Rolling Out The Experimental Westerners Covid-19 Vaccine Of Pfizer (Without Liabilities) With A Fanfare

 Blogger 1984 George Orwell said...Rolling Out The Experimental Westerners Covid-19 Vaccine Of Pfizer (Without Liabilities) With A Fanfare

The US, UK and EU have rolled out the westerners-based experimental Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19 in a big way, with a fanfare like never before happened in the history of medical science.

It is advertised and publicised so vehemently, vigorously and widely as though it is a huge global political campaign to win the hearts and minds, and the approval and acceptance, of the voiceless and powerless masses (as if they are so important to the propagandist and the protagonist).

Sing-along Singapore will also begin its Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination "exercise" on December 30, with health-care workers at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) the first to be guinea-pigs to go through this mass experiment of a lifetime.

Other health-care workers at public health-care institutions as well as private hospitals will be experimented in the subsequent weeks.

Next in line will be the seniors aged 70 and above. They will receive their jabs from Feb 2021 onwards on a voluntary basis (unlike your coffin money in your savings with the CPF Board being siphoned off by compulsory premium deductions annually without your consent).

Other Singaporeans and free-riding long-term residents who are medically eligible for vaccination will follow on after that. No one will be left behind.

The MOH statement said that the "Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination", which MOH had convened to make recommendations to the government on Singapore's vaccination strategy to tackle the disease, submitted its recommendations on December 24.

The cost of each jab is a jealously guarded secret. Though thr vaccination is said to be free. The money has to come from someone somewhere. Money doesn't drop from the sky. Bird shits do.

The whole experimental vaccine exercise is not free. Money ultimately has to be paid by the taxpayers - that's YOU!

The corrupt politicians, the corrupt approving authorities' officials and the owners of the big pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna will be laughing all the way to their banks, and also laughing at the guinea-pigs.

Moral of the story:

In desperate times, the desperate who knows benefits from the desperados who don't know.

Merry Christmas!
(12 Days Of Christmas) 

1984 George Orwell

PS: Has anyone ever wonder how can there be an Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination" when the vaccination exercise has not even begun? These thick-skin elites baffle me no end, really.


Anonymous said...

The latest revelation is that a US nurse, vaccinated with Pfizer's vaccine, contacted COVID19 a week later after testing positive.

Now the spinning starts, with claims that the vaccine needs time to work. A week later is not enough time?

SSO said...

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines need a second jab in order to be effective. The interval between the first and second jab is 21 days apart. This is another problem.

People who have taken the first dose may start thinking that they have already been vaccinated and so let their guards down. Stop wearing masks. Start to have sex with prostitutes, friends or spouses who may be silent super-spreaders without symptoms.

Therefore, the 21 days interval becomes the most dangerous period for a careless, absent-minded, stubborn or smart-alec person.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the millionaires to volunteer to be vaccinated first.

Anonymous said...

PM and Deputy PM should follow Joe Biden and Mike Pence example. Get vaccinated publicly amongst the nurses and doctors. Ministers should follow suit because they are definitely in the essential front line services category. Unless they want to publicly acknowledge that they are not front line or not essential.

If they claim that they are not front liners, then they are not leaders but followers.

If they claim that they are not essential, then they are redundant and can be done away with.

Anonymous said...

Millionaire Minotaurs (humans with horns growing from their heads) have the capacity to fly anywhere they like in order to get the safer vaccines they want.

Anonymous said...

We may not be the wiser but for all you know, the pee ayam might have already been vaccinated with China's Sinovac vaccine two to three months ago???

Anonymous said...

The COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore would have ended long ago if not for the seemingly endless daily inflow of imported Coronavirus cases.

So, Singaporeans are being told to be vaccinated so that the PAP elites can continue their open-leg FT policy.

1984 George Orwell said...

Singapore's imported cases yesterday was 27. The day before was 28. Today, how many cases?

The new British Covid-20 has arrived in Singapore in mid Nov.

Present number of cases has risen to 14 (two confirmed yesterday, both are foreigners from UK. One is a pilot flying the Singapore - UK route.

Can you imagine an infected pilot, unbeknown to himself, is carrying the highly infectious British strain of the Coronavirus disease on board the plane he is flying and spreading this new 70% more infectious virus to his crew, to the air hostesses and to the hundreds of passengers inside the plane, and to the customs officers at the airports, and to the hotel staff of the hotel he is staying overnight, and to God knows who else in the trains, buses, taxis, shops and restaurants?

Cheers and Happy New Year to RB and everyone here. Wishing that 2021 will be a better year for everybody.

Anonymous said...

I predict someone will die in 2021. Of course, I will be right in my prediction because every year there are people dying without fail. But this someone I am predicting is not just anyone. He/she is a prominent figure in the political scene.

Anonymous said...

U mean goldfish eyes ?

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore reported five locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Thursday, its highest number in nearly three months, and was seeking to verify two others suspected of being infected by a highly contagious variant first discovered in Britain.

The two individuals believed to be infected with the B117 variant, which has prompted new travel curbs worldwide, had both arrived from Britain this month and had earlier tested negative, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

Those included a commercial airline pilot who developed coronavirus symptoms despite a negative test last week, and an individual who had tested positive despite earlier completing two weeks of quarantine.

SSO said...

That means the standard of testing at different places must have loop holes, most of the time giving a negative test result.

The questions are:

1. Are all the tests standardized

2. Are the testing done with the highest of care and precautions to avoid shoddy speed-up instant results.

3. Are the procedures for taking the swaps standardized and followed strictly by the people administer the swap-taking?

4. Is anyone looking into why there is a large number of people tested negative initially but subsequently tested positive?