What is a threat? Who is the threat? Who is the greatest threat to the world?

Who is a threat, what is a threat? This concept of threat is a trade mark of American hegemony. The Americans have been declaring this country and that country as a threat to them. Can anyone visualise how little countries or poor farmers in Afghanistan or some poor country be a threat to the biggest and most powerful Empire in history? Can North Korea or Iran really be a threat to the Americans even if they have a handful of nuclear weapons? Would they dare to use them knowing that the return fire from the American nuclear arsenal would cook every one of their citizens alive and their countries turned into Stone Age?

The Americans have been using this term, threat, as a convenient tool to demonise a country and set it up for attacks and persecution, trade and economic sanctions and invasion.  When the Americans declared a country as a threat, the poor country be very frighten, as the Americans are going to attack them in one way of another. They would be very lucky if it is just trade and economic sanctions. They would not die in an invasion, killed by bombs, but allowed to continue to live in poverty, cut from from the world in trade and economic activities. Most  of the time this threat is an outright American lie, an American mischief to do evil, to start wars, to kill as and when they like it.

So far only the Americans are telling the world who and who is a threat to the American Empire, using the western media to spread this evil edict. No country would dare to tell the world that the Americans are a threat to them. But the whole world knows that the Americans are the most evil, fearsome and deadly threat to countries that did not obey the Emperor in the White House and would be destroyed or diminished. 

While the Americans are lying to the world that small and weak countries are a threat to the Americans, an American myth, a white lie that no one believes, every country knows that the real threat to them and to the world is the evil American Empire. It is a case of an Emperor without clothes but no one dares to utter aloud that the Emperor is naked.

Once again, who is the greatest threat to the world, to world peace? No answers, but the answer is obvious. The evil Americans. America's security is the world's insecurity. They are using the security threat to threaten and control and dominate the world.

Once again, is there any smaller countries that is a threat to the American security? The answer, from the Americans, they would be bombed to the Stone Age in minutes. Is that a good answer?


SSO said...

USA (which should rightfully be known as the Unlawful States of America) deploys its military forces and its intelligence units (it has 17 Intelligence organisations, the most in the world) around the world to dominate, intimidate and threaten the other countries if the world.

It is the only country in the world that does such a thing. There is not other countries except USA that is capable of threatening other countries.

Anonymous said...

They see through every country that do not agree with them as a threat.

They see through every company that is ahead of them in technology as a security threat.

They ban every company that they failed to compete successfully with as a threat and sanctioned them. They even forced their poodles to do the same.

They meddled with every country's election and try covering themselves with all the unproven claims that others are meddling in their own election.

Four long years of trying to prove Russian involvement in the 2016 election came to naught. In 2020 they tried sticking the bullshit on China. Thankfully, China avoid talking or commenting on the 2020 election or else would have fallen into their trap. It takes a thief to try to convict another.

Only a country that has used the nuclear bomb, used biological weapons, bullied, threatened and sanctioned others is itself guilty conscious of what they have done and what those measures can do to the victim. But I do not belief the United Snakes of America has a conscience. The genocide of the Red Indians is a case in point.

Crying wolf too many times will expose all the fake accusations levied against others.

Anonymous said...

Not all whites r bad, not all yellow r good, not all blacks r blacks ... all that glitters r not gold, but when a diamond is broken it is still a diamond ( this is what China is all about, He may seems as broken b4 but he is still China, as shiny as a Diamond).

1984 George Orwell said...

A Crook is a Crook, no matter how one looks at it.

Whether he is British, French, German, Greek, Italian, American or Australian, the Evil White Man and his Decadent attitude, behavior and character, written deep into his DNA, can never change.

There are a few of them who have evolved and become more cultured and refined in attitude, behaviour and character but these are far in between.

It will take another few thousand years for the uncivilised White Supremacists to catch up with civilization and become totally cultured and refined in their Evil-Embedded DNA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, the answers to your questions must be quite obvious to the whole world. Over the past 7 decades which nation has engaged in multiple wars all over the globe? The one country that has been engaged in instigating "regime change" in foreign countries is none other than the United States of America. United States of America is a threat to world peace, period.

Anonymous said...

China is fully prepared militarily for any final Trump madness

Trump administration is utilizing its last 40 days in office to keep provoking China. Some think it's not worthwhile to wrangle with the team now and suggest it is better to be tolerant of it. Such a strategy is dangerous. Once they believe the Chinese will exercise patience no matter what happens, they will definitely become insatiable and more unscrupulous. They will carry out moves that will severely jeopardize China's national interests, setting up a demonstration and even kidnapping the future agenda of the incoming Joe Biden administration.

The Chinese will resolutely combat the arrogance of Trump's team at every turn. If the Americans make vicious moves that cross the bottom line, the Chinese will fearlessly engage in a high-intensity confrontation.

There have been various speculations that Trump administration may make big moves during its last days in the White House. This could include sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit the island of Taiwan for further rabble rousing. Some say Trump may even make a flash visit to the island himself, and announce the establishment of "diplomatic relations" with the island. If so, China's response will be a devastating punch to the Democratic Progressive Party's authorities who have been coordinating with Trump administration, to hold their feet to the fire.

Everyone in the international community knows that the Trump administration is now provoking China. A visit by Pompeo or by one at more senior level would be a gross violation of the one-China principle. This is by no means acceptable to Beijing. The whole world knows how China will react — any strong response will be understandable.

Therefore, China is not afraid of serious crisis in the Taiwan Straits at this time. Chinese aircraft will fly over the island. Their legitimacy of counterattacking US-Taiwan's line-breaking provocation will have a moral high ground. The so-called Taiwan military doesn't have the guts to open fire at the PLA. They are fully aware that if they open fire, it will mark the start of war. Chinese military will immediately inflict devastating blows on the Taiwan military airfield and other important military facilities.

The Chinese army is fully prepared for various military conflict scenarios. Sudden misfortunes cannot be avoided, and China will face the waves stirred up by the Trump administration in its final stage of madness.

China is a nuclear and space power, and has ample combat capabilities near the first island chain and strong anti-access capabilities. If the Trump administration wants to stage a farewell show at the Taiwan Straits, they will bring disgrace on their own head. By winning this battle, China will establish new dignity.

Anonymous said...

USA will continue to provoke China, before Trump, during Trump and after Trump.

The whole White House has been like this. It is all written in their DNAs. Draining the swamp is useless and an exercise in futility, because what will infest the swamp again, with each administration change, are the always the same kind of animals.

In fact it gets worse with time. Take those spokesperson on TV. I thought Sean Spicer was a pain in the arse with his lies and Sarah Huckabee Sanders doing no better. But Kayleigh McEnamy takes the cake for being the most atrocious liar, starting from the very first day.

These people must have studied Trump's 'Art of the lie' to qualify for the job.

Anonymous said...

India-CECA news:

Foreign direct investment (FDI) equity inflows into India stood at US$500.12 billion during April 2000 to September 2020 period, according to data of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

About 29 per cent of the FDI came through the Mauritius route (also in part SGP ?). It was followed by Singapore (21 per cent), the US, the Netherlands, Japan (each 7 per cent), and the UK (6 per cent).

India received about US$106 billion from Singapore (excl Mauritius route) during the 20-year period under review. DPIIT says.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China can declare a major air sea defence exercise around Taiwan and give notice to the world that the airspace and sea around Taiwan are exercise area and no aircraft or ships allowed, could be fired upon when entering the area. Any Taiwan aircraft that takes off and move out of Taiwan would be shot.

See if the Taiwanese of the Americans dare to violate the airspace and seas around Taiwan. A few hundred missiles are aimed at Taiwan, no need any land invasion.

1984 George Orwell said...

DBS-LVB Deal - Was It Make Hay While The Sun Shines Or Make Haste While Neglecting Due Diligence?

India's news media have reported that Subramanian Swami (SS), an Indian MP of the ruling BJP party, has asked the Modi government to put the Lakshmi Vilas Bank deal with DBS India on hold, in order to facilitate a forensic audit of the takeover of the assets of LVB by DBS.

SS also called for an examination of the allegations on money laundering made against DBS internationally and in Singapore.

In his letter to PM Modi, Swami said, “What is amazing is that RBI had sought objections from stakeholders which were to be filed by the close of business hours on November 20, 2020, effectively giving less than 72 hours for them to respond.”

Several stakeholders had raised objections to the deal. However, the RBI forwarded the draft proposal for Cabinet’s approval in great haste on November 25, without factoring any such objections. The merger came into effect two days later, on November 27.

Swami alleged that the haste with which RBI carried out the LVB-DBS merger, the unprecedented and unreasonable terms under which the bond and shareholders’ interest have been written off, and the arbitrary manner in which DBS Bank India was chosen without going through any standard operating procedure, raise serious questions on the functioning and integrity of India’s Central Bank, RBI.

Swami said there is a serious flaw in the functioning of RBI and lack of accountability inside the Indian Central Bank.

It must be noted that DBS India has already received capital infusion of Rs2,500 crore (S$450 million) from DBS Bank Singapore, as stipulated in the hasty LVB-DBS Merger Agreement.


1. Anything done in haste is bound to lead to serious flaws because a thorough and careful feasibility study cannot be deligently executed in that time frame.

2. Anyone or any government body proposing an agreement to be signed in haste must be subject to serious scrutiny and suspicion.

3. Anyone jumped into such hasty agreement is essentially an impatient and reckless person, especially when such a big and risky business deal is being considered.

4. Any government that condoned and supported such a hasty and reckless decision is not only careless but also negligent and irresponsible.

Has the outstanding Singapore government become careless, negligent and irresponsible lately, because too many foreigners-turned-citizens holding important, influential, key and top positions are actively and actually influencing government decisions and policies to the detriment of Singapore's strategic interests?

Anonymous said...

The hasty merger smells fishy. What about the allegations that DBS is involved in money laundering internationally. This is a serious matter. Was the merger to quell the accusations but backfiring on all cylinders?

A merger of such entities normally takes months, or even years, and will only proceed after much deliberations. There is also the element of what views the shareholders of DBS Singapore holds on the issue. I am sure they have views, but probably brushed aside because they are insignificant compared to the major shareholders. It appears that all is relatively quiet in official circles in this little Indian colony, or have I missed something?