Can the US voting system be rigged or manipulated? American retired colonel claimed Singapore using American system

 1984 George Orwell said...

This is definitely of public interests:

"In a recent Pennsylvannia Senate Republican lawmaker public hearing into claims of election fraud, retired army colonel Phil Waldronm, who had served in cyber warfare units, said : “The voting systems in the US and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated. They’ve been used in elections around the world, in stolen elections around the world, in Venezuela, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, Bolivia as close as two weeks ago.” The colonel has cast aspersion on the integrity of our election system and it behoves on our government to make a public statement to clarify the matter to Singaporeans. None was forthcoming on a matter so serious. Our national reputation has been blemished but instead of a strong rebuttal, we are treated to the circus of a prime minister protecting his personal reputation in 2 simultaneous libel cases in the courts. Or perhaps, with their superior cyber intel, the US knows something and a rebuttal may open up Pandora’s box."

The above paragraph is taken from Chempost published at TR Emeritus today (10 Dec 2020).

1984 GO.

1984 George Orwell said...


1. Is Singapore's voting system the same as, or an adaption of, any of the US's voting systems?

2. If so, when did Singapore started using this US voting system?

3. Is it true that the votes can be manipulated?

4. If so, how are votes manipulated, stolen?

5. How much votes (%) can be stolen at any one time, so that suspicions won't be aroused?

6. Does this revelation warrant a Presidential Commission of Inquiry to thoroughly and unbiasedly investigate into the truth, or the extent of truth, and/or falsehood?

7. Would the Elections Department care to respond by declaring that this allegation by the US cyber warfare unit army colonel Phil Waldronm is not true and totally baseless?

8. Is this not a matter of national interest?

9. What are the views of all the political parties' leaders? Why are they keeping so quiet? In this issue, silence is not golden.

Silence means consent or non-commital, both of which are not in good light. 

 1984 George Orwell



Muffin Laughter King Junior said...

I Had A Dream - By Maffin Laughter King Junior

Once upon a time, when I was a boy in my teen, I used to dream in my dreamland. I dreamt many dreams - beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, enlightenin, frightening, nightmarish and prophetic dreams.

One of those prophetic dreams was that one day I would become the Emperor of my own country, with everyone and everything under my direct control and manipulation. I just loved to control people's life. I also love to manipulate people's mind. That has been my nature. I can't help it.

As things turned out, I could not be an Emperor because my country has been under a democratic-socialist system since it became "independent" from the colonial masters.

Yes, there were many masters my people had obediently 'kowtow' to in its short history of 150 years. We were under the Hindu Indians from the North, the Dutch and the British from Europe and the attrocious, ruthless, slimy and slippery Japanese of the Expansionist Imperial Japan.

However, I did become the defecto "king" of my country. I became the Prime Minister, handed over to me in a golden platinum plate by my grandfather.

Yes, this is a grandfather story. It's a juicy story but it's fictional. If you care to listen, then I will carry on telling. Otherwise, the story ends here.

Maffin Laughter King Junior.

Anonymous said...

The name can be Muffin Looter King Junior

Anonymous said...

Rigged or not rigged, the facts are:

1. The PAP has won every election since 1959.

2. The PAP not only won every election but also won each of the general elections biggly, almost all with at least two-thirds majority; and one with 100% seats when the opposition boycotted the general elections

3. The Elections Department is directly put under the PAP's Secretary-General's full and total control since its formation until tiday.

4. The PAP's Secretary-General is also the Prime Minister.

5. The Elections Department, being put directly under the Prime Minister's Office means the Head of the Elections Department takes orders from the Prime Minister directly. Who dares to disobey the Powerful Prime Minister without thinking?

6. The Elections Department has been doing a fantastic job all this while without being censured by the Prime Minister in any way.

Anonymous said...

Why PAP keeps very quiet?
Why Oppo also very happy?
Why Oppo never make noise?
Why Oppo never ask for verification from PAO?
Why the people all act blur?

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA will proceed with the long-delayed high-speed rail (HSR) project, but with the track ending in Johor, and Singapore is left out of the picture.

Malaysia will pay Singapore RM300 million in compensation.

The above was reported by an unknown source. How true is it?

With China's help, Malaysia does not have to depend on Singapore's financing any more.

Also, China is developing two ports in Malaysia in order to connect to the new East-West Highway that is being built.

With such developments, Singapore will become an isolated island by itself, with no borrowed hinterland anymore. Plus a diminishing entrepot that expanded too fast for its own good.

Man's plan really cannot beat God's plan! No matter how smart and cunning one may be.

Covid-19 Coronavirus is one clear example.

Merry Xmas (X is an unknown factor).

SSO said...

The US intelligence services cover the whole globe. With satellite capabilities zoom in to 1 meter accuracy, with cyber-warfare capabilities of intruding, intercepting, interpreting and invading almost every networking system of any country,as well as its covert intelligence operations everywhere, I don't think that Singapore could escape the US Intelligence scrutiny.

They could have known many things that we the public have no way to know.

The fact that the Singapore leaders are not issuing any POFMA to counter this report means there could be a certain degree of truth in the report.

Otherwise, PMO or MFA or INFOCOM would have nip it on the bud.

We all already know their modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the law man is too busy or down with COVID?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If this is true, then Singapore is being left out of the high speed rail connectivity of the BRI.

There is still the sea route, but if Malaysia is good to China and all Chinese ships called Malaysian ports and by passed Tuas, Singapore will be in dire straits.

Then Singapore is likely to let the American First Fleet based here and threaten the Asean countries especially Malaysia. The Americans would want to cut off the sea route from Chinese ships.

When this happened, it will be a new ball game in the region. The Americans will not just called it Quad but Five Power Pact with Singapore as the new partner. Even then, without Chinese ships calling, Singapore's economy will likely to become ITE.

This is a very serious development. Quick, call it existential threat.

Or the Americans would call it a threat to American interest and the rogue Americans would throw away all the principles of International Law as usual. These rogues never respect and observe International Law but demanded others to follow and accusing China of not following International Law when it was they that are not following.

SSO said...

Quite possibly law man is too busy.

Lawyer M Ravi was charged in court on Wednesday (Dec 16) with criminal defamation of Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.

Ravi is accused of defaming Shanmugam by alleging that the minister had claimed that he wields influence over and controls Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon.

If this is not refuted in court, then it becomes truth. If it is true, this is very serious. Then the whole legal system is thrown into Alice's Wonderland.

How can a lawyer anyhow say things without evidence?

SSO said...

Don Trump - The Dreaded Mafia Chief Is A Miracle!

Iran is so very happy to see Don Trump, the white supremacist, the mafia chief, the murderer and the butcher lost his reign of terror around the world and within the USA, using Coronavirus, the twisted US laws, the US military and the CIA to do his murderous and butchering acts.

So too are Germany, France, Italy, the Arab World (except Saudi and UAE) and China.

This evil con man of the century has still not repented. Yet continues to create falsehoods and illusions to get his idiotic supporters to donate to his fraudulent cause of stealing the US Presidency from Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The tide has turned against him. The Electoral College has confirmed that Joe Biden has won the US Presidency by 306 votes to Trump's 232 votes. In addition. Joe Biden has also won more than 8 million popular votes, a fact that Trump cannot swallow and cannot sleep.

His closest and highest Republican ally, the Leader of the Senate Majority, Mitch McConnell, has congratulated Joe Biden for winning the 2020 Presidential Election and has moved to direct the members of the Senate not to create obstacles and to quickly accept the results of the Electoral College.

Don Trump is enraged. His 11th hour reality show has now appear to be anti-climaxed. All his legal challenges have been turned down, even by those he has hand-picked to the Supreme Court. His Republican party has now pulled the carpet under his feet. Where else to go now, for Don Trump?

He is still on it. Not given up yet. Why?

His false accusations of frauds have brought in for him a staggering amount of donations (more than US$30 million), even much higher than during his Presidential campaign of a miserable US$7 million. The longer he goes on, the more he is going to reap in from the idiotic Republican voters and supporters. This is big money, big business. Only Don Trump can pull off such a show!

For a man whom most of the other world leaders dread and hated, Trump is actually loved by almost half of the US population. This is a strange phenomenon. A rare occurrence of human history. A miracle.

But Hitler too had his miracle.

Anonymous said...

Anon u think people very free meh. If one has to respond to all kinds of commemts by some idiots around the world.then we going to spend a lot of money and resources to investigate and defend groundless comments