Lesson From The New British Virus: Never Belittle The Little Fellow

 Lesson From The New British Virus: Never Belittle The Little Fellow

The ancient people had say that when bad things hit, they come in pairs or multiples.

When shits hit the ceiling, they come down and spread upon every head in their way and their stinking smell permeate every inch of space.

In the race to stop the shits and smell from reaching their land and people, amongst more than 50 countries that have cut off air links with the United Queendom (Kingdom is a misnomer for the last 68 years), Russia has also just imposed flights ban on the United Queendom routes because of the new variant of coronavirus spread fast and furious in and from the United Queendom.

The British people are now in a state of shock and disbelief, trying to grapple with the new discovery of the millennium.

Some say it is retribution. Others say it is God's will. Still others say it is irresponsible behavior of some of their kind.

Whatever what others may say, it is for the British people to realize that power does not necessarily comes out of the barrel of the gun, but can actually come out from tiny intangible and unassuming life forms such as a virus, the Coronavirus.

The same goes to the tiny people whom the British Empire and its tentacles - the Americans and Australians - had murdered, massacred and killed by the millions, especially during the last 500 years of human history.

Those tiny people will come back for payback time to get their just desserts in one form or another, and in one way or another.

This particular variant of Covid-19 virus could probably be one of the many forms and one of the many ways.

And this is only just the beginning. The worst has yet to come......



Anonymous said...

Here's proof that Australia is the attack dog of the US:

Donald Trump has awarded Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a prestigious American military decoration "for his leadership in addressing global challenges and promoting collective security," and strengthening the alliance between the two countries.

The outgoing US President gave Mr Morrison the Legion of Merit. The award was presented by the US national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, on Monday evening Washington time, and was accepted by Australia's ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos on behalf of Mr Morrison.

Anonymous said...

A deserving dog with a medal to hang on its neck.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should cheer and support Donald Trump. Only he can start a civil war to break up this evil Empire for the good of the rest of the world.

Virgo 49 said...

See their award Military Medals even though that Morrison is a civilian.

These War Mongering Bastards only knew of Destruction and Wars and nothing productive.

Soldering to the Farking Americunts and also.the Mats are are Heroic job and Heros and Heroines.

One of the most useless jobs even the labourers are more productive than them

They must declared themselves as Wars Veterans when they stand for elections

Anonymous said...

WTF! A civilian given a military medal? For war?

Anonymous said...

The idiot started a war with China and the whole of Australia is crying.

Anonymous said...

His medal is paid for by the Australian businesses to a tune of several tens of billions Aussie dollars.

Anonymous said...

Australia will one day become non-white country. The descendents of convicts have to be driven out or hunted down just likd what their forefathers had done to the original tribl inhabitants and the early Chinese settlers.

Anonymous said...

Skynews, themselves no stranger to China bashing, reported that the US award to Morrision was precisely for Morrision stronge anti-China stand. At the way Trump is giving free pardons to his kind and killers of Iraqi civilians, it would be a shame to be bestowed any award by Trump.

Anonymous said...

Not according to the hubris coming from the self righteous Australian press. Many are cheering the skyrocking rise in iron ore prices and the power shortages in parts of China wrongly assuming its because of China's ban of Australian coal. Only if China could find alternative sources for iron ore fast, that could really sink their economy and set them crying.

Anonymous said...

For every Australian good that China banned, it has find alternative sources from other countries. China has inked contracts for iron ore from Indonesia, wine from Argentina, Chile, South Africa, meat and cereal from Brazil etc etc

Australia jacked up its prices for barley only to sell to Saudi Arabia at rock bottom price as animal feed. And all the lobsters and live foo, fresh produce, all rotting and had to be disposed off. Wines, coal and iron ores in containers outside Chinese ports had to make their way home to Australia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Aussies are trying to find alternative markets but nothing comes near to the orders China could buy. All their fruits, vegetables, corns, wheats, barleys, etc etc laid waste with no buyers.

The storage for wines, poultry, meats etc is going to cost a bomb to the Australian farmers and exporters. Instead of making millions and billions, they are going to lose money. Workers and machinery in farms and mines laid up with no work.

This is the price to pay to win a medal from Trump. Morrison told Trump he would use Australia as the lead man to show the world how to attack China and ended being made a scape goat by China to show the world what would happen if any country would dare to triple with China.

Australia is crying alone in the wilderness in the outbacks, its economy going into recession.