The Evil Nature Of The White Decadent Race

 1984 George Orwell said... The Evil Nature Of The White Decadent Race

The Whitemen countries have always been ganging up against the Chinese People, and other coloured races, even to the extent of taking away their territory, murdering their people and looting their precious and valuable treasures, and then audaciousandly put them up on display in their national museums, and claiming them as their own national properties. What a biggest shame and disgrace!

Yet they don't even feel any shame nor apprehension and can still turn around like a vile vicious villainous snake that stings its victim anytime, anywhere and anyhow. This is the Evil Nature of the White decadent race.

The American Indians, having been repeatedly deceived and massacred by the millions, have been telling us that "Whitemen speak with fork tongue."

And I'd like to modify the saying to:


So never never never trust any white man, be it (as for animal) Anglo-Saxon, British, Canadian, Denish, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Jew, Kiwi, Latin or Aussie.

As they do not trust us, we must also do likewise. This is the simple equation to move forward into the precariousuunknown future.

Ultimately, according to a few interpretations of the Revelation in the Bible, human beans will be left with two mutually amicable sub-races - the African and the Chinese.

1984 George Orwell

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SSO said...

Yes, never trust Whitemen, White Lies, White Uniform Organisations, Party, People.

They try to deceive you by symbolic gestures. And you you are taken in by the symbolism of white uniforms to represent purity, then it is your own fault.

The maxim: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover, applies all the time, in any situation.

Also never judge a judge just because he has been made a judge by men who cannot become a judge.