Russia abandoning 'no space tech' USA in ISS



MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia should consider revising the terms of its participation in the International Space Station, a Russian space industry executive said on Thursday, because it wants to focus on forming its own orbiting outpost after 2024....

"We have to reconsider the terms of further participation in the (ISS) programme and focus on the implementation of orbital station programmes," Vladimir Solovyov, deputy head of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, was quoted as saying by the Scientific Russia internet portal.

The state-run company oversees the Russian segment of the ISS, which was launched in 1989 by the Russian and U.S. state space agencies....

He said a lot of the equipment on the ISS was starting to age and that it needed to be replaced. He said there would be an "avalanche" of broken equipment there after 2025.

The ISS is used for space and Earth exploration by 14 countries, including Japan, Canada and members of the European Space Agency. International agreements on its use are valid until 2024.  Reuters

Russia was conned by its arch enemy, the USA, to joint develop the ISS thinking that the Americans were more advanced in space technology only to be duped. Finally they have found out that the Americans were far inferior to the Russians, and the moon landings were but a big hoax. Other than cheating on the Russians, the other major interest of the Americans was to shut out the Chinese from the space programme. After cooperating with the Americans for the last 30 years the Russians now know that the Americans could contribute nothing but taking the Russians for a ride, depending on the Russians to bring American astronauts to the ISS. Without the Russian rockets the Americans could only land in the Arizona desert.

The Russians are now pondering on going it on their own in the next ISS when the current ISS's lifespan comes to an end in 2024. In fact it should end this year, 2020 but being stretched for another 4 years risking the lives of the astronauts and cosmonauts in the expired ISS.

When the Russians pulled out from the next ISS completely, the American would be left dangling in the air, in hot air and nothing else, unable to build their own space station and their astronauts got no where else to go. Maybe they should repeat their moon landing feats in the Arizona desert and with the latest digital technology and Hollywood, put up another big fake man landing on the moon with Trump and Pompeo as the astronauts.

Meanwhile the Chinese Space Station is taking shape and should be open for business this year or next. But the Chinese has already put up a sign, 'No Americans Allowed' on the door of CSS. The rock that the treacherous Americans rejected is now the corner stone of a new space church built by China.

Good riddance to fake technology. Well, they can prove it this time with their new attempts to land man on the moon. If they can do it, they should if they had done it so many times with old technology. If they can't, then it all goes to prove that they had not done it before. Here is the latest announcement.

 'CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida: NASA has named the 18 astronauts - half of them women - who will train for its Artemis moon-landing program.

The first woman and next man on the moon will come from this elite group....“The history is awesome, but we’re here to look toward the future,” Acaba told reporters after the announcement. .' AP 10 Dec 20

Yeah, prove it or it would become a big embarrassment. This time the rest of the world will be watching and the Americans cannot produce whatever fake news and images they want to con the world. The world has the technology to monitor the flight to the moon, no more fakes or Hollywood stuff.

This statement speaks a lot about the awesome history of America's moon landing missions. '“We are dreamers, but even more so, we’re doers," McClain said.' How can the Americans still be dreamers, dreaming, when they claimed they had done it so many times in the past. Their dreams already fulfilled, a reality in the 1960s! Isn't that the truth? Or is this the first time they are going to the moon? Why are they still dreaming of men landing on the moon today as a damn big thing when it was chicken feat then, 60 years ago? They had been to the moon umpteen times, so they claimed. They should be sneering at anyone wanting to go to the moon today as Johnny comes lately, nothing new to achieve, nothing great. They have done it long long ago.

PS.  The Americans claimed to have brought back 382kg of moon rock but now asking China for samples of moon rock taken back by Chang e 5. Why?


1984 George Orwell said...

Why USA scientists must ask China for moon rocks when they already have them in the 60s?

Isn't this proves that they do not have any moon rocks in the first place?

The question is where are their moon rocks now? Lost? Disappeared in thin air? Evaporated like a fart?

Anonymous said...

Chang e 5's mission is to prove that the Apollo landings on the moon were fakes. It landed just a few hundred metres from the so called Apollo landings to take soil samples that should be quite similar to the 'moon rocks' brought back by the Apollo astronaughts.

Some of the Apollo moon rocks were given to kings and presidents. The one given to Netherland was tested and found to be ordinary rocks from earth and thrown away from its museum.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After the fake landings, the Americans tried for several decades to make up, to make it real but failed miserably. They just could not go to the moon. Finally they gave up but not before conning the world a second time, claiming that there were aliens on the moon, threatening others from going to the moon.

50 years have passed without any attempt to go to the moon. Now China is going there and likely to succeed. The Americans getting nervous, fearing their lies would be exposed by China. Now scrambling to want to go back to the moon they claimed to have been there. It would be so easy, just duplicate the rockets that brought them there would do the trick. But no, because they did not have the rockets to bring their astronauts there.

China is going to put the first man on the moon and to tell the world of the American con job of landing on the moon as a big hoax. There is no way the Americans can hide this farce from the world any more.

SSO said...

On 9 Dec, Elon Musk's SpaceX Program launched its Starship (SNB), supposedly to be an interplanetary space vehicle that would bring Americans to the Moon and Mars.

It was hailed as very successful, 99.9% success, despite falling down to Earth and exploded in a ball of fire, after flying for only 6 minutes and 42 seconds to an estimated height of 41,000 feet (less than 8 miles).

This is such a great feat for USA, really Made Americans Grieve Again!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The biggest problem facing them now is Pfizer vaccine. A few cases of death after using the vaccine has happened and they brushed it off as normal. When they start to vaccinate in the millions, let's see what would happen. Hope it is not hoping from a deep blue sea into a hot boiling pot.

If the deaths were to occur due to Chinese vaccines, they would condemned it like hell. Now they are banking on their new White Hopes in desperation. They are taking unmentionable and unacceptable risk.

Chinese vaccines are based on proven traditional methodology. The two great White Hopes are based on untested technology using duplicated RNA.

If America and the white dominance are destined to end, the two great White Hopes would finish the job Covid19 has done half way. It will be heaven's will.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been happily importing new cases of COVID-19 infections for the past few months, on a daily basis, without fail.

It again happily reported seven more newly imported cases of Covid-19 on Sunday Dec 13.

Singaporeans are such a happy people? I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Singapore approving a vaccine (Pfizer) for Singaporeans nation-wide, for everyone, that USA only approved it "For EMERGENCY USE ONLY"?

Why is Singapore not approving the China Vaccine, which is much better than the American one, for nation-wide use first?

I think the problem may be that China is not giving top priority to supply to Singapore as early as possible because of Singapore's stand against China on the South China Sea issue? That's why Singapore has to turn to second-rate, still experimental type vaccines from the USA???

Are our experts really experts? They do not appear to be do as far as I am concerned. Most of them are political appointment holders without medical training.

How can I trust them if I am having a doubt about their ability to make good decisions for me? Eg. Forcing me to buy insurance policies that I do not want and do not need, and forced me to pay the exorbitant premiums that increase every year by siphoning and depleting my CPF savings wastefully and unnecessarily?

Flabbergasted Citizen.

Anonymous said...

They read the reports produced by the manufacturer and believe what the manufacturer said.

The Chinese vaccines were put on trial in foreign countries and managed by these countries who then assessed and made the reports and recommendations, out of China's hand, out of the manufacturer's hand. This what independent investigation and report are all about.

Manufacturer's report are as good as sales and promotion material. Just like the failed Americans coming to borrow money and painted a convincing picture that they were sound and conned out millions or billions when the truth was not as what they claimed to be.

Also, this is a new technology, not the traditional method of using dead virus to induce antibodies. How many of those reading the reports know about this technology using RNA of animals?

When the manufacturers did their own trials and write their own reports, who can you expect?

Anonymous said...

Western vaccines used RNAs taken from animals. What kind of animals?

Anonymous said...

The USA recorded 17,000 deaths from COVID19. At 300,000 now and counting, this is going to exceed 400,000 by end 2020.

It is reported that they could only vaccinate 100 million by end of the first quarter of 2021, by which time God knows it may be half a million dead.

Trump is busy with his election fraud claims. He is smart, and by being seen to be busy with his battle with the election fraud, he has no time to claim credit for his massive COVID19 failure. Now who can blame him for that.

Keeping quiet is not Trump's motto it seems, but on the COVID19 fiasco he is quiet as a mouse. He only wants to lay claims to credit for his warp speed vaccine roll out and warp speed approval and the stock market all time highs. That is a measure of the USA President!

Anonymous said...

Trump should be given a medal for turning 1 Covid19 case to 17 million cases and climbing. He is a super worker, a messenger from God, to create this miracle.