americans because of their criminal genes. Not only they have massacred the aborigines, they also massacred many Chinese goldminers and exploited many Chinese like slaves.

Anonymous said...

This is how racist the Aussies are.

Wine lovers across the nation are reeling after a viral list revealed that dozens of Australian vineyards were actually owned by Chinese companies.

The list, shared by the Vino e Amigos Facebook page, has sparked boycott calls as Beijing’s brutal trade war against Australia continues to escalate, and has also kicked off an uncomfortable national conversation about foreign ownership.

Anonymous said...

The Whites only exploited the Chinese and Blacks in the days when they were opening up the country, building railroads, bridges and working in the mines. When that is completed, the Blacks and Chinese were no longer essential nor welcomed. They became undesirables.

Same with the South Americans that worked in the agricultural sector and manned the factory floors. When most American manufacturing moved overseas, particularly to Asia, these migrants became less and less important and were now, under Trump, deemed a liability to the White supremacist.

When did the Whites ever think of treating other races as their equal? It is all nothing but exploitation and discarding them after that. When have they tried improving infrastructures of those countries they occupied? All they want is to extract the benefits and resources and leave the locals to wallow in pity when they left.

They White's ideology had been to leave these non-Whites countries poor so that they can continue to dominate and exploit. They assume that progress and prosperity is the prerogative of only the Whites and other races are there only for them to be exploited. When China came into the picture, the whole outlook of the Whites change and become confrontational, as it upsets the applecart.

Those Chinese that settled in White countries, hoping to enjoy the best of both worlds, probably never like to divulge their problems like Yun Jiang, because Asians generally do not like to lose face and also fear backlash from White neighbours or the authorities.

Now the anti-Asian stance is getting stronger and getting more difficult for those Asians living among the Whites. Even the Black have taken up the cudgel against Asians. That is how bad it has become.

Anonymous said...

Trump is going to be angry with the bad news about the Pfizer vaccine. It is a slap on his face after all the warp speed bragging and unhappiness with Boris beating him to the tape in approving it's usage.

But then, Trump and cronies probably already made a killing on Wall Street when Pfizer shares
soared together with Wall Street's all time highs. Trump is going to make more roller coaster money making decisions in his last couple of weeks in office. He has lots of debts to settle and lawsuits to contend with upon leaving office.

SSO said...

Covid-19 Update Summary:

1. The United States records more than 3,000 deaths in the latest 24-hour period - the highest total in a single day anywhere in the world. Well done, Donuts Trump! You have really made America great again - great in getting infected and die in the embrace of COVID-19 viruses.

2. The UK's economic recovery slowed in October - rising 0.4% on the month against a backdrop of rising Covid cases. Well done, Little John for your crafty and cunning manoeuvres.

2. Canada joins the UK in approving the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

3. South Africa, the worst hit country in Africa, enters a second wave of the pandemic as it registers 7,000 new cases on Wednesday.

4. Ministers in Northern Ireland are due to meet later before the end of a two-week lockdown on Friday to decide whether to extend the lockdown further.

5. The origins of many of the second wave of Covid infections in Scotland were ignited by summer holidays, when people let their guards down.

6. Worldwide, there are 68.9 million reported cases of infection and 1.56 million deaths. There seems to be no end in sight, even when vaccines are being hurriedly approved, perhaps to make the situation worse before it becomes better.

Figures are from Johns Hopkins University.