Is Anwar Ibrahim Really That Smart?

 SSO said... Is Anwar Ibrahim Really That Smart?

Let me tell you what I think.

1. The fact the Anwar got kicked out by the then PM Mahathir, when he was his DeputY PM, showed that he was not smart after all.

Rule No 1 - Never make your boss so angry with you until he has to kick you out.

2. The fact that Anwar got charged and convicted for sodomy (1st count) and got black-eyed in the prison, showed that he was not so smart after all.

Rule No 2 - When you are in deep shit, do not give those around you a chance to take advantage of your predicament and screw you up.

3. The fact that Anwar got charged and convicted for the same offence (sodomy) a second time, showed that he was not only not smart after all but also an extremely careless and
weak person.

Rule No 3 - Never be found wanting and get caught for the same mistake a second time, because the first time can be given benefit of doubt but the second time removes all doubts. Even if he has been framed, as he claimed, the second sodomy charge sticks to him like a leach throughout the rest of his life.

4. The fact that Anwar had accepted, and even rejoiced at, the Agong's pardon, shows that he is not only stupid, but very stupid. Whoever had helped him to get the Agong's royal pardon had actually wanted him to be destroyed completely. A pardon is not the same as a vindication. When you accept a pardon, it means you have accepted that you are guilty and therefore wanted to be pardoned for what you have done. A vindication means you are not guilty and you have been cleared of the wrong conviction.

Rule No 4 - If you want to clear your name, never accept a forgiveness or a pardon from anybody, irrespective of whether He is God or King. It you do so, you are forever condemned as a guilty person in the eyes of the world.

So, for those who still thinks that Anwar is smart, think again.

Anwar has dug his own grave by being carelessly over-confident and as a result over-stepping on many big toes that count in his political life. That is sheer stupidity of a politician-wanna-be.

Not say I want to say, but I just must simply say so from my heart.

SSO - 8 Dec 2020.


1984 George Orwell said...

Anwar can never be a PM. It is fated.

Mahathir cannot be PM for 3rd time. He has screwed up himself for the second tour as PM. He has already been given a chance once too many.

Najib cannot hold any position of power in public office again, even if he is cleared of all charges. He is now too rich and too powerful for the good of the party and himself.

Malaysia must now look towards new players:

1. Leaders who have not been involved in any way with big corruption,

2. People who are sincere and determined to do good for the country and raakyat.

3. People who are not connected with the previous PMs of Malaysia.

4. People who are not connected to or with the Royalty.

Anonymous said...

Looking for new players in Malaysia with untainted records is a big task. Big corruption starts with being small corruption initially, and with power eventually in their hands, will moth into bigger things. A corrupt politician is a corrupt politician, big or small.

After almost 50 years of NEP, Malaysian politicians with sincerity and determination to do good for the country and raakyat seems to have eluded the people and have been hijacked by money politics. The last election was thought to be a game changer. Even when they are said to be trying to correct their past wrongs by being given a second chance, it failed to materialise. All it achieved has been borrowing swords to get rid of old enemies.

To get people with no connection to past PMs of Malaysia also seems not in the tradition of politics in Malaysia. In UMNO alone, which politician has no connection to past PMs of Malaysia, when even off-springs are on the bandwagon and ahead in their pecking order.

Common people with real sincerity and determination can be found, but will they be given the opportunity to rise and serve the country and people, when the whole Government machinery is controlled by a group of old guards belonging to a particular party, who are determined to guard their goldmines. We have seen the 'Wayang Kulit' long enough to know the tremendous difficulty to effect a positive change.

Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest, Mahathir never gets along well with his Deputies. He does not even get on well with PMs that he himself chose, or supported their appointments. He is one who is said to even quarrel with his own shadow.

Mud's support is even suspect, but he is UMNO's backdoor opportunity to regain power. All the smoke and mirror stuff is a blessing for UMNO and Mud needs UMNO to continue lazing in the hot seat.

Mamak and his son are now floundering in the wilderness, unless they are prepared to eat humble pie and rejoin UMNO. Starting another political party is an exercise in futility as the people have been betrayed by him. But he has said rejoing UMNO is out of the question, if you believe him.

Malaysian politics is now like a game of musical chairs with players running around and waiting for the music to stop to choose who they want to align with. Even rejoing UMNO is not going to help Mahathur's son much. The damage has already been done and will not be forgiven so easily.

Anonymous said...

The royalty, Kings of the country and the states, are now influencing Malaysian politics.

They want to exert their positions in the running of the country. They want to feel powerful and "useful". They want publicity.

They refuse to be just symbolic figure-heads and just confine to the palaces and let the corrupt politicians play dirty tricks all the time on the raakyat, and get themselves rich like all past PMs and Ministers.

Even MPs also get corruption money invariably.

Even small fry customs officers get corruption money through the pretext of a donation card from their children's schools.

Even traffic police have become "highway bandits" to get corruption money from drivers, especially Singapore drivers with Singapore registered cars.

Even normal policemen at police stations also collect corruption money in various forms.

The corruption in Malaysia has become a way of life from the very top to the bottom. That's why the raakyat suffers forever and ever.

Even the royalty is a form of corruption.

Just imagine a person is put in a high position and don't need to work - just eat, sleep, fuck, shit and look pretty with all the decorations on their clothes, and gets tons of free money every month from taxes and corruption to money from raakyat?

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, December 9.

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a Republican lawsuit to roll back the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results and the victory of Joseph Biden there.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of Republican party members, including Congressman Michael Kelly.

The lawsuit was aimed at declaring the universal mail-in voting unconstitutional in the state, and, therefore, invalidating approximately 2.5 million ballots submitted by mail, in order to steal the presidential election of 2020 for Donald Trump, who has managed the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA very badly and irresponsibly, causing more than 240,000 deaths and 15 million infected.

Anonymous said...

No, Anwar Ibrahim is not smart at all. If he is smart, he would be the PM of Malaysia by now and be calling the shots instead of getting the shits.

Anonymous said...

Anwar may not be smart. But he has a smart daughter who knows earlier that the coalition with Mahathir calling the shots is doomed. She resigned. She was right all along.

Of course Anwar will now never have the chance to become PM. Even by heaven's hand he does sit up there, he will face mountains of problems. He will not last a day. He has been betrayed by close allies, people he thought he could trust, but who stabbed him from behind.

He should banish the idea of becoming PM. He is getting old, a spent force and with diminishing support, he should just let go and live a normal less confrontational life.

1984 George Orwell said...

No County In The World Can Be Corruption-Free

There is no such a thing as a corruption-free country. Corruption is free, yes. Not corruption-free.

Not a single country in the world is not corrupted in one way or many ways. Most of them are corrupted in many ways and many forms.

Even the US system is a corrupted system through and through. Lobbying by itself is already a very obvious form of direct corruption - using donations (as an alternative word to "bribes") in exchange for a favour.

Corruption is not just about taking bribes. It permeates much deeper and wider in the daily life and running of the country.

Doing something for someone as a favour, or as a result of fear,and threat, coercion, or own ill-will, is actually a corrupted mind working in the devil's workshop.

Corruption encompasses anything that affects our life, our living conditions and our living environment.

It encroaches into the political system, the economic system, the education system, the financial system, the social system, the cultural system, the civil service system, the legal system as well as the parliamentary system.

No sub-system can be free of contamination if the overall system of the country is already corrupted in one way or another, in one form or another.

As long as human beings are imperfect, as long as humans have very strong desire and ambition, as long as humans have greed, and the desire and tendency to want to control others, to subordinate the masses to their will, as long as we have leaders who are only interested in their own high pays, by hook or by crook, as long as we have leaders who raise their sons to White Horse status and given preferential treatment, we will not be "corruption-free" but "corruption-is-free"!

Yes, corruption is free, free to practice freely, but don't get caught!

Anyone thinks or believes that Singapore is really corruption-free?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mr Goh said that he had replied: “Thanks, Pritam. I am fine and will be back to normal physical activities early next week. Hope to catch up with you one day. Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes to you too.”
Mr Goh added in his post: “We are on opposing sides in politics but we do not throw stones at one another. We are on the same side for Singapore”.

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh – Mr Lee’s predecessor, who retired in June after spending 44 years in Parliament – made a cryptic comment on social media using the ‘free rider’ term, leading some observers to ask whether he is making a dig at the WP.

Sharing a photo of himself having lunch with the civil servants who used to work with him, Mr Goh wrote on Facebook on Sept 9: “My former Principal Private and Press Secretaries lunch with me regularly. Like me, they are concerned about the future of Singapore. They take turn hosting. I will host too so as not to be a free rider. Or worse, a free loader.”

Anonymous said...

There is speculation that Mr Goh referred to the WP as “birds” again, as recently as January this year, when the WP upped its activity in the ward in anticipation of the 2020 general election.

Sharing a few photos of himself posing next to a scarecrow, the former Prime Minister wrote: “Wonder if he could stand in Marine Parade and scare off pesky birds.”

Anonymous said...

Erh, what stones? Pritam will throw stones when it comes to that situation. But Goh will throw another kind of stone - diamonds. Living in glass houses, he knows that it is dangerous to throw real stones.

But, oh no, he is not going to throw diamonds at Pritam. It cost a lost. But then, when $500,000 is just a peanut to his family, nothing is impossible.

In the past they not only throw stones at one another. They throw time bombs at each other. Now Karma makes one more civil because of the consequences.

Hahaha, real stones in exchange for diamonds. Who else is next?

1984 George Orwell said...

My Thoughts Of The Day

1. Lawsuits As A Form Of Intimidation:

1 The use of expensive lawsuits by rich and powerful people against the commoners who are vocal about government policies and actions, especially upon opinion-leaders and analytical thinkers, such as prominent bloggers, facebookers and tweeterers, can be construed as a threat and effective form of intimidation. This intimidation is not only cast upon the individuals concerned but also upon the larger masses in the cyberspace of this Information Age. Such a threat and intimidation must not be condoned nor upheld in a non-corrupt Court of Laws.

The most intimidating lawsuits are the defamation lawsuits, which are not only an archaic practice that should have been sent to the domain of the Dodo birds long ago, but also a form of indirect corruption that falls under the category called Ill-will.

Ill-will is very ugly. It does not speak well of the one who harbours the ill-will. It also affects those who are associated or involved with the deed that is manifested from this ill-will, which is the demon that manipulates the heart and mind of the suffering soul. For example, if you asked me to murder your wife's secret lover, then I have become an accessory to your ill-will if I carry out what you had wanted me to do, irrespective of whether you have communicated the instruction with me directly or through a third party.

The fact that expensive defamation lawsuits are still being practice by very powerful and filthy rich people in Singapore today, shows that Singapore is still a very backward country, and that some Singaporeans are highly insecure, overly sensitive, and have the tendency to behave like military dictators who are unable to take "No" for an answer. Such dictators simply detest criticisms and dissents. That's why they need "Yes-Men" around them all the time.

2. Is there such a thing as defamation?

Before we talk about defamation, we have to understand what fame is. What is Fame?

Fame means popularity. Popularity means many people know who you are and what you stand for. Some may have good opinions about you, while some may not. Some may be having varying opinions about you - sometimes good and sometimes bad - and some may have fixated stereotype opinions about you for various reasons.

People are entitled to their own opinions. You can't control them.

As long as you seek fame or if you are a public figure, you have to accept that there are various opinions about you out there in the public domain, especially in the social media. You can find all sorts of discussions in these social media, from gossip to religion, from travel to business, from sex to politics, from gambling to shopping, etc. Basically, they span across the whole spectrum of human interests and endeavours, from meaningless to serious issues.

So, if you are the type that is very jumpy whenever someone criticises you, then you'd better steer clear of these social media. Treat them like pornography, which are meant for adults only. Or treat them like traffic noises along a busy highway. Like that, you will be able to remain sane for a longer time.

Now, if you are not a public figure or celebrity, then the chances are that you will not be famous. If you do not have fame, then you cannot be defamed. It's just like if you do not have any title, then no one can take away your title. Simple as that. Agree? Of course, you cannot disagree with that.

Next, if you are very famous, you already have fame. So how can anyone defame you? It is not like you are sitting on the throne like a king and someone comes along and dethrone you. The fame you have acquired stays with you throughout your lifetime. Nobody can take it away from you. So how can someone defame you at all?

Therefore, either way, whether you have fame or do not have fame, you cannot be defamed.

Then what are defamation lawsuits all about?

Answer: It's about keeping the judges and lawyers busy and employed, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1984 George Orwell said...

3. Why sue the whistle-blower instead of the main culprit?

Answer: It boils down to convenience and probability of winning the case.

If I were to sue the main culprit who stays in another country, I have to abide by that country's laws and legal system. I have to hire that country's lawyers. I have to subject myself to that country's judges and juries. I have to travel up and down and spend a lot of my time if the case drags on and on. It is, therefore, very costly and inconvenient for me.

Moreover, my chances of winning the case will likely be very slim. If I do it in my own courtyard, then I have a good chance of success because of the indirect influence due to my stature, my position and whatever powers I may wield at the moment.

Therefore, I simply take on the whistle-blower as a substitute and a scapegoat in order to warn others within my country not to step upon my toes.

That's very unfair, is it not? And it does not reflect well of you, also?

There is no such thing as fairness in the business of winning. It is just like Donald Trump's "Art Of Rob, Borrow or Steal" that is being practised all the time, though he called it the Art Of The Deal.

As long as I win, it does not matter whether it reflects well on me or not. The fact that I am ready to take you down if you step on my toes, other like-minded people will think twice before they try to do the same thing.

Do you understand now?