35% premium hike for Medishield Life is so merciful

Come 2021, Medishield Life premiums will increase by up to 35%.

It adds to our already high cost of living but we have no choice but to pay up.

Foong Swee Fong posted a short article on this in the TRE.

I am tired of talking about this and how our CPF savings are being depleted and we can't do anything about it. And now and then some imbeciles will open their mouths to deride our lack of savings and to increase our CPF contributions to make sure we save enough for retirement.  The point is that we are having the highest rate of savings in the world and after saving for a life time still find ourselves not having enough of savings for retirement and have to work till the last day of our lives.  Where did our CPF savings go to? Why we cannot save enough for our retirement?

Below are some of the comments in response to Foong Swee Fong's article that said it all. But the imbeciles would close their eyes and ears and pretend they did not see or hear any complaints. They just shut out everything and do as they want with your CPF savings, without your consent. They said this is a rule of law country.  Everything done to your CPF savings is legal and lawful.


  • So what else is new?:

    35% one shot rise!
    Daylight Robbery is what it is.
    They do it just because they can!
    61% gave them full permission !
    Who can speak up for the voiceless in sg?
    They keep us in virtual shackles and try to make us believe they do it for our own good.
    Is this LHL’s punishment on us for his bad showing at the polls few months ago???
    He loves to see us suffer fobt he?

  • xoxo:

    onLEE 35 PCT,WHY NOT 350 PCT?!!!!
    WTF! After LOOTING $100 BILLION N GRANTING US $600 ON A SUPPOSED PER CAPITA OF $23K,This govt wants to $crew us more!

    They promise no gst increases till later but screw us on medishit lie premium all the same?

    This groupie of ar$ehole$ need to be axed!!!

  • 3Ts:

    That’s how the SG Govt give free vaccination by increasing the Medishield Life premium etc!

    Give u a free drumstick & takes back a whole chicken!

  • Vampirical Increase:

    35% increase is really Vampirical.

  • Vote them Out:

    MediShield Life is a HOAX?

    Useless Medisafe life is going up by whopping 35% which is approximately an increase of $400 for the elderly old. Two elderly old means $800 increase to be paid for by their children if they have no money. That means [2 X ~$1600 = $3200] to be paid for by their children Mandatorily excluding the premium of themselves.

    There is no reason whatsoever to keep voting for them, absolutely without any doubts. Why? I cannot understand.

  • Harder Truths:

    The Evil Regime just gave billions to FT companies for no reason during the pandemic rather than give the people directly. How else are they going to get this back? Expect more rises in taxes and other stuff as well.

    PS. And mind you, this is what you voted for. So don't complain. Be grateful that the increase is not more. It is for your own good. It is also for the good of those that would benefit from the 35% premium hike for sure. You have to thank them for being so merciful.


Anonymous said...

The fact that PAP ministers dare not declare their assets publicly already rings a bell loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Heartless, ruthless political hacks will have no qualms to fix anyone and anything and also call you "idiots" and "xia suay" if their own interests are being under threat.

By now, if Sinkingland voters are still so blind, dumb and deaf, then they deserve to be eaten by the wolves in white sheep skin and the deadly poisonous cobra snakes in black.

I sense that mastermind behind this is probably that fat SOG.

Anonymous said...

More than $100 billion from reserves spent on who? Cronies? FTs?

PAP MP Ting Pei Ling got the cheek to say that it amounts to S$23,225 of Covid-19 relief spent on each individual Singaporean.

Did you receive S$23,225, or peanuts $600 especially for the jobless Sinkie?

And now every Singaporean got to pay back in taxes and fees hikes to replenish the reserves.

Anonymous said...

You mean sustainability?

Anonymous said...

Luckily they never ask Mindef to be self sustaining or make profit. Then NS men would have to pay for doing NS, or plant fruit trees or rear chicken to make money.

Anonymous said...


No point Kpkbsssssssss lah!

A massive massive 61% voted YES at the recent GE!

What can you do now!

This is Sg!


Anonymous said...

Heed the advice! When the PAP wants to help, people run for cover. It's proven true, right? The word 'help' carries a lot of consequences in the aftermath.

Anonymous said...

In time to come, you may not die falling sick but hospital charges and health insurance premiums will kill you.

The USA is in that situation, where health insurance is beyond reach of the poor, mostly blacks, because the insurance premiums are so high due to the sky high hospitalisation and medical fees and medication as well. Hospitals and doctors know there is the insurance companies to dig and they charge very high rates. Insurance companies increase premiums when claims payout overtook premium collection. It is a vicious cycle that has no upper limit.

Red Dot is evolving into that, but there is the safety of the CPF route to fund part of the cost of health insurance. But make no mistake, Medisave for healthcare use and to fund Medishield Life will continually be increased to that end.