Over 1,000 Chinese researchers have left the US to make China greater than America

'Over 1,000 Chinese researchers have left the US in addition to the 1,000 students and academics who had their visas revoked after they were deemed security risks.  Since Chinese researchers are the biggest foreign contributors to US science, their departure will push American science further down the league tables.' Source 'Here Comes China'

The forced expulsion of Chinese researchers, scientists and scholars from America by the Trump Administration, known for being brainless on what is important and what is not, is a repeat of the days of McCarthyism in the 1950s. The evil and anti Chinese Americans are again repeating the same hate campaign against China and anything Chinese. The scale of this purge is unparalled in the history of the USA except during  WW2 when they were persecuting the Japanese for the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Trumpism is very similar with McCarthyism, raising fear of the Chinese Peril to rid the Chinese from racist America.

The implication of this purge to the future of American science and technology is going to be more pronounce and impactful than in the 1950s. In the 1950s, America's loss was the father of America's Rocketry in Qian Xuesen, a prominent rocket scientist in Caltech and head of several depts in the Air Force and Navy. On the contrary, it was the biggest gain for China when Qian became the father of Chinese missile progamme and was credited for detonating China's atomic and hydrogen bombs and also China's Space Programme. Qian was instrumental in China's great leap in nuclear and space technology today.  Without Qian's contribution, no one is sure how far behind the Americans would China be today.

A wrong and silly witch hunt by the racist hate Chinese Americans was a blessing to China then. Today's silliness would have thousands of times more impactful in favour of China than in the 1950s. Several thousands of China's best brains are forced to return to China and would be a big loss to the Americans. The 1950s American Administration was foolish enough to lose Qian despite repeated warnings not to let him return to China. But they were dull enough to think that he was worth 14 American prisoners of war in China in exchange.

Trump and his clueless gangsters did not know how much they are going to lose out with the expulsion of the Chinese scientists and researchers. Among them could be several Qian Xuesens in the making and their combined contributions to China's advancement in science and technology would be far more significant than just one Qian Xuesen that made it possible for China to catch up with the Americans in nuclear and space technology, starting virtually from nought.

China must be very thankful to the foolish Trump for repeating the same horrendous mistake of not keeping the Chinese top brains in America to contribute to America's science and technological advancement. Without Qian, The American Space Programme could not progress further and had to abandon their man mission to the moon for good. China is now going to leapfrog the Americans in putting man on the moon and setting up a moon station to exploit the resources on the planet.

And the few thousands of Chinese experts returning to China would have their works cut out for them, to overtake the Americans in the field of science and technology. Clown Trump and his circus did not know what they have done to undermine America's superiority in science and technology over China.

Well done, clowns.


1984 George Orwell said...

China's Moon Mission

China's Chang'e-5 has returned to Earth with the cargo of rock and "soil" it picked up on the Moon surface.

The capsule landed in Inner Mongolia shortly after 01:30 local time on Thursday (17:30 GMT, Wednesday).

It's more than 40 years since the American and Soviet claimed that they have brought samples of moon rocks back to Earth. Real or not, we all already know. A

The new specimens will provide China with insight on the geology and early history of the Moon.

For China, the successful completion of the Chang'e-5 venture will also be seen as another demonstration of the nation's increasing capability in space.

Recovery teams were quick to move in on the returned capsule. It was first spotted by helicopters using infrared cameras. Support staff following up in SUVs planted a Chinese flag in the snow-covered grassland next to the module.

Next will be China's Armstronger landing on the Moon and back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Both the Americans and Russians were lying to the world about man on the moon and their achievements in getting moon rocks from the moon. But nothing came out from their study on the moon rock, nothing useful at least.

Both were caught in a conspiracy and both tried to cover each other's backside by not calling each other's bluff. The Russians were blackmailed by the Americans to let bring the American astronauts to the ISS or else. Knowing the bitter rivalry and being cheated and outsmarted by the American fake moon landings, the Russians could take revenge on the Americans by not giving them a lift to the ISS and left the Americans high and dry, all dressed up but no where to go except the Arizona Desert. But the Russians were compromised and could not say no to the Americans.

The absence of 40+ years from exploring the moon tells something is very fishy about this no attempt to visit the moon again. They could not make any progress in their moon missions and had to scrap them for good. Now with China going to the moon, the Americans have no choice but try to put on a show hoping that they could do it this time before China land man on the moon to expose their lies.

SSO said...

How can it be possible that after such great success in landing on the Moon and followed up with the Apollo series of further exploration of the Moon, the US suddenly stop all Moon missions for more than 40 years doing sweet FO?

This fact alone already proved that the US Moon missions were all a hoax. A fradulent display to hoodwink the world.

No wonder they have to murder their own President John F Kenedy in order to silence him for good and make him an example for the subsequent US puppet Presidents to tow the line and play the hoaxing game.

Why is NASA switching to Mars exploration when the Moon is so near to explore and experiment?

Is it because the pictures of Mars can easily be created from the landscape in Colorado Desert?

Anonymous said...

For the UK to champion Hong Kong democracy is sheer hypocrisy

The British occupied Hong Kong during the notorious First Opium War, triggered by the destruction of a colossal amount of opium imported by the Britons in 1839. They started ruling Hong Kong in 1841, and it was formally ceded to them the following year. Britain simply wanted to use Hong Kong as a trading port so that it could make handsome money out of China. Democracy for Hongkongers was not on the table.

Strangely enough, in 1992, it sent Chris Patten to Hong Kong to replace Lord Wilson and suddenly introduce democracy here, when it had known full well that it needed to return sovereignty back to China just five years later. Why try to give democracy to Hong Kong only after ruling it for around 150 years?

Before the handover, Hongkongers did ask for the right of abode in Britain, including for all the British National (Overseas) passport holders. However, the request was categorically rejected by the British government.

It is easy to see, then as now, how hypocritical the British government can be! When its interests are possibly or really adversely affected, it simply says “No” without a second thought, whereas the supposed promotion of democracy costs it nothing and even gives it an excuse to claim to be a democracy fighter. From the first day of colonisation, the prosperity of Hong Kong had never been the ultimate concern of the coloniser.

From which year did Britain start to be a faithful friend to Hong Kong and its previous colonies? Britain stop taking advantage of Hong Kong for political gains. The present peace in Hong Kong was hard-earned!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Crimes of evil white men against Chinese and other natives but everyday drumming about the 'Yellow Peril' when the truth is that the White Peril has been doing all the killings and butchering of Chinese and other natives.

Below is from 'Heart of Darkness: Our expeditionary imperial culture and alleged war crimes in Afghanistan – and elsewhere'
By Greg Lockhart | On 16 December 2020

Reading G.W. Rusden’s History of Australia (3 vols, first published in 1883) there can be no doubt about events that today the Australian War Memorial (AWM) officially denies: the ‘great violence’ of ‘race war’, ‘boundary war’, ‘war of extirpation’ and ‘war of extermination’ against the ‘perishing race’ in the colonial conquest of Australia.

These frontier wars are beyond dispute, as are the widespread ‘atrocities’ by what missionaries are known to have called ‘British butchers.’ Exceeding the apparent ‘throat-slitting’ episodes in Afghanistan, Rusden gleaned a shocking episode from a Formal Inquiry into events in Tasmania in 1830.

Although probably involving a convict or settler rather than a soldier, the Inquiry ‘established the fact’ that ‘a man, while capturing a native woman, killed her husband, slung the bleeding head upon her neck, and drove her thus before him to be retained by force.’

The economic as well as psychopathic foundations of settler conquest also come out in Rusden’s story. A year after the worst anti-Chinese riots by gold diggers on the Buckland River led to the dispersal of some 2000 Chinese and the killing of unknown numbers in 1857, he describes one of the worst race wars.

This was once the discovery of gold at Port Curtis caused the surrounding country to be cleared of its indigenous inhabitants.

Quoting from an eye-witness account in a Melbourne newspaper of 1858, Rusden wrote: ‘The ordinary relation between the black and white races is that of war to the knife. The atrocities on both sides are horrible and I do not believe the government makes any effort to stop the slaughter of the aborigines.’(Bullshit, it was one sided atrocities, by the whites, not both sides.)

‘It is not to be supposed that all colonists were accomplices in, or even knew of the atrocities; nor were all offenders of like character,’ Rusden continued. Indicating the ambiguity of the culture influenced by such wars to the knife – and rifle – he added: ‘Known of all, but judged by none, murders continued’ – in all the colonies.(Really? Other white men did not know and were not party to the atrocities?)

Forgetting, denying and disremembering was not the only way colonial society had to cope with its foundation atrocity.

PS. A little white man's conscience but still a lot of white lies.

Anonymous said...

Health Ministry's chief health scientist Professor Tan Chorh Chuan said at least 80 per cent of Singapore's population would have to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19.

We hope 80% get vaccinated. We want to be in the 20% to avoid possible adverse side effects.

Me not stupid !

Anonymous said...

Professor Kishore Mahbubani is very frank. "I would not take it right away. I would wait for the vaccine to have been tried out for six months before I try it," he said.

Tanjong Pagar PAP MP Joan Pereira said she would consider taking the vaccine after it has been made available to those who need it most. In other words, avoid but sound noble.

Anonymous said...

. . she would "consider" only ?

"consider": ~ verb
think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.

1984 George Orwell said...

COVID-19: The Politics Of Giving And Accepting The Experimental Pfizer Vaccine

The Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the Singapore government and the Prime Minister has announced that it will be given free to all residents of Singapore on a voluntary basis, freely.

Since it is free, many people are freely accessible and none will be deprived of it, I am sure many will rush in to get the jab on a first-come-first-serve basis. All will be voluntarily given and voluntarily accepted. No one can be fooled. No one will complain. No one is to be held responsible. Everyone will be happy. Everything will be fine. Just fine!

(Why they never make it voluntary when it came to siphoning off our hard-earned life-long CPF savings through those controversial compulsory insurance schemes?)

Taking the cue from the US President Donald Trump and the Tanjong Pagar PAP MP Joan Pereira, I will also consider taking THE vaccine (not any vaccine) after all those who need it have taken it.

You see? How considerate I am?

Those who need it most are the Ministers and Members of Parliament, professors, teachers, professionals, health service personnel, police and soldiers because they are very important people and they are the people who are responsible to protect the public and who are also in frequent contacts with the public.

IF THEY ARE IMMUNED from the coronavirus, they will be safe. When they are safe, then all of us will be safe too. So, it is only logical and reasonable that they MUST take the vaccine first.

You see? How considerate I am!

If they are safe and we are also safe, then we don't need to have to take any vaccine after all.

You see? How CONsiderate I am!

Because I always think of others first, and me last, therefore, in this matter of life and death, I also CONsider others first, and me last.

You see? How big hearted I am!

This is the politics of giving and accepting the experimental Pfizer vaccine.

Clap, clap, clap for those who know how to make use of the word "CONsider"!

1984 George Orwell - 17 Dec 2020.

Anonymous said...

India CECA News:

Zomato-backer Info Edge gets more money to invest in startups; Singapore’s Temasek backs Rs 750 cr fund

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, who has been among the early breed of Indian entrepreneurs founding the first set of internet companies in India that paved the way for the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal, Zomato, and more, had recently likened foreign investors to new Ease Indian companies targeting Indian IP and market.

Sanjeev Bikhchandani-led Info Edge’s early-stage venture capital fund for startups Info Edge Ventures, launched in January this year, has secured a commitment of Rs 375 crore (67.59 million Singapore Dollar) from Singapore-headquartered investment firm Temasek . The fund, which has a corpus size of Rs 750 crore increased from Rs 100 crore in June this year, has already backed nine startups including DotPe, Bulbul, Qyuki, Fanclash, Truemeds, Rusk Media, FirstHive, Polymerize, Udayy. “We are delighted to be partnering with Temasek at the Info Edge Venture Fund. We have a deep and long-standing relationship with Temasek, having partnered with them at Info Edge, as well as for investments such as Policybazaar and Zomato,” said Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, Info Edge in a statement.

Info Edge Ventures team in its earlier avatar had also backed startups such as B2B e-commerce platforms Shopkirana and Bijnis, logistics SaaS startup Shipsy, men’s grooming brand Ustraa, agritech startup Gramophone, and more. The new venture fund was set up as a Category II Alternative Investment Fund sponsored through the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Smartweb Internet Services. The company entered into a “Contribution Agreement with MacRitchie Investments Pte. Ltd, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited (‘Temasek’)” for the Rs 374 crore investment , according to the regulatory filings. The company, in its June filings, had said that along with its wholly-owned subsidiary as limited partners, Rs 350 crore was committed to the fund while Rs 150 crore was disbursed out of it till then.

SSO said...

Covid-19 Imported Cases On The Rise

As of Thursday noon (17 Dec), the Ministry for Health (MFH) has preliminarily confirmed 24 new cases of COVID-19 infection. (Note: This is only a preliminary figure, not the actual figure.)

This brings the total number of infected persons to 58,377. More than 10,000 per million population. About 75% to 80% of those infected are foreigners.

All of the new cases are imported cases, who had been placed on Stay-Home Notice or isolated in hotels a and designated locations upon arrival in Singapore. No quarantine.

Amongst them are 13 returning Singaporeans and/or Permanent Residents.

This tactic of lumping Singaporeans together with permanent residents is an ingenious idea to confuse and complicate the thinking of the masses so as to keep them guessing, thereby preventing any alarm that might ring a loud bell in the cranium of Singaporeans.

MFH will share further updates in its press release at night, which have not been reported by news outlets most of the time.

This tactic of dividing a daily account into two parts works wonders to disorientate and confuse the masses and reduces the impact of any sudden surge in the infection numbers, as well as to prevent hysterical response from the public.

Whoever came out with the unorthodox ideas must be a genius and should be given a big slap on his back or a kick on his butt.

Anonymous said...

A person who likes to lump two or more different items together is known as a Rojak Man or a Mixed-Up Kid.

A person who has the compulsion to split one item into two is called a Split-Personally or Bipolar Disorder.

It seems that there are quite a number of leaders in Singapore suffering from bipolar disorder, as well as eating too much Rojak.

Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

Correction: Replace "Split-Personally" with "Split-Personality".

Anonymous said...

Rb i think your assessment may not be correct as they are now attracting many indian thete with many yaking leadership positions already

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe you are right. The top Indian talents are in America, Making America Great Again.

I have one observation to make. These top Indian talents would not be able to start a big company like those they are now CEOs. They could only come in as an employee of these big corporations.

Compare to the likes of Jack Ma, Pony Ma etc they created the companies, built them into big corporations, not employees that came in after the corporations have already taken off and well established.

The Chinese talents seem to be very good in starting companies from scratch, the true entrepreneurs, not employees.

Anonymous said...

RB Good writeup thanks
Kind Regards JC

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

While ignorant clown Trump is chasing all the Chinese back to China, he did not know how desperate NASA is after the return of Chang'e 5 and moon rocks and soil. They have gone to China begging China to share the data and moon rocks with the world, ie with the Americans.

Xi is going to show them the middle finger and tell them to ask Trump for it. Chinese technology has surpassed the Americans in many fields, in space, going to the moon, GPS, AI, 5G, 6G, Quantum Physics etc etc. Soon the Americans would be trying to steal Chinese technology and begging China to let American astronauts to visit China's Space Station.

Fat hope. They can con the Russians to use the ISS but not the Chinese. China will tell them to go to hell.