Patriotic Chinese scientists answered the call of the motherland and returned to China to help build up the defense and security of the country.

           This article on overseas patriotic Chinese scientists return to China in answer to motherland's call to help build up the defense and security of China is written as an adjunct to Chua Chin Leng's article on Thursday, 17th December, 2020  entitled 'Over one thousand Chinese researchers have left the US to make China greater than America.'

Professor Joseph Needham a prominent British scientist in Cambridge University once said: " Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in China." And he further said in early 1960s: "Give China a hundred years' peace and she will produce wonders in the world."

Professor Qian Xuesen and many of his contemporary Chinese scientists were educated in China and graduated from prominent Chinese universities largely in Beijing and Shanghai. After graduating from Chinese universities largely from Beijing University, Xinhua University and Jiaotong University in Shanghai they went overseas for further studies to procure a doctoral degree in professorship.

In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s it was  turbulent times in China which  was then facing endless aggressions from Western countries and brutal invasion by the Japanese. Thus the atmosphere was not conducive for the young Chinese scientists to pursue their scientific research . Therefore they had to go overseas to continue their line of studies and research in the fields of Mathematics, physics, nuclear physics, engineering, technology such as railway engineering, rocketry and missile development.

At the end of the Second World War in 1945 most of these young patriotic Chinese scientists heard the call of the motherland to return home to help build up the defense and security of China so as to prevent any future aggressions and bullies from foreign countries. 

It was fortunate for China that many of the Chinese scientists who returned home were highly qualified in the fields of missiles and rocketry and in  thermonuclear technology. Both the rocketry and missiles scientists and the nuclear scientists cooperated and coordinated their work and effort in making Chinese missile and rocketry and the development of the thermonuclear bombs a great success.

In 1964 China became the Fifth country to possess thermonuclear weapons. Earlier in the 1950s and 1960s the People's Republic of China of Chairman Mao and the Chinese Communist Party faced intense hostility from America, Russia and England.

President Harry S. Truman ordered ten nuclear-armed B-29s to the Pacific Fleet during the height of the Korean War 1950 - 1953. General Curtis Lemay was a chief proponent of a nuclear strike on  China and he suggested that US should drop a few nuclear bombs on China. 

In the Mid-1950s President Dwight D. Eisenhower threatened to nuclear bomb China if China tried to take back its island of Taiwan by military means. 

In the later part of 1950s during the Soviet Russia and China ideological split and in 1969 during the intense border skirmish between China and Russian armies in Xinjiang and Heilongjiang region President Khruschev of Russia also threatened to nuke China.

Lastly in 1961 England threatened to nuke China if China were to take back Hong Kong by force.

Facing such hostile military threat from all quarters Chairman Mao officially authorized the Chinese atom bomb project in January 1955 in response to America nuclear threat. Chairman Mao said, "We need the atom bomb. If our nation does not want to be intimidated we have to have this thing."

In 1948 Chinese nuclear physicist Professor Qian Sanqiang who was first involved in the American project "Fat Man plutonium implosion bomb at Los Alamos" returned to China in the 1950s and helped start the Chinese nuclear program.

Professor Chian Sanqiang is known as "The father of the Chinese Atomic Bomb." In 1948  in Beijing he founded "The China Institute of Atomic Energy." In 1951 a Chinese radio chemist Professor Yang Chengzong procured ten grams of radium to support the Chinese people in their nuclear research.

Professor Qian Sanqiang and Professor Yang Chengzong started the construction of the fledgling Chinese nuclear complex  at the Northwest Nuclear Weapons Development Base in Haiyan, a research facility. They also created other important nuclear research and testing sites such as the Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment Plant, The Jiuquan Plutonium Reactor and The Lop Nur Test Site.

China's nuclear program was renamed 596 in commemoration of the split in joint China-Soviet Atomic bomb research program on June 1959.

Professor Qian Sanqiang and his team of Chinese nuclear scientists proceeded to construct the first Chinese atom bomb base on highly enriched uranium from the Lanzhou facility. 

In the debacle of the "Great Leap Forward" Chairman Mao and Premier Chou Enlai decided the nuclear project must continue "Even if the Chinese had to pawn their trousers."

The Lanzhou enrichment plant produced the first highly enriched uranium ( HEU ) in January 1964. By the summer of 1964 all atomic materials were sent to the Lop Nur Nuclear Weapons Test Base for assembly. And on 16th October, 1964 China successfully tested its first atomic bomb with a force of 22 kilotons from a 330 feet steel tower code name 596.

With the successful completion of the atom bomb test China made an official statement:  " This is a major achievement of the Chinese people in their struggle to increase their national defense capability and oppose U.S. imperialist policy of nuclear blackmail and nuclear threats."

While Professor Qian Sanqiang and his team of nuclear scientists were busy building up China's nuclear program in defense of China's sovereignty and security Professor Qian Xuesen and his team of rocket and missile scientists were simultaneously busy constructing China's ballistic missile and space technology. Both Professor Qian Sanqiang nuclear project program and Professor Qian Xuesen's rocketry and ballistic missile project program cooperated closely on the successful completion of nuclear tipped rockets and ballistic nuclear missiles.

In 1955 when Professor Qian Xuesen returned to China from U.S. he immediately began work on China's ballistic missile technology. Part of his program was to train large cohorts of young Chinese rocket and missile scientists. 

While Professor Qian Xuesen was in the US he was largely responsible for the successful construction and development of the American rocketry  and ballistic missile program. Upon his return to China in 1955 Professor Qian Xuesen was put in charge of the missile and space program known as "The Fifth Academy." Professor Qian Xuesen is widely known as the father of Chinese Rocketry and space program.

On October 25th, 1966 China tested its first nuclear missile. Marshall Nie Rongzhen of PLA declared,"The missile was deadly accurate. China which had long been backward but now has its own sophisticated weapon."

Beginning in 1960 Chinese scientists began to develop thermonuclear weapons under the leadership and guidance of Professor Qian Sanqiang. China tested its first H - Bomb on June 17th, 1967 with a force of 3.3 megatons. China acquired thermonuclear weapons only 32 months after its first atom bomb test, much faster than US which took 7 years and the Soviet Union which took 4 years respectively after their first atom bomb test.

Other prominent Chinese nuclear scientists  and ballistic missile scientists which took part in their work in helping China's defense of its sovereignty and security are as follows. The nuclear scientists include Deng Jia Hsien, Yang Chen-ning, Sun Yuen-chi, Wang Bing-zhang, Zhang Ying-yi, Sun Jia-tung, Wang Chien-chang and Lee Lu. The highly qualified and distinguished rocket , missile and space program scientists include Zhao Jiuzhang, Chieh Chien-chang, Dr. Cheng Shiying, Guo Yanghuai, Xu Guozhi, Luo Pei Lin, Luo Shi-jin, Yang Nan-sheng, Lu Qiang, Chen Yuan-jiu, Qian Ji, Yang Jiahui, Wang 
xiji and Wei Yiqing.

Also in their ambition to safeguard China's nuclear technology and the rocket, missile and space technology in order to secure for China's future safety, security and sovereignty from foreign aggressions these renowned Chinese scientists have an ongoing programme to train thousands of young scientists every year to take over their portfolios when they retire.

China is now living in a dangerous world of renewed Western aggression headed by the United States. America has no intention of giving up its diabolical scheme of world domination under its total toxic hegemony. 

America does not accept the peaceful rise of China. It does not even care to pretend that it is giving up the policy of containment of China but has every intention now to use force to take down China on all fronts viz economically, financially, politically, militarily and technologically against China's cyber net and space program.The coming home to China of these Chinese scientists and their eventual vital work in their various fields of expertise have great significance not only for the peace and security of China but also for the peace and security of all the non-white countries which face constant threats from the United States and its Western allies. The contributions of these scientists have enabled China to hold in check the never ending threats, bullies and aggressions of the warmongering United States.

The Evil Empire's government wants the Americans and the West to hate and fear China. It is the deranged politicians of the bi-partisans Democrats and the Republicans to constantly adopt manipulated campaigns to make Americans and the West consent for a paradigm of constant demonization of China and a permanent war with China. 

US real motive to undermine China and other powers like Russia, Iran and DPRK is to maintain its world hegemony. The outrageous lies about the Uyghurs' problems in Xinjiang and the Hong Kong issues is to win American support for attacks against China. Similarly its continuous harping on the South China Sea issues which are of no concern to US and its demonstrations of raw power by sailing its warships and flying its jet fighters and bombers close to China's shores and coastal areas is a sign of utter desperation and a danger to world peace and harmony. 

As China's economy continues to outpace the U.S. American evil self-centred politicians and US mass media  will make more incredible attempts to heighten propaganda to influence Americans to hate and fear the Chinese government. CIA works very closely with the US mass media like New York Times, Reuters, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox TV to manuafacture lies and falsehoods against China, Russia, Iran North Korea, Bolivia and Venezuela.

America is directing vast series of hostilities against other world powers to hide its own shortcomings and incompetence and in the hope to maintain its world hegemony. If America keeps on doing this continuously it may cause Third World War and drive the world to self-destruction and the demise of all humanity and civilizations.

Amidst such hostile American aggressions the Chinese nuclear and missile and space scientists have done a great job of empowering China strategic challenge to America's bellicosity. And together with China's vast economic development and increase military power, China must become a country too strong and powerful for USA and its allies to suppress or destabilize. Hopefully China's all round strength and power will help insane America to realize that cooperation with China is the best option for USA and its allies national interests. There is no other way for this is the ultimate principle for US and its allies to follow if the world is to survive.


Wednesday, 30th December, 2020.


Anonymous said...

In the late 1940s when US was the only nuclear power it played havoc with leftist or socialist countries everywhere with impunity. After the Second World War in 1945 Greece and Italy could have become socialist or communist countries had not the United States interfered in their internal affairs by giving massive military support to corrupted pro-America rightist politicians and parties. America military helped to round up all leftist or socialist politicians and summarily executed them and then installed American puppets in power.

Death to evil capitalist America

Anonymous said...

The fatty lying Pompeo said it. 'We cheat, we lie, we steal and we kill'.

They cheated and killed the native Americans to steal their land, a continent of land.

Anonymous said...

The American militant and bellicose doctrines such as, The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, American Manifest Destiny and Doctrine of American Exceptionalism breeds the American characteristics of being bellicose or warlike behaviour, arrogant, impulsive and addiction to meddling in other countries internal affairs to overthrow foreign governments which do not toe US dictates for regime change and replace them with corrupted pro-US dictators.

It is time to carry out regime change of the evil and wicked US elitist government and replace it with a more human and benign socialist government.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, they are meddling in every country's internal affair to destabilise govts and to control them.

But our silly bananas and many silly leaders around the world are blind to these interference and meddling and still want to believe the Americans are peace loving people, peaceful people, policeman of the world, and blaming China as the aggressor.

Who is at war every day, every year, for the last century? Who is everywhere inciting and provoking wars and supporting insurgencies and terrorists?

Anonymous said...

The USA wants to continue maintaining it's global hegemony using the US$ to control the world. Maintaining a global military presence of a thousand military bases is for the purpose of guarding that position, by using that military power to crush countries that threaten to upset the status quo.

China's rise and it's threat to the US$ hegemony is really why the USA is so nervous and paranoid about China and therefore the need to bring China down. The collapse of the US$ hegemony will end the USA's unlimited money printing exercise and thus it's global control and ability to maintain it's military bases. It is an event that mirrors the eclipse of the British Empire and the ending of it's military bases overseas, due to it's inability to maintain them.

China bashing will be ongoing, whoever sits in the White House. The only way forward is for China to keep upgrading it's military arsenal and be ready for any eventuality. China is not going to suffer another 'lost century' bowing to the West. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

"Who is at war every day, every year, for the last century?" unquote.

The facts speak for themselves. But most world leaders remain blind to this fact. The only logical reason is that poodles have only eyes and ears waiting for their master's command to bark. Poodles would not bite their master, right?

None so blind as those who would not see! You cannot force them to see. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Warning to Third World non-white countries. Believe in USA alliances at your own peril. You will end as US pawns and gun fodder in its proxy wars against your neighbouring countries and end up forever indebted to the Evil Empire, poor and impoverished in never ending suffering.

An astute political observer.

Anonymous said...

The interference of the United States in the Chinese civil war from the 1930s to 1960s had caused millions of Chinese casualties in death and immense suffering and greatly impoverished China through blockades and sanctions for many decades. For this injustice China has yet to settle accounts with the Evil Empire. The United States must be taught a painful lesson to stop it from meddling in other countries internal affairs. One of these days China must make America to pay for its sins against the Chinese people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, I know what you meant. We must be very conscious of the slant taken by the western media that the casual readers often did not notice and eventually became nature to them.

Take the phrases like debt trap. Bananas now simply utter this phrase like it is the truth. And in the Americans war against China, they simply put it that China is equally to blame when the war was started by the Americans, one sided provocation and declaration of war. Why is China to be blamed?

Australia's attack against China, they also implied that China also contributed to it and both sides to be blamed.

The evil west control of the western media is as good as controlling the minds of their readers, telling them what to read, what is right and what is wrong.

We must try to catch these nuances and point them out to the unsuspecting readers. Many of our news readers and reporters also adopt many American phrases without thinking and knowing the difference and the hidden agenda.

qi xiang said...

So many anti-whites on this list here. Perhaps I should make a list of people here and track them down to be killed. Worship the black sun!

Anonymous said...

qi xiang said...

So many anti-whites on this list here. Perhaps I should make a list of people here and track them down to be killed. Worship the black sun!

January 02, 2021 11:15 am

You are now on record to have said this. You will be monitored by the authority for threatening to kill people here.

Anonymous said...

Someone please make a police report on this self confessed killer.