COVID-19: A Worrisome Perennial Problem - Singapore's Infected Cases Went Undetected

 COVID-19: A Worrisome Perennial
Problem - Singapore's Infected Cases Went Undetected

Last Saturday, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said that it was investigating 13 cases of coronavirus infection among individuals who had been served Stay-Home-Notice at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel (MOSH).

In addition, the staff members at the MOSH are also being investigated for possible infections.

On Sunday, the serological tests of the MOSH staff have reported that three were positive, indicating possible past infections that were not detected.

Today (Tuesday), eight more staff members of the MOSH have tested positive, also indicating that the cases are likely past infections that went undetected.

This brings the total number of belatedly known infected staff members of the MOSH to eleven (11), who have been infected in the past and have not been detected all this while.

What does this finding tell all of us?

It means that there are infected people working and walking around without anyone the wiser. These are the ones out there spreading the disease all over Singapore without being detected, and therefore not possible to be reported in any way.

Unless a conscious, determined and concerted project is launched to test each and every person in Singapore, there is no way to be sure how many infected cases are still out there spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus again and again, even after Mr Cow has retired.

This is a very worrisome perennial problem that must be solved once and for all. Otherwise, this Covid-19 Pandemic will just carry on and on till eternity, even if the hastily developed vaccines (without liabilities) are freely available on a voluntary basis.

Start thinking.

SSO - 22 Dec 2020

PS.  Take note when they reported places visited by Covid19 patients. It means they are walking around sharing in the community. Who are these people? Why are they found walking all over the island?


Anonymous said...

This is a simple solution that people with common sense will know. Don't need rocket science experts or advice from Doctor WHO. Only people who study like bookworms will not be able to know because they have lost all their common sense.

Anonymous said...

After almost one year, MOH and the COVID Task Force are still dragging their feet, refusing to carry out a comprehensive and thorough testing campaign like in China.

Singapore's population is only 5.8 million. What so difficult to test everyone. If the testing had started in April, by now all would have already been tested.

Anonymous said...

Singapore only follows the USA and will never follow China. That is the reality.

All elites are educated mostly in the USA. They worship at the feet of the Whites. They are a disgrace to their ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Scholarship Graduates are mainly from Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, and US Command & Staff College. All already deeply brain-washed by Westerner Professors and lecturers. Some may even have been recruited by CIA.

How to expect them to be pro-China?

The signing of the Agreement to allow US Forces to use Changi Naval Base and Sembawang Naval Base and Paya Lebar Air Base, plus the purchase of F35 (and also the signing of the CECA with India) are all indications that Singapore leaders are not in anyway, by any chance, going to be pro-China.

If anything, they are very Anti-China. Only thing they want from China is trade, business and investments.

SSO said...

The virus that is known as the British Disease is labeled scientifically as B117. This is a new strain of the Coronavirus.

There are already at least 12 persons infected by this more transmissible B117 British Virus in Singapore. Most of them are imported from India during the last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

The Covid-20 is already in Singapore, which is one of the right place, right time, right leaders environment for it to proliferate freely.

No wonder the last few days' infection counts keep going up.

This is really worrying. Be prepared for Wave 3.

Anonymous said...

Places visited is not the complete picture. What about train stations and bus terminals they visited? There is no mode for tracing in those places. It sometimes makes me wonder why some places are so strict in implementing tracing protocols, yet some places are like free for all infection stations. It defeats the whole purpose.

Yes, it is worrying.

Anonymous said...

The new strain of Covid-19 from UK already imported without a care and fear through Changi Airport.

How many of the Airport custom officers and luggage services staff are already infected by this new strain?

Yet the MOH is happily reporting that so far there is no evidence of communify infection?

By saying no evidence doesn't mean there is no evidence. It means they did not go out to detect the evidence. In reality the evidence is out there walking around visiting places, taking MRT trains and buses, taxis and shopping.

Anonymous said...

If LKY is in-charge, heads would have rolled already.

He would never have allowed such irresponsible attitude and shoddy behaviour to go on for so long - 12 months already!


SSO said...

Nurses are leaving the Health Care System (HCS) in droves.

A third of nurses are considering leaving the profession. Some have already left.

The reasons for leaving the profession are many but the main ones are: burnout, exhaustion, lack of protection and care from the authorities, low pay and, most importantly, the severe strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

There are already thousands of vacancies unfilled.

If this trend continues, the HCS will collapse.

So what is being done to support health workers, and encourage more people to join the HCS?