Huawei - Who is spying and monitoring your comms?

The Americans have been attacking Huawei furiously that its 5G network is comprising the security of user countries but till now has not a single proof of this. Britain and Germany have done their due diligence and came out with nothing on this to find Huawei guilty of this accusation. More than 170 countries are now using Huawei 5G and have no security problem with Huawei equipment. 

Who do you think is spying on you, listening on your comms and monitoring on you? Ask Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon. What was the new security laws after 911 in America about telco companies obligation to provide information to the American intelligence organisations?

There is one big reason, other than losing out in its technology and competition with Huawei to want to cut Huawei off from American soil, and this is the inability to monitor and spy on the users by the Americans.

Huawei is actually the safest equipment from spying and monitoring by undesirable agencies. It has been proven by many testings and checks by national intelligence agencies that Huawei equipment is safe and not as alleged by the Americans. To be free from American spying and monitoring, the safest equipment to use is, yes, Huawei 5G. 

This is what makes the Americans furious and so angry with Huawei 5G. Use Huawei 5G for your own safety and protection. The Americans can't get you, can't spy on you.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the USA can sell rigged decoding machines to it's allies is proof that they even spy on their own allies, not to talk about spying on China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and the rest of the world. By just accusing others consistently does not make them less guilty.

Just like spreading propaganda through the internet and bashing China using a one way street, the internet is now a two way weapon, with China and the rest of the world able to counter, albeit less profoundly but increasingly more effective, so much so that the USA has seen it fit to clamp down on Chinese apps, although the proofs are non existent.

It is good that the Chinese now have satellites and high resolution cameras in the air to monitor it's enemies. What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander! Technology is not a tool that is only the prerogative possession of the West.

Anonymous said...

If countries use Huawei's 5G, it is true the USA cannot spy on them as with 4G. So, why not?

Now this is not going to be the script that the USA had written and hope to follow forever. That is why they have used all hooks and crooks to get Huawei out of the way, even forcing allies and others to avoid Huawei, as the stakes are high.

The USA can use 5G of Nokia or Eriksen and continue to spy on their own people and allies, no problem for China

SSO said...


All other phones, irrespective of 3G, 4G, 5G or later comes 6G, used/use/will use Google and Microsoft Windows.

Microsof Windows and Google (now also owns YouTube, Yahoo, and others) are


Microsft Windows and Google spywares are embedded into your phones. You can't even remove it

Microsft and Google spywares monitor and keep records of all your browsing activities, calls, messages, emails, photos, voice recordings, movements, locations and even your conversations.

Everything and anything you do using your phones or computers, Google and Microsoft minitor, collect, record and use against your interests - i.e. security, privacy and confidentiality.

This is the Reality today.

So, if any of you want to protect yourself from being spied at by the Proxies of CIA, use Huawei phones and computers, or any device that does not use Microsoft and Google apps.

Even Samsung and LG are using Google and Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Peoples should realise that United States are consisted of federation of states. Each having their own rules of law. It is quite like in the ancient China, Zhou King acted like the president of the 7 countries. Finally, Emperor Chin conquered and United the 7 countries in to one China. History may repeat itself in USA, selfishness of human nature, could Influent stronger states to pursue independence. Similarly, same scenarios is happenning in UK, starting with Scotland. Brexit is the beginning of the process. Covid19 would accelerate it.

Anonymous said...

Brexit is a mess. Even countries that have agreed upon separation have later encountered problems with the system, not to mention the EU and UK are still far apart regarding separation issues after years of talking.

UK will bear the brunt of any separation woes. The EU will still be in one piece.

Anonymous said...

After the end of the year, the UK will be as messy as the hair on Boris Johnson's head.

Angela Merkel is said to be making Britain 'crawl on broken glass' after the break.

The Brits have been warned to stock up on food and other items expected to hit the UK after separation.

From a world empire stretching across the four corners of the globe, it is going to be a rude awakening for older Brits to see the country in such pitiful straits.

But they are still strutting whatever few feathers they have left, still thinking they are the boss in Hong Kong affairs.