Covid19 - Tax Singaporeans to compensate migrant workers for restricted freedom due to the virus

Alex Au,  'the vice-president of Transient Workers Count Too, as pointing out that since almost half of the migrant workers were already showing immunity to the virus, based on the Ministry of Health update on Dec 14, they could be said to be safer than the rest of the population and that tighter restrictions on their movement made no sense.'

He Calvin Cheng ex NMP) said: “The first thing we have to do is to ACKNOWLEDGE that keeping the workers segregated and limiting their freedom is TRUE.”

And, like Mr Kausikan, he acknowledged that this had been, in effect, a trade-off meant to keep the rest of Singapore safe.

But, going one step further, Mr Cheng seemed to suggest that something must be done to make up for the restrictions placed on the migrant workers.

“If we accept that this situation has to continue for a while, then we defend it, but make things better for the FWs.

“Yes we can offer words of appreciation, care packages etc but nothing helps more than cold, hard cash.”

Mr Cheng went on to suggest “a Covid tax on all residents in Singapore (except the FWs)” from which an additional sum could be added to the wages of migrant workers “to compensate them for their pain and suffering”.

“Money doesn’t solve all problems but it does go a long way to comfort those in need of it,” he added. /TISG 

And Alex Au,  'the vice-president of Transient Workers Count Too, as pointing out that since almost half of the migrant workers were already showing immunity to the virus, based on the Ministry of Health update on Dec 14, they could be said to be safer than the rest of the population and that tighter restrictions on their movement made no sense.'

The above were from an article in theindependent.sg. I would like to make Calvin Cheng's proposal more generous by suggesting that Singaporeans not only pay tax for the migrant workers for confining them and their loss of freedom just to prevent Covid19 virus from spreading to the general population, but also to buy every one of them a Christmas present, and a big ang pow if they are still confined during Chinese New Year. How about finding jobs for them if they become jobless? We owe it to them right? And if they are single, find a Singaporean girl to marry them and they can stay on as Singapore citizens. There are so many things we can do for them for depriving them of their freedom.

As for Alex Au's suggestion, to set them free to roam the streets and socialise with Singaporeans to make them happy, then Singaporeans need not have to pay them for being confined to their dormitories. Also, did Alex Au believe that just because these migrant workers already have immunity so they no longer have the virus in them and would not be spreading the virus, if still in them, to the Singaporean community? Really? Someone suggested that Alex Au should let them visit and stay with him for a start.

Anyway, both suggestions are brilliant. As brilliant as stupidity has no cure.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Some are turned on by these male foreign workers as their sexual preference dominate their judgement . . .

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, Mr RB

Many traitous Sinkies cared more for Others than rather their own.

These bastards thought that they are upright and principled beans.

If NOT for these few Hundreds thousands of Foreign Workers who are the main scourge of the Pandemic in Sinkieland, we would NOT have to suffer so much and so many businesses lost.

They are the Majority who are most infected and we have to suffer because of them.

During the SARs epidmeic, we are in a way or another having a normal life.

Offices as usually and short time back to normal.

We have lost our Freedom on their CB. Or Chee B. Purely because of them.

Now they harped that we must held them as its our faults.

Compensate them instead of so many jobs and busssineses lost.

Sinkieland is doomed

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The few hundred thousands are waiting to be released to the community at large. Some are getting very impatient, wanting to lift the bolt and let them mingle freely. They may have the immunity, but many would still carry the virus and could spread them quite freely to the gullibles thinking that they are safe.

Sure, some are eagerly waiting for their company. These stupidity have no cure cases are very dangerous to the majority of the population.

Just wait for them to be let loose. There must be feeling the pressure to let them out. To be kind to them is to be unkind to the innocent and clueless Singaporeans. Don't Singapore become another UK and the virus is out of control and be banned by other countries from going there or coming here.

You need tough and strong leaders to be firm and harsh in a way, to make hard choices against the weak minded and careless voices that are asking for destruction.

Anonymous said...

From the way they have gone out of the way to find a way to compensate the FWs, I am inclined to believe that the two of them have something in common with Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

For those who are madly in love with the foreign workers, their desires are like the drug addicts and smokers, they cannot see any wrong with their addiction, and would want to see the foreign workers let out from their dorms.

Virgo49 said...

Intersting News CNN

Dotard Trump will VETO relief bill.

Riots soon.


Virgo49 said...

They are here because of their never ending greed of never ending projects to make or to lose monies like our Terminals Jewels

If you have POP like HK then when u have a pandemic or big POP like some big cities you are doomed.

All cramped and spread easily.

Like whats even happening in HK UAssA and even Matland.

Anonymous said...

That dude is well known for his support and love for doramy against the law of nature. Many of the male migrants also long to meet their maid girl friends so maid may bring virus back to employers. My neighbour doing home renovation I can see the indian workers trying very hard to chat up the maid. Sure the maid is not pretty and the guys are in their 40s but hack they looking for free holes.

Anonymous said...

I am dumbfounded. After enduring all the misery of the circuit breaker and all the inconvenience of moving around, all due mainly to the foreign workers who were the main source that are spreading the virus, we are asked to compensate them for 'spreading the virus'? WTF is that dude talking about?

I would be interested to know what our resident sodomizer have to say about this!

Anonymous said...

That twit is one of the natural aristocrats, specially selected to be NMP. They see him as one of them, and therefore very clever like them.

He may be tasked to fly a balloon to see whether the daft would support such an idea. A lot of opm available to throw to foreigners to make foreigners happy.

Virgo49 said...

Covid Taxes on the Residents and Locals where many of them already struggling for a living.

This Kaisookan is rich enough not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Put in this way. That dude is in doramy stuff so if u go sodomized him is no use lar cause he enjoys it.

SSO said...


Looking at the background, if I am not mistaken, these two persons you are referring to are basically gays.

Maybe some of their lovers or regular customers are from the foreign workers pool. And after so many months, having no contacts and poke poke, I think they are now very desperate and backside itchy already.

They are definitely misdirected and misguided by their own self-interests.

Anyway, the two tiny swallows do not make a summer.

Singaporeans should not and must not be so easily influenced by these two deviants of society.

Sorry, I have to be very frank in expressing my thinking.


Anonymous said...

Years ago there was a case of a university professor who was found tied up and murdered by the young men (non students) he lured to his room for homosexual pleasures.