Covid-19: No Detection Of Infection Does Not Mean There Is No Infection

 1984 George Orwell said... Covid-19: No Detection Of Infection Does Not Mean There Is No Infection

"SINGAPORE — The Royal Caribbean cruise ship passenger who tested positive for Covid-19 was an 83-year-old man who reported to the ship’s onboard medical centre with diarrhoea.

He underwent a mandatory Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction test as part of onboard protocols, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said in an update on Wednesday (Dec 9).

The passenger had undergone testing before boarding the cruise and tested negative."

The above report was made by TODAY Online.

My Comments:

1. If you are tested negative, it does not mean you are totally free from the COVID-19 virus infection.

2. It only means that on that day, at that point in time, the infectious virus inside your body could not be detected, yet.

3. It can also mean that the testing system is not very effective or faulty.

4. It can also mean that it could be a rush job and therefore efficiency and accuracy could have been sacrificed for the purpose of expediency and profit-motive.

5. Alternatively, the old gentleman could have contracted the COVID-19 disease from someone on the cruise. That someone could be a healthy carrier from the crew, the cooks, the service personnel or from the other passengers.

6. Moral of the story is:

A cruise to nowhere can turn up to be a cruise to somewhere - hospital or cemetery.

7. Conclusion.

Don't be over-confident. No detection of infection does not mean there is no infection. It means that the coronavirus is smarter than we humans think we are.

1984 George Orwell


Anonymous said...

The famous XIA SUAY, Cotton-Comes-From-Sheep CCS said that government has expected this will happen even before the trial project was launched.

That means he knows that this is going to happen, yet he as MTI went ahead to deliberately make use Singaporeans as Guinea Pigs to try out his economic ambition: Make-money is more important than Singaporeans well-being. Yes, that is how they take good care of Singaporeans health and wealth.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: Six new COVID-19 cases were reported in Singapore as of noon on Wednesday (Dec 9), all are imported infections.

The latest count does not include an 83-year-old man who tested positive for COVID-19 on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The man's original test sample was re-tested at the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) and came back negative for COVID-19 infection,said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

"A second fresh sample tested by NPHL has also come back negative. NPHL will conduct another test tomorrow to confirm his COVID-19 status," the ministry added.

All his identified close contacts have been isolated as a precautionary measure, said MOH. But his possible contacts, who are not identified yet, have been let free to spread the virus if they are asymptomatic carriers. One of these could be the one who transferred the virus to the 83 year-old man?

There were no detection or report of new cases in the community and in foreign workers' dormitories. This does not mean there is no infected persons out there to continue to spread the virus.

Refusing to test the whole population means that chances are the COVID-19 coronavirus is still very active and alive out there amongst the unassuming, unaware, careless and make-money-more-important people.

Anonymous said...

CCS said that we have moved from risk prevention to risk management, in line with our overall objective.

That means letting the guards down and just keep fingers crossed.

That means when there are infections, then the government will react.

That means the government is moving back the the Reactive mode, the modus operandi that it has got so used to all these past years. They are not going to be Proactive anymore.

Therefore, the COVID-19 coronavirus is very happy, very grateful to CCS and the MTI, and also thankfully appreciate what the Singapore PAP leaders are doing, giving the coronavirus to survive and proliferate once more.

"HORRAY! HERE WE COME!" the COVID-19 coronavirus shouted loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Has the minion millionaires ever been proactive?

All these 12 months of the Pandemic, it has been fire-fighting all the time.

Always say "we will monitor closely; then react.

Until now, don't even bother to think of testing the whole population and identify each and every possible healthy asymptomatic super-spreader.

Until now, still keep importing infected persons from India and USA, and neighbouring countries.

Until now, still not going all out to get hold of the available vaccines from China and Russia.

Where got proactive?

Proactive is a dirty word to PAP million dollars salary rice bowl clingers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The rush to approve white vaccines, warp speed, now Pfizer vaccine is showing more problems on the first day of vaccination only on a small number of people. When more and more people are vaccinated, can't imagine what kinds of problems going to crop up.

Don't rule out severe reactions and people dying from them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can you imagine if this is a Chinese vaccine, how much condemnation and smearing would the West throw at China?

Because it is their vaccine, they would not say anything bad about it until more severe cases crop up, just like Max 737.

SSO said...

Domestic Workers Are Vulnerable To Employers' Abuses!

After the Liew Mun Leong's Family abusing Parti Liyani case, and making fake charges against her, more and more domestic workers are coming out to report abuses.

Read this sexual abuse case from TODAY news:

SINGAPORE — Growing emotional several times in court, a 37-year-old foreign domestic worker testified on Wednesday (Dec 9) that her married employer, whom she saw as a brother or father, had touched and molested her three times within a month.

He allegedly forced her to perform a sex act on him and, at another time, groped her when she was asleep.

The worker from Myanmar took the stand on the first day of Pal Muhammad Irzuan Mokhtar’s trial in a district court.

She cannot be named due to a court order to protect her identity.

SSO said...

Maids Abuses Again And Again.

Sentosa Cove maid subjected to 4 hours of sleep and pinched whenever rich employer was “not happy” with her forced massages.

During the second day of trial, one of the maids who is accusing her employer’s wife of abuse in her Sentosa Cove home took the stand on Wednesday (Dec 9). She told the court she was asked to work through the night and added that she was pinched when her employer’s wife found her massages unsatisfactory.

Jenefer Vegafria Arangote, 39, said that she would work through the night and only sleep at 1 pm or 2 pm and wake up at 5 pm or 6 pm daily. She worked for the accused, Tan Lee Hoon, for three months at her multi-million dollar Paradise Island home.

Tan’s husband, Sim Guan Huat, also employed 33-year-old Lizardo Joan Lozares as a maid in October 2015, before hiring Ms Arangote as a domestic helper in August 2018.

In court, Ms Arangote said that her chores included cleaning the house, cooking, gardening, as well as massaging Tan daily until the woman fell asleep.

She also said that she had no days off in the three months that she worked for the household.

Ms Arangote alleged that sometime in October 2018 when she was massaging Tan in her bedroom at around 10 am or 11 am before Tan went to bed, the latter pinched her.

“When I started massaging her, she was not happy (with) the way I did it to her. Then she got angry with me, that’s why she pinched me,” said Ms Arangote, according to a CNA report.

She added that both her and Ms Lozares would take turns massaging Tan until she fell asleep.

The first time, Tan allegedly pinched Ms Arangote twice on her shoulders. The pinches left “blue marks” on Ms Arangote’s shoulders. During another massage, Tan allegedly pinched the upper right part of Ms Arangote’s chest twice. After a few days, Ms Arangote noticed a bruise in the area.

During a third incident, Ms Arangote was arranging paper lanterns on a tree when she accidentally knocked over a statue, angering Tan. Tan then pinched her on the back of her thigh, said Ms Arangote.

There was a fourth incident when Tan allegedly pinched the maid on her inner forearm with her fingernails.

According to charge sheets, Tan is accused of pinching Ms Arangote’s right bicep, stomach, chest, arm and thigh in September 2018. She is accused of hitting Ms Lozares’ head with her hand and kicking her chest in October 2018, as well as hitting her torso with a stick on another occasion that year.

Ms Arangote took photos of all the bruises and kept them on her phone. However, once after confiscating Ms Arangote’s phone, Tan asked for the phone’s password and checked her photo gallery.

Ms Arangote eventually got her phone back from her agent, but the photos had been deleted.

Tan is contesting eight charges of voluntarily causing hurt to Ms Arangote and Ms Lozares.

If convicted of voluntarily causing hurt, Tan could be jailed for up to two years, fined up to S$5,000, or both, for each charge. As the offences are against maids, she could be given up to one-and-a-half times the original punishment if found guilty.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sentosa Cove so famous nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Sentosa Cove famous because it has been popularized by Pastor nicknamed Donkey by Netizens.

With more than 36 million dollars per year given by daft and zombiefied Sinkie followers, how not to live a high life of Ferrari fast cars to obscenely expensive residence? And glamorous life in Hollywood for wifey?

All given by the Grace of God. God of No Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Moo-Lari Kuat Kiat should not have be selected as candidate by PAP when he can't even raise his two sons properly. How can he even look after the the Backside Hill constituents. No wonder so many problems in Backside Hill, e.g. fire hydrants are locked up and nobody knows where the keys are until someone complained.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, what happens if there is a fire like in Ho Swee Hill?

Oh, I forgot. Just say it happened, what to do? That will suffice!

Anonymous said...

So much money per year given to Donkey? Sinkies, even well educated Sinkies are not so smart I think. They have also been conned for years.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, it was reported that an 83-year-old passenger of a Royal Caribbean cruise-to-nowhere ship,,the Quantum of Solace, oops of the Seas, was tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the cruise ship to return to Singapore on Wednesday (9 Dec).

Now, MOH claims in a press release on Thursday (10 Dec) that the aforementioned passenger does not have COVID-19 infection.

This no doubt confirms that either the testing system at the Cruise ship is not reliable or the subsequent testings may also be unreliable. One of them must be unreliable, isn't it?

Can we afford to get false reports again?

What kind of protocols generate false alarms to alarm the public, and still claims to be effective?

Anonymous said...

What kind of test kits did they used?

Anonymous said...

There many different test kids used. There is no standard and proven reliable test kids being reported.

No report means news black-out or silence is golden.

Silence can also mean that somebody does not dare to let the public know exactly what test-kids are being used, and at which places.

It is not only the test-kids problems. There are also human errors, i.e. human problems, i.e. lab technicians problems.

There are not enough well-trained lab technicians to carry out the tests. Moreover, there seems to be a lackluster, lethargic, un-energetic atmosphere at some of the test centres.

Some more, some tests are done by private doctors who are so busy trying very hard to earn more money to buy their favorite Ferrari or Lamborghini, plus bungalow houses and mansions for their beloved mistresses and children.

That could also mean that there is something to deliberately hide in order to prevent the public being alarmed and netizens criticising them.

After so many years, we should all be aware of the PAP's smart tactics of hide and seek, are we not?

SSO said...

There are now 156 (latest figure) different test kits temporarily approved by the Health Science Authority (HSA) for use in Singapore. There is no indication of which is better or best.

Everyone of them would like to be the best. So, who decides which is the best?

Health Science Authority simply has no Authority to say which is best because it does not have the knowledge and experience to do so.

So, you can assess by yourself how cock-up the who testing protocol is.

PS: In the past, we used to name government agencies simply as Agency or Board. But for the last twenty-five years when power-hungry and money-hungry people, without modesty, started to take over the old guards, they started naming the various government agencies as Authority, Power, etc. For example, Land Transport Authority, Immigration and Customs Authority, Science Authority, Singapore Power, Ministry of Manpower, etc.

Anonymous said...

False alarm says the authorities. But who was at fault?

Perhaps the old man had a mutated version of the virus that manifest itself only at sea and the virus just disappear when the man is on land.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the virus now knows when to appear and when to hide? It's definitely getting smarter and smarter. Its stealth capability has improved and progressed to an advanced stage, so sophisticated that no human scientist is able to discover?

1984 George Orwell said...

This is definitely of public interests:

"In a recent Pennsylvannia Senate Republican lawmaker public hearing into claims of election fraud, retired army colonel Phil Waldronm, who had served in cyber warfare units, said : “The voting systems in the US and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated. They’ve been used in elections around the world, in stolen elections around the world, in Venezuela, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, Bolivia as close as two weeks ago.” The colonel has cast aspersion on the integrity of our election system and it behoves on our government to make a public statement to clarify the matter to Singaporeans. None was forthcoming on a matter so serious. Our national reputation has been blemished but instead of a strong rebuttal, we are treated to the circus of a prime minister protecting his personal reputation in 2 simultaneous libel cases in the courts. Or perhaps, with their superior cyber intel, the US knows something and a rebuttal may open up Pandora’s box."

The above paragraph is taken from Chempost published at TR Emeritus today (10 Dec 2020).

1984 GO.

1984 George Orwell said...


1. Is Singapore's voting system the same as, or an adaption of, any of the US's voting systems?

2. If so, when did Singapore started using this US voting system?

3. Is it true that the votes can be manipulated?

4. If so, how are votes manipulated, stolen?

5. How much votes (%) can be stolen at any one time, so that suspicions won't be aroused?

6. Does this revelation warrant a Presidential Commission of Inquiry to thoroughly and unbiasedly investigate into the truth, or the extent of truth, and/or falsehood?

7. Would the Elections Department care to respond by declaring that this allegation by the US cyber warfare unit army colonel Phil Waldronm is not true and totally baseless?

8. Is this not a matter of national interest?

9. What are the views of all the political parties' leaders? Why are they keeping so quiet? In this issue, silence is not golden.

Silence means consent or non-commital, both of which are not in good light.