Singapore: Independence Or Stooge?

 1984 George Orwell said... Singapore: Independence Or Stooge?

Singapore was a British colony for a substantially long time. So much so, all the leaders (from 1G to 4G) looked/look up to the White Men for their security and existence. Never dare to offend the White House, Westminster and the White Expats, even until today. No leaders want to talk about this. No one wants to admit it. However, this is a fact. This is truth.

Singapore assumed it was "GIVEN independence" but actually it has always been a STOOGE Of the British Empire. Nobody gives you independence on a silver platter without strings attached. What went on in the various negotiations behind closed doors are not made known in full to the masses, who have been called dafts, stupid and unable to decide on matters of state.

Old habits die hard. Once you have slept with a skunk in the same bed, you soon get used to its smell until you can't smell it at all. So, you just continue to sleep with the skunks as a matter of normality. It's like sleeping with someone who snores.

Now, it is trying very hard to gain the FAVOUR of the President of the United Snakes of America, whoever sits in the White men's, Whiter than White, White House in Washington DC, in order to become a STOOGE again. Unable to punch above its own weight. Pitifully pathetic.

BUT this time round, the state of a STOOGE is not going to be so easily acquired. It is going to be snooked and back-stabbed by the scoundrelous White Supremacists from Washington DC.

And it is also going to be strangled by the Rising Power from Beijing, economically.

Either way, there is no more tight rope to balance, unlike before, when China was weak. This time around, there is only one slippery rope with a noose just long enough for the STOOGE to hang himself, either way.

The wind of change has blown. The tide has changed. Time has changed. The The Dragon has woken up and arisen. The Continued Rise of the Dragon is Inevitable. Its dominating existence is going to be felt and counted. The wise knows what to do.

Only fools remain staunchly fixated by the poisonous breathe and mesmerised by evil eye of the White Medusa.

Once one is caught by the gaze of the Evil White Medusa, there is no way one can escape. Unless, one has the courage to refuse to look her in the eye. That means one has to make use of a mirror in order to look at her indirectly and avoid her direct evil gaze. Otherwise, one will simply turn into stone.

Do Singapore leaders have that mirror in them?

If not, then Singapore shall forever be a STOOGE of the EVIL Whitemen's Empire.

It's not too late to change course to a brave new world. Blue or red, just simply stop taking the pill.

1984 George Orwell.


patriot said...

Sin shall be well.
As for Sinkies,
it shall depend on how rich and powerful You are.
You are poor, be prepared to live in agony.

1984 George Orwell said...

Not true. It is usually the rich that live in agony. They have huge desire for many things. They are never contented. They always want more and more of everything, especially money, status, fame and material well-being. The more they have, the more they want. The more they want, the more they strive, until they have no time to take things easy and let go. Therefore, they suffer in agony and irony. Of course, they will not expose such internal to others.

The poor are very simple people and easy to please. They are easily contented. They just strive for sufficient money to meet their limited daily needs. Therefore, they may lack material wealth but they live a simple and easy life, with less desire and less agony and less irony.

Anonymous said...

The poor must not complain that their $1,000 pm income is not enough. Just make the best out of it.

The rich are justified to complain their millions not enough. It would affect their lifestyle and standard of living. So true, and so pitiful.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Singapore leaders to wake up or walk out. Otherwise, sooner or later, they will be kicked out.

patriot said...

to say that if one is having hardship to survive, it is indeed agony. And if one does not have shelter and have to care for elderly and young kins, then it shall be more than agony.

Anonymous said...

Agony is a state of mind. If you have hardship to survive, you actually do not have time to feel agony. You will go all out to find a way out of the misery. Think of Singaporeans 50 to 60 years ago. Most people were not educated. Most people were having hardship to survive, especially after the War, when the barbarious, brutal and evil Japanese destroyed and looted almost everything of value from the people, what did the people do? They never think of agony. The situation of hardship
had instead strengthened their resolve and determination to do better, to strive harder, to unite and live harmoniously and build up Singapore and curve out a better future for themselves and their children. If they had spent their mind thinking of agony,then Singapore would not be what it is today.

When you do not have shelter, work harder to earn more money to buy a shelter or rent a shelter. If that cannot be done yet, try to get help from government or many charitable organisations in Singapore.

If you can't even do that and prefer to dwell in an agonising state of mind, then you are only that 0.000001% of the population.

Then nobody will even know that your agony ever existed.

So, where is the agony? It's only in your state of mind.