Pfizer Vaccine - Full Exposure And Revelation Are Required

1984 George Orwell said...

Pfizer Vaccine - Full Exposure And Revelation Required

1. The public has the basic and common right to have the full exposure and revelation of facts and findings of the Pfizer vaccine, or any other vaccine, before they are given the vaccination.

2. Advertising and recommendations, by words of mouth or written, through manufacturer or third parties, must not hide any inconvenient truth, or any facts, from the public whatsoever regarding any vaccine.

3. All vaccines have side-effects, ranging from mild to severe, and from drastic to fatal.

4. If anybody only talked about a particular vaccine's effectiveness without revealing its side-effects, such a vaccine must be viewed with conscious suspicion and great caution.

5. More data is needed to understand the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine fully, without an iota of doubt.

6. To what extent will it be dangerous to pregnant women, to children, to the aged, and to people who are immuno-compromised?

7. Does the vaccine provide long-term immunization to those who have taken it? If not, how long will it last?

8. Has it been proven, through mass testing, to determine exactly the extent of its efficacy and detriments? How large was the group tested?

9. What percentage of failure-rate and how severe were the failures in terms of human life, health and well-being?

10. Are the clinical test reports made available to the public in full voluntarily, without having to be asked for? If not, why not?

11. Has the manufacturer of the vaccine, deliberately or otherwise, hide any fact or data from the public?

12. Please think hard and do the necessary. Millions of human lives are involved. Human life is precious. One fatal casualty is one too many already. Just imagine that fatal casualty is your ownself or your loved ones.

Be responsible. Be fully responsible!

1984 George Orwell - 15 Dec 2020.

PS: The Pfizer vaccine is singled out because it has been adopted by the Singapore government for mass vaccination usage across the country, even though other vaccines are also available. Moreover, it has only been approved by the US Health Authority for Emergency Use Only, not for everyone anytime. It is, therefore, clear that the US Health Authority has exercised great caution in the application of the Pfizer vaccine, whilst the Singapore "Experts" seem to have failed to consider this aspect.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We have about 2 weeks to observe the effects of the first few batches of people being vaccinated. Hopefully 2 weeks would be sufficient time, may need longer, for serious side effects, if any, to show.

1984 George Orwell said...

They are starting with the frontline health service personnel and the old people first.

These are people who should not be made the guinea-pigs.

We can't afford to lose any of the frontline fighters in this manner.

It is cruel and callous to use old vulnerable people as guinea-pigs.

Anonymous said...

All the millionaire ministers should be the guinea-pigs and be vaccinated first, especially the Task Force experts who recommended the Pfizer vaccine.

Then wait for one month to observe and report faithfully the side effects to the public.

The Pfizer was tested on Western Caucasians not Asians. There may be differences in the response of the two different groups of DNAs.

Anonymous said...

The authorities should not be hasty again, like giving that stupid advice and instruction to ask the public not to wear a musk, only wear it when sick.

They should get a pool of volunteers of at least 1000 people from all walks of life, all ethnic group and different age groups, in different stage of health to test a few vaccines first. After that, then determine with is a better one for which category of people.

Then and only then should the authorities apply the vaccines across the board.

Such common sense also don't have. Really pathetic. Still called themselves outstanding? Yah, stands out like sore thumbs.

The quality of those in-charge is appalling. Blunder at every stage of this Pandemic.

Anonymous said...

try out whatever covid-19 vaccines available here on the 900,000 "ft"/pr first ...

Anonymous said...

If they are not outstanding, how could one of them discover that cotton comes from sheep?

This must be the discovery of the century. No wonder he thinks he is qualified to call Singaporeans idiots!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, why this ang moh vaccine to be used in Sinkies is on voluntary basis? Probably, still awaiting for real results en masse. Advice to adopt a wait n see how first, cause this vaccine may not be effective at all compared to the China Chinese medical experts developed ones. And it all depends on the Supreme One Upthere to decide each one of us fate and destiny & also the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma, let's not forget to do good/virtuous deeds to reduce all negative Karmic effects,let's pray ...

Anonymous said...

The rush to approve is all about reaping in the dough.

On 'voluntary basis' probably means looking for guinea pigs to see how it affects those who opt for it, and in the meanwhile Pfizer laughs all the way to the bank.

If it is mandatory, someone will eat 'soto mi' if after effects are not good. But by which time Pfizer already fattened it's bottom line with record earnings. They did say and warned that their vaccine is only for 'emergency use' and if you opt for it, it is your own fault, not theirs. Like those warnings on cigarette boxes. The risk is yours to take.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is the logistic supply chain must be reaping huge pocket money 'psycho-ing' the big wigs to buy the Pfizer vaccine enmass. Otherwise, how to explain this rush without due diligence?

The Minotaur of HELL could be one of the main suspects.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Take the hint from Trump. This man is all about himself and his own good. If he thinks the vaccines are good, he would be the first to take it. He is now so generous, the White House staff will have it last. Let others take the vaccines first. So magnanimous, so caring, thinking of others before himself.

Go figure. Trump never do things for the good of others except himself.

Anonymous said...

LHL’s announcement that Singapore will begin our CB phase 3 on 28 December is definitely welcomed news. I hope that our President, appointed Mayors, all elected Members of Parliament etc and not just pap ministers will also take early C19 vaccinations to show leadership and to also instill confidence in our people in this time of trepidation.

I also note that C19 vaccination is not mandatory. I like that. Unlike the returning of people’s CPF savings at 55 which the pap government unilaterally and blatantly renegaded, this time, the people’s choices and rights are respected.

Going forward, it is reasonable to assume that proof of C19 vaccination will be a standard requirement just like a valid passport for anybody wishing to travel overseas and anybody not vaccinated must be faced with much inconveniences.

Although Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is the first C19 vaccine to be approved by the Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA) for use in Singapore, Moderna and Sinovac vaccines were also mentioned in lhl’s speech and in the months ahead, both vaccines may also receive HSA’s official approval.

In the public education and campaigns that will follow, I hope that all approved C19 vaccines will be introduced to the public with their pros and cons etc presented simply and clearly to enable members of the public to make informed and suitable choices for themselves and their families.

It is much like buying a similiar category family car and people are faced with 3 choices. Car A is the cheapest, car B is the most fuel economy and car C has the highest trade in value. Potential buyers will have to consider carefully and choose the one that suits them the best.

Finally and this is the most important point. Since C19 vaccines are new to everybody and all their potential side effects are not fully understood and known yet, I strongly suggest that the government or a governmental cum insurance company collaboration be set up to offer all those who are vaccinated in this national C19 vaccination program some sort of medical indemnity so that going forward, if any unfortunate event of any C19 vaccination related adverse reaction or even fatal cases do happen, people will not lose out or left high and dry and their families suffer lost of financial support or misery. Ideally, it should be life long coverage.


Simon Lim

1984 George Orwell said...

Why Singapore does not use the Antibody drugs used to treat Trump and other White House personnel?

Singapore has claimed that the Antibody drugs from Regeneron given to treat President Donald Trump has been particularly contributed by Singapore's medical researchers.

The drugs has been effective on Trump and it could reduce hospitalizations from Covid-19 by 50-70%. Why then does Singapore government not use the same drugs for the general public?

The same situation also happens in the US. About 65,000 doses are distributed to states by the US government every week but only 5-20% of the doses are used.

This baffles me no end. Why? Why? Why?

Anonymous said...

I will kwai kwai queue up for the vaccine, after Pfizer CEO. Cannot cut Q.


SSO said...

Pfizer is now working frantically to get details of reported allergic reaction to vaccination in Alaska,

It has been reported by the New York Times that a health worker in Alaska suffered an allergic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday.

“We don’t yet have all the details of the report from Alaska about a potential serious allergic reactions but are actively working with local health authorities to assess,” a Pfizer spokesperson said.

“We will closely monitor all reports suggestive of serious allergic reactions following vaccination and update labeling language if needed,” she added.

“The prescribing information has a clear warning/precaution that appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be readily available in case of a rare anaphylactic event following the administration of the vaccine.”

When UK rolled out the Pfizer vaccine earlier this month, at least two recipients had allergic reactions but they recovered quickly after prompt treatments.

“Participants in our Phase 3 trial were excluded if they had a history of severe adverse reaction associated with a vaccine and/or severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) to any component of the investigational vaccine,” the Pfizer spokesperson told CNN.

“Overall, there were no safety signals of concern identified in our clinical trials, including no signal of serious allergic reactions associated with vaccine. However, reports of adverse events outside of clinical studies are a very important component to our pharmacovigilance activities and we will review all available information on this case and all reports of adverse events following vaccination," she added.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Netherlands: 87,000 nurses refuse experimental Covid vaccine:'We're not guinea pigs!'

SSO said...

Now there are two whammies, instead of one, to kill the people enmass: COVID-19 and Vaccines.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Warning: Pfizer, waiver of liability

Pazuello said Pfizer had presented a variety of demands in order to close the deal, including a waiver of liability. "We are thinking of accepting," Pazuello said of the demands.

In its statements Pfizer said many countries had agreed to waive liability, including in Latin America.

Anvisa confirmed that Pfizer had yet to apply to register its vaccine. It said that information provided by Pfizer was "not the complete data necessary to judge the safety, efficacy and quality of a vaccine for registration." CNA

SSO said...

Pfizer Vaccine: Why Approved And Accepted So Quickly, So Readily And So Willingly?

Pfizer said many countries had agreed to waive liability, including Latin America. Did Singapore also waived the liability? I presume so. Otherwise, how else could the sale/purchase contract with Pfizer be signed?

If Pfizer can demand waiver of liabilities, then it is highly probable that the ones who accepted this waiver could have demanded or negotiated an under-table commission (read kickback) in return. And Pfizer could have readily agreed. This is common sense. Don't you agree?

This is once in a lifetime big money. There's huge profits to be made. In business, there won't be big money coming in unless small money goes out. I am sure big pharma like Pfizer understands this practical business philosophy very well.

A business transaction is usually a two-way traffic, but sometimes it is three-way, with a middleman in between. And this middleman will not do things for free. He has to earn a living. Therefore, it is only proper that a commission or momentary reward be given to the middleman.

Usually, for government contracts, this middleman is the one the government sent to negotiate with the other party. Sometimes, this middleman is also the Chief of the Approving Authority.

I am very curious why so many countries' governments' health agencies' Chieftains are so quick to approve the Pfizer vaccine without waiting for others to come out and make a good and proper comparison before approval and signing contracts, especially so in USA and little USAs.

In fact, China's five types of COVID-19 vaccines have been out there already, well ahead of all others. Yet, interestingly, very few governments' health agencies were quick to approve it. I believe Singapore has just started to consider it, isn't it?

The key point is: Does not the waiver of liability clause rings a bell loud and clear? That means Pfizer itself is not really very confident in the vaccine that it is selling. That means the Pfizer vaccine has not met the legal definition of a "merchanable product".

That also means that it is prudent to exercise caution - don't be hasty in your decision to buy, give or accept this product.

Moral of the story:

When big money does the talking, the devils will willingly do the walking! It is up to humans to wake up and do the thinking.

Think three times before you act.